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Our AFC Championship picks are in... why the Patriots will handle the Ravens and head to another Super Bowl

Jan 15, 2013|

We give our picks early on this week... both Glenn and Michael are on board for a Patriots win over Baltimore, and it won't even be that close. They give their reasons why here.

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A week ago. People were fearful of having to go into Denver but certainly we're talking weeks before. Who's the Jacksonville game on purpose so that they can avoid Denver until the end I'd rather that make any sense and not. But there was a fear. Of going into Denver and -- to play Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos now you get the best case case scenario you get to play hole. Against that team. It is in their third week of playing. With ninety plays a week with a -- right -- it's acute care how people suddenly -- old now I'm really scared. I am I missing here. Right so. And not only that I mean that's a big factor because they're all banged up not as banged up read his banged up -- banged up so Suggs. I mean this is this defense. This this feared Baltimore defense because -- names. This -- Baltimore defense is vulnerable right now after and they are getting by because they are they certainly are well coached and it certainly -- tough and talented and they. They've been and not tough situations before. But. You want to face this team at home as opposed. To go on a road. And facing. Mark Sanchez the quarterback the Broncos now where people talk about it is amazing and pay only a Sox. I don't. -- -- now what are greats of all time please he's still one of the greats of all time. He made some stupid decisions. During that game he was enabled by coaching staff. That was also fearful and scared wouldn't gulf war with thirty seconds left in a couple of timeouts. But this is not a bad quarterback and playing in Denver. Historically has never been an easy task for the patriot whether Peyton Manning was the quarterback. War. It in 2005. When Jake Plummer was the quarterback. That it's easy case. And the number one AFC I don't think so. All even though Baltimore. The -- was in yesterday even Baltimore's not intimidated by company Gillette Stadium will not agree okay great. -- -- not intimidated by committed to a state the patriots. Well all the better at home and on the road like most team. And they're younger players are better at home and road which is key because you know you're seasoned veterans -- when I totally agree not try again. One I'm here in the last couple days I just think it's part of the nature of a fan is that the next game up and you go oh are all in all the and I agree. That you do you're dealing with -- warriors here. In Baltimore Ravens got to give an awful lot of credit. Even to beat Indianapolis the first game at home team that have been riding high with a young quarterback and that o'clock there in Denver in win that game but. How long can they continue this thing. Are they the best of the the most talented team in the tournament no. There were team right now that. Despite what I keep hearing about this great defense this defense is not. Great right now with middle of the pack at best it's not the Baltimore defense into a tree I fear of their offense more so I -- -- the fact that Joseph Flacco. Wouldn't come out and have a terrific and last three games against the New England Patriots had seven touchdown passes Britain's got to. -- open throw the deep ball one difference I really state. Where is New England now. Is they've really shored up couple -- Offensive line much better than we -- earlier in the season when they -- portable effect that was something we feared going into the season. The rest of line has been a ref tremendous. Active of the defense is the other factor and that is with the quarterback they're recording it went you went and Linkedin and according starting. At headquarters you what that touch back. They are getting out according according its safety in an entirely look we talked about the only bit of the questions about him. And nothing to do with his game the question about him and he still remain. Is -- a guy who can buy into the system. And allow the patriots to commit to him long term -- by the short term thing to do that before. If he plays at a high level which he had. And he allows them to solidify there's secondary which he has then you don't wanna move on. After the rental not you and I know what I wanna rent to own right so. The question is. It is -- a guy that she won a goal. Three of four -- three or four years -- and that's going to be a question after the season after the Super Bowl because. The patriots will go to the people and not only would they beat the ravens. Beat them beat the rent I agree with the handle I agree and an ultra. You're gonna score 35 plus on this team there's no doubt no doubt in my mind and I just the one thing the Denver got burned on the got burned. Over the top and that's the one thing that you can say about Flacco Flacco it's got I -- a nominal okay. So you've got to avoid big plays but let's look at the difference it's -- -- that the league game here. Giving up those big place on the back end of the defense they gave up tons of until Talib got here look at the numbers since the league's got here they've dropped their their drop like twenty. Big plays of twenty yards lost they don't do that anymore -- back end of this defense is much better and they are terrific against the run up for. I'll -- anyway after the break while while India by the patriots. Are gonna win this game and win the game condensed I agree with -- I think the first after I would say this is a proud team I think Baltimore. Stacy in their I think halftime we're looking at. We got ourselves a game I think the second half as were its full support for Baltimore. And really where -- you know all of these countless. The minutes that they've been out there are plays that have been forced to play in these first few games start to catch up to sir your prediction is law. A comfortable yet comfortable that's when -- -- of the couple a couple of fourteen point. And I I I say that I think this team Baltimore's team. I have a lot of respect you have to because they're they're out there right now to -- -- -- in the -- forget. They're doing right now with the battery you know. You know half exhausted they just are fighting through it not is not the same -- so earlier in the season crew were play great some other simply great. They've got some guys in the back and do you played much better for. I just don't see nobody -- their offense -- put some points on the board against and one of the nobody talks about ray -- plays he's not playing -- seventeen -- let's duplicate if they weren't the -- He's a great story and we we know he's an inspirational speaker. But is he playing like that the Ray Lewis that that you you came to know sideline to sideline guy -- don't. As you know don't make you never know -- not -- now I think another thing that last year last year I thought the ravens and patriots. Were even they were even because of the strength. And some of the obvious weaknesses. Of the patriots. What do I mean very obvious weaknesses last year. It at a critical time Eric -- Bolden was catching passes in front of packed. Settlement playing in the secondary. Hitting me see that's the big difference shame to have trouble getting you know big managed you know lots of lots of snaps. In an AFC champion -- since Sunday. Yet on the other train ride and helping build your -- -- -- attacking absolutely wish they sure enough so he's of what kind of player has the most out of his ability. Really. Hard working player us as noted a football but he should not. Be on the field in a starting role at the patriots had him all of last year so I think the patriots. Have improved significantly. On defense they've improved on office. Believe it or not. The number one offense in the league last erupted here two or three -- number one offensive football this year and have anybody. Like -- Brandon -- On their side last year in the in the backfield. Didn't have any trust in Ridley we didn't see much of rain. Had BenJarvus green Ellis. Who -- like a lot. BenJarvus green Ellis. Does not have the explosive ability. Both of these backs. Of Ridley your Faried could put you could put -- out here on the perimeter match him up against the linebacker safety. And expect him to make a great catch. -- -- From 3030 plus yards out like he did with bullying last week I think I just think the patriots are better. -- lag here anger across the board they're better team they were last year the ravens are now. Nobody gave us the sun. Nobody. Puts it they're gonna play the game that we -- there. That we came here. The full -- gonna have time. I just grabbed everybody is that we did they have no weapons of the team on the -- that's a problem. -- -- control guns already but will bless the. And that's and this is awesome. That weapon in the -- that gets in trouble for and if you're important rate listen the patriots. All right well I'll say not only not ready finish the patriots are better defense in the Baltimore Ravens deep -- to better defiance -- patriots heavy bitter running game. Running game in the Baltimore Ravens and I'd like Ray Rice an awful. The Baltimore offense I have great respect for the office I think Flacco is is a huge step up from what you faced which job this past would -- He's not consistent you never know what you're gonna get who's got a flattered he's got a better arm well but then jobs get some edit. Some good games like if you gonna go get jobs. Sharpen its little played out -- what are we gonna judge you by gonna judge -- It's over judgment about playoff went I know everybody to know what I think that that's part of the mix. He's been the quarterback. Of some really good playoff teams defensive teams. Right but I wouldn't say Joseph Flacco is the reason that the ravens. Are always in the mix in the have a chance at this offense is pretty good yeah I get much love for for Saturday's game. Because yet the defensive back fell asleep. But he fell asleep because. Joseph Flacco he just underestimated the arm strength of Flacco find it hard to believe watch film during the week -- -- an article like it does great. It is he and slightly better quarterback. The -- job. Yeah I can he thinks though. I think he can do more I really do like -- can do more. He's the guy you you Arkansas I never concerned with matchup I get concerned with Joseph flock now. You'll get great Joseph Flacco you'll also get bad shall -- when he's not that he's he's not that he has some bad games. This is a very good offensive line that was beaten up. Earlier this season and for some reason Bryant McKinney and bill talked about it yesterday moving him over to the left side and get Michael -- back over to the right side. Has seemed to stabilize their offensive line now is enacted the all pro their road -- is it to. -- -- play everybody talks about Flacco like I just had his arm to arm is great. And I think you probably have the strongest arm in football. I can't imagine anybody could throw it farther than than Joseph Flacco. In the -- -- with accuracy at times. Oh wouldn't need to do. Hit a deep pass. -- to have protection. Don't think it's that I don't think he's gonna have. The time. To do what he wants to do. He has the last few weeks as I know my -- back the offensive line is really given them a solid protection I gotta give them that they really yeah. I don't know if it's and it it all happened when Jim Cole took over the offense support news about can't camera you may remember that first game. But that they played was a definite risk and they play it. Writes candidly put Denver in any update date they -- more often are ready and they weren't ready and then from that point on. You could see it they're running the football a lot more -- using here's a lot warned that running attack with a rice and pierce got hurt in that game on Saturday night. So old you wonder whether they continue to do the two baca. Usable backs. -- getting protection and he -- -- I think if that is the patriots can prevent. That big play that twenty plus your life I feel confident that you do it with with -- forty back there right now Gregory who's playing well you have. According back as opposed to the corner right but he was very shaky play corner. But I think but I think it's more than. I think it's more than that secondary that safeties playing back. Because Denver has the same scouting report at the patriots haven't everybody else in the league consistently not just on the final play. But consistently throughout their game you see Flacco going to Torrey Smith and Torrey Smith was open. And a couple of times Flacco overthrown so I think it it really comes down to the defensive line. In the kind of pressure they put on Flacco because it back is not enough to give back. And and Flacco has trying to throw Torrey Smith is gonna is gonna get behind it's just the way it is. He's fast and everybody else I don't always goes candidate if you apply pressure and you forced quarterback. To unload before he wants but yet -- that the problem and yet the problem with the Broncos was not. Being unaware of Torrey Smith it was in get enough pressure on Flacco. Up the middle. And that was predicted you talked about that last week with the with the Broncos they're very good come out the edge. Not so great they're not physical up the middle where they can just destroy -- blow up your play. Like -- like Vince Wilfork did several times last year and AFC championship game they had no one could block. It was a man it was a -- And I expect the same thing on Sunday. Plus the coming you know win in 910 point underdogs. That's what that's the beauty look does the beautiful part about sports. That's the thing that if I'll probably miss anything. About my career. It will be. To listen to what people say you can't do and being -- to. Amazing people do. By -- to perception Baltimore Ravens terrific defense two years ago three years ago four years ago five years we're back to 2000 it was great okay. -- great over the last decade if you're looking for great defensive teams certainly the Baltimore Ravens is one of those teams you talk about conversation. What if you watch them this year -- get off the crack. Ravens. Now earlier in the season maybe -- by that not right now. Not the way the patriots -- blame back at exhibition Oakland stopped. The pats have a weak defense letting Houston scored this last week. Defense didn't let them down if you're looking at the scoreboard are it was it was it was the special teams that had difficulty. Problems on the special names. And I think people will be surprised. Maybe they haven't. And they hit an and -- sense is good that you have so much respect for the ravens. In your what your team to feel the same way as you know what the team to take them lightly so you have. A healthy amount of respect on -- -- -- but regular Busch guys don't play for the team. You don't play for the patriots. So don't get mad at you know Dan Shaughnessy for saying that the Texans are fraud -- and don't get mad at somebody who says. The Patriots defense is better than the ravens' defense. It's a problem at the patriots are saying that your plan. Don't let that came don't worry about it. The patriots. Finished ahead of the ravens. In defensive ranking. In one category. Points. Pictures were to -- in defense and points allowed the patriots against him. I'm not looking at about where they were against Republican and how -- a -- outlook so look -- up as a service that. The patriots were knife. In the week. Given appoint the ravens were twelfth. Where the patriots had trouble. This year. Not as much trouble is plastered Bristol trouble given up yards. Patriots were 25. In yards allowed. The ravens were seventeenth. When he -- there's not a great number. Obviously. Number seventeen. So you're not. What we're not talking about eight shut down defense and it's funny. -- that texture would save you the patriots gave up 28 points. Last week their for their defense is not great how many points that ray did give up last week. Patriots defense against the run ninth in the national football what would be your guess from Baltimore. 1420. Gets to pass. Patriots are like. NC 2627. A look at up remember a lot of that was done earlier in the year. They're they're they're rushed he'd be running the rush defense is doing great right from the apartment at. They've given up a lot of yards passing earlier in the in the year twenty ninth for the New England Patriots. Against the -- twenty ninth and what is Baltimore. An anniversary event seventeenth perception Israeli perception is a powerful thing you -- it's amazing. Heard somebody say yes or one of our callers industry. That the ravens always seem to quote have our number. The ravens. If I'm not mistaken have beaten the patriots twice in their history. Of the ravens have two wins over the patriots. There was a 2009. Playoff win. And they played earlier that year in the patriot -- being. And it was a win this year. That's went to a blustery. But if but and by the way of the better quarterback in history games. But like a seven touchdown passes and those in those three games and on the -- kept to ensure. You okay a better quarterback but. Well that's that's what this -- this is my other thing about perception. And it just I think people pick in issues depending on the personalities involved. And depending on the head coach so John Harbaugh doesn't really get -- coat. And he seems like a guy who's he thinks personable -- scenes on he's accommodating to the media. Ray Lewis is off the charts when it comes to being quotable and inspirational. No T sizzle was on first take a while ago he always says something interesting Ed -- great player all the stuff. It kind of it kind of mask the fact the fact that the ravens. Don't win big games. Nobody ever says that about. It constantly. -- don't Baltimore. Eight date they seem to win one round of the playoffs and then they get knocked off that seems to be. What they do celebrate -- luckily got a lot of playoff woods is isn't it isn't it great third championship game in five years. Yet. Well. So that that logical victory championship games in five years and look at John Harbaugh advocate. Look at the ravens compared to some other top teams look at the women prospers and look at the look at the winning percentage and all these all these playoff games they've been able to win on the road but when it comes down to it and this is not the reason. I'm -- the patriots on Sunday and is that a different one altogether. When it comes down to what they don't win big games. Nobody ever knocks them for that as opposed to say. You know San Diego. Or somebody else who continues to it and knock on the door but that can't kick in in. So we have this this respect. This -- respect for this team. -- never -- -- the other thing you have to look at you can look at the recent past promises it and I know they have lost -- -- -- -- -- playoff game. The patriots to lose them off like teams here at home in the playoffs -- don't. They just don't but look at the matchups of all of this Michael I think people are looking at the old Baltimore Ravens think all that's title defense or whatever. -- give these guys credit out -- A bunch of old warriors or out there on one leg and they are giving it their all to go went to Denver. The high altitude and all of that stuff and go in and play a double overtime and play the way they did it and hang in there and certain things had to happen right for them but I don't care to be played at that level I'll give all the credit world. How much they can bounce back a week later. Fly all the way back the Baltimore it and fly up here about -- apparently that's. I don't think that's a prop up but the -- so close they bought grass that's -- -- the -- from -- takes a day away from it really does that's that's that that virtue. But given flying in that situation flying back in and having to go out of the road income appear is different but I -- -- the -- -- the only way that I can see. The Baltimore can beat New England is obviously big place. I don't think they can sustain a big plays a very good that I think this defense has shored up the big points the other one. That you look at special teams and you can worry about the patriots based on what you saw with kickoff coverage in a game against Houston yet. -- wasn't the way that they've been playing all season won't patriots have been the best little. Eight kickoff coverage they have been the best they played -- war game. Made mistakes twice three different times and teleport is Jacoby Jones will kill you would give them great field. Yeah you know what I think it's if the problem has developed late because they had a problem and then come out of nowhere they had a problem. In the Houston game last week -- big problem in this instance Israel in the enterprise editor after coming back from the deficit and you think they've got momentum -- that momentum immediately goes away. On the kickoff and leads to the winning touchdown. OK so let's they must give them you give them one big or too big place. When he plus yards. And you give them a special. Teams -- I -- let's say that's the work stationary. Let's say all of that stuff falls apart. You don't think this quarterback isn't capable still put 35 or forty points on the board against that the well I do. Yeah against this -- I do against this defense right sure you might not be able to pull out of the -- Francisco while you can hit eight hours. Anything in I think what what's happening as well as people are looking at. Brady's numbers vs Baltimore. And so we just think as a immigrate back carries over at all Baltimore team out of all the -- more teams are great now Brady probably not the same right. I give you one more when they played earlier in the season. Patriots had a big huge lead that gamble almost going on the patriots they lost the week before against Arizona is going -- the patriots have done that we were sitting here every day bitching. The offense couldn't close out games that is something they have solved they closeout games. -- offense closes out games because they've got a terrific morning. It is a very good running game right now -- when you add Vereen and who knows what he does -- did last week again this week but. Pretty good running game I doubt that they've got the closing out games they weren't doing that earlier Tennessee. Is they had a big lead in nineteen in multiple. You know what's amazing -- name we haven't mentioned one time today is. Gronkowski and mr. Rob Gronkowski -- name and that was an advantage where the patriots. Halfway through the game out last year or two or three quarters I can't remember when exactly got to listen to four -- early in the fourth scorer. Or early in the third quarter gronkowski. It's tackle them on the dirty play by Bernard Pollard. That changes the way he plays from that moment on for the postseason so not having Rob Gronkowski. Is a disadvantage for the patriot no question of the doubt about it what. You take away from cow ski. And you add some elements. That you didn't have last year those elements that we talked about before -- just you just mentioned you have to. Or three really it would -- complain -- three backs. Can cause some matchup problems especially in in the passing game Ridley is a factor in passing game now. And screen game Ridley is a -- -- during games so -- Danny wood and so running against a sub package or org is being covered by safeties and linebackers there now the other thing is. The receiver a receiver who can. Who can draw our coverage. To complement. Wes Welker. -- you're the receiver in -- -- other receivers last year Deion Branch still there Chad Ochocinco. Try to hit nine -- try to go route for Matthew Slater last year the double coverage it was intercepted. Matthew Slater to. Running running running routes because didn't have anybody else -- you've got Brandon Lloyd. That's a dimension you didn't have last year not saying he's a game breaker. But he's eight receiver -- app actually have to pay attention -- but I I think what you brought up earlier though. When your you have offensive players out -- playing defense right now out of desperation. The Aqib Talib trade changes everything and not only. This gives you were god that you can put on man to man coverage against their best receiver and maybe they do it underneath -- would Boldin portal mumbled I don't know -- what. The safety stay in the back -- by the recording is a much different player safety. Danny is at that corner and tendered his proven to be a much better player at that other corner then what you got from Aaron. Much. I'd just like the back end of their defense is just so much better than what we would deal with. Last year and that's Baltimore does. They think it's all big place it's very different used them last week they just worked their way methodically downfield. Baltimore establishes that running game forces you to try to stop the running game and they uses it to make that big thirty yard forty York past look at. Spent a lot of time in the red zone Baltimore because they're touchdowns escort outside of the -- Right what wherever they do defensively the patriots and talking about. They won't do it consistently for you know fifty years sixty -- you want to keep doing the same thing over and over but I think you may have just. Something. You have the ability to. If if if Anquan Bolden scares you. If you figure out based on your you're researcher based in your. Your film study. That Anquan Boldin and allows them to extend some drives. Then you put tallied on squabble and I think that actually what happens and because he does he moves the -- that's the one you know you look at the towards that -- you look at Jacoby Jones they make those big huge plays we are talking about. By the bulls -- again and actually moves the GT rate rise. I break in and right to the phone call civic.

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