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Lance Armstrong admits to using PED's to Oprah

Jan 15, 2013|

Mut and Merloni give their views on Armstrong's PED use

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Yes I think the entire interview was was was difficult if he confess that he come clean in the manhunt. That you expected. I would say he did not come clean in the mattered that I expected it was surprising to me I would say that. For myself by -- all of us in the room we were mesmerized. And riveted by some of his answers people make their own decisions about whether he was contrite or not I I I felt that he was. Thoughtful I thought that he was serious I thought that. He. Certainly had to. Prepared himself for this moment I would say that he met the moment so why do you think Oprah that he wanted to do this to -- Norris question. I asked that question and I -- and I'm not sure I still have the answer to that question why he wanted to do it. Now I specifically asked that question I think he was just he was just ready. That is Oprah. In a first for the show I'm sure a lot of sports talk radio shows throughout the country like Oprah clips today. -- united three point seven WE BI she was on CBS. News today previewing courier news and -- Thursday and Friday on the road network the own network correct that right. So we got to spend time a couple of days figured -- were at that in fact you might have -- printer and the clear cable. And apparently old network no cloak. -- do you watch laudable and Oprah Winfrey network of you know we -- it is. Like I don't like Comcast and had no idea because of the movie channels and at 300 the standard Def and and 800 -- at 87 HBO it nutrient at 530 time. I can -- all those where the Oprah network be. -- it Thursday or Friday night Lou it's a lot this. It's significant from a complete reversal. Of what this guy said before we're gonna hear apparently Thursday and Friday. With Lance Armstrong sitting down with Oprah Winfrey and acknowledging. That he used before him drugs during its -- to win. Multiple multiple. Sort of France titles this of course. Is a huge reversal. What he said as recently 2006. The Bob -- on ESPN. About doping -- sports anti drug. My career has never changed there's never been a sudden spike in ability and never -- never sudden spike in skill and most importantly when they put the pressure on when they put the bright lights on yet. I didn't go away I only got faster. And so. I'm -- I mean that the proof is in the body in the putting is not a bunch of people that are bitter anger. The -- for the results. Not just the race results for the drug test results investigations the inquiries. The court cases. At a loss on level. This -- six years ago -- guys say man. Now he used. Now he used -- clear never. But it Lance Armstrong and I don't Arctic this word is over used OK but he is demeaned by far the biggest fraud. I think you've I have ever come across in my entire life. What this guy did. Okay and and everything and the destruction that he brought with him the people that he took down that just told the truth. In the way he attacked -- because he had all the power it everybody wanted to believe this great story what a great man. It's despicable. It is I know he's done great things -- motivated the live strong foundation. Raised millions. And it was a great story and people out there who had cancer will fight -- -- that was a motivation to them. That's a great part of this that that this story I understand that but individual himself makes me sick. Absolutely sick to my stomach. It's not pretty just cheated -- took PDs. No it was the path it did and what's doesn't outstanding common Yahoo! in you you really. He would kind of lays it out. Right -- -- -- some of the people the affected. In what he -- Greg -- right we all knew him ready was the great -- out strong for Lance three time tour for -- champion. He came up with a hypothetical question what's -- K -- and dates of the Blair stories truth is American history of sport. If it's not it's the greatest fraud. Now. Because of that comment. Case there was pressure okay. And in the allegation. The trek bikes and skate dropped association -- brand. All right because of Lance because it obliges them a bike company to drop -- yet on their brand altogether so for pressure is he -- -- term contract. -- Cost them millions. What what he said he we all we sat there and said let's say if it's if it's true to grips are nice a fraud. Deterrent I am none of those -- I absolutely right. But there's other stories in this match Leandro pure -- one of his teammates. -- both of testify under opener and a hospital room in 1996. And admitted. A gay and he admitted rather it's our friend it would doctor that used EPO HGH and steroids and -- -- about under -- in the wrong when he said that the doctor right. Vindictive bitter eventual jealous that the Lance Armstrong set them. OK the point where one of -- in his story one of his henchmen apparently left a message with Betsy. I hope somebody breaks in baseball bat over your head of the bad -- and broke the wife of a former teammate. I also hope that one day of adversity your life. Any of some type of tragic that will definitely impact make an impact on years and now now there's sort of they know this guy is an absolute fraud. Now that you sort of using like like like cancer and heightened by cancer now almost wishing that you have to -- a tragedy in her life. It's it's this. Oh well you QBs in the word fraud which is fine and -- more apt word or just as apt as -- is people. He was a all time bully of people he felt in his way people over under him. Other story get from Dan Wetzel column -- -- all Riley speaking of -- -- the only piece. This young Dublin native. Who was hired by the US postal team to give massages. To writers after the race and I'm not trying to demean her job. All right you think of the little people on racy little people on the sport my guess is the people massaging the bikers you're a local team the writers are probably at the bottom of it right they are. -- the little people. Early two thousands and all Reilly start to tell stories of ramped doping and how she was used to transport drugs across international borders. In the USA DA report she testified that you tried to make her life -- He tried to ruin her by spreading word she was a prostitute. With a heavy drinking problem -- us -- This somebody oh right you brought aboard to help. You used terror. What you knew you gonna user for probably at some point right okay -- check our. Let's help -- gonna use us that we're gonna use her to help get these W disorders so uses high priced lawyers and -- this girl off. For everything that she has slowly -- a masseuse bullies her spreads rumors and -- a pro what you have nothing the money. It's to bully her into keep your mouth -- because this guy's ego. Is so big bit I guess he would at some point or more from Oprah and we sit down on Thursday night. Did he convince themselves. They never use. Was he okay that everyone used it was OK for him. It's it's being a fraud but it's also being able. Of people that had no real impact in the sport and is the year after year outlined about it but behind the scenes. Justice to. Destroying people were in his path yeah wanted to stand up and say you -- your cheat and you're a -- Live strong. Great foundation. OK unbelievable start -- by a fraud but a great foundation raising money at a set motivating those dealing with cancer. You know giving them hope a great story. But the guys that started it is a complete fraud. Yeah Betsy Andrew again. Testified. That he admitted that did that he used performance using drugs in prep prior to his diagnosis testicular cancer. Did what took posted on do you thicket later ruled it diagnosis now you know it's TH -- doesn't cause cancer the gate but. You know if you have cancer cells in your body in other words don't we all do at some some state elected gonna get it speeds up the process. You know if you have cancer and is gonna it's gonna -- prostate cancer at the age 6570 RH it's a -- at fifty you know if that doesn't closet. But does demand itself. It's I'm disgusted and his bill be glued I -- -- attest and testify about a talk about a but it's just it's ridiculous. He later said he -- -- QB rated to each other Colorado restaurant where you try to intimidate him saying quote I'm gonna make your life living L. Ball in the court ruled it out of the courtroom and is what's the last. You knew that he was telling the truth on sixty minutes so why threaten him -- the guys the bully. I'll listen on again 2006 football league trying to explain he never cheated. And in response to a doctors questioned. So that you admitted to using cortisone EPO growth hormone steroids and testosterone was sworn testimony what do you say to her account. Well Bob what I would do is encourage you read the entire transcript agreed to cross examination and I have written read about the case read about. You know the fact that. The doctor Nichols one of the premier specialists in the world I would regard to this gave a sworn affidavit that's. Obviously number one if a patient ever set that -- that would be incredibly burn -- to a case with cancer survivor. It would have to go on the records there's 200 in eighty pages of medical records. Constant -- -- -- and doctors and nurses and specialists never once mentioned. On cross examination. -- Andrew was asked whether or not in the doctors were male or female and remember. Where they -- -- lab coats and remember to that clip boards couldn't remember. You know this is three days after I had brain surgery double brain surgery. Do you think that in a hospital room three days after brain surgery weeks and weeks and weeks into the process. In a roomful of people one on them including my mom on the sit down and talk about this. -- The year that now is almost laughable right six years prior boy I tell you gonna go back. You gonna go back. And this can be a lot of questions that need to be answered the maybe a lot of people that hit this. Right. There was doctor Nichols that we stuck -- yeah I mean it. Lot of people that hit this and there was a lot of money probably involved in a lot of bullying involved as well a lot of influence and power. You know because Saddam. Yeah these clips. It's a point it is now it's it's out there in ninety eagle Beckett in the clipped in now ridiculous it's. Well we got a 92 break we have your reaction we have two big things we come back you don't want to miss one. You could hear Tyler Hamilton on sixty minutes. Explaining what. He was doing in 2011 and what he knew and -- oppose the second part of that. In five years the image Lance Armstrong what is him coming out. Oprah Winfrey do for his image get it fixed his image all those things in ninety cents. I've said it for seven years a -- for longer than seven years I have never doped. I can say again that that I sit for seven years it doesn't help but the fact of the matter is I have -- in if you consider my situation. A guy who comes back from. Arguably you know a death sentence. Why would I then enter into this board and -- myself up and risk my life again that's crazy I would never do that that that's now no way. And at the time there was a federal investigation going on. In this skating Lance Armstrong and the US Postal Service like -- team. -- -- -- We should not -- this is not -- we shouldn't be talking. You know he's from me so. What do -- and -- News. You know he did this why did you sixty minutes did a mistake they pay you -- this is nonsense. He called me a lot of names and they never call me a -- Which it -- interest. So we set -- and make your life a living hell. Both in the courtroom and out of the courtroom. So. And mats is a powerful assumptions of powerful -- Their -- -- so. And did he intimidate me yeah I mean. Who knows what he meant those words. Your Lance Armstrong you just heard Tyler Hamilton when he was on sixty minutes. Couple years ago or 2011 yeah a couple of years ago what -- 937. WEEI Lance Armstrong speaking to Oprah that happened yesterday -- Thursday and Friday. On something called the own network contract that they down my Comcast cable system now. Source telling ABC news last night and Armstrong is also populists likely authorities. About naming names of others involved in a legal doping hopes of reducing. Its lifetime -- I think this is. A good thing for Lance Armstrong in a big picture standpoint I think that. We eliminate culture now the eagle -- turn on the TV my wife watches these shows all the time now she's home with the kid I see an even more quite frankly. Is some sort of intervention. It is some sort of rehab. Is some sort of rebuild yourself. And second chance that it feels like it this is our country this is are we -- we live. -- second it's a whole industry built on second chance at fixing yourself. This -- what Lance Armstrong is doing I believe he is speaking Oprah because he's setting up the second chapter is life he realizes that. He's Nacchio to compete anymore -- wants to -- is draft one that's not when it happened. So what's my next step. People do these celebrities do Michael Oprah's couch and apologizing to five years from now. Albeit commercials are back live strong of people forget about it that's our country does -- you we forget all I won't forget what -- do you think do you think that's gonna happen. I think that it's happened. I -- in our country right now right celebrities. Who get caught up in some sort of addiction -- screw up. Are either back in movies are back on TV or back in the current events. Years later this is months later and -- are strong but in years from now and you'll think that he can rehab his image -- country now. Are your -- not a chance. OK be raised because of a couple reasons okay this is not. It had at all I used HDH everybody forgive me okay you know this Barry Bonds. If he came clean out Roger Clemens. Roger Clemens Brian McNamee -- they went back and forth credibility of Brian McNamee. Gave you could say that in the other cases. -- somebody. That that those guys are taken down a process. Name anyone to lose. Lives that they destroyed like Lance Armstrong the destruction that he is left behind the slander. The sewing up a young girl twenty year old for everything she has a Dublin because she told the truth. Yeah -- is a masseuse used to transport drugs into the US. Venue you bully or because you got more money. You know Le -- costing him millions and millions and millions of dollars and is endorsements. And that's just a fuel. There's more. This is the guy that says I BP. I agree we probably would -- you know what cycling is thirty everybody's doping up. Okay you needed to do it to compete and it's just like everything else you'd sit there and say okay. But the way he went about it in denying it and taking people down step after step in and affecting people's lives this is different. This is completely different -- forgive and forget. I'm sorry. He can't get away from unilaterally to sports stories -- -- anyone cares he cheated cycle and quite frankly I don't think they care that he was attached to -- strong. And started a foundation that generated 400 million dollars. -- the research dollars for -- for cancer. And that's you'll think about and it -- actually right couple of People Magazine covers and Oprah story and he'll be back in the mix he is good I'm not saying the right -- That don't -- -- court for the next ten years. With people still in his ass. The destruction that he cost. All the people that he took down. People run from this guy got nothing to do with that you'll have a book and by less than five years there will be a huge. Seller that's fun to make a -- a month money off of that book are we talking about. You write books and making money we get talk about people. Giving is -- forgetting. For I think forgiving him there's a certain faction of people and and Wetzel Eagles all mold -- story can forgive. We think did the general American public can read the Dan Wetzel store and go boy. Feel bad for some of these people -- -- -- do this they are storing I think that basically I'm just making more -- about. The society we live and why -- -- this is good listen there's going to be more coming -- this has -- there's gonna be more. -- right now he's got 45 differences of people that he affected. Right now they're digging. It they're going back to everything that's been done the last -- said and done the last 1015 years problems band. In the end and in this going to be other people popping up left and right who were affected by the power in the abuse blimp up Lance Armstrong. This is that the -- okay my I would mile rhetorical question back he would be when they had that shot a Mike Tyson. Going to handcuff smiling right in the alleged rape came up at that time could you imagine. That we'd fast forward 1516 years and the guys that hang over and hang over to them and doing. Stage productions about his life. Have a feeling you didn't think that was gonna happy popularly vile evil guy. That no one's ever gonna respect again however that culture commitments what the school Deseret. Providence College -- while I was there reporters everywhere. -- so there is also the reporters on campus during that story. It's -- opposite hey I came he's got the Delorean with doc brown. Mike Tyson in the hangover with a tiger in 2010. You say you out of your ever loving mind that's our society and I'm not saying it's right. I just think that Lance is as evil as easy to bully he's a fraud he's also Smart enough to realize this is the beginning Oprah is the gateway. Whole different thing doctor Oz will be part of -- Dr. Phil will be part of it will be sickening. On about 50000. Levels if you if you follow this story. But from a country standpoint. From a general public standpoint it will buy back in they'll buy his book. And you'll be back -- strong and back in the doha in -- ten years these -- so no question no word noble people by the book. But. If you think. The two with three or four paragraph even some small details of the destruction. And people that he affected as the last we're gonna hear of this. I think -- praising. I think this could be more this could be lawsuits. Because people millions. This guy is telling people run from him this is this is completely different -- book. Okay you've been put money magazine you know they want to help people read it. Live strong -- anything do with him. Because they consider the next five or ten years going to be extremely difficult one Lance Armstrong. Not debating any of that I think when he comes out of on the other end he's like a lot of these rehab to re cycled. I -- I don't called an athlete I'd go more race celebrity than average disagree and that's what I pure enough people how you look at. Society today not see that happen before and it can happen again with this guy. -- Atlanta as he gets some your reaction as well I -- I don't look like I totally agree you 100%. Like tightened on the -- Armstrong isn't evil no good to actually use that -- people eat -- some people lie in the league mark on the other end. Maybe a little bit but I mean even look at tight right now I can edit it HE don't edit joke now. And he -- in in Atlanta are strong -- look at the worst when you're that guy evil if evil it was and talked. You read you -- you are eager mother. -- -- You know him being sick at all I would never do I would do that out and -- that -- evil and we here. I I agree this is this is. A different category. On our agrees that it is it a different category this guy is a -- at a I -- he acted like -- he's the mob old school untouchable. Nobody could touch me too much power I have too much money I have. And just it bombing destroyed people's lives. I don't Mike Tyson destroyed misery Washington. You know and did those things but this -- there's a list. And it's gonna come out. The -- every thing that he expects. Everything he gets back he deserves all. All -- with the people that what you were -- Yeah I mean again and your I don't want there to be confusion that I think he deserves all of that. I think you have enough of a sample size in our society today Coleman turn on any of these shows ELC a -- -- I can't even name -- the channels at the shows that are involved but it's all I just feel like we are NA. -- of forgiveness society now you're given a second chance and what Lance it is. Beyond evil it's it's fraudulent it's. It's brutal when he see who we pick Johnny picked -- -- the smallest of the weakest in the -- he picked on you know wife of 1980 economists oaks. He can't get much lower the Lance Armstrong but. Based on what I see every day whether and it's in our culture it's DMZ it's People Magazine it's Oprah. There is a gateway to rehab your image. And I'm not saying it's right I just think if I had big bet on it five years from now. I'd say in some way shape or form he's he somehow involved in things he was involved with before this weather was. -- live strong -- at some sort endorsement thing. He's he's not like some guy we don't talk about anymore which is gone altogether. That Missouri the -- -- got to -- right right but it's -- -- get a separate. You know your feelings about live strong foundation. And Lance Armstrong. There's -- evil -- me all the money raised for cancer well again live strong foundation did a great thing. Great story. For a lot of people out there battling cancer rate that kind of money. But this guy is. No he is evil group took steroids and ticket to another level. You know we get caught something there's no turning back and he just went the wrong way in -- people's lives. Let's talk to Chris who's in Fall River this afternoon actress. Our guys I'm on -- call and I talk well armed Lance Armstrong and a strict parent read bullish because. Let -- -- in the really you know fortunately the seat of a crime Murray did that light you know are we already charging now. And where Tom Gardner note to a Eric know every quarter and they all football now you know. Christians and different to what went. Against him a difference -- what Lance Armstrong can you separate that from -- Andy -- the PD. -- you understand the difference between two -- to -- PDs rightly what lit up strong story is in what. Eighty -- story is or even Barry Bonds' historic Mark McGwire story who who. Whose lives -- ruined because Mark McGwire to steroids. Yeah. Anyone the that though they are talking all about me. What I -- -- -- Article com. Lost the net what do. You just couldn't think of wait for an -- were talking to him not make wrecked out of the boot who would hurt. I mean Mark McGwire it's McGwire probably -- a baseball is admitted user is second baseman Mark McGwire taking steroids. I did not affect any of the himself. You know records okay. Putting bodies like forced off because Mark McGwire to steroids. I mean is that. Which asked the people whose records he broke and they were soft -- -- fraudulently breaks a record to be sit there with the Maris family analytic it's and it McGwire. He's got the Maris family out their during that ping ribbons all -- bail me out of breaking his records they feel they feel great. About all of their lives destroyed a record is destroyed because a record is gone what is in the big scheme of life what does record. Well this whole you don't what is what is that compared to everything else this guy's done -- and Paul -- talking about this Iran. I know I did today good. One of those things that I think is disturbing and also I think Lou as an athlete particularly. Cycling and has more one on one even noticed some team aspects to -- -- -- won most of those. Races in the hills. And those other opponents say is that trained. In worked hard that you just got beat up by minutes and fractions of seconds. That that that that is terrible was is -- -- -- -- the -- he took away something from people. That really worked hard for in the sport of cycling besides all the other things he did. Well that the problem with that is that the entire sport is dirty yet. I mean everyone competing at that. At that time was on it. I've watched couple highlights the Lance wins so I'll I know next to nothing about the sports like that everything -- read last night and today. And the big guys have been a second and third in the seven toward France titles yet and those guys are all guilty. So to Ron's point you have -- there are some clean guys who could have done better. But I don't know I thought the whole sport is tainted like it wasn't just Lance that's why when you read the Wetzel peace. And you dig -- an -- when you get past the issue of he cheated. The way he bullied in defrauded people after that I mean that's where really gets me. I'm masseuse that he wants to spread rumors about the the prostitute wrong. Because she had the gall the gall to say L Lance we know what to do when hear those little people that's what gets me Iran not. Act as a double points of the cheating understand that but I just get the impression. That these guys -- at the whole sport was dirty as all get up. 61777979237. Your phone number text the show. On the eighteenth -- text line 3793. Several Mori poll calls and hear big show at 2 o'clock on 93 point seven WE yeah.

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