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Qadry Ismail, former NFL WR, previews the Patriots-Ravens game

Jan 15, 2013|

Ismail joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the AFC rematch betweent the Patriots and Ravens, Joe Flacco and Bill Belichick.

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Let's do this let's talk to a guy who plates and -- he returns kicks. And now calls the games embraced on the ravens every single week and a BBA Al Baltimore country smile. I joining us on the AT&T hotline and you joined us fired of that Houston pride of the Denver game and you felt pretty confident my guesses. You feel good about what you saw in that win on the road to Denver this past weekend. Yeah not that was an epic victory I thought that. It's time you know you go to the lion's den you don't you know going there with club and expected to come out alive you gotta go in there where it. Dog on call some brass knuckles of nun -- got a have very kind of weapon you can pick two to thwart the efforts of -- being devoured and I think the ravens did that indeed. No less that we -- it to you were talking what they're weak against Denver. It's a rematch resort game of the past transition week right movement on the Jim Caldwell offensively. What have you seen a difference with the Jim Caldwell office right now and it's been a couple games. Part of it is no more of a commitment to the run I think part of it is I improved top pocket presence of Joseph Flacco remember he was side -- Quarterback coach and I think with him now being -- I was coordinator here are some things that you can. Say and do that you couldn't really necessary saying do as -- quarterbacks coach that you can they do now has say. I was coordinated you know it accentuates. It Joe's strengths and I think that the same time here. That the that the team just you know it from off supplies -- play a lot better now that they have brought kitty the left tackle and Michael look back over to. There were like act which is his yeah I think is his natural position to play. The -- and you know collection assimilate. Who has a rookie you know did the right tackle spot black tie it look at pretty impressive. At that left guard spot topic every -- other -- coupled in with just some little details that Jim brought to the table in some -- offense. I think that's we're seeing the improvement. I don't think Flacco played great -- first up against Indy but since then he's got five touchdowns no picks country in this playoff run. It seems like he is dealing from outside standpoint with the contract part of this pretty well BC the same thing up close. You have to -- -- you know as extreme to you know and then you know you you talk about the contact and I can't wait. As a distraction on a player but you know Joseph as you know remained -- not talked about not really don't care. -- up being just what displays speak for itself however that might turn out and I think that's a good thing. For him I think that's a good thing. For them has a unity you know just got -- played so don't try. He'll do something extra because you're you're you're thinking about getting extra money you know -- play will be your play and I think for Joseph he knows that and that's one of the things that I appreciate about him as a quarterback he's. You know extremely focused individual and not trying to. Let things get to him as a player. Wondering how committed do you think now obviously the playoff run it's not over yet but when you look at some of the come. Terrible deals having six years 9000003540. Guaranteed that's our rivers -- Pittsburg those types of deals of the -- -- this guy -- franchise tag him and see what happens next year. I don't have to be true if he plays well and they belong and to go down and Norman's. And becomes a ring -- I believe that and will we have any conversation of a different sort and the way you know I know the opening of the checkbook that does -- shoddy little. Be opening up its checkbook to his signal caller and you know it will be a case in which. The franchise tag will be an option black. You know I I think you know what he did against -- -- -- at home against India what he's done throughout his career in the playoffs as far as -- of the play out. Logistical items to -- and note how Joseph is put himself in position yet to get to have a big payday. Is deep ball last couple weeks especially in September I thought was outrageous the accuracy on the deep balls. I still feel like watching -- country vis -- the weaknesses when he's asked to. Connect on -- high percentage of passes in the short to intermediate range he still misses on most is that a fair. Criticism of Joseph Flacco as a quarterback. I thank god we look at Joe's game there you know times where he's -- companies off. I think that he's been on more. That he has been off and I think when it comes to that. Intermediate range he's certainly improved. His accuracy upon and I go back the mechanics in the pocket presence and your footwork you know you're out -- -- quarterback. You know sometimes you had a stroke -- that that it basically I think you can sling it -- but I think -- -- case you know his. Getting back to basic that is the work and indeed strong in the pocket or moving around in the pocket. Had that back improved his actors sealant on -- mid -- level you know even the same down the middle of the third thirteen to. It has been it was spot on accurate. You know that the the one drive in Denver where. Towards that goes up to make spectacular catch. Against such can -- well Mike -- that you know. Yeah had gel would pressure that say cabinet make a play. Told a great at top and squabbles that. They come back -- another great pass to Dennis and that of course the end result was. That in the touchdown pass to to -- that so. Yet -- and make those throws and it just about concentrating in and make those throws and certainly that I was that it would do it. Talking like -- a smile and caught don't ask your question because. Brendon Ayanbadejo is are taken to Twitter talking about this. This fast paced offense gimmick that was a bitch ass vastness adjustments that we -- -- that even any. Let me ask you about how they attacked this this office because. Last I checked is no penalty in football for faking an injury to veteran team you think they can be doing some trick to try to slow down a path. And -- I got it being selfish and making those comments I absolutely and shake my head like. In a way of thinking he'd normally spot on and in regards to. Jeff has his his measure and understanding what the right thing to say what's his name correct thing to say don't say -- -- thing and when you look at that. The Patriots offense I've got these. OK this he just went away connect can -- packed up -- better. It must have been the big cat it's a that I had just need. I think when you look at that the patriot offense you're absolutely right. It's about circulation of football interviewing Freddie on defense and we are and that represent -- the play clock restarted. Will worry about what do wait for you Lyndon oh yeah okay now you're you're setup because. You're gonna go in in shift. Too -- his party would shift the weight and I are going to make you realize receivers so. I'm village to bring his safety data in the box checked no that's stupid you know -- -- -- -- -- take advantage of you know what I happened -- -- use it is now and I think that's what you look at we are talking about. You know a veteran like Tom Brady and he's figured out another way to. Enhance. The probability of a play working and you as a defense you have to. The whole game in and ready to perform or he will make you pay it's that simple. An ethic great -- like Houston the guilt of the defense ready won't be caught up garlic they were the Texans were last week but. Will we seeing maybe some ravens lying on the ground maybe a little bit injured -- -- -- low -- down. Pop pop pop pop. Then I guess that would be bitch out missed -- -- -- is is that the strategy has not -- You're offensive player did you NA Hattig good career and he did you see guys -- ever do that when they're trying to slow down a defense trying to. Get a free time out lay on the ground may be Al Al my ankle hurts Al for playback and. Either side I mean that's I guess you know it happens. Few years back win. -- -- kind of side of -- at it and you know inside two minutes especially in jeans were -- -- that we have submitted style of offense. But you know I conceded and -- label they've Manning in the 2002 we caddie Brando hurry up to our game as well you know and every team on the debt Dolly go back. College and dealers are we got to play Letterman just so let's go ahead look on the line of scrimmage a little of those who plays. And then you know you'd run one play and you just -- automatically go to lunch imagery -- -- -- quite accurate that's what you do and when the match you're prepared to to to -- -- -- the offense that's -- you as a a a defense that's on you as an individual player. Are not a factor in the -- run at the hurry up as you look at a Baltimore team. 87 snaps against Indy you know 87 snaps -- believe in that area against Denver double overtime. Does that take its role in this defense late in the game. I think you know people thought that it was gonna take an effect when they travel up to the mile high city. And out through not that after playing against Andrew Luck in the it's gonna be terrible at this distance and has since. -- -- up offense they'll pay many that are really you know run an -- style has got a personal defense they're going to be fatigued and it's a short week it's a Saturday game and not. I think again the fact that it would decide they -- they get a little bit actually rest. I think that they elect can be a rejuvenated and remember because new collective bargaining agreement you know practice rules. Has changed so you know I think this team is -- shape I don't think that it case which are going to be complaining. About your leg -- be -- win one more game which you. You know and a -- area. You know possibly -- -- apple Lombardi and if you do that and. He got all of these. Talking and concentrate on. What -- your body assailant. Specifically with Ray Lewis how close do you think he looks to. The guy he was healthy earlier this year coming back from the injury in his last couple weeks. That's fresh legs and not to shore. There is no mental awareness is spot on obviously. And when you look at that you know just thought the full. You know I even have to play. You know yeah sure that the play here or there but -- attacking seventeen years Pampers seven years old. He's gonna have a play here -- there but but -- picked -- the good place far outweigh any the the fact is that you might be seeing. With all the attention that -- know the ravens offense getting with -- ball down field. We see much less we against Denver but we did weeks three of running backs got involved in the passing game area Foster last week seven catches 63 yards a touchdown burst pats. Do you think that's something that's always that the ravens try to attacked and when the Patriots defense. Now I have to go Bill Belichick argue well you know it's going to be a struggle gonna look at tape and see what he's begun. Our defense is a good Defense Secretary displays throughout you know all facets of the you have to go out there and started on the back it's going to be a tough matchup. Have a pretty good and all three phases though is Belichick loves three things. They have all three phases offense defense Palestinians. Missed the players the players -- around. Best players you know. Which talked about them on our ball. He does that the jobless and his team in position to have to perform well it's going to be tough matchup. I think we just need to play better kind of that's just that's what it is. Put -- -- no offense and defense and pristine and of course on the sidelines and not have the equipment guys bring up that special water and traders -- tape up ankles and you know. Quit the guy's going to be able to guest -- special is aware. Helmets -- going to be on chose to pat expresses all the. Who we are Butler played a strong. Are we get that -- as we get that great information each and every week now obviously it does there's a lot of respect between these two teams do you have a feel one way -- the other. This game. You know I was playing I I just think that if it's it's that the case which you know. Defensively. You know you're you're you're looking at the ultimate and you know how the pages like. They'll expose weaknesses whether it be in the different top personnel packages and to go out there are trying to execute the offense and yet you gonna have to. You'll be on its toes and and I think the fact that they've had a history with this this patriot ball club. Not going to be intimidated you know that that horrible lie to take it to Gillette Stadium about a topic that's -- Have that -- of the fact that they you know offensively you know Joseph Flacco enough offense they're there. The chart in the don't think they're so pretty good and I think that's not something that you take into consideration on the one thing. I'll physically you're gonna have to unify the latest stop -- four Q stop pencil fork you give yourself a chance to build confidence. It will be a long day. Now I know leftists and controversial book Cundiff and rushing on the field but don't you think. Bring in assistant coaching and kicked in between commercial breaks maybe taken a bit too -- No -- situation looked upon the situation of a plot element out at all is. Which you're talking about. You you got out you know which itself in the position where. If you you know -- an event of every delegate tally and it worked for you then -- -- perform and that's what you look at that we're talking about. You know go out there it definitely felt then it's the timeout and got an opportunity -- -- then. Hey -- can get it it it's amazing how people nitpick at things. Like the patriots or liked Eric the ray Bentley and yeah yeah yeah. -- see everything and it it works for you Pete -- I would expect there well. And -- of thought about it. I get shot on this your former coach Brian Billick in the TV Booth next year's -- back coach in NFL sideline. Ethical question -- I mean I guess that the the Carol this. The Eagles it's. Great and they're they're interviewing everybody and leave no -- on time. You have do you interview they interview everybody did you get an interview with the Eagles. All of our own back he plateau and gone down there and -- not gonna have you know. Interview -- times that is trying to explain to them in mind Belichick like well. I get a coach I think such actions the player. You know offensively defensively postings we can. Do some things and like but Obama has peace talks tough place -- A lot of history last -- in Dallas Cowboys they sucked into account. Good -- we appreciate it WBA LB and house this weekend countries now cut to thank you so much we appreciate that has always. -- only be a football breakdown but apparently is Bill Belichick impersonation. On the AT&T how are authorized patriot -- as a relation. It's too much about in the competitive -- anyway possible known and not obviate TT tech slated to AT&T four GL TE was speeds that the ten times faster than three G. It's AT&T. Rethink possible. Pop couple of follow up conversation on a question US country. Is Joseph Flacco. Going to get old beat quarterback money should Joseph Flacco get a leak quarterback -- a free agent talk about that next.

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