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Will the AFC Championship be won on offense or defense

Jan 15, 2013|

Mikey, Ryder and Lenny are talking about the Patriots-Ravens matchup in the AFC Championship and whether it will come down to defense or offense being the deciding factor and how big will the loss of Rob Gronkowski look on Sunday.

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We're back here I guess all the yeah chastising by the -- -- regarding the callers. -- -- -- a lot of our callers are very intelligent so tire cycle like we'd like we do which they just say stupid things. -- I haven't always a few stupid things in my life myself as well money at times was a great production ahead of the Celtics. 7072. Would -- At three -- for the autumn for 66 this year. In a second happened. I hate to break it to you right I notes I didn't think it was meant that can happen. But it's. On a good note when it comes of the Celtics they're playing very well. As a unit. I like question employed as a unit I was suffering through December. Much. -- but he just said and that's the key is now two units now one that -- -- -- -- the bench and yup and the bench it got these David had the at the opportune outscored the starters one game a couple of games -- couple times after so that's good that's good work this Sunday I'll be watching the -- well for a -- watched the yeah. The 3 o'clock games of Tweety is a 3 o'clock -- this coming weekend. That there is an Atlanta. And a predicting who's ever -- wins that game to beat behind to purchase. I called he's gonna do a hell of a job their route for them -- tattoos it is -- body and his knowledge of astronomy at all the things he says he's a reticence is. And then -- bit ahead of them be -- road house. It says here -- Google's search 370 Richmond street in Providence for those you know they you know were talking about. I was just out of the it was -- republic last Sunday. To enjoy that patriots win. Of that name whiskey report and that's a good name that is -- roadhouse is cool everybody says the safe thing it's it's. Pool tables. Got to you know Mac and cheese baked beans beer. Alcohol beer yum yum and -- that's what they're -- about that rich wrote but I read on their myself checking out 3 o'clock. -- get a car. And high -- it to Chicopee Massachusetts to the rumble seat -- many times before. Fact why don't they meet you progress through folly -- -- they could they could. They're welcome to do that. I don't know which Carl B drive in but which it over to get to. Put a tough flight I don't know much Karl be driving record it and I can take my wife's car take out the -- -- this -- I don't think your driver's seat of Bentley really not -- Receives to have them -- national sports. They all have or -- -- these athletes yet again forged a special about the debate hall -- Acosta. As for the amenities complete status symbol if you were in the Bentley. Drove it you'd you would now -- course. I have anyone I've given it its its current activities the car right you know wanted to stimulate car compared to a crappy -- box. Is quite a good feeling but there's a lot of really good cars at their -- people want to get a you know a pair of sunglasses for 400 dollars right now why -- serve you know it's it's funny the English build. Vehicles -- at Bentley Rolls Royce. Jack jaguar jaguar that -- Austin Healey Aston Martin all those anomaly of cars and then you've got the the Mini Cooper. Accuses that there is pregnant roller skate I've met a lot of -- Collison Bentley -- and tell us what their electric. Yeah I was really person because delegates -- that has a Bentley can can -- cohost the show. There's always I get to -- -- -- right and they can prove -- -- this number six foot 77797937. Mikey wouldn't it be cool if every what do Gillette wore a white suit jacket with -- blood on oh man. That's funny there ever filed their that -- Ready Ray Lewis may -- -- Ray Allen. And it never found ray lewis' mindless bloody soon -- ever fold the clothes OJ had a they'll. You know who took the you don't took the clothes that OJ had to do is get rid of a card dashing. The father -- -- that was camp as a young kid at all no room she'd do it. He's done a lot of other bad things -- David not that. He's a guy this dispose of all that evidence. I applaud you that this -- yeah I got theories on every two sisters enters too loudly. And again by Hewitt maybe it should be 630 game time. Both patriots broke 630 -- rebels -- movement. When you've done these two ends of New England type of things as anyone have you seen anyone at both events like say you're in -- -- Providence and a you getting. No I know a bit of me imagine that that's a that's a die hard fan right there on that would be or or a stock is on your a lot of fans opted to relative to get people cruelties is -- -- as a -- a good ought to go to one in the win column called right now series doing a left to go to one of these when -- How many people come up and say Mike let me -- -- the a lot about you know everybody. A pretty nice about that it's going get you know get a car drive three hours right and yet they do so we do shots. Jeff is at New Hampshire Jeff you're next on the planet Mikey showed 6177797937. -- -- -- -- -- That tax -- them a note you know he just. It's so earth thing and I just wanted what real quick I don't know what you'd expect of -- and radio all day and then it went up at. And I haven't heard. Haven't heard expect a lot of I'd personally -- bank -- That the situation where hard profile athletes for saying Lance Armstrong. Get back in the good graces the public. For a long time just because of manipulating. -- bullying is. But he treated people I don't know -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't I I think you're right on that I mean they'll be some people who are. Prone to being sympathizes. That will give me you know. You know cut and some slack but by analyze. They will be in the minority. They'll hear from out. Let's say well you know it's good day that he did this but I really changed my mind they're very much I think you're right about that. No I definitely don't think it gets anytime soon but not a patriot I guess what. When I was -- and I also wanted to hear about Imus. I guess I would be more numbers that the people -- both fans and other real -- metal rim -- coming off. I'd given up 35 point Broncos I I don't think it'll look at thirteen. Eleven or 1213 and thirteen twelve team that they're coming -- he sent spot. And he couldn't do anything. Putting out and I think that when I don't pitcher -- and -- didn't stop there this up at all. Don't really has been able to stop. This -- week 16. -- was last -- the patriots. At a low scoring game. It has been awhile well as you know even in a film in -- -- -- 23 against Jackson got to you say well I mean I was just images -- the clock that they buy -- now like they -- fraud but they're -- aren't in it's it's the best offense only. Right and then -- be Sanford added I think it's certainly Denver could -- they had some mistakes that dep prevent them from from scoring more yeah -- they did against the raiders. -- The reason we're about the raiders is they -- of these emotional thing going on where you know. Re the ready of was that league whose record -- -- is a reality. Keeps every ballot. By the way how's the -- need to have been struggling. Last I am feeling that you know that. The ravens are capable of doing this kind of pain whereas the other changes can kind of get a feel for what we see the raiders score fifty plus points this year. Couple times it's been Ohio looking at the -- scheduled since the story score yes the of the 23. Against a Jacksonville 23 against Seattle and lowest totals all the way back in the home opener a week to eighteen and that loss to Arizona. It. I did and not a -- in my -- sport is that there -- is better than being number is great and current on the field electric Mike. I'm -- yeah I agree with that but you know what. Then don't -- the they couldn't play the next day the next day and next after that the -- -- football play as they planned AFC championship game and I don't think it's gonna weigh them down I mean there are athletes they conditioned athletes. And it's been five or six days between games -- I don't see that in. Astronomy class in -- season do you know what I -- signed him as a good nobody well. That was a long game and they do have some older players older key guys on the defensive side of the ball but it to me I think the patrons gonna score over authority to question it is. Give the patriots hold Baltimore. To authorities up there and what what what is it going to be dead. Relative nobody on the loose right. He says well I I I think the patrons typically who would have to -- -- because at the Baltimore computed on records have had some views like that that the time they played the patriots earlier this season. Down there was 3130. Or you -- field goal you know. By you know it. I don't look at the past when I look at the day he had only scarlet Knight I'll let stuff you got fifteen games there and say well they are and how many loose Arizona home and you know and and it's it's all bogus now than the last two of the last four standing in deficit. That's it. Well I'm particularly drew my prediction yes -- -- did exactly like. In your feet typically brings to I think so when when -- is he's -- well. I think the pats and 4127. OK mark scoreless. I think they put him on oh. Very good. Or -- yet you by the way the key to leave you facing there but it the only problem that is is that he does -- to his friends and family to half a in -- -- these he has made a difference of the state yes it's. Text messages. Mikey everybody knows rotated killed Nicole it was his -- He can lose on on of OJ's kids cubicle -- is owed it just try to covered up and at the gateway reports of ago are true yeah. Okay protectors against like the coliseum. About Lance. Rides a bicycle nobody cares if there. Truth that you think there's a point at which he diesel disappear from sports. I mean it's always evolving is something better than steroids -- come along how to how do you control people always gonna wanna do whatever they -- to gain a competitive match. What they need is the stadium the -- technology of the willingness of the players to be tested. -- out of riddles and up toward its all. That baseball taken a step forward we'll see if -- agents take a step forward yeah all the HGH thing -- they would basically praised -- I predict there will there will not be more than two people the American League or in both leagues at forty over. About no more than two what it's about -- little fashion pushups and sit ups I -- limit to that I love pushups you do army can you do. Depends if there's a supermodel lying underneath beat. Army tent. Let's go to David JP LO Dave. Alone you -- I I would note that I can I you know I can't believe that they're gonna draw blood from these baseball players are going to be insane man. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I mean I I think it's a good thing before I can't believe that they agree to it I mean I think big but some thought the 2013. Eleven and a problem at all. What -- like you know that's what what I mean here. -- -- You can't believe I can't -- -- Bob -- I'm prepared to -- the great I have to say that -- and -- rock that the the president by paying him. No nobody else interpret what -- pretty -- irritate me credential lapel well well portrait you can go he can do you know ticket. If you're between. -- culture and welcome away what what are. That's the fact is that -- Qaeda business the way they could best control the situation. Mystic was to do the franchise tag right right that that gave them another year's worth of in all fairness most teams like to have another year to look at a guy that he be good they always do well. Deceive me there's no I don't want crap and we're not sure if you have the option -- well nobody. Without -- long term contract. Because injuries are factored football guys get hurt. Well and he's been tossed BS but the why why would you if you keep -- for years that do the same thing next year are locked up here. I think it's more it's not so much well when current partner and like -- And a about a one it's human nature but I think it's more so. That they wanted to see they looked at Hernandez is being a more of a focal point. Gronkowski continue to be that an enrollment to deceive his progression and plus or brokers got a bye -- with a double his biggest payday of his life ignited a brilliant Republican. Guy in the area you could pay 100 you can play -- -- whatever it seemed like he would he would say chemical ballplayer he's a threat to our football league. He's in bed this football player and I love love again. If they can -- I would like one bit off you know I mean significantly. You don't think that it took in the beginning of the game and pop right up. We're very tough and very talented and Eddie's breaking records of these who compete do so. But again if you can if you're the patriots you look at Jennifer -- business perspective if you give it died and a half million dollars you can put off your decision making process of all think till next year when -- -- -- that picture right right picture right but it's gonna be the big the -- at critical a couple bubble game they've got to make any I mean that's that's that doesn't make any sense there. Even though it will huddle against. -- little -- and I -- because guys who I. Guys would pass not on the field but yet I'm sure they'll be plenty of -- on. I got out there exciting well I would try to quit ideally want to on the rubble seats at UB. The rubble Chicopee yet I get a -- -- criminal could appeal all the way. -- -- -- That will be at Providence so David. The public relations a sure loser for the entire. Affiliate network. I don't believe it -- don't just stayed Boston I go Long Will it. This is the space thanks for the call. Hey Mikey Ray Lewis stab that -- of karma says he loses the game. Also -- grinder he's a beast warrior legend who worked -- eighteen hour day yesterday. If you're eighteen hours is not known ideas.

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