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Do the Ravens or Broncos offer a more difficult test to the Patriots?

Jan 15, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the huge upset the Ravens pulled over the Broncos and which team would/will give the Patriots a better challenge.

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I give DNC credit -- given AFC championship game. Those guys able landing ravens player this morning the talk about the game here that they're acting like Joseph. -- properties and pretty white picture it as a player. Do you see this -- in here Nestor. Proposition eight plays but he sure sounds like he's got a uniform on for this game whole -- But he did mention something -- during the -- uninteresting. They are bring a lot of people up here I hope patriot fans are gonna be prepared for this I'm looking at the and ST website road trip to the AFC championship game. It's calling to depart on the 98. Get up near the twentieth again appear for the game and then back. They're gonna get on a motor coach from the white marsh mall. Saturday morning -- PF Chang's Jared a location. At a gonna head up here 7 AM for Boston to make two stops on the way. -- -- gonna arrive at the Sheraton 4 o'clock then the big city participation big party. On Saturday night and Sunday there'll come into the game. For five boasts multiple these people from Baltimore. Coming up to watch his game to -- up. The AFC championship and nasty -- got a -- abolish it because it's a great rivalry mean you we always talk about the rivalries right yankees Red Sox what. Meet again in the ALCS. -- that's when you see rivalries right meet in the post season New York Jets. Back to back AFC championship games. Classifies the rivalry is no question about it any angled a couple years ago that first round playoff loss here to let. We've seen this team now what three times in the last four years. This is this is a robbery. And we said before the one thing the ravens will not be. Much like we talked about the first round opponents coming in you -- you want the patriots the play and he said well you know I think used to be intimidated Indianapolis be intimidated Baltimore. Won't be intimidated was a team in the middle. Eddie just they won't be intimidated now it is bad as we look around the AFC teams that come in the new -- that's the edge that you do you have. You know the dog teams come in Foxborough. Intimidated. Or look at the AFC Baltimore not I don't think Pittsburgh is either you know I mean even though they don't that much excellent. And as bad as the jets are I don't think the jets ever walked in a -- approach emanated either and but they're talents just not there. I walked into it and given it but the main. Patriots win this game. And -- tactic is to be absolute historic win for Vegas. Absolute. Historic weekend. Last may we running on this show this sounds like game or -- sports investments. Insider tip -- know you doubt you've not given he's in a long long time and the folks who were familiar Maloney sports investment basically it's if it got out of the business altogether. But occasionally. You'll drop a nugget or two on arts. That sounds like you right back in the thick of it like you're watching Tuesday -- lack of college football back in the early late the late ninety's -- so. -- -- -- I want to go early in this way -- -- -- investments on Tuesday of the game we know the big shows -- -- -- Michael -- with that the jets are gonna win this week -- -- -- this -- game that was absolute embarrassment yes. Nine and a half points. -- is too high too from from East Coast the West Coast from north to south in the United States there isn't anybody out there. Gay outside in new wing and it thinks that the patriots who covered nine and a half. When the entire public in the entire world doesn't think it's gonna happen guess what happens. This will be a historic weekend for Las Vegas because the painter -- -- Running away from the -- I don't care -- running a wave of bad fellows what that in the past. Outings you know three point game six point game we talk about about I'm not saying not going to be an easy game. OK yeah I think going to be difficult game. But I think in the end that team will hire. Okay this is not going to be the Peyton Manning no huddle offense out. In in in Denver where it's no -- get the line of scrimmage. And then I'm gonna sit here and flap like a duck you know or chicken for the next 1520 seconds -- got a few more calls. They give their defense point five seconds to sit there and set up in Ohio. This is that this is a different animal but it's gonna catch up that team this week is gonna catch up to them in the second half is gonna be pictures entire -- Quarter on Ray Lewis is we all know told C -- is still shocked as Tuesday in a lot to build up shocker we're talking about the Baltimore Ravens I thought they had no ability. Or go to Denver when a football game and I thought that because. I guess in my but I believed. That Peyton Manning and an -- offense would go up tempo that they would try to speed things up. You point out what's on tap yesterday so watch in the game last night they replay that you already ravens in Denver good that game with 3835 double overtime. 41 carries. One carries by the Denver running backs a no show on brain I was healthy that when sound too crazy left the game. Gilman and pastor. Got a combined thirty Kerry's backing -- Playing right into the ravens hand. Is doing exactly what the ravens want you to do which is on the football not up on the football at Suggs won the football Ray Lewis. That's their strength. And the fact that Manning and McCoy the offered support and apparently. Not a witness and be replaced -- -- -- Norv Turner this morning. That their idea was let's go no huddle but really not up tempo. And really not the role of football all that much. -- a shocking and it was shocking watching last night. As was watching it live because you played right into the hands of the Baltimore Ravens and I get I I -- to prepare for this game. The ravens were gone I thought this was going to be game Manning Brady week. And that would give us all different line of a different story lines but the quarterback the legacies. This is just about physical. Aggressive defense the Baltimore Ravens and -- temple ultra fast offense in the England patriots that is by far my favorite matchup. This week and he can't and it's a different test. Because as much as Peyton Manning and finance brought a good offense to win and you wanna go there to face the rothmans. This is a better half -- defense not better statistically. But better from a physical standpoint as you said will not be intimidated coming in a year. And they're not going to be afraid to hitch used now think -- -- -- -- it was better defense at Denver. It's a more physical defects is better and better now I think if you from a talent sample. Denver's pretty tell -- but they're not as physical make you saw that game Champ Bailey smoked Rahim Moore smoked that ball but he body and get aggressive. They got pushed around as a defense Baltimore they may lose the game -- -- right -- -- because recovery easily. But the -- pushed around or intimidated and that's a whole differ. Set of circumstances in this game months and it's funny because you know in hindsight now you know those -- few things you question going to Denver Baltimore game number one. Peyton -- outside. Right was under forty degrees she was 03 in his career. Now it's -- for you know going to that game you lost 71 earned on seven times I don't -- You know and all of a sudden now because he's got a Broncos in front of his Jersey me -- a different helmet he's an outdoor quarterback who can play football in January. And there was still some questions there now we've talked about that the other thing was this Denver defense. There was question Marxist Denver defense wasn't there we were talking about up with a with a number five in football. And then you start looking at -- sport -- game the air there with the fewest points in the AFC. And said they resemble actually doing the patriot team over a year ago. Because was it just smoke and mirrors because of the second half well let's open the football game and find out. And I think you found that out. That they adjust defensively in the not what they need to being they've got some great athletes there's no question about the got some good players. But they did you know they were there were tested net -- secondary get embarrassed Champ Bailey hall of fame -- seen that written before. He got embarrassed -- wants and what exactly you gotta wonder to a mean defensively it's like you know they -- He heated Torrey Smith it lit him up. You know I'm -- to a -- -- black collection overthrew a wide open Torrey Smith for another -- -- capsule so you know innocent what went as you can get some help. You know I mean at what point -- we get horsemen at the one side -- what point did you help this guy out real low safety coverage because he is going right by him. And it was never made. So there was there was some things and questions about Denver Broncos and when you look back get a -- -- through questions with a quarterback who I respect the utmost from. And like -- said before. If defense -- a -- or touchdown pass to promote big Manning. 290 yards three touchdowns one pick this can be challenged and when the patriots. I am amazed though Apollo. The conversation has changed. In that maybe everybody wanted the Baltimore Ravens to win this football games you can host to game in July. To everybody thought that would be don't most people still want that yes everybody but everybody wanted that because they thought that was the easier road. And now I feel like the conversation has turned into this is the tougher road. They are in Gillette. OK they are playing eighteen that they are better than -- -- as much confidence in -- with four minister goes to do when Flacco. I respect -- a lot more most people in the city. But still. You know the one thing I feared me about Denver is it's a close game and he has the ball late at their place should he's currently at home. This is a better matchup than when the patriot and a lot of people talk about the defense and it's a more physical team I think it's a more physical team. You know there's no question about it they won't be intimidated. But I just I just -- gonna Wear them down and I think the age will catch up I think -- will catch up this team. This week why hasn't the conversation changed because the way the quarterback is. In the playoffs so -- I mean that's the other part that's why they're here I meet Joseph Flacco has five touchdowns and no picks into playoff games he played I thought pathetic in the first applicant and couple takes commitment -- the -- they don't make those picks and since then he's been terrific. This team now on the Baltimore Ravens that lead the playoff field in forty plus yard pass plays downfield and they are set -- the second most. One yard pass place. And Flacco is in Alice a perfect because that was a bad first -- against the colts. But he has been like big guy labor contract that's always played. And that's why I think for at least for me at some level. I'm with you that it's eight it's by far better matchup for the patriots close. I'd much rather be home against black gold and on the road against Manning on eighteenth like that what you want. Doesn't change. Before tackles played pretty well here the last couple games. And one of their strengths on the ball deep with Jim called -- new offensive coordinator. If worst that. To a double weaknesses for the patriots if there are some at this point FC title game that's one of in my opinion. It continued GT FB as Troy Brown said yesterday. Can't defend that deep pass that's still in question. I think it's not just because it's the ravens it's not just because. You know people trying to build them up -- the quarterback as a pawn to do with that he played better the last couple weeks of what we've seen Nigel. There's no debate and correct. Up -- I agree and percent text brings up with a very good point notice that that's cool baca. What three weeks ago text ribbons up at -- very good pull out very good point we love our techsters first today that was -- actress was a 3797 at the AT&T text like I still struggle with the number that's okay we -- there. You're going into what was -- the Jacksonville game. -- that conversation. I think better of the better off having the three seed of the foresee. A what's a better road than a Super Bowl. If you wanna play Denver you wanna play Houston to a where where they better off suited and we think it's ridiculous to just play the game you know you'd you don't throw anything special against Jacksonville. In Miami now take your -- You know and into the thick about Houston -- at -- at the end up losing that you don't know if Houston's a winning or something nice that there may be ball -- at this game. Actually at the receive maybe you know foresee. It doing work it could predict -- Houston was gonna do. If you know the last two weeks at least the final against Indy go to Jacksonville game. Rest some guys you -- escapes a lot Soviet I was crying in a hospital room during the week when my son being born but I did hear some people say. Patriots are gonna tanked this game against Jacksonville -- -- down the stretch we're gonna look at these games ago. Don't care about a much are gonna rest up that seem silly now you're right there was that debate three for the last couple weeks what are they going to do. And now you're home against Baltimore I don't see any conceivable way. This is a tougher matchup in the Denver Broncos would have been. The thing that does change your mind a little bit. Is the play Joseph Flacco we're gonna talk about I -- before we get it is indeed huge week of football we see a lineup or new ball all phone calls all week. Get your take on the AFC championship game. I wanna go back in ninety seconds to the early part of this here September. -- are things we can take out potentially. From that first in these two teams played there's replacement refs there's Torrey Smith there's a lot enacting. What he'd kick out of that first game that plays into effect in the AFC title game this weekend we'll circle back to the first month of the year in ninety seconds.

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