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Courtney Lee postgame press conference

Jan 14, 2013|

Courtney Lee spoke to the media after the Celtics with their 6th straight, beating the Charlotte Bobcats by a score of 100-89.

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Those big for some news to chemistry going and homestand and he says we had a big lead when -- -- come -- met some that we we've got to continue to work on and king continued to let that happen but. We that would execute down mistress just stops and scores off. Mean over -- it was a good for the legacy of those time sometimes lower cost them. Supposedly. These -- you know. I mean it is shouldn't be because they're NBA team like they're capable -- mussina tonight so. That's what -- we've got to focus on and -- coauthored continue to keep the foot on the gas zone and keep doing what we do together to -- wooten was going to give us an oppositional now. It. It. -- All right comptroller began for -- from the start he came out aggressive views into the holiest Anderson threw some layups on. Pressure on the ball so he says temple -- it. I was his normal self bombings and he's impact on the game and and a lot of different ways you surround don't take any game to assist. -- into the lane and making. Floaters and we have to a number -- -- -- least two of his defense. His communication he's become more vocal director so he's impacting. Games and other world. Yeah I mean -- this team if you wanna do it's -- easy easy layup and got their play defense -- still pressure the ball. Forced him to -- along so long rebound don't run. -- A lot of grass on the shop and it. Do and now I'm it was a big Maryland on the middle and on November mafia are a lot faster him no offense to counsel was. Don't value of one point me especially equated you can give back in so close we are don't talk. -- Comments really wanna DB to a hoteliers amenities this does it take you back to his wife period and I mean -- with -- Didn't have this but continue to fight and that's the same philosophy on court. Mean somebody might not be going right which you can always give effort and effort takes no talent that's.

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