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D&C try to interpret Oprah's comments about her upcoming Lance Armstrong interview

Jan 15, 2013|

Lance Armstrong came clean in an interview with Oprah and she teased it on TV. The guys try to break down just how much information we can actually expect and how that will reflect on Armstrong.

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Sure psychiatrists and psychologists. Have done studies on this the problem I do. Deal with the various types of liars whether it be pathological. White liars or whatever and Marvin talking about that are talking about. The nature and the motivation for people lying and once the cover their ass they did something image say they didn't really do it I didn't I'd. Just out of convenience yeah yeah yeah you know when I. Put up money nominations for the biggest liars and history Twitter account I had the top five the next five minute and a million nominations for people left out. And we we went through that earlier this morning but one guy who came up a lot was Clark Rockefeller. And that's a good one because he just lived a lie like it's just the way it was and -- out of trouble warm summer on the money yeah. Or has it steroids. Is -- life was alive and always think I'd be a terrible like informant. Would not be good Donnie Brasco right Serpico -- Because. We usually try to form -- -- Brasco one of those -- aura. Him Bulger or Fleming because he'd just have the -- ability. If I wouldn't be good either the ball. Those two yeah lady built it we have separate category for murders -- -- right Billy would definitely be one of the actual players of all yes. Beyond the cover your -- people then it would be though that the more sinister type. That would be the manipulative liars they're just trying to get out of something there's not trying to be convenient not trying to -- deflect blame. Like -- off. Yeah yes they are lying for their own personal gain and don't care who they hurt did not made off -- list oh yes Madoff right or my honest. He's on the New York post's list he's. -- name legendary liar and I think. And this is the -- -- Lance Armstrong combines both of those things and then adds a third sinister element which is. To punish and viciously attacked anybody who says he is not a liar and users and users that. I guess sort of the old expression the best defense is a good offense yeah he went on offense to anybody who said Lance Armstrong is doping Lance Armstrong is cheating Lance Armstrong is a jet. You went after that with a fury and a passion and wouldn't stop easily destroyed lost like one of the. Had a file priests who killed some -- news from a broken home. Don't know what's gonna believe you yeah and he intimidated. And bullied. Little people. That's what bothers me the most effect that I felt for his his lies along because. Now that I've read so much hill last night and just read the Sunday Times story but David Walsh the dog him for 1213 years and finally feels very vindicated. Mean it's just one little person after another animal Riley. The masseuse it's the the guys on this team deferred to him. Literally on the and on the course he would get the shirt and he would get the title and he would get the page or glory. It's extra points -- he's a bicycle rider. Who's worth 120 million out of that a house six to stop the most successful -- of all time. -- most successful liar what blogs were. Probably what more. What clubs where I don't know which made like welcome to the numbers a hundred and whatever is no he's not -- Lance Armstrong is not the most financially. Before Lance upstarts out of juice in his best finish in the Tour de France was 36 -- If you where there's been a McClellan was -- -- yet it doesn't help you get liberal side -- Barry Bonds said for three or four MVPs. When he was skinny. So I mean they were making money doing OK before the study Jews and right there's some baseball. Players who knows just look at Derrick could have been met could have been who cashed in big time but it's was a international icon and all of that essentially under false pretense as sort of a Joseph. To close. What Lance Armstrong sounded like in 2005. And then have Oprah explained what he -- but what he might sound like Thursday night when you hear. He has come clean interview this is Lance Armstrong -- Lance Armstrong did best for the better part of fifteen years -- Larry King. I've said it for seven years a -- for longer than seven years I have never doped. I can say again that that I sit for seven years it doesn't help but the fact of the matter is I -- and if you consider my situation. A guy who comes back from. Arguably you know a death sentence. Why would I -- enter into this board and dope myself up and risk my life again that's crazy I would never do that that that's now no way. That question to start -- why would you risk your life and -- up. The piece started Jews and bully and I believe we did before he got cancer. I need to follow up story that someone has to do when TJ -- is. The people in the medical community find that a -- accelerate. The spread of his cancer from his want to his money from his testicles to a swung to a brain. By doping me by doing whatever he was two for PD's at that point his life eighty make it worse and -- it looks recover. The richest most distasteful thing. I wouldn't do any thing like that I had cancer. So Oprah is making the tour this morning up promoting her interview will air tomorrow and -- are Thursday night on her network in the question was. It it's going to be sari in this two and a half hour interview. I choose not to characterize I would rather. And people make their own decisions about whether he was contrite or not I I I felt that he -- Thoughtful I thought that he was serious I thought that. He. Certainly had to. Prepared himself for this moment I would say that he met the moment. Then you pass the moment he met the moment she won't say if he was contrite this isn't a political debate we prepping Sarah -- and eagle on the -- -- as hell yes it is he's surrounded by lawyers do you think he brought his kids and as props. Now -- we're -- -- -- -- a blog on August it was like twenty years all the animals I can almost guarantee you that this will not be color it is on two -- of the -- you guys who -- at ninety minutes -- this is not going to be this is Huckabee ninety minutes of those two -- account to -- cheered him on account is that there won't ride -- -- do -- that they'll -- W stroll around somewhere and that's the reason I say this is I I think. You'll see some good footage yet has to be yet when he met with Oprah and Hawaii was with his. Girlfriend latest girlfriend I don't think she's in the kind of celeb mom and his kids he took the kids. With them it was over the holidays in Hawaii when he met with -- Oprah and -- the deal for the city view. Com and it's time he was still still he talked to somebody. In the last month and was in denial singles out no no I didn't do anything that's they're all lies and and and at that same time around that same time he was negotiating with -- Oprah on how to come out and publicly. That's up OK I need your vote. How would you vote -- you know clarity voted yes on the biggest liar in history. And Clinton is not on the New York Post list. -- do you do a whole list of -- what is the mind nominating my don't just pick your own. And the murderers are asked no clemency that -- some storm Richard Nixon Bernie Madoff Tawana Brawley John Edwards. Anthony Weiner Pete Rose Marion Jones who. Rose has been out of a long time I'll give it just wanna CO -- so -- need some notable for Uga will be heroes Pete Rose. -- It's one point 7% Bernie Madoff was that reality show we wouldn't people are -- birdies -- in New York so Bernie Madoff is running away with -- Tawana Brawley is second. Al Sharpton. Nixon and Nixon at Atlanta's third -- fourth. While on -- well you know what that. Madoff obviously was a liar he lied to all his client but I think if I don't put him in just a as a solo. As express is is a lying special he's a bill exactly he's an evildoer he had a plan the plot yet this the scheme. Ponzi scheme. And so. I guess that requires a lot of line but -- ligaments just a sole line. Famous -- is guys remember the life. Like Clinton but like a -- you -- facial expression usually -- finger line right you know like Clemens Tiger Woods like tiger like. Lance Lance is going to be some mean that take that -- February Kenya that's one of house and do you think he's a thing where he's vehemently -- and he was soon. Now I've never I've I've never conducted or -- partly two and a half hour interview but I suppose you have to take a little potty break at some point Oprah talked about what happened. When they took a break. About an hour and twenty minutes and we took a break and -- actually said. Will there be a point where you lighten up. What do what about the questions about my mom and I was might run today. The shooting -- questions now. So did she have to drag this kicking and screaming it was just like 822 and a half hour to both Lance Armstrong. I went in prepared. To have to dig and pulled. And reference because I was -- literally had my head on page 76 of that reasoned decision. If he says this that I voted that and if he says this answer I'll vote at -- seven deadly sins page 114. I. I didn't have to do that because he was pretty forthcoming. Question you had -- when you heard that he was going to sit down with Oprah and apparently come clean. My I would get specific I tweeted this that and and then Dan Wetzel as usual as a great column on this with questions. That you should've could've asked right I wanna know about these people that he ruined. But MOO Reilly the masseuse above Betsy -- grow and grow and pro Israel classic at its AN DR EU Andrew. Wife of his former teammate Frankie he crucial flight right try to rule and he caught the masseuse whole war. You know held an adult these people were all liars and scum and tried to rule on them that the honest riding that bus own guy. Try to rule him Tyler Hamilton Floyd Landis I mean. Doesn't he have to look at that camera that Lance would have to send them. I would try that. We attacked he's ready for -- and I don't know what else and maybe she does mean she's got two and a half hours she's got a research staff. El -- she reads Dan Wetzel shall know the names of these people. They deserve an explanation as to what end does all of this taking place to what -- I don't know just to compete again that doesn't make it I was looking for that. Answer last night Wall Street Journal (WSJ) -- this stupid idea that it was so we can. Make money please -- 10 yeah. They're profitable and he wants to -- -- do these sanctioned events like the Boston Marathon he's a maniac is a competitor or runner. Obviously cyclists -- mountain bike he wants to deal he can do anything he said. ENE had a dispute with the guy from. Whatever the governing bodies and and an argument said. You know the anti doping it actually wanna say BA and they and they said that's not gonna happen I think that that the soonest because everything right -- to lift the ban -- eight years. But we almost fifty so we said screw you a few -- Compete in non sanctioned events. And he can do that he will but he can't even like you know just get in the Boston Marathon -- in the New York marathon kicking in that mountain bike race. Colorado he he wants to be a real competitive tri athlete but. He can -- may be could like. Colonial street brownies in Japan. -- -- -- -- Here's the only way finances could be a factor because the legitimate prize money to winning any of these things isn't going to lose the supplement his. A hundred million dollars that we have which is gonna be cut in half at some point probably because the lawsuits but I would say this wouldn't there be a bunch of people. In these non sanctioned events these non you sought out of events that would give him an appearance -- like tiger it's good to go to the Dubai. With these people say Atlanta give hundred grand or 200 grand just to show up -- our little mini triathlon I -- -- how many events our sanction -- are under the umbrella of this body and can you use in the African Tour de France. You know you can't you can't run and a ten K in San Diego it's weird but. Now it's it's good at -- enemy he he is they are squeezing him. And they are forcing him to do what he did yesterday the Oprah Oprah was wondering why he agreed to do this just like we all are. I asked that question and and I'm not sure I still have the answer to that question why he wanted to do it. Now I specifically asked that question I think he was just. She was just ready I think the velocity. Of everything that's come at him in the past several months and particularly in the past several weeks he was just ready. Obama Lance Armstrong and I take a page from from Mike Tyson and just fade into Bolivia. Yet he's not the type though apparently not he's just him and you're ready -- a cycle competitor in this is another incumbent martian to a light. There's machine and team -- again -- -- not to you know it is all of a sudden magically wake up one day and say. All right I'm ready to tell my story I've watched the baseball players be forgiven the and he patted the and I'm not gonna go out like that I they're there seems to be some shady and game with honest -- I would say I I I think. There is addictive personality to be sure and I think his addiction and when he felt best his greatest -- Was when he beat cancer and and beat everybody in France for seven specific -- to Francis and was considered you know one of the great athletes of all -- wrote some books fame and fortune. Raised the -- strong and the whole world looking up to him I think that was his drug I think he enjoyed that more than anything else in the world was. Being Lance Armstrong now he can't beat Lance Armstrong right now mentally comes. Cleaned and and start the process all over again I think somehow in the back of his narcissism are cystic mind. He thinks he can reached out again he can be a story of redemption -- can be story once again a recovering from cancer but from this public relations nightmare and get back to that -- spot again we can feel good about -- Lance -- yet but. But it's all competition. You know typical woody did he was not. A competitor. And -- before he gets sick and forced on the cheek and he was not competitive. Andy was just -- nobody which is kinda what makes the story from David Walsh in the Sunday times of London. So compelling he was a big cycling -- sportswriter. Who covered you know Russ Ortiz soccer in cycling in and toward France is a big deal bicycle -- of racing is a big deal and he in Europe so cover a lot of saw Lance Armstrong in 96. Interviewed him and watched him ride when he finished 36. And said he's not you know he's he -- characterize them as you know tough good competitor go to Jack good on that. I think Colin good on the open stretches. Really good downhill like me. You know I ride in in and I'm excellent downhill -- This -- you know I had done yet -- And the heavy guys you know at the collides dale led to the pay MS Jones a little suckers they passed me up the -- to blow by me up that -- And I just look at and say how can she when he got -- and I have been the big guys we fly down the child anyway. He watches him go up the -- says he struggled and literally you have the time there appropriate. He goes home gets sick -- -- chemo three years -- comes back to Tour de France. Flies up the hill this guy did this is 99 David Walsh says. He is on something he spent the next whatever thirteen years pursuing the story pocket of people writing stories he's the reason he sued. Let's sued the Sunday Times. And -- -- settled half a million bucks because David Walsh and the stories fashion because he tries to destroy me meet some one on one and I'm -- human rule when you. You know you're wrong you're wrong you're wrong you're wrong and Walsh never drops just -- now. He has a star media star writes about all the entries do with the BBC it'll -- Europe. Because he was right all along and I was erratic as he watched the -- go up the -- He watching Bob mills and holy bleep you failed but I went home almost died. Went through chemo lost hair loss and weight lost is muscle came back in his blown away the field. Not just wants seven sleep and time dominating the race he knew -- -- frustrating was. How frank stonewalled it and say and of course he's -- how frustrating was for. Landis and -- Landis and Hamilton group participants in it. Emma O'Reilly she's in the soups. And the Soros whose job it is to rub his friend and abject muscles one of those things that. Al Gore camera abductor muscle doctor muscles yeah you're right you're growing area. She can rub his legend in his way to grow in a region and then. He tries to rule under which details some of the other on the program are all oh. He tried to rule -- little people which is the most despicable thing which is what I don't think Roger Clemens did right. Wells McNamee. Have been bought McNamee. Is not exactly -- sympathetic figure is -- On on federal a lot of little. McGuire. -- -- Marion Jones. It is it for themselves and that's what he can't recover for correct he can bounce back from drugs is a lot as long history -- I love this when people say it's if we're forgiving nation. I think we have but we forgiving nation if you only if you aren't bad guy who tries to crushed little people how to. And fourteen questions my guesses at some point she will get to those people and say you know do you have any remorse about doing what you did to a number of people were actually trying to help you. And then when you found out that that we either worn on board the innocent guy who wouldn't get. While wood into the blood doping you try to crush these people I'm sure she'll get to that but nobody cried and cried with Oprah yeah let's -- -- -- -- -- Well I would say there aren't we a couple of times where he we was emotional but have been emotional doesn't begin to describe the intensity. Or the difficulty that I think that he experienced. Mean he's a great actor and so. Whether you want whether he really cried fake cried he cried yes it's kind of requirement when you with Oprah isn't evident if these puppies if he's that steely. If Porsche self -- Bullock and knows -- out. The issue. And a little bit and have so she didn't answer the core element that answer she's she's she said he was Tuesday he would it was emotional would be an understatement. And there -- a couple of occasions but the emotion wasn't as much as -- -- -- -- kids -- -- will be about in the hardest things on my element which makes you cry and -- about it the USA today obviously said that he admitted to doing it in the mid 1990s before that team all but Oprah said. He is in his forthcoming as she thought he would be. In terms of his admissions to a series where that dichotomy physique admit that things other than blood doping. Which crawler. I mean obviously you know and a lot of muscle. It's. It's fascinating we'll have the numbers owned. Quite find this on Comcast it's huge for six. Verizon won 61 to 61 and direct TVQ celebrity what else is on their other than -- -- -- -- -- like cooking. It and he and he did it in gardening all -- On the toilet I don't want what do you see on own. Oprah and Martha Stewart and my guess this'll be my first and only visit on Thursday night. I 82 time out when we come back I'm going to explain. DY a Russell Wilson and Tom Brady. And Colin -- and match job. Oh -- are -- interest we compact.

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