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Nestor Aparicio, WNST sports radio in Baltimore, says a lot of Ravens fans think they'll win

Jan 15, 2013|

WNST radio's Nestor Aparicio provides Ravens fans' perspective heading into the AFC Championship game. Much has been made about Baltimore playing a long game last round, but Aparicio thinks the Pats will face a fresh Ravens team.

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Our wrapping up -- the AFC championship game. Sunday at Gillette Stadium ravens and patriots joining us on the AT&T -- AT&T four GL TE. -- -- ratio WNST. In Baltimore good morning Nestor. How are you. All -- guys you know I eat cheat sir you know put -- chargers let somebody else into the championship game. You know usually have to be more than letting the chiefs get their you have to somehow help them get that would semester I mean they're they're that bad. Well I had a -- say it again it's sort of like Belichick Brady makes some sort of deal with a double put up what -- doubled on Sunday -- -- -- -- you know Larry station WST here Baltimore we we -- trips were on our fourth -- -- between you an example we've yet to -- game three years ago we -- -- you know actual losses last year we barely -- second -- stolen. This year -- -- much for Boston this morning I need to demand year. For to go up there and the feeling here despite the end -- -- point underdog in the way this team is. Wield its way to win true at all on the whole little thing it's you know people -- think we're gonna go there and now you. You know they play -- night and I think we've seen enough that they could have let the year to note that it's all practical there -- and I get on the field -- regions like the way the ravens are playing their resolve and -- Joseph Flacco has played in the packed up there in the way the -- to play. In the past that there are a lot of hatred -- -- it's not a a couple of other teams and ready to -- -- -- would you say your people your callers the people that you hear and talked to every single day. Think the other ravens win this based on x.s and o.s and and and anorexic fusion and personnel or is it more -- this is a team of destiny kind of feeling. -- you know like the fault that he's saying. Sure I mean in San Diego when they completed. -- -- -- -- right -- fortune 29 you know. You know the ball out of his hands with the game on the line not much different to what am to go to church into -- the -- -- 49 for the game that you. Completely don't pass and pollutes the -- and get 49 yards and full. To win that game. And making it became a lot and then when the game and then complete that -- The other day I think it really bizarre things that happened for the team and I know in a reboot their spiritual John Wall Street spiritual they talked at length about that after -- you know what we say you know what with the god not like Denver and you got -- likely Mary I mean it that way I play it in my mind by. They're definitely. Something brewing with the team. Give Henry Louis and given the fact that he would -- -- for Ed Reed and the like Matt Burke and the Elantra -- any. You know there's there's a lot of guys will be playing their last football game on Sunday if -- the pit box we'll lose. So I think there's an extra inspiration and a whole other you know horrible person are all things work both those guys lost. Ugly ugly games last year mean you know we haven't -- that call Billy -- to execute it to keep up with all the ball out there pursuits go it's horrible are horrible and creek cleanup -- get this Sunday where. You know. Look at these guys are gonna go on the road to try to get to a Super Bowl title a worker at Arco and and -- put but it. The -- off the lips -- people put. What went to Kmart execution and an exit and those -- -- There's the question that we know they're inspired we know they're mentally tough we know these guys have been through the battles together and all that it's it's a wonderful story but. How much do you think that Denver game took out of them it was 77 minutes. The defense was on the field for 87 plays for the second week in a row it was below zero wind chill. Do they have anything left physically. I mean what do you forget that yeah they -- -- making. And they also. You don't fly out at -- -- you'll be -- Now that you know that locker room in Denver I would doubt -- Nicole I think like I did it all and then the other day. And I wouldn't -- and I think there was such a -- adrenaline. At the end at you know after battling it out -- -- in the -- to go to making more per hour. -- you go and our out in the cold and I -- that locker room and and you know. Here -- a couple of weeks and an extra outstanding at their lockers. And never ever seen them. Look more. Soccer now like also on -- watch -- all like god we -- and a lot of energy summit at the same guys after the game I think I. I would think that that would be very quiet like back you know I would secure a lot of you know our guys are looking to mutual -- we normally throw that pick up the -- on Sunday. They went and watched kill you you know yesterday that they're trying to get a third off. And so far they'll go back to this. And they're very good staying on schedule on calendar on only. And saw the heat can -- usual so. The -- -- -- -- It's a lot out of them sure but I. I think that the -- this Sunday night game. And it come back with early -- Sunday that would be an issue. And secure our where. Bet it quit frankly didn't get last week so all of the people beat -- That will be a factor in my mind it's gonna compare that you. You know and it can recover. Hi how Howard pastor Brady -- just how hurt holiday we know they're all nursing injuries but important guys key guys in -- -- So I mean how injured are today did they when they all limping around when they're all in the cannot of the cold tub when you went in there. Well what not to call capacity game was more celebration looked at Oakland to back the Baltimore. But I you know get a I will be out there tomorrow if you're -- -- long time -- to me you know like an air -- back to you know that watchful. The pulpit Sunday to. And beaten -- coating on it has been be so beaten out. All year long to become. I don't see an ordinary player and a lot loaded or not it's not disrespectful. And -- -- here. As -- pop off back there for the most part this year. All year it's also outlook on the field the first ten weeks and -- bit on the field. It not the end the were also beat you remember from last year we will -- that -- -- Ray Lewis didn't play or you know 1012 weeks. And it's really just getting your legs back right now and getting people expected 37 would be good enough. -- Gronkowski come across the middle. It's certainly good enough when they try to line up the slot wide receiver Roy into the middle of media -- mismatch used to be made on ray Lewis and -- feel. Just based on. We're a year now electrifying he's got that Robocop and -- are the triceps injury but he had -- 37 year old linebacker. One injury that they're concerned about -- -- are here we're limping after the game. -- that that. That you know more about the kind of running back they -- give the ball to had a ten point lead in the fourth quarter 120 degree in -- this week. It'll PH and see how he progresses during the course of the week which I'm not a body bag situation on Saturday night Denver anymore when I was in the locker room -- not. I get so much higher I think all of that which is what football it's -- the eighteen game season four but. I did not ski. You know and the team any more than -- in Bangkok which used to say give it all year job read put on our particular team the last. Actually support of the left tackle the what is that like to -- -- the equipment. John are all thought out war you know sixteen weeks and -- get on the field while you're really he played in that exhibition game the last week in Cincinnati. Played pretty well at sixty put -- it left apple -- another all gotten to 33 or four years old. The guy that played three football games this year and -- left apple. And or whatever retool -- -- Joseph Flacco and explained so. The X-Factor what they've done Michael or better like I also. Technically okay and that that that wouldn't be concerned for me. We're talking -- the strip ratio W honesty and Baltimore Nestor I believe if I'm not mistaken the colts game was the first to I'm not. Ray Lewis Suggs and reed on the field together all for the entire season by any way you can quantify this. How less effective is this ravens' defense right now that it was in their heyday. I think there are more. Parts that are playing well there had -- what would say Corey Graham is -- -- read this right. No one would talk to their Cary Williams as being you know shut down quarter -- -- gonna put art. You know and mark being a top receivers in the league. Geithner played exceedingly well over the last. 34 weeks and he went through you know bill in December Munich -- for all you actually like dedicated here. -- it lost three in 92 in the regular routine and that's why you guys Toronto rated it would've been in court this week. -- not just. Really fall apart early December and they just did a better football team local actually three weeks. It actually took the security in the playoffs are different than the eight and a one or ought to turn off. And Annika. Not preclude December. Complementary players allow those guys to play better meet. -- -- play great football this sport art Sergio has been outstanding Paul Kruger on has been the one guy that it would get after the quarterback and -- at this. This time last year we would have been talking about. You know Cary Williams and Paul Kruger and -- Sergio that you won't achieve what we're not. Factored in the way that they didn't factor on the defense was not there. You know the more than what was believed to check out of the water need to -- -- -- in that you know in 2000 that -- -- -- you -- there and -- back. And -- like that but. Say that they got to pick any particular actually and 888. Cop out really well and stop the -- and stopping the run was huge huge issue for them. The first ten weeks that he couldn't everybody ran the ball under. And that -- -- made it so unlike the ravens keep reminding that ain't even that into play without out without Lewis and Ed Reed not once properly anyway. And -- probably the worst game of his career on Sunday for. Eight Esther how how would you describe the attitude and the confidence level and the swagger if you will of the quarterback Joseph Flacco at this point in his career at this stage of the season. Swagger work its turnaround is that you beat -- You know -- -- and we are over eight different from him for the minute and that it can now use. Absolutely unflappable -- think here what you say you are came on the radio he get to hear what the New England it's gonna scream remarks on the you get to hear much urgency much. EP alternate Jim Moran. Football guy he's lost he's -- now you lost it -- each game last year not -- -- -- he doing there he picked in the first on the Polamalu the cost which has the Super Bowl. He's got great result he's not a crier he's not a cheerleader. She's here. He teaches in all the time you know what what what are you even. With the game on the line in Denver -- electoral bomb he's eating it and after the game. Look like DA he's not look at me look at me equally interesting guy and now he's a great study thing for people who look like quarterbacks because -- -- these guys -- their personality and Brady just been so successful doing it its way there and -- are a lot of these guys and seen that. The emotional. What it could lead to being a quarterback. You know. Is he gonna get his money is he gonna get franchise is the easy going anywhere. He's not going anywhere. You know he's not going anywhere it will -- a lot of money and I I think. Looked at it as well you know keep -- in the offseason and he spoke in an animal and gasping for children that are like -- weeks ago and pretty much. You know I asked a lot of money stating give it to me what I want to know sure it won the -- -- not really critical play and you can't get our money and -- and having their children go to a collar kid from the Philadelphia suburbs complete salt to your -- guy I I -- thinks. He thinks the whole lot about money and I know he -- -- another kind of life he lead and a title like stop it not flashy guy you pick I think you're so much money that -- -- to expand at all. And it's not. Really. About the money whichever operating it's really just about football competing -- A lot for all the little active -- if you want to. Beat -- Europe big fan and Joseph Flacco on mr. Why would you pick picture editor Flacco when -- -- chipped it into the third party five years -- in the playoffs five consecutive years and what what's not polite. I really any idol I don't understand. Anyone that would push back or Joseph Flacco put it based on. And playoff games. On the road he's never not made the playoffs illegally is a rookie. And all he's done stick it into the playoffs and give them the chance to win. -- -- I think they commit to Wilfork elect push back on Joseph Flacco he has a store apple ratio WNST. In Baltimore like for the time this morning -- will see a study in -- Nestor 1000 Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GLT. Eat when we come back a short winter blast where you'll clear. When new press Bill Belichick with a question and that a follow up question and that a follow up question the follow up question you get an irritated. Bill Belichick.

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