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Ray Bourque, Bruins legend, talks about watching his son play for the B's

Jan 16, 2013|

Ray Bourque joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the start of the NHL season, what it will be like watching his son play for the Bruins, and how the team looks going into the year.

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-- get -- -- -- ID three point seven WEP guys we get set for only the AFC championship game on Sunday but the bruins' opener finally after eight. Felt like forever of a locked up between the players and the owners we get Bruins and Rangers. Out of the gate what a great way to start when a great way to talk about this season. And the Bruins topics that do so with the legendary ray -- joining us on the AT&T hotline ATT Ford GL TE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. You ever worried a point re working -- play hockey this year with the lockout. A little bit but I Alex autos and Karen. The same scenario we hear that we haven't gone or where we start playing insurer and -- -- 48 game schedule. I really thought that there was -- -- late December early Jerry liked it there. But I also hope that those who were all done everything else goes. In order to take senior. You know another season go by like -- or sell any hot keys that would help to anybody. You're about we talk about how this will look hockey's gonna be like right for the first couple of weeks and a bronze at twelve guys playing overseas -- north. Lot of guys played overseas Beck 9495. What was it like for you guys as the team coming back shortened season. I was at parents and no it has. I -- we get anybody playing -- you expect a lot of the guys who the you know a lot better position this year. You know -- like approach at ten guys are. Maybe -- -- guys playing overseas. You know some guys played a lot of errors. Sort -- that's really gonna help a lot of players and the players weren't playing overseas. Thought -- -- slow start for those guys. In -- shortened season. His ports of every game. That guy's gonna have to get on their game pretty quick here to make sure that they'll be -- behind. -- that you do you -- trouble. Politics these guys to kind of sit back after gave its okay. Now -- on a play at a high level again. What are we training camp this probably what you wish for is a can you almost 45 weeks factors they -- training camp coverage right on. What we might be a little short but. It or not for the guys who have been playing in -- companies that's just one week in the second tour. The guys -- client you know it which was maybe a little more time but. Now back settlers. It was this. Pretty tough spot you know everybody was in the same boat. -- Not that it has little -- overseas. Great much to -- how how critical how intermarriage altogether. How long it can dictate -- And and let exit what the brewers are or prepare as -- -- have a veteran group force the same coaches and the same certain terms and they know. They're also much about the system and are so well coached. I think the brutally have a returns called back and Q into the season here. -- heard Barry Melrose say you know during the shortened season for him it felt like every night was a playoff game that intensity of that feeling. Is that fair to look at that would you feel that way for you. Yeah I mean excited to get -- or again certainly you know for the first part of their. You know you're you're so happy to be back here and intro and then in every -- Excited about being back and playing financial schedules. Is missile or. And Vietnam. You know that you if you go to -- -- keep -- but it's all behind. You're concealed turn around and make sure that mr. -- hockey games. -- exclude every game actual -- so. Yeah there is the Tutsi ethnic we'll see. Although I don't like the -- part of every constituencies where you're looking -- maybe the last. Looks like spot. In scrambling to try to get into the playoffs. You'll see that now you know not laid off the -- but it will take very long. Were searching it should be enough that you understood it it'll it'll go off to a cease. Nor am watching this this scrimmage last night at a Boston Bruins dot com couple thinks that a one. Was what Jim axle they skater on the ice and a black and gold Jersey where in a number -- That wasn't a 77 out there but there was a seven at the that was a strange. The PLO was great to see and it was. More on the back of one of the sweaters with the likes it there watching your kid going out there and last night planned roll up for the state. -- -- shores. It's great is so excited about your security. This -- grew up in the old Carter and actually matter in the garden and -- -- You know I'd bring him to the -- probably much like that. You know can -- times a week -- -- securities are skier who was on the tour council. Person is that Iran iron and run around our rule in stroke. Traders crazy after many many years support parents appeal to. That protesters last sign into -- in play in regard to it was a great trip for and you know this -- by look at the last actually -- -- younger son Rory has. I'll play at Portland that's but it is dangerous working. But I'm really excited and a whole fanatic she in this week and so. And I heard a lot of taxes -- ready -- it -- -- job so. I spoke to a it was up to his game. And he's really a great position subsequent officers sentenced her left side. Kelly apparently to the most responsible that I probably and it came you played -- -- to go along with the -- social. I turned to full so. To church in ultra. It's really excited and -- for the very very productive in the minors for many years so. Oh we're keeping our fingers crossed. -- -- to see him play this week. We're talking a Bruins legend ray Bork you haven't seen him play a game and that's what are yet so maybe you'll have to wait but -- think ray. It'll be different than watching him play whether it was for the caps are -- year. Even Pittsburgh to see him as a father in a Bruins uniform worn the uniform we -- for so long. Pressure off -- and -- you know it's different because if you go to Washington. Let's take you spent a lot of partners Boston. I'll get to see you play a lot of gains in the protesters. Michael let you know Washington of their career may be opening night in the game here there. -- -- It was treaty process happened so close. Is. Is -- -- for all of us so difficult so we hope it works reform. We got a first look at one of the great young players will see how it turns up a lot of hype and Doug Hamilton a nineteen year old defenseman staring up in juniors and little jittery last night that I think -- even talked about it after the game at nineteen year old defenseman ray you've obviously we're in the league in nineteen years old. What were the expectations -- some of the struggles for young kid honestly. All the position has -- not a usual player in the NHL at a young age. I've got to say that he's covenant is structured its situation just looked like -- You know I I think commitment -- expansion change or. Where expectations are reviewed the charitable and two to be the savior. He's just -- to secure -- who has draw that play. -- -- -- gamers. This is is very good game got a lot of calories got great -- got all the tools and -- Who knows how it's gonna start for the kids and let the -- many many years. But you know it's just. A comfortable situation comment to a cigar guy to -- in the supporter actually great veterans and -- Think our election our inside and urgent and their whole descent score. Our very solid and such great veterans and how difficult -- there's there's every day and how to prepare all -- -- young guy to see that it slip that. There's not a situation via. And I know they're gonna they're going to be great to -- -- support for -- give him inspiration and errands this. Watch which are all by Alberto. Their job does. Was really great court. Against a comforter. Another the other night -- -- -- strong trust their. Is coming out of -- for the first time -- well at all it. Vertical integration are all of them like I would have -- agent. I -- disposal we will and I look forward to talk to two more. She's he's excited about the opportunity so. I think -- -- you know. I think focusing around this year let you know many many years commerce in the sky is going to be the part of the world. Consulate coldest time you put him on the table overlooking him over best table by the way -- -- -- where you're like OK just check out. Say that one point I love it out there. But one other follow up on on Doug Hamilton it's not sentenced on don't think ray but it sounds like at least to start the year. -- play with Charl play with Dennis Seidenberg deal like that pairing for him on a second the parent. I know I would love to play which -- How both those guys -- anywhere those guys you know. Zetterberg actual solid and so. Has such great care. Electric. There's going to be just say the great try to play -- what for respected animal and so. I'd like -- there's there's reporters. To a -- guys obviously -- -- Herbert let it offer with a lot of great veterans. You know it's. It -- -- because it was. So they're good -- there. With players really crucial role sort. How. You have great support and solid players and so people. So he could create a better situation. -- first year did you. Start out on the power plays -- -- -- maybe slide right in there which are. Yeah. I play with Brock Parker their -- and on the court. Solos. Or supported or attic or. I like -- Arctic from -- so -- Such great veteran and an incredible player and a really helped -- to grow. And doctor here's -- look at that situation so. So yes so there are expected him to. You know players second year on the PP. Outspoken Christian. Ortiz scored -- goal. The second unit. As -- number in fact or. The world -- it is sort of that second -- -- get this week. In terms of what you have come and operate I -- let people know about this there's a drawing date in an entry date coming up here Friday January 18. That is this week for a great event -- net raffle dot com where there is a grand prize here that I'm looking at. Of four tickets the bruins' opener. In celebrity marketing marketing -- private suite. I'm seeing a winner in three guests to go and ray Bork and -- La -- private charity dinner at tress got. I'm seeing autograph -- La -- Jersey and I'm seeing. Even more prize on top of that and people can purchase tickets for two dollars each minimum of five tickets and that's that net raffle -- organ. And you -- the folks at -- raffle behind this. Yeah at all April trees go to a slippery for charities foundation that we are. Probably about a dozen years ago and we drove straight over twelve million dollars across country with this. Rockwell dot org it's great. Great prize opening night. It's a -- you -- they have an awfully. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Great restaurant -- -- trust. Lou knows a lot of trust coaching -- and their coaches like signal. To come back -- -- -- Absolutely. It's you got that raffle dot org and various certificates and I reconnaissance. Are great opportunities an incredible game -- back in the opening night at the F Carter should be a lot of. It's two bucks each for ticket you -- by five but just was so outrageous said your chance to be in that suite. The night he watches his son play in a Bruins uniform for the first time that is and as priceless in addition everything else here net raffle dot org. Net raffle dot or we can't get out without getting a prediction that pat pats and ravens Sunday night Gregory alike. I hear her I -- how much thought at all to recover. I do you know every close game where the pitcher their work. I enjoy Saturday night right should be allowed fumble return aren't. Ray Bork the legend joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTD. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible it is -- welcome back raffle. At net raffle but organ -- weed out the information is -- it actually follow. That charity -- was talking about celebrities for charity it's celebs for charity and C 612 million dollars raised. With the folks at net raffle dot org and as a hockey fans look. You're in ray Bork here this week with ray when he watches his son plain clothes that for the first. But he still watch -- Bruins game it is a wash he's never watched one before his own kid. And -- -- that's what are the Mets that's pretty emotionally to be. To be part of that watch one of the all time greats watches kid I think that's a great event get your tickets now drawn gonna happen on Friday net raffle dot org. We'll get a break contact back talked -- you 6177797937. Tommy -- at 120 Ray Lewis talking about this game 13.

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