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New book by Terry Francona shades Red Sox owners in unfavorable light

Jan 16, 2013|

We look at how Terry Francona's new book will affect the fan's perception of both him and the team's owners after he fired back some shots at them, likely stemming from the way he was dismissed in Boston, and some of the news stories and gossip that followed.

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-- -- the big show this detector obviously that would like to make a point. So he has spent the last hour. Texting us about a 150 times I'll give you finally I would not gonna give his point about him -- Five and five without Ray Lewis seven and one with three months ago. Big freak and that's the only now that was my response that was and his response that was -- -- -- -- great play for their balloting went. Or better team -- groups have won more games here recently but -- but there's a lot of reasons for that. The change of Jim Caldwell came Cameron -- the offense the players didn't have confidence and in the and Cam Cameron has been a huge difference in the way -- operated a profit more this has got more to do their offense than it does -- -- That's that's my opinion but you're entitled to yours and I understand the numbers 55 without Ray Lewis of. -- yet deafening and I think that's. I mean look it's it's a legitimate step of a look at it. Would anybody say they're a better team with our Ray Lewis. Now. Figure that out next year. See how Baltimore -- and who -- they do without ray Lewis and I don't think anybody says. Baltimore is better with -- Ray Lewis has that has some value. He's greatly is -- I denied that does that mean there -- -- on -- course. But how about this opinion tell me if you think this is. The norm or. Is this guy reader. To a seventh as I expected more from Terry Francona. Regardless of any dysfunction I thought he was more of a professional. Is too bad. -- -- To this level. I don't I would throw that out there Michael and ask people what they think you've only seen. A couple of excerpts from the book Bryant will have to see the whole. Book here with 300 somewhat pages to see what the the whole. Batteries might you know better than I do could you use your roots spent time with him writing a book right. In use your opinion was in the little that that I knew -- I would probably agree with you and I think overall he's probably going to take. The high road on the other hand he's gonna throw some stuff out there because one he wants. People to by the board and the way you sell books and actually you throw so why some LT got to say something right and he also wants people to know. That this was not a matter of as he already responded not a matter of he lost control of the club house he wants people to know he was fired. It wasn't him. He said he still don't know what to tell people. When they -- -- was hired her to walk away is it more but I think even more and then another another aspect of this news. Terry Francona saying. In his book I think it it's his way of saying. I covered for a lot of you. I kept I kept. Everything in house. To the point where it looked ridiculous at times saying it was my fault. I didn't tell Pedro when he left the game early in Baltimore in 2004. And defending many. Up and down and and in never. Never criticizing the owners and never really calling out players publicly. I did everything. Let you know I am capable. Of taken some shots myself -- maybe you guys think that. Tito would just take it from soccer taken somewhat shouted a couple of shots. Then -- move -- and talk about all the great years ahead with the Red Sox right you know I haven't seen a book yet. Is guessing. Knowing Tito. That he wanted to take his jabs. Because he hurt. About what they did to -- -- to take his jabs but overall you'll remember. His years with the Red Sox calmly and I think the book tour. Will reflect that -- we'll talk with Tito hopefully next week about all of this by -- I think when you talk of him and I don't know until we get to the phone calls from people wanna talk about 61777979370. Continued talk about the UFC championship game obviously. -- it's the biggest story not only in his down across the the cross country. But I do believe that a lot of people just want this team to win right now. You know it's a -- issue so if Terry Francona is now going to create controversy here and is down. And it's going to create some battles may be between the players on the front office in the ownership -- whatever they don't like. They don't want that if the team starts off from the start winning games. Then they'll start turning on on anything that that Francona said if the team. Strong run goals during the course of the season strong and listen in again this doesn't get better here. And I think Franco whose words will be repeated during the course of the summer people's -- start citing. Some of the stuff in that book -- -- marketing and research and what they're doing. Digital libraries all of the wonders of outright because of their interest in Liverpool. So that's the one that that most most of the back of their minds anyway -- This ownership of Liverpool gonna affect us that we have the former manager coming out -- -- don't love baseball etiquette hobby to totally. They don't love and you know a lot of answers that you love baseball team. Of these guys like baseball. -- love it like I do of course they're not going to be as invested as they -- and I think in the right way on and on this noble. -- just at ten games out by the fourth of July. In the in the division or even in the you know -- teams out of the wild card spot you don't think people debris bringing that up on a regular basis they're gonna be using that. As evidence that -- saying these guys don't really love baseball look what's happening this -- on the other hand. -- first place. The fourth of July and all of the stuff that they did not -- in the offseason all works out for them and suddenly there pitching and bullpen in the of this and they of that. -- it'll go the opposite way people not only dismiss it. But they'll cut it especially since he's managing a different team right now. The celtics' shots -- from everything I've read it seems like the Red Sox don't plan any formal response in -- can come up with a statement. And you know I think that's a Smart thing to do you not gonna win this would like to win. This is this is Tito's time this is -- revenge. And you just have to sit there and and have taken. And when you're asked about it again and beginning of a spring training. And have to take the high road again and I hope that the teams speaks yourself. Now if you don't think the team is gonna speak for itself there maybe you do have. You know some of those a backhanded. A backhand -- respond backed channels we won't say anything publicly put. -- -- -- -- People don't now. In print that more than just bill yes yes there is such a ticket departed to one of those where I don't think it is everything they have to sit there and take it there's nothing to say. I found them a -- enough. I really says I think I'll hug and if if they they they meet you with a microphone there. A TV camera simply say you know what that's that Terry Francona is account of it he wrote a book and you know it's it's his. Version of it you know we CNN different -- and that's. And you move -- You know you don't mess with the kids can't win and that situation the only -- it's gonna determine whether the fans. Re embrace and I say that because what time they did embrace this ownership is let's face it they got 86 years without winning these guys committed down. They went pretty start wedding I'd start putting an atmosphere changes everything and remake the ballpark they re embrace after. You go out and start winning if you are really competitive team. And I kill anybody says going into the season. You don't look at them as being a real competitive team most people don't. But anything can happen we know that was seen that you're Baltimore Orioles watched that you bring that point up you know they were able to -- to -- anything can happen. But I think that bad that people don't expect much so there's not a high ceiling here if they start showing you. That they can be competitive in this wild card race then suddenly people will start liking them. There's another thing -- perception of ownership can change. Item pretty quickly. Now remember when Bob Kraft because he is seen as if I don't know if you agree with this and a you think Bob Kraft is seen as the number one owner. In New England if he is either number one guy. Kraft is he is he's seen as the gold standard for for ownership in Boston. Just so so Bob Kraft. The best series in -- He took over the team -- the team from going to Saint Louis overpaid. At the time for the patriots and it was a pretty good investment. Everybody was happy he's one of us Bob Kraft Brookline -- it's great saved our team thank you Bob. -- the fallout the Parcells. What happened after that -- Parcells. Flirtation with Hartford. -- the stories about him. Meddling. Going on scouting trips and you know I think it was a lot of it was exaggerated. But the perception of this guy. Weighed down. Being on top when he got that got the job when he took over the team. Happened when he hired Bill Belichick mister -- Well you know and. Despite that. Is pro fat he his profile change he became -- stately. He didn't you didn't give interviews as much. He really. Faded a -- he was still the presence but wasn't. It wasn't as quotable. Wasn't out there in the newspapers as much on Sports Radio was much matter of fact. It became a tradition and a big deal. When he did an interview review during the super boy does it every way because. You didn't hit it that much to hear from that much during the regular season. So it changed. And the only reason I bring that up -- look at these owners right now when they first took over they were great they -- for the the happy friendly Red Sox. Larry Lucchino took a hit when the left. The first -- And all was good when he won a championship began in 2007. They took a hit here the last couple years who knows what changes and I think you've you've you've mentioned it's pretty simple. If they start off. This is a stretch but I was his read about so forgive me for the reference they start off like the 1984 tigers and go 35 and five best team. Mirror and nobody nobody will will care about the you know the shots. That have been taken at this ownership nobody will say they're bad owners sell the team we hate them nobody wonder about Liverpool at tight change. I forgot about the -- Jones up. Exactly remember -- column. Shaughnessy was caught a breast -- grab. -- I mean you know Mike Barnicle column Amos Alonzo crap. Really it's all about it all in all changed dramatically. All the blood -- I had 67777937. Back to the vocals --

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