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Rajon Rondo live from the locker room post-win with Grande & Max

Jan 14, 2013|

Rajon Rondo spoke to Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell live form the locker room after the Celtics with their 6th straight, beating the Charlotte Bobcats by a score of 100-89.

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I'd job thank you in six straight wins for the Celtics demand matches drive John Rondo -- -- triple double Foreman is sports on a commercial debut as it would make dale Berra if I was -- over the you're so aggressive that started the game with a pre shot what's -- are you sort of re determining based on the match up in the way you talk about the. Before. -- -- would even -- him in this in an -- position in south. And I. First court. That would -- this you look across -- a couple of -- got sick with. It's been like you know you guys when you're you're playing well like that everything is running. Today you've got skeletons that off the gas the book if we if Ehrlich out back in the game that's not what those things -- do. That but you seem like you -- you confidence. On the guest in south Gordon of the bath or god punishes a little bit yeah and you know they may -- -- Definitely fathom -- himself offensively and it definitely back up you know -- -- it -- they -- again. It's not -- funny -- John and I talked about it so you actually know there at the basketball we you don't play or bad things happen -- You know dad had a couple thanks for me it is -- I he noticed play like that you know when you when you mess around with the game noted in the Baigent book though. We -- have that respect for the game we have one team like you know in we know not the best thing but the thing is that they dictated by -- with a rampant despite definitely respect the game. -- we've been talking a lot about Avery Bradley numbers with him and analyze what changes for you specifically. What changes when he -- there next to. So alive that I'm glad -- Rebecca so the first you know one thing if -- become the first person to welcome back. He does -- for me you know person about my if it was me because rove. Garnered best going out there he does that he does that government -- that is just must have been from my teammates -- -- to break a -- week that defense. That would be the rebounding -- them break room. What that you laugh about it when you talk about it coming back at it but golf is coming back way back but doll that. I mean you're you're just that the feeling you have about Avery. It definitely. You know eight properties on the value of the player moment but socially when -- my affinity getter in the playoffs and I think you'd be remotely in you know be -- Thank you want those guys that don't use a trap on the McEnroe he -- -- the road taking event league at the gardens and one. All right got a big party for your sport's commercial yeah I got a bit quiet and and gathered around watching the debate debut ducked into -- You. Look you can -- on the Sonoma are all right do. --

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