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Rajon Rondo Postgame Press Conference

Jan 14, 2013|

Rajon Rondo spoke to the media after the Celtics with their 6th straight, beating the Charlotte Bobcats by a score of 100-89.

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Earning 826 grade levels but I thought this team going early it. You're gonna miss some shots Bob -- On the -- -- -- -- about. You know it was not a great. I mean. They feel like we do they made room. And we found stopped and there. In a way. Command things together these we deserve to -- you know they made -- run. And that we fullback and sustainable to bigger and I didn't really diligently and when it. Do I think we can't. Know what I mean as best well we came back from -- antiquities you know this is part of you know you never have a safe in this league. That is true. It's matter of time forecast made shots. There are struggling early in the first and second Andy's chest just upsets have been a couple of years. The government through pruned trees and cut it's a lot. The reference book if his defense that I was even child technically was surprised the -- They were. This -- have a very good for you hit it pretty good job they've. Momentum regardless you know his government. It is his office -- underrated point of view what was expected and I appreciate about possibly can be home series no word about. That in the end users -- you know use these people are so focused floor so we know what we have as a player and Avery. Has been since it's worse. I think that's our defense is creating mismatch in the office. -- you know because a wide open on across messenger position. It's easier for me to pick defense apart. Overtimes and I ended up with a big on. And that type via the times. It was only in other business on -- waivers. On the from the local corner threes and you know could Bernard Dan and I and that sort of say we had a lot of good mismatches in transition. And I was able to get in the early in the game you -- and learn and others that you build -- that. Let alone. -- care. We -- is going into. And those are winning you know meticulous. You know some -- going down somewhat but this just as well. And Wheeler a similar women in this moment focus. -- Plus prison. It's not forms and mr. Newman. Dark rooms more relaxed and not so it is kind of smile and joke and so. His back we'll -- we've been at the start you know we lost a couple games and never got down we just. This time a little bit of luck and when you -- -- senator Specter as far as how we play we play loose. And we and I we must not from the floor sometimes -- I don't you know some of the team is too -- accordingly he blows my -- as well also. It this way back and I think we've done in the last couple games. That's the most notorious suspended. Iran did. Then into Iran and this. News so. Has been as vocal leader but it appears that says myself. Our Tokyo are doing is actually he's been blocked from entering Gaza because his personality. They get startled him and understand it. But it loses that they must songs in here you know so. That you -- it yet. -- much accept failure to get these guys going for the game. How much -- myself. It's not someone check provisionally in the book that won him over and that. Don't know if we'll talk about if you really the latest on the league pitching has thrown -- -- and whenever. He's. And over one hand over the debates over. No one's ever -- -- has just -- Loans and on turnovers just depends on me that there. I felt -- so they. Could you tell me -- my sister were down and down. I was gonna go out there and prove it prove it -- you. I think so my game up when -- be. So. -- you get no credit for it. -- why it was bombed Baghdad. You're different it's an excellent. It was a great -- that's Kemba Walker. Yeah. Yeah I'm I'm I'm not I'm getting a little bit voter you know so yeah I -- to come in and I'm having -- back. Go to. They the couple's. -- on the target and united and us about there and Finland do best is run the show room. You know -- made it a lot of look recession. -- Myself.

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