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Why did Lance Armstrong pick Oprah for his interview? It was the path of least resistance

Jan 15, 2013|

We discuss the big Oprah/Lance Armstrong interview, including why he chose the other 'Big O', what will be said, and what happens to the rest of Armstrong's legacy.

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Does anybody shocked by the way about -- Lance Armstrong once you bird. That he was going to Oprah -- don't know -- -- to sit down village that he -- anybody else gonna going don't know you go over for one reason and one reason only redemption. For publicity that for you Larry King for publicity and for yourself you opera redemptions is it this way. If Oprah had ever mentioned patriot reign for example would be figured it out enough and fit fit and -- Wear on and on an island that I've. America purchased no Oprah for many reasons I -- redemption is a big part of -- -- number one that's a big part. You go one there by the way people are asking did he cry in this interview I'm sure -- -- rightly the view oh. On the Oprah Show on -- -- and you know -- say there's no crying in in in cycling is crying earlier version. But it out just on the -- and I loved I loved by the legacy and you know how this works. Being in the media as long as you've been and Oprah originally. Was gonna do this as single interview we're -- but -- -- fares quote unquote so much material. 112 questions now as a material that's called ratings. You're you know -- heard everybody in the country talking about it. Were all looking forward to a stretch it out. Those ratings up a little higher. I understand we'll get into Atlanta but I just throws off the top is and watching for the last 24 hours it opens and CBS. And we all know what he's going to do on Thursday and Friday. She says you know team well. Here he was eighty football prepared was everything seems great questions for these are interviewing you interviewing him. I -- at once again people we have the total fraud. And I know people defendant because they'll set goals that would he plays until Friday -- I'm right I'm one of those people and I guess he's told. Now AD. He's absolutely. Try to deceive the public he did deceive the Palestinian -- He went on and on about what Leo what he didn't do and all the critics were out to get them and was hater nation because he's from the US. So definitely -- that is fraudulent that's fraudulent. Deceitful lying. Dirt whatever you wanna call it. But as a byproduct of his. And unfortunately a byproduct of his deception it turn into something good it all I am sorry I give blood at the Tibet message. So an hour with a bat that's a bad message it's a bad NASA -- brown are you saying that there's nothing good. Has come from Lance -- not that lots of good could come out of Lance Armstrong under any one of these other cyclists. If they want to do good wanted to help in cancer research there can be a lot of good. What what you fraudulently. Establishing a career. When you win. You you know you're you your sport's most coveted award. Seven different times and then you deceive and lie all along the way and why. You finger -- everybody a lot of and it's a ticket to you could -- for some reason they don't like you because you're an American or whatever like. Fraud. Not a lot of off the mark. Because just -- well so that tells Michael he still has a -- gone there. Who was trying to let him off the hook we just as you know there was some good it did nor did I here's what I for -- to know -- short program I just want to get this straight because not it was the right. Lance Armstrong did exactly what you said he did everything you said he did he did. And am not saying oh was he is a product of his environment. The double made him do it called him a break. The French trying to trying to shop around me Ney and all that now. What I'm saying is -- that. And maybe as an accident. Maybe he doesn't have he then give a damn about cancer patients and kids with cancer in people with cancer maybe does it but. A byproduct of of -- Lance Armstrong. Fraudulent career. It's something positive being established I can't educate didn't get picked got to wait don't get credit -- that'll don't get credit for -- documents say it say it exists. In spite of him but you can't deny that something positive does exist well maybe a definite no. One thing we do know -- he had cancer he fought and beat cancer OK I. So. Being one who was victimized by the disease. He was a perfect candidate to go up there and spread the word. And try to see if he could -- some major fond memories. The other and the ones that I will applaud. The ones that he lied and deceived to those the people that that were part of the lives who live strong foundation. Most people the people running -- on the day to day basis he wasn't doing. He was living. And he was being represented. A fraudulent age. That's the problem I have with it. Those -- have a major problem he could clearly. Could clearly have got to -- the right way Michael installed on out there as a cancer survivor has many people do want. They go out and try to raise money. Awareness. Of what you're dealing with what he was dealing with that could've been done legally. What kind of it's all about it it's of course all of Dakota but definitely it's you that's go to this is the problem I have with. It's all about him. And right now it's all about him. He's on Oprah because guess what his life as it turned upside down with the accusations. His life has been turned up and down within stripping away you know his championships. Hit it right now. He's looking at is saying everybody hates everybody thinks I cheated. I can do something so what do you do what the American public. Will fall for a appointed -- at least a good number of people -- fall formula he'll go algebra you'll go on Oprah you'll cry and they'll be able to people's. He just. He meant well now no I don't think they all mean well I don't think -- for a for a long time I mean everybody makes a comeback. Mike Tyson made a comeback. Well a lot of the a lot of people we think are down and out and there's no chance anybody say anything positive about them or that they will find work Michael Dixon of they'll make comebacks I don't think of right now. Is it time for anybody. To say Portland's. Come in a couple of years three years five years does that become right now. TI I think -- come quicker than -- thing because the American public is very forgiving him and he has another thing going and you or he brought it up on the first few minutes solution. Because there has -- I would agree with you there. There has been a benefit of Oval Office. The benefit is that a lot of money has been raised for cancer research. And that he's. Because of his notoriety. And the only reason he achieved the notoriety is because he cheated. Some people live and benefit from so he will get. Much more of a benefit of doubt than Barry Bonds will or Roger Clemens -- people used the same argument you just used a couple of weeks ago. Can't argue a point that there's been some good out of this. I can't. Right Michael I -- on the other hand. He fraudulently. Put that altogether. And I -- the major issues with that he perpetrated a total -- the American public they bought into it. And he was able to convince them to help out the costs for that you write -- check mark somewhere on that list of a benefit to the ball. Via. Of the big law. Basically. So people will give him the benefit of that I think he's gonna get form -- -- Of people willing to accept him -- -- bonds and Clemens and these other. Now may be Annika in a couple years are now. It's too big and at -- with. With Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. They lied. And they. Used performance enhancing drugs. -- benefited their careers. In benefited them financially. They -- maybe they'll never make the hall of fame but at least it was they. They they deceived the public like -- it. They deceived to some people maybe some people knew but the differences. They didn't involve. Any other it was about them in the sport. Nothing was bigger than them -- Lance Armstrong cyclist. What was bigger. -- strong. Where Lance Armstrong. What was -- was -- about Lance yes. No that was bigger no I'm what I'm saying is Lance Armstrong was more than -- cyclist. To the American people. It was important ought to look at all the so -- Roger Clemens has done tremendous war. In in the community tremendous war knowing what every day for data Barbara -- what do we do we suddenly erase. Everything he did we know of what I'm saying go and you have. Roger Clemens. Was it was a baseball player. To people when you think of Roger -- -- baseball player I think Barry Bonds think baseball player maybe -- -- like come into the baseball player we thought Lance Armstrong. You thought cyclists plus reason it was it was it was tramps and he transcended that's -- sport up because we were all fooled the time we thought he was doing it on the straight so what are we right now. Disappoint what about all the people really what I don't -- -- all the people that finish behind him look in the standings over. All of those races he had my journal too. Many of her dirt or many of mortar and trust or. Yep that's it that's your filthy that mr. Castro. But there are some people probably were we don't want to get it finished with just finished and semi prepared to enter through them the American OK I'll go from here. It will last on Lance Armstrong and all the other to Oprah's -- fair to them to -- you can't -- and some people are are taking your position here. Concerning concerning this like you're so annoying. He's still did great stuff for cancer fundraising. And say he did for himself. Have cancer. And see where you -- priorities. Are you can not say. What he did and why it was short. I can clearly do because he knew he couldn't win without this out -- them for for for you know actually understanding. That he can do some good. To raise money for for cancer research I'm talking about that. Everything he's done in his life including going on Oprah. It's all about -- launched volume of cancer research a keeper -- strong foundation. Either keeper right there OK. This is unbelievable. Now that you just need to point out inconsistencies that text on this one is the next level. As eight clergy abuse survivor. I should never hear. A good thing that church may have done. Otherwise. Because they are huge fraud now. We're talking about that and and and in god bless you sit -- from the bottom my heart god bless you nobody. Should have to go to that we're talking about an individual here we are talking about right body nobody should go through it and I'm glad all the perpetrators. Who were exposed I'm glad they were exposed at their perpetrators out there I pray to god that they are exposed but let's not take it there. Because we're not talking about that well -- talking about Lance Armstrong and what he did he did not as far as we know. I was not a pedophile. You know on now but. Even if we do go with that he's missing the point is -- clergy abuse survivor I should never hear good thing but the church has done all the -- -- But what about that individual. Clergy member. Who abused you. I don't think you wanna hear about any good things that he is actually done because what he's done to you probably negates all of that stuff. Because what he was showing on the other side of his life. But probably pretty fraudulent I think that's that the next level on which -- the next what I am not a guy using performance enhancing drugs and he created an image or submit making involved with. Lance Armstrong I'm sure a lot of people were upset with the people who are working with Lance Armstrong people you know Sally Jenkins wrote that the book about a it's not about the bike or more than -- of the book is called. I'm I'm sure she's a joint strike yet he had wrecked. So it's mortgages has put out a performance enhancing drugs vs something else that is a lot more sinister and despicable but he hides all the. Here's somebody gonna finally when people -- -- Raised -- and -- you -- want your arm on unheard. No he's he waited he argued he fought it you don't much money he spent trying to fight the accusations. The cut by other cycle pushed it you know how much money how much effort put into this and now suddenly -- he finds out. He's not viewed in the book by the public in the same vein he's out there announce at least. -- I just like I did this -- -- I let down. All of these people that will be the crime he will talk about we let -- everybody how you know and he you know what. Don't be surprised if he brings his own disease in total -- for. -- want you might have had to do some of that is guess what that'll work with some of the to be dealt but he had to do something. That I would get it to that during the course of the you're ready yesterday. Give your prediction for the football game on Sunday that you are patient and wait you're ready to do ya right I'm ready to do -- -- we'll get to the phone calls at 61777. Nights in 937. Radio production. I choose not to characterize I would rather. And people make their own decisions about whether he was contrite or not I I I felt that he was. Thoughtful I thought that he was serious I thought that. He. Certainly had to. Prepared himself for this moment I would say that he met the moment. -- -- -- -- -- Ober is he's using the interview that as Mike already told you has gone from any one part into view to a two point. So I gotta tell you Oprah's networks gonna get -- for two nights at that I didn't think she had a chance to. He's jumping for tonight Nazi Nazi government and it's. But she's just teasing it and obviously. -- She knows because it's been leaked out and obviously hurt people have leaked out that he -- us. And so what's out there such as we go here but chill out and marveled at first target him. Need to via speakerphone -- -- -- is calling in regards and Armstrong and more to just -- -- -- and Tyler -- well. You know powers gone from its own situations. Every one of myself my friends are very proud of what he's done and we've always said. All along the way land we'll get it. Because we all knew what he was doing -- so there were all dirty that's still too. Absolutely. So and that. Ordered it you know Tyler you know Tyler Hamilton. You know displayed is on -- hand. His candor on the situation. And we and so I'm sure never. Well he apparently was a Thursday night and all of immortalized -- was -- that reason. Well you know. Gates. The in my opinion the common you know definition of a full. Is -- do you know acts contrary to moral and or religious within. In that considered a wicked person. And I'd be a little more are strong and good narcissistic. Man. In -- -- and tired this. Which you know you can use that description to to describe an awful lot of athletes it's a big part of the make up. I think of of many professional and an amateur conflicts. But in this case. You know when you're constantly lying. And they're turning up evidence left and right on the sport and you're still -- -- -- blaming everybody but yourself. That's a little too much. Well he never took accountability. You know again when Tyler or intruders. Situation years ago I remember you know feel about saying. And you know trial -- works so hard for this so I mean the guy could -- a professional scared. Just spend them and you know worked as hard. And you know made mistakes all the way. And we all know their ranch was never going to own up to -- -- part of and we all knew that they were all built. So why do you think he's doing it now. -- Is is your -- is no way to go right now now. You know he's the outcast right now he's the guy that everybody's point -- -- do. Well and also I think. Just if if you haven't read it I think use everything -- Dan Wetzel brief Yahoo! Sports. I just just to get all the information out there. In all sides of it whether you're for -- or against -- -- they view for -- I think many people are for Lance percent. Not not let the Lance Armstrong who went on and on and said. I didn't do it he's draw haters out there who does mad that an American is dominating the sport in France. I don't think people are for the guy who lied. For him I think you're just looking at the totality of everything that happened because of Lance Armstrong's success but no no matter where you stand. I think it's good to read this piece in and find out some information that a lot of people. Who have followed this story casually and I wouldn't consider myself casuals cycling fan. I'm not cycling fans so -- I I got you into it no not at all. So bears and so maybe people who have covered the sport award in the sport. Know some of these stories about how every time somebody comes from Atlanta wars started to tell the truth. He went into just. He just became technical -- animal yeah I became an animal really -- trying to shut people down and sewing people up spreading rumors about a I think you should read the speech Yahoo! Sports he said it wants to see that's what we're about. And I know what he is going to be treated differently Michael because of the point you brought up we started the show and that is people understand. The the you know little. Wrist band right. And all of the money that is raised over the year with the of the live strong foundation but you don't want. There are people all over this country all over the world. Who do that on a daily basis either do it by raising money through their own resources they do it because. They have found -- means in which other people. Will what will invest in in this charity. Or they actually volunteered their time. That's something everybody should -- be party -- some disappearance suddenly because he gained this notoriety. Via sheeting. And became the the most. Prominent. Athlete in his field and use some of that to raise money for for charity for the for the cancer research ship around. Sure use some of it used all of many used to think that he hasn't given every penny of -- know what I'm saying he -- I should just money and unit that you missed an appointment on my money. The perception that the persona of Lance Armstrong. And the popularity of Lance Armstrong came from cycling and so everything that exist. -- is replicate let my court and Michael they were used other people don't argue with you understand the depth and I'm actually I'm actually. Adding to agree with your point that he became larger than life because of what he didn't break. Yeah but it's not like he was out -- doing the volunteer work every single day he became the symbol. Of the foundation. There were thousands upon thousands of other people that were working the foundation every single day. Most of the people which should be applauded -- What he did is he built up his stature for urgently. So therefore they used that to be able to establish the foundation. And raise an awful lot of money. So he was a byproduct of it yes. Put people do this and volunteer. Time. -- I give money every single -- in this country for charity I don't let them off walk five or something he did he gain. That notoriety. Illegally. It's you know as well as I do it. Doesn't matter if it's happening every day doesn't matter if he -- the 75 athlete in the last. Twenty years to do what he's doing. It's just a matter of timing. And popularity. -- could be somebody doing great things out there but it is the most people in America don't recognize they're faced a wreck don't recognize the -- So why can't that the -- -- or would -- buddies of fraud. He's a complete. Fabricated. Fraud. Without the -- what is. He's artificially. Put together. That's what he has right now. What's in the whole sports not thirty but that doesn't. Relieve him. Of his responsibility. Within the sport it doesn't relieve him. Are suddenly when they're on his trail doing some of the things that that you can read about in our column you're talking about -- can read about it anyway it's a vicious stuff. I'll give you an example. Just for example. There was a massage. Yes yes there was there was a woman named Emma -- From Dublin. She was hired by the US postal team to give massages two writers after races. Louisiana happy ending. I don't think she was doing those kinds of things I don't think so. But -- She told stories of rampant doping. And how she used to transport drugs across international borders. She she testified that. Lance Armstrong tried to make her life hell. Sheehy. Sue her. Used high price lawyers. They go after her. And she couldn't she could respond because she's being sued by Lance Armstrong. He -- he testified. She testified. Lance Armstrong. Said he would ruin her by spreading word that she was a prostitute. With a heavy drinking problem. What does that -- it she told the New York Times a quote the dramatizing part. Was dealing with. Telling the truth and it's a mild when compared I mean I don't jewelry gift for example an audio. He tried to destroy other people's lives anybody if they -- and if they were involved in deal. Account what he would do is he would say I'm turning you win on the album out destroy your life I'll destroy you career destroy your life. Well that's why I have no problem. With right now his reputation being destroy them -- -- he tried to go on the offensive when he was guilty -- He tried to gaudy offensive and try to destroy level. And I don't like Tyler Hamilton of these other guys get pissed off about it everybody. I can't believe I'm gonna say this can't believe I'm actually gonna say this. But I will. What cycling needs to really care about cycling it's not my thing. But I I was inspired by Lance Armstrong like many other people were the great story and and we we can't take we all along for the ride no pun intend -- What exactly needs. If it holds vacancy. Cycling -- Jose Canseco just shed light on what on what really is happening. Inside that sport and like Canseco that person will be reviled in that personally have some warts. And you will be able to point out all of the inconsistencies. That they have. It. Amidst all that some -- have that there's some truth to always Floyd Landis now. Floyd Landis won the Tour de France after Lance -- shot that caught him down now he's on the was on everyone's well I guess he needs to keep going. You know -- -- his popularity will go up even more. He's still go -- he has lost who don't dance plans are an amendment governments trying to get weary. I that's why this was going to be fascinating to see our plays -- -- I'll bet you right. Now that he will. He will fool all the people you go on Oprah she make you cry. Which makeshift fueled by the time the which is going to be two hours for tonight to ours is gonna by the end of the four hour interview. The public -- -- thing you know. Weren't in his last and I think he's going with the missile. And I think now he's going to be better person because. People -- And that's all he's doing this is not a -- for any other reason why would you -- what he's doing it because he knows right now he's nothing out there but ostracized. Nobody wants a nobody wants anything to do them. A -- an eighteen standard it's driving him crazy and he needs to get back to the public so get ready for the two years. Anna Griswold will Kleenex box. We you're gonna get. -- -- that's gonna happen. I would -- months. He didn't just beat of the opens. In case Korea. He -- People all entries all of their whole careers in this -- thing. On many people stay true to themselves. And that's a school with nothing talk show host and attend. That's Nicole -- The -- -- priest and in Yahoo! Sports that though Michael adventure. Is a good one -- has some the F some of the information and it's in that column understand that -- obviously is giving his opinion he's getting it. What -- -- sand say the questions that that Lance that Oprah should have asked Lance knives like in and you wanna get this as wanna say this real fast. Dan Wetzel is a great columnist on the way he has really done a great job. But that's when I gotta I gotta disagree with him on this campus as -- how it goes and we were talking about it before. -- here are some of the questions we -- Oprah asked -- number two. Are you doing this with me Oprah Winfrey. I'm not known for my cycling knowledge for pointed follow up questions or my investigative journalistic skills in fact it's the opposite well. -- -- wouldn't sitting down with Scott Elliott sixty minutes have been more. A more legitimate on the story for years no it wouldn't have been a more legitimate form if you look at it from his perspective. Oprah Winfrey exit everybody's trying to make trying to make hoped for into. If you're Dan Wetzel when you're expecting Oprah. To be. You know Walter Cronkite in his time more word -- And rather it right Sam Donaldson or any of these people were were known Noam the late Mike Wallace were known as kind of unfiltered raw in our viewers. It's not who he is now she gained her popularity. But that's it delivered but that's the point that that's the point the NN was cosmetic. -- he's doing it because he knows he's going to get some coffee and -- your -- but why is that no it was of course she's gonna do desperate that's I think he would actually you can't cry in front of Scott -- -- can't go. You know -- this guy would actually sit down would have figured out okay this is what -- accomplished. You sit down in front of Scott Kelly. Get the truth that and that's it. So what is the can for you want. Partial truth. Anyone's sympathy. Of course he's got to go to Oprah Winfrey or somebody else who's going to be. Kind of tough. On and kind of nice and you goal. It's like used to go to Barbara Walters when he needed. To go -- You go to Oprah when your career is in the bleep okay and you need some sympathy. Now she'll ask questions and -- supported -- inevitably per decrease in the she'll be the bleep bleep your bleep your. Jennifer what the -- here you know this is something we are at. The. They feel. So you'd go to Oprah because she just no. Picture gonna come out of it. On the on the OK it's like it's like politician just allowed to go on Larry King why because Larry -- the tough questions. Larry would never read the book and advancing did not just as quick and or directors bright -- -- prepared to -- victory and they knew. That they weren't going to be challenged that you that you get your -- they could speak in long answers and you could give for short question. But right now. You know knows what he's that we -- to try to read the wreck his wife right now in his image but there are so unbelievably. Really. Interesting questions about this one that he says -- Oprah should -- by the way did you -- performance enhancing drugs prior to your diagnosis. Of testicular cancer. More as Betsy and grow -- now have every single reason to believe. Says you were admitted to doing. Do you think Kim played a role in your diagnosis. Interest in question isn't that the great question. And that is something to do with him actually getting sick in the first place. I'm not sure Oprah asked that question. Will close its two part interview and you'll you'll know you know a lot more about Oprah's network it's a popcorn ready. You know a lot more about this network after this that two part interview trust will be switching over to the sort of the husbands of lawsuits -- ever going to be. It is going to be the equivalent of FROST/NIXON. Know Oprah or don't have not. I don't remember either Nixon or David for those -- here's just stand in April I stand. Hello -- I want to stand. Good. But you've been in and out -- I think with the that the Oprah -- Sixty minutes I was thinking the same things. And I'm concerned you know unless they -- EI on the way home. This afternoon apparently in this morning and that's all guys. And I think is going to be there the much of a gender lines drawn here when I got all my put the TV -- -- changing. In the show called the talk -- correction seen before. But. Women sitting around the table and a question we know what you think. And then -- not sports as well you know you know. Of course we knew that you diamond but. You have to remember all the good that this guy has done in big huge round of applause from the crowd went. -- yeah. I'm kind of churning a little bit in the you know and then the other person says well you know. Everyone else who's using him in and just making -- you know a scapegoat. Lance and so and big big big round of applause. So you know I think it's easy first set and no no mention of what he did to people and I think that. I couldn't stand -- I couldn't watch it on the Pacific and would actually brought that up. I I -- that Iran is something and that was the point I was mentioning to Michael and Michael jump right on the and harp on that theme initially and though I don't think he's buying into a totally. I think a lot of people well and I hit it make more women than men because they're gonna look at the tremendous amount. Of good that he has been done behind this fraudulent images that came out last. -- I think that's part of the story just for the ink in state and I must figures in this I'm not coming at you we're getting a lot of text here in the AT&T text line. People -- were going above and beyond and and and a lot farther in this story this is the story of an athlete who used performance enhancing drugs. And did everything he could. To protect. The lie to protect the deception and threaten people so I'm not saying it's. We're gonna we're gonna sugarcoat what Lance Armstrong did. But I think what Lance Armstrong did. And what Jerry sandusky did. A completely different sorts of people who wanna go there -- what about Jerry sandusky what about the Catholic Church. That's another that's a legitimate conversation for another day but it's not this conversation so there are levels. I think Jerry sandusky. You know thank god that it's not it's not my job that you the core grounding and just be. -- to be gracious to be forgiven because I wouldn't be able to forgive yeah that's why Jerry sandusky I wouldn't be able to forgive. Some people did the things that they did to it to kids. In the dirt I couldn't do not. That's an embodiment I'm not even -- those text about SanDisk -- -- -- yet this is a guy who did damage to himself the damage to a sport. Clearly cheated. But he didn't destroy lives and that's what's into ASCII that you can't put this in the -- cent a year or so on that's not a good. It's it's of that in the back -- and I've grilled for Lance Armstrong what he did is clear now in its gonna become even clearer. After this interview because you know -- you know what's gonna happen right this interview was gonna -- Everybody's gonna watch it. And some people are gonna come out people in the know what in his circle at one time. And have been brushed aside from his circle some of these people that come out -- at him. He told Oprah this the real story -- me tell you something else. -- tell -- what wasn't in this interview. In its coming we're gonna get an even better portrait of Lance our. Ashore by this time next week -- know even more but you know something Michael people will why it. Go by what he does for Judy -- right. He give you enough to sit there and say the account I eyes screwed up you don't want. Cancer I was really down I wanted. And needed something to be able. -- -- -- -- He will so he will give you a little bit. But you're right in doing so he will create another thirty lines along the way cover ups along the way. In which other people will be exposed in the days fallen they'll fill in the blank absolutely what. He did was it was a bad thing clearly but you can't take away as much as we want to do as much as you may want to you can't take away. Everything that he did it can't take it. I search wants have a 7797937. That's our phone number here and be a big show. We'll get to the patriots and football Michael I will make our early week up predictions of when a change and we're staying in with a and then -- some experts are excerpts. Up from this little book that Dan Shaughnessy is written it's not about Houston even though you might have thought he was read a book about you've gotten there -- about the Red Sox and Terry Francona. We get to level but later runs -- here today.

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