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Tuesday, January 15th Whiner Line

Jan 15, 2013|

Negativity is all he'll deliver... plus this 11 year old may have a future in radio.

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My view is excusing views expressed and expressed. The white -- these aren't likely to proceed with caution. The solution discretion music -- still don't really Morris and now -- Laura you're alive. I've decided to resign as head coach of the New York Jets. I've given this decision very careful consideration don't like to wish the entire New York terror organization. The very -- a lot from prosperous future. And now I can't offer you any reaction or projection for the future I -- an opportunity to think about. Anything other than to hear what bills. Bill Belichick and and fulfill my obligation to let you know but WEEI. Whiner line and I feel very badly for bill and his family -- nice thing. I'm not a psychologist but I think I just listen to it. For an hour to a person -- in some turmoil but there's no question. It's too easy contract issues and dial 7793535. I think it's very it's very sad and disappointing because I think it's going to have an effect on our fans and on our organization. Of an incalculable amount and now I am brand new this situation as are you. I have absolutely. No more so that WEEI win. -- Belichick's got to face more turmoil somebody's got to figure out that Baltimore off more guys since you made that move labor and health for him charm. So it felt badly for eagle fan of them immediately saw that it stayed he stayed with -- -- -- doctor -- had a run of success. Your question though if you're gonna organization knows. One thing we you know. He would not have a -- to Sanchez right toe issue would never know it never -- -- and still with us. We reached deals to Willis. At the -- this. Is dead crabs. How pretty you know he's dead pull lets. The showdown all Rock Hill -- I give performances after again -- I don't always do it's. It badly for him right away if you had a death electric share. Share it and why is that she she says dude -- Which can just going to get some more surgery done. -- or is it -- to exalt him put together don't you think it's are you okay. They're -- call -- -- -- -- so I sick cattle call but I don't care comet rain sleet freezing. Stuff all right -- try to tells you didn't think you're gonna make it put your money where your -- -- against me next time I -- if you -- -- -- its part by its -- WEEI -- it's available on your -- your -- your Blackberry device. Albright do you -- AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was. Picked intent. -- festival in -- at that time and stretch AT&T. Rethink possible line into the system. If you don't like so I'm glad that. What pages I don't know that for a minute into the water like going that's what it from my brother live in greater hope that did not paid. Alec talk holidays -- that was funny. And now to talk. To. I guess -- is Michael accuse you being AJ just now HHS and sexist sex and attempt outbreak misogynist just like every -- -- by the -- must Berger does a normal flight. At the end of the broadcast last -- have a tape of an anti. And it try to accuse him of once again throwing those sexist comments in this case out to holly -- listeners. We haven't oh I thought we had any of parties and she's fabulous. Stroke spoken here and he didn't say sheets he's saying it was voted and I talked about the game right. And people accused him saying it towards -- and David and -- dalliance during the break. -- -- -- -- -- -- it was fascinating if you go home we don't have an -- Tell you quarterbacks you get off with a good look it's a must for a beautiful. It's. -- doing well. And test them. And what would you look at that. If I don't want and David haven't been back there and overall NBA. Barack. Be afraid. -- battery Craig Anderson. Imagine -- -- -- with podcasts. Team every single maidan magic cover and I don't while being a fan of that team who resented that is awful thing. What I don't look at -- in the big talked about and doing it. Some development there and auto supplier that it's well I think that's been so hot. And that message. Nationals or divisions. And AMP -- stories featuring -- Like -- there could be some misconstrue that was either a pleasurable moment or an Al Roker moment. Where -- are a lot aren't perfect notebook that. It's just been coming -- Lebanese -- -- open by -- caught by the pickup truck product so it won't get battled against. -- -- -- but the bottom about a lot. How about you stop being a bad. And a little trash talk at all they did get Bedanova and I expect. Maybe it'll probably stop playing in the golden -- -- here. But Michael but well -- I don't -- do that apple -- struck out. You don't wanna vomit but vanity not a -- stereo typical build to order parts of our country back lot -- a lot already embargo around. A story about them recording now the next a recording goal in game conversations. Between Carmelo and the other players is crazy and that's unnecessary. -- 9:12 AM and I deferred until -- -- out there have been part of it who have power can do -- no god but you have been part of it. -- -- question. Tom Brady on that morning. -- You know you know what have they recorded Isaiah Thomas in the offices of the -- they wouldn't be in as much trouble -- -- written right now would be great Tinto. Gays -- nothing is ever seen. Didn't live strong. -- wrong. I haven't quite got this cyclic thing anyway what grown men running around the mountain. Helped him hit. Oh why don't we have a big deal about lawn bowling. What you. -- I bet crap what you do you know that. And can conference board -- the guys. French French are offering very very very Arizona friend -- -- I should ask carriages like from the likes crashing each other objectives tumbling downhill -- my favorite part. How many. And move on his he would caution all of it happening today. Go hand is reward you support a grown man caution about happening. Now most -- calling -- Alabama beautiful. Creepy I don't know what they're -- -- And the message. -- Russian gushan. Glad I got them now I hope we don't take into art but I'm going to be real what you are not. Perhaps everybody. Can't come up quite. And what happened. That's just in general. I think it goes on did that refer to something in particular Randi I know is probably a longer line in that I was just. And my not a good one today. Funny sometimes good sometimes. -- -- Good crop that the article brick -- Couple of my body all -- the respect in the wide wide bill. I don't -- avert your 400 pounds according to say no big deal. I didn't get invited back right you're probably yeah they do about it now we -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm about double play started out -- public building or may not have been out walking the bad apple might develop our. -- -- -- And men who was talking on for the guy called bubbles from well probably Zito. Some sort Roger from revealed they all our -- originally from -- idol bubbles from prison he actually left his address the one left is that your I was gonna play don't you are not as Smart so I think you wanted it out there Smart to leave you -- nine. I -- right. Fall River but -- miserable bastard I've ever been up all -- was -- talent but what what you want. And then. They they go about. You know I can't have a -- that people -- -- -- -- problem -- -- opened it script are about them battleship opened again. -- And at that age you better off the -- got to do it all have our. Aren't -- -- -- very reluctant. I'm expected output picked away. Sick and -- brought. Seven. I -- we know hit a couple got a break but not quite. I don't know about. And and he. The rules not bad. -- State football -- might be a negative horrible. There. Terrible person beer around but this phone calls to the very -- stage to reach the point of computer -- And -- -- about it what you can call up to save the patriots are a lot. They haven't had a wouldn't -- -- what 1999. But couldn't perspective how long ago that was that they -- we're. Back then put on -- still fairly bad apple. And then message that you said this for ten years. -- -- Say that we -- -- and Baltimore Garnett got. We eat out a lot of video of every city that we like. Other abdicated. Their bonds biggest hope that you would guy in the future I don't want to know I'm. I think we really do you really need to go about eleven year old maverick that he advocating action of the water a lot Bob left the kids -- America. And push your define. Himself like Tara let alone out there and allowed them to call we'd have more of them there they're very direct call it hell do you like you allow eleven euros on you or -- you know I don't I don't know they can lie and Mikey -- rate -- just just -- -- industry. Clinton doesn't mind eleven year old is calling the whiner line all the while he doesn't want them calling. Between two and say 544 right. Which is really discriminatory and ages to -- it's just. It's just it -- perfect window. Perfect the biggest that's what you are the biggest he's just. I. Can't can't can't -- quite old but you know having. How about the quiet. And perhaps didn't act cop and act like I the content. And I. I. -- yeah. Yeah -- yeah. That. And that should I don't think all but they still -- There's still diagram sentences in school that can do that -- right -- to work on a certain -- it. -- doesn't finish sentences this is all this kid got -- -- -- of America's -- is -- too much are short shortest kid in doing your homework. We've got a great education altitude that. I've got a -- but I thought that called it and it -- Yet the part that I think about it that aren't yet couldn't vote Bob out do bad. I. I. That dictate what -- really flied out. -- this massive voter approval of the Blu-ray Lewis. This problem probably there's -- -- food is already -- by likable blot out. And that message. But never just by the likes it. I -- that point in the game that they'd had an operating. And they don't call it that knows -- The -- It says hey Brandon I have grading. You ready okay let that go I -- And message I can. That the bike. And. Sweet job like that pong and pool. Brendan I -- back stage they. The whole shot this good. -- -- -- This BC. This is -- road specialties. And okay. But only -- knowing he was one of the guys that get burned on one of those kickoff returns last record Hadley now recorded our. I've been to Asia -- got burned badly yeah -- -- and is on his game that was great stuff I don't know visual -- inspired by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to. Times faster three GAT teams anything's possible.

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