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What does the Pats offense look like without Gronkowski?

Jan 16, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the Patriots offense and what the numbers are like with him both on and off the field.

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That there -- a lot of people listening today the normally listen in the office or online at WEEI dot com that are still -- their cars right now. That's how bad the weather was on my driving Megan to speak for myself but I saw a lot of people out there that. They're pretty frustrated because this way the snow hit one of those things worked out. Half a foot a foot of snow but as perfect time during the commute and you all around hero when -- people time. Everyone drives just. But tenth the speed they usually drive in -- slip away and -- humidity here OK let's visit here. Strange is not as -- This is something about rain stopped there really -- -- Alec you wake up into woke up and has already four inches out there be different story. Just something about green. It's amazing that you see rain and you can't drive. You see snow is what is actually felt like there's been worst commute just because of rain for me this was this was the worst. This was the worst for me now for a lot of people we get towards the step up maybe. -- -- for a little bit north that was north of the city when he get down here. In and around this area my god just locked up of people trying to get ready for the patriots game of fifty degrees a couple of days ago and I got this. The patriots have as we continue our preparation for pats and ravens they got an issue here or play without Rob Gronkowski. You will not play in this game we'll talk the tonic or in the final hour of the show and will get is update on the injury to gronkowski. But in terms of completion percentage for Brady goes down when -- as the -- yards per attempt down when gronkowski doesn't play. This is obviously a big factor matter how -- -- -- the patriots offenses and to me there is no player. Under more pressure in that passing game with gronkowski out the Aaron Hernandez. I -- and Candice is a really good football player ice that we start the ask the question what the opposition does he play. Is -- a wide receiver AZ tight and I called a split and because he does everything for yeah. But when you look at this off -- about gronkowski the numbers bear out. Hernandez becomes the pressure point did you realize is shocking number. He was target on 7% of the offensive plays this year when he -- played together when he didn't play. It jumped up the 22% -- a 50% increase in im not a target that he saw what gronkowski went down. He is that good games against the ravens in the past and if you talk about pressure you talk about filling in for Rob Gronkowski I would argue against anybody. Who said differently. Aaron Hernandez takes the biggest brunt of the pressure this week in with -- I've got to side I don't know it's one in particular person and I know the numbers bear out right at you said 7% to 22% believe that the about the amount of targets. The Rob Gronkowski. It's got to be spread out somewhere you know and is it going to be Welker walker exceeds. Pretty consistent with the without grow up. You know targets -- -- just a couple barely -- this NB a because it is you know it's west Walter percent highly involved in this offense with gronkowski without gronkowski. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So when guards out you got to spread the ball out it is it's it's it's Sox -- because he would target him about. The best tight end in football. And you have -- offense. Needs as you lost and he's done done for the year. Tonight get a getting moved the ball shore I think the better prepared only because they played without him. For so long already this year you know this isn't -- going into the Super Bowl. You know we don't know -- as fans. Write people watching game. We don't know -- -- Rob Gronkowski it's going to be on the field. I think bill ballot check. Think bill O'Brien Josh McDaniels -- it was dealing with that Tom Brady. Everyone and it team to get a better understanding of what kind of grant custody of Tennessee probably the one that we so noticeable. One it was a really that effective. So they basically had one week. To kinda prepare for what how are -- -- Make this machine go now -- play was 1718 weeks with this guy now what do we do. Different story now if restore but isn't for the mismatch that he creates the deductible marine in the outside but. To put somebody out there to cover Vereen for -- -- in the game now what you do. Without him who wins -- and -- you know that help may be active adult and block does not stand. But you look at Alec Wes Welker -- -- you says targets is seen Lloyd target bases in the -- -- Welker particular wedding a lot of people are gonna call and -- heat he becomes more important because he's the patriots best receiver and opera cows eat. It's now one and one a situation he's just the best. You got a pretty good defensive back in -- Graham -- big is gonna spend a lot of time on Wes -- conceit gonna shut Wes Welker down but I think I think. The ravens have a an adequate defensive player and Graham to go up against him in the slot. What I -- I'm not sure they have -- the type of guy to defend Aaron Hernandez evil without Rob Gronkowski. And we have CNET tech and Texas are already pointing out at the other AT&T text like 3793 cents. There have been games where and and as has been a consistent -- trees drop the football Hillary takes is headed looks -- looks almost downfield receivers do. But looks back contact before it brings the ball and and he has those drops people are saying cold weather out its fiscal whether -- there's couple plays where it in his will. You know who dropped the football it's just it's it's part of who -- is right now is a player. And if you're gonna have a pretty good defensive player and Graham on Welker. And and it's become even more important because. Do you see a guy and the ravens secondary on the ravens linebacker corps is Al that is they are. They can stand with this guy that can sort of go with him I think there's teams are still trying to figure out how we stop this guy without gronkowski. That Brady looks for me even more -- the beginning -- -- the start drives and pick up big -- CR jumper. -- there's there's there's there's still concern you know because to me. The ball goes through. I've been -- Stays in his hands. You know and Oden would talk ball Wes Welker and how reliable is that he's always in the field there was some drops especially last week and that their -- play early on. Emma Watson Knick game in which -- at ravens running raving about Wes Welker because. Brady made one passed down I think it was in that same drive -- -- earlier. Little ball down by his ankles. Right -- a five yard pass west went down made a great catch turn into about 1520 yard gain. Raving about what a great -- was ethic of that that next set of downs on third -- had it easy drop over the middle. But still when when the ball's going in Wes Welker is an area where it's going in the ground Syria crock especially that I ever dropped passes. Ever. Very -- catching traffic -- -- run somebody over I don't memory Barry -- a big drop for him I don't remember three it's easier to remember Aaron Hernandez you know 810 yards downfield catch the ball may peak -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- Well maybe don't have that big drop. With the there is a different feeling once he gets the ball -- as we know we can do with a can make people miss -- you -- this line backing core that does any of them. They're really great out as far as coverage coverage goes through the good against the run. Ray Lewis. The -- darts that couldn't have a five yard box -- -- he's he's a Smart player is called up plays for the even happened. He's written at the age gap strong side the one the -- gap. It's wham blocks but still he's pretty good at -- of -- runs in reading plays but as far as coverage goes to be in nightmare. There's different guys that step up and make those big time plays. Whether it's western branded or do you or ashamed or rear it would be -- Aaron Hernandez had another big -- so. You know they got to stop all of us and I think that's so we have to continue to do this week. If -- you go back and look at Hernandez the season so -- how important he's been to this team you know they lost. Two games when he had a catch nearly Arizona you listen as active regular back and look consumers act exact designation -- They lost and Seattle where he had six catches for thirty yards. There's no games -- you hurt the guys if you hurt her in the early in a game -- I know that is that a driver to drive settlements not the BO at Welker series. -- and his activity really in play they lose that game. Yet he -- back a month later they lose that game it's he had companies try to get that's his first game back. And they lose the game at San Francisco where he had is is best game arguably the year ticket is 92 yards. -- and that's what games they've lost when he has played this year. So I think when you look at how you account if you're the patriots offensively. You know what's our best approach here without Rob Gronkowski what's our best matchup. It is -- Hernandez and I'm not saying Aaron Hernandez is under -- -- that he's been. He's not a boss that I knock on down that road but. This'll be a good spot a really important to operate a big play off. Break -- game for Hernandez given the quarterback situation for Baltimore -- Williams and with Gramm pretty good on the outside. -- to attack them is in the middle and would when he's not played this year gronkowski. 22%. Of the targets in the games without rocket gone too. Aaron Hernandez. That is a major major jump and I got to believe that -- company. Our look at the same sort of think saint cheat feel OK I think. On the outside and we give that big game against what Lloyd killed us that first timer and it didn't play against Baltimore that first game. How we account for him in the middle of field and it and I elevate Hernandez. With gronkowski well. Galaxy Bruntlett. In all of his well. You know and so much that they'll Brandon Lloyd that when your -- catch a ball in your tackle middle field if you get up and just run down fields not yards after the catch. Couples place this week and within the first catch he made we just sort of who caught the ball alive in the ground into sort of stayed there and I hit. You know lot of people kind of rumbled like oh okay. Nice attempt -- -- whatever you made it could feel that we get tackled the -- the field made a cat tackle. Literally I jumped on him as he caught the ball got up and ran like he not think that got accustomed to get tackled. It was just it was just -- I think it's kind of sets up you talked about him in the first first game twelve targets nine catches a 120 yards. For Brandon -- And it were were talking about how do you. And if go without Rob Gronkowski. It's just next manned up and it it's just that their philosophy. You've seen it before brittle liken it gimmick did earlier in year west what is going to be there with the without cropped hair and is obviously got to step up. And it will be interesting to see if if they stick with marine does not almost two. Obvious and on patriot like. It does we CNET. Any -- -- involvement in a game yet while his Dick Perry put two weeks would you be shocked at all if if stitching bring its two carries for sept fourteen yards. One or seven catches one reception for. That -- yes if the if he's really if he only has the ball three times it is after what he did. That would surprise. It would surprise me one bit. Now when they're adding the issue before listing -- a tough matchup and a lot of people are gonna say you know -- it's not Hernandez it's arena becomes more port because look how will he play last and letting the ravens account for that. I think he plays a significant about this game and -- only touched the ball three times based on what he did last week that would. Shock the Belichick would any thinking is that work but very surprised -- differing only sees three touches that would be because week in week out. Is -- different things. -- Deion Branch. And make -- 66 catches in a week. And -- aliens could catch the throw to me it's just you don't know what's going on on their first game planning and what their thinking. It's just it's different guy but you've got. Other weapons. And that's a scary thought for most teams in a -- muluzi -- like Rob Gronkowski. And you'd just continue to put up thirty points. 34 point without the guy it's scary but it's -- -- make this off it's any better that's for sure the can still score now the man -- team out there. So we start there in terms gronkowski not gonna play Tommy car we'll get an update from him in the final hour of the show. At 120 but how do the patriots approach becomes more port in your mind. You mention brand -- adding it's -- Hernandez 61777979837. Your phone number 617. 77979237. You can text us. On the eighteenth -- text line at 379. -- 371 out wrong. Who steps up on that offense we'll get your reaction. If the patriots go to herbal. On you know I think the ravens are going to be in trouble but you know I would feel better about the patriots -- circumstance if -- was out there I just think that there's. There's a huge drop off. I mean. Huge drop off from what to do what they're doing now and I think that. Yeah I think that you know the the running back -- really nice job against the Texans and there's the potential for a lot of that but. Home. You know I would feel much better about the patriots chances if our gronkowski was up their -- of a couple running back then in whom. The up tempo offense seemed to be while a lot of people are saying patriots over the ravens on Sunday -- -- 93 point seven. WE DI getting your thoughts on offensively. -- how things will be different who's got to step up without gronkowski in that game on Sunday 61777979837. The phone number can text us. On the AT&T text line at 379378. Text her. Immediately you -- area's top notch and tried to knock his game. And saying a try to call Abbas he's not a busted -- under achieved there a moment where Hernandez does drop the football in big spots and I'm not sure. -- He can emerge. He can grow out of that. But I'm not sure you look at him this year and say out of guys like Hernandez gronkowski the tight ends. He had the most drops yelled they're still those times where they -- tries to brawn without and the football completely secure. And my point is against the against the ravens. There are better defense than Houston is and they scare me more -- he could have less of those mental or physical errors. Against a team like Baltimore because of that Hernandez becomes much more port of the softens. So Tom Brady this year 23 touchdowns three picks when -- played. When he didn't eleven touchdowns and six picks so in terms of efficiency it did drop and who steps up and emerges without gronkowski Sunday. -- John as a Houston talking about the patriots -- gronkowski had job. I told good morning I had a good job or you. Pretty so you know living in Houston lifelong patriots and I got. -- -- got a beautiful morning after several days after actually that the G. You know process professor -- check in doctor Brady I think school these injections last week. They delivered a question -- -- -- played so now since I think that that it it would irresponsible and against Texas team that was. There were prepared and not ready yet to -- championship level official championship football's all about -- So fully expected. And would call -- I think you have less of an impact against attack and defense that was not prepared. Against a ravens defense who is prepared and straight to -- intact including Broncos yeah I think it's completely different story. I think -- we're stuck with the patriots this week more. And I think urged their chances I think you make -- -- get your question about who replaces -- I don't think anyone advocate and I each think and what course would step up their production replaced rock I think. Every one step up where the numbers on -- net quite regularly and one person that can replace his production. But what is interesting about that I think is that that's what makes the patriot unpredictable and deadly. -- keep it on welfare check cunard Hernandez or war -- -- short. Serena written whoever it is right now and I wouldn't be surprised actually if who -- -- got some action this week is well. You know John economic -- -- -- -- that makes the patriots are truly at that reaching out to face. Yeah I think last week is the perfect example of of trying to figure out who steps up for Rob Gronkowski in the text points out. He says it is no secret about Tom Brady it throws to the open man that's who steps up and he's right because well Rob Gronkowski goes down early in that game. Right away yet if if you gonna do this exercise of people need to step up the rest of the game raise your hand if Shane -- sneaking money amount. It did. Not so I don't didn't expect at all but but that was that was so great about patriots let -- back expect expect. So I would be surprised if somebody else's numbers call. I wouldn't accuse. Or it wouldn't be surprised at green get the couple budget 11 catch. I would be shocked one bit if if it was reports maybe Danny would it plays in the game that he gets you know fifty yards and -- ground in sixty yards receive. When shock me one bit. You know it's just it's just the way it is. -- eighty who -- fells to the one big catch point three yards downfield and it has seen -- the grant might do. Just goes around nets and a -- we always talk about this team as long as well was under center they're gonna score points. Okay is it gonna be hotter some weeks because guys are hurt yes. Will be harder in the future -- the pages decide to walk away from Wes Welker yeah. But if he does walk away and putting a struggle score points next year. Why I'm always from day one including star like last year talk -- this team it's all about the defense. And that's terrific the big improvement comes because. The personnel and your left and right the good it would just. He just finds the open guy finds the mismatch Matta whose name it is. Well he's done a couple of games especially gets his ravens team where he -- struggled doing that right when you look at the the Tom Brady against the ravens timeline it is a small sample size go back to 2008 but. In those games you know you won a couple playoff games he -- a regulation game he won a playoff game against the ravens you lost there regular season game. And a playoff game in those four games. He has -- QBR and again that's going back to the NFL -- Got to QBR of 63 point one. In that same time -- -- the jets. More because they play twice a year. That's his lowest QBRs 59 point once a second worst that a black quarterback rating. Comes against the Baltimore Ravens -- -- look at these Brady game numbers yell especially in the playoffs right -- 3314 loss. 54 point 8% for Brady 154 yards two touchdowns three ex quarterback rating 471. In a playoff win a year ago I try to forget it but Joseph Flacco outplayed Brady. 61%. -- touchdowns two picks 57 point five quarterback rating. Really got to talk about Hernandez is because you can't disable Brady's torn up. The the ravens every time he's played in the way Brady tore up wade phillips' defense is not the same. This is a better defense more aggressive defense and if you're honest with yourself you look at it you go. Well he struggled at times against the ravens considered about the Texans. You could say it about Baltimore his second worst QBR. It's because they're aggressive and they're gonna chip Lloyd they're gonna chip Wes Welker. Because I think Hernandez becomes more important it's -- to chip a guy like that with a linebacker -- he beat Q. You gonna get beat big. People rest is no disputing -- way from pretty good from his numbers that mean he's he's played great and seven times in his career you know he's five and two. 59%. Completion percentage average -- 245 yards gained so far back do you go 70 with the ravens seven touchdowns eight picked. That is seven times all seven time OK I was only go back to 2000 -- back answer okay. Well I know about it and hope for a little seven middle seven in those -- undefeated season late in the game late season whatever it -- point seven point for the both field -- -- that whatever whatever was. So they played them tough that your -- have spent seven times you want it to wanted to start 2009. You know as -- as -- Joseph Flacco sure. Tonight talking about five touchdowns seven -- it's not like Tom Brady numbers aren't that that's for shore. It's just I just think that this is. This a different animal. I think is different circumstances. I know there's no Rob Gronkowski and boat did that the temple that they're running the office that now with a running at 23 years ago. There without -- the ravens team that 87. -- where it's 87 -- its place from the colts ball by. Five quarters six quarters -- you wanna call against Denver down in Denver. And it was an emotional high of that but it just think that it's it's a different game and that's why expect them to put up a lot of points. Against Israel and the. It will be interesting to see if they can be as aggressive in the up tempo about the dark talked about that. This morning and if date that the ways you can -- you can't go up tempo against the ravens is because. They give you different looks all the time now -- the more physical than Houston was but -- smarter defense. Lewis can't cover a lot of ground. But he can communicate defensively. Gives you different books I you know Rex Ryan -- was defense coordinator gave them trouble. At the end of the 07 season they moved on from Rex but still there's a couple of games on the slate specifically. In the post season. Where radius struggle on those two games what two touchdowns and five picks. A couple of playoff games here. In -- ability to give him different -- they're gonna give Brady pause and he knows. I got Aaron Hernandez and that one on one matchup they get beat that guy every single putt and I can trust him it'll critical battle literally advantage against the -- what's what's the best you can bet if it looks. It's a change up one. Yeah that's an album patriots changing it up on their offensively -- if the ravens are gonna try to give you different looks and they do they can make a deckers are smarter. There's no additional pre snap try to confuse Tom Brady that's why run a quick offense you making -- defense get in the scheme the data and use. You're combating what you're talking about them showing a lot of different things by running it's up temple offense that's why they do it. So it and that's one eventually they'll have their testimony visit and all -- long. We're gonna get your thoughts on this ravens' defense against Brady it's 6177797. 97 -- we come back to their Bill Parcells he gave his opinion on how to stop this Patriots offense. That and your calls next.

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