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How widespread will Lance Armstrons admittance to doping affect

Jan 15, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder are talking about steroids once again. Not pertaining to baseball this time, but to Lance Armstrong admitting to doping in an upcoming interview with Oprah. They talk about the effect on his legacy and the effect on the Livestrong Foundation.

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Hello everybody. It's a friendly greeting or as they say. Of all the sports casts you know. Well hello everyone. Ever notice that they start with a word well. Well they finish up you know please state to under or even sometimes please stay -- it's not hi everybody it's well hi everybody in what -- high. In other wells in the yet there's always a little well there. We've got a lot of news for a lot of information a lot of -- has talked about this record book is going to be huge going to be huge future. I don't know trouble make him source for the Red Sox and doesn't seem like he's holding back -- and dad of course that's something if they are his PR constant they're conscious says as you would imagine there are. That there would be the Red Sox brass that is probably not going to be. -- particularly popular. Item in -- -- Regard but certainly from our perspective will be Tuesday. To find out just what what was going on and already they've. You know Francona has stirred and stirred up a little bit based on exactly how. His departure went down and there you know they said it was in this way he said it was that way. And double talk about that will be also of course gigantic. Weekend of football. It doesn't get a bigger in this but does a consumable lets it. And upcoming this Sunday I -- around the world tour continues Roy yeah. This Sunday. I've been told now that I'm going to be act once again true. Fabulous. Establishments meant for watching football drinking. What -- was I tell you we're going to be shun let let the -- -- yeah. 3 o'clock. To 5 o'clock albeit Rick's cafe in Providence. I don't have the exact address yet. Attempt to find these things pretty easily I assure the listeners configure that -- Rick's cafe and then I jumped in the car and I drive to. My fabulous favorite spotted Chicopee Massachusetts it is. Vote rumble seat. So this Sunday once again the travel and brother love's travel salvation show. And of course two games which will determine. Exactly which teams are those who -- my Twitter last night at Nike Adams WB I'm anyway. I treated. Right this doubt it will be the niners and the patriots that's not very different what I said weeks for. -- Exactly the same as -- said all the way back then yeah -- -- problems still able to keep those two teams together in district I think most people. Even though we gave is going to be played Atlanta I. I really believe most people think it's gonna be savers as I'd say probably 75%. Nationally think is going to be the patriots -- every Cisco but I I think there will be. A future hall of fame player playing in the Super Bowl will get some coverage. And future hall of Arabia that's hanging it already that's hang it out Ray Lewis that's hanging it up at the end of the season. Ray Lewis know -- Tony Gonzales. I have the patriots going up against Atlanta really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Notice a text that concerns me I think I'll read -- on the air. Who's the biggest fraud a Ray Lewis would be Bernie Madoff seed Mikey Adams -- deal Lance Armstrong -- -- that company. Why why are going to be included a group of people I don't know I don't wanna what I've done to make that happen. That guy I'm guessing he's a big fan of sport -- any idea of the fraudulent. Why aren't fraudulent. I'm real baby real and the planet Mikey show is real as well and -- in progress on John. We have all releases hockey hasn't started yet we still have the can leave about a conversation. Burgeoning problem yet it is freedom they should be a contender -- I think -- -- I can sell I gotta be artistry. I haven't thought about it much and the reason I haven't thought about it is because. Why would Yemen -- over the schedule you know they only have three home games in the month of February 3 let's. I think about that you why -- right. Suddenly just. Push everything over onto the brewers and actually start spending time thinking about big matchup against the Rangers to the big contenders in the east you would think but. Is -- who's not a contender as the 48 game season right now I don't promise you this I will not think about. Solidly think about the Bruins. It can be via professional fashion. Until after the suit -- the die hard fans will be all that alarms that have already for it which is terrific but yeah I think most people. They don't deserve to be thought about them that's just the brewers for the whole league doesn't deserve to have us all of a sudden jump back -- I'd say yet here we idea and I paid attention every freaking big you do. My guess is while they will run here but my guess is most -- this includes the Celtics as well. The bronze in the celtics' people start focusing in once who like over a report. -- the pages get knocked off this weekend are already Marty you know the Celtics they've done enough. In this new year. So far. To have me convinced that. All that. Loyalty -- -- -- offered no. They look pretty good right now and I know that they are not -- The other not fraudulent I don't they played Charlotte. Tell you say well that doesn't really count. Anyway had a violent they would they would. Push is your sister. But I like he had to get that bush yet from the stretches the Celtics -- play but it's all about the winning streak it's all about -- they're looking together as a unit it's as dot doc would say it's about pace. They're able to set their pace now work off their defense very very well yes the bread and butter of the Celtics in and Doc Rivers said he's happy with the progress -- -- Obviously it's Armstrong -- real quickly you know. To me he's no better than Barry Bonds. He's disabled. Roger Clemens you know it seems like seven is the magic number Roger had seven. Yes -- yeah right good point Barry Bonds had seven MVPs. Lance Armstrong had seven toured it differences or is it tour is different -- -- difference. You know who goes with Sheryl Crow comedy tour is dependency rhetoric doesn't matter. The Federal -- He's he's had nothing now he's nothing OK I'd like Barry Bonds is nothing he's got thirty Bierbauer is at 30% of all they vote after being the all time homered Cain quote -- People don't like fraudulent. Representation of the world of sports addicts which will of -- call this program. There are out there or -- -- -- like Portugal via auto -- -- great. It's it's not what people want this guy Lance Armstrong he's got his yellow shirt what do you do with a what's it was yellow shirts you look at it. You have people Bruce house of all framed -- -- -- to the post office what are they gonna -- -- one of the big sponsors US post is that show. And he had to have considered that all of during the periods I used doping. And waiting. You know raising his arms in victory as he crossed affiliate. It's one of that sport was in the tops it -- routinely the top six or seven finishers in that. Blood doping. It's it's -- and it's it's a sorry state of affairs would every single hero. Or quote hero world of sports the first figure -- is are they cleaner on the field the only real and genuine heroes but he just. Robots are fake aliens that are you know called -- up trees and -- speakers. So anyway have got solutions that -- -- solutions to any and all your problems it's six or 77797. 93 separate -- Q do you with a -- it's important culturally. The brief release -- the record book is something that we will mentioned today. According to this. Little synopsis here. Like that word synopsis the book is called -- -- -- the Red Sox years and guess who wrote. Yes Dan Shaughnessy Dan Shaughnessy -- you Saudi this stuff here he he he he sniper Beckett. You know after that whole thing -- happen in Houston by the way is right he putts that. There was a little figured emerged you know -- Comcast had a little piece of of the year where he would. Tom meeker ago back if I don't particularly care for what people in the media. Grab some adios to the media and start making -- you know -- battle becoming the story are trying to. That's what the conversation was about. But. Let's give Shaughnessy who will be to credit his column was his opinion. What while he did provide some bulletin board material maybe it did matter. He was exactly right. -- fosters a Twitter avatar if so what you're right. It's a live that way that the deal would -- the -- Seattle that he wrote that same article well Baltimore now I think you'll be movement of religion. Column my issues enabled checked via the latest on the line has probably moved very much. Around nine and Canada about this year in the patriots will win it I guarantee it. I -- you know -- bouquets and I was read story about about maybe are providing bulletin board material for a while I think you tune in right now but at. Object floated out I'll always listens to the show death. Our number six -- 77797937. Our text them texted digits are 37. 937. A head. Where it does concede to you writers twenty out of 21 of the top finishers in the Jordan while caught twelve outs ignored for so. Why isn't even a sport. You know I mean is that just a legal Fritz or watch as a joke. I don't care about it at MarketWatch steal it away from the clips a couple of never watched the -- difference no. Just seen segments of it yet never fully won it goes on for days I can tell you did the longest of it watch it toward different broadcasts about eight minutes yet and gone and a not to come back -- it to me it's. -- West Roxbury how would you like to be very first on the planet Mikey -- -- -- -- station. And like you had to go and ally. Just email the letter here at that well that again but. It was you know I actually read Lance Armstrong's book and write what the last book I read it picked it up maybe about a year ago he wrote -- stairways and not each years ago and I guess that he loved the book. And it was like motivating uplifting inspirational -- what you struggles are like appetite. After the outcome thousand and you know -- -- to -- the fraud nor can create yourself and helped. What kind of character be deep down we had this cancer was what he's really playing it out he have a disparate. Would -- that apple has the whole permanent. You know look I think the story behind book in my -- -- -- cheap rate story but the guy who we're not like -- and Albert's gotten. Are -- to try he'd done all these toward France champion than. Eat it seemed like achievement now looking back -- that book it was motivational and uplifting and saying you know it has. It's not a -- part of resulting toilet paper now routers because it's meaningless and by the way -- part of this whole thing somehow the guy. Increased his value his personal wealth to a hundred million dollars. Like. What's that don't have. You you you have people as. I -- -- we've -- -- affected -- subway series and the fire personnel. Being lit stronger look at this guy and we got this on the he over Keeney declined children mountain -- conquered France you know the French game that's where that -- America. -- -- -- What the F might either he just like. Its adult in between now include every. Completely an idea and I don't -- -- -- we don't want anyone dying from cancer we don't we -- people -- -- you know to deal with that and move on past it and that's all good but. The problem is the reason the head of the pulpit and the reason he had all the attention. Because there -- people in every walk of life that that somehow conquer cancer. Hopefully everybody will someday but during the course of their their normal routine lives working a job raise a family. You know -- -- in on fifth year a 100000 dollars a year less. Somehow this guy gets to be elevated to this great position based on his steroids and and if it's for that reason now again. The inspiration of of a -- -- to -- this is all great but it makes it renders it invalid what he's a complete fraud not the -- And 60% of it is curious he's written -- -- he made this claim the same. And now get a trip to percent of their where is live strong writing representing Nike to you guys -- look at cancer -- It came to my -- and I'm sure that a lot of people out there look at this -- actually you know. He wrote this book how much of the -- distributed -- who want to -- and doctor this -- haven't been -- make itself more spicy flavor of all took. You know and it's just it's shocks and I loved the book but now -- -- you know what scroll. You'll be re reading that book and we all know it all right -- -- I don't take many years are taken out of his should donated. She donated to a library you know veto it. -- and it -- Garros Kenny -- -- all right all right you all right thanks a lot cycling and soccer this texas' are boring but baseball is the worst. And talking about baseball is the law policy I disagree. Talked about baseball can be more for the Washington game it would. -- of then maybe -- one with a live strong foundation. Did they give money -- cancer researcher cancer information. Who's at the live strong foundation I don't know -- I don't difference there. I don't nobody you know this whole thing is gonna take take take them down to. You know yeah that's on the justices aren't -- sorry part of this whole thing is that this guy was just a complete phony. And -- -- -- out. -- the very beginning. So he should have zero tour difference -- championships. I love lives Mikey why -- we care about two different I love -- I'm worried did dirty birds who illegally tried to impede the quick snap. -- that's that is that the -- sequitur. -- here a big failures writer -- huge fan of yours here. It's sort of love writer his voice turns beyond. Which can hold. That that is the a -- I mean if you -- I here's Russ has -- you may read both the ravens are gonna choke like Bubba -- a ham sandwich. At sixty ravens when he wanted to. You know have eighty -- that gave.

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