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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Jan 14, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics with their 6th straight, beating the Charlotte Bobcats by a score of 100-89.

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Played I thought was I thought December. Sort of in the second quarter right before halftime ahead and -- third down and seven and and at first that. I don't dispute should have gone for the next one. Joseph go now long Kyoko they don't get -- Baltimore scored a touchdown that was a -- way. Don't you think. -- And they were heard word. That. Well those that just happens you know that was bad -- -- A total what you say it. No didn't have them. Yeah just our team early on plea -- green energy and horror. And got a lot of us in the stock options which allows us again in transition and we get in transition. Access and run -- you know because they're run in the war. And so that was good you know that's how we want to avoid it its option one rotten. You know all we talk about this please please please. Defense and dolphins and you know it makes is really given. Multiples and -- and we did that a lot person. I thought actually at that -- last two minutes -- arm in the third and fourth quarter currently experts which. The bad habit and you but moved to two. Well I don't know what is or isn't Rome. Thought we did at times tonight you know wanted things now than ever -- -- talked to about themselves and they just keep playing and you know that's hard to do when it's really nice to see me in those guys. Maybe -- -- also -- around them when on the stroke going. Yet they come out and put the effort -- -- I mean they're giving their best. There rent turn -- but more importantly it was just you know the files are there on the first we. You know Regis. Just to a lot of baskets by our files and losing guys in transition. And internals reflect. -- Well I guess you know I told the fact we started out well a lot gave -- something that we knew we. It was already there there's a lot tougher when you start up more than. And then try to get things going I think that's a lot -- Yeah coming. He missed a lot of things now when you mister -- You can play defense when you come back everything else's is a timing and he started this time he's been -- like books ago. -- -- In the -- don't think that you because the shots. It terrible and their wide open as ever and I am home mortgages to shoot it and now are going to. Yeah well it's the last rotation you know use them on the right side and moved to laugh at the last rotations -- these. Created. A double teams. And that's what we're -- -- -- somewhere to -- -- holds it yet though when it's all the last weeks ago. So that's -- Well just always been -- Certain numbers. There -- -- corners you know so we try to keep him corners all -- all. You know of course Kuerten in court last year well so we've got three guys. The problems with voter. Went through corners it. March it does. But. I just feel honestly. Going in. And he's always right he used to always. -- Yeah there's always don't like it and I think. Tonight was definitely but not using them as well. -- -- They're they're Belgians are engaged in and there are gonna keep fighting and make shots when they do it's nice that we catch it. Instead of those those movies in the end of the day. -- And register it means you can throw a -- anywhere. Is such a great Paris. That's what's so hard his oldest or trappers. Because this past him and shooting ability. Question two keys you're beating -- at an elbow or typos can throw to a guy. You can shoot -- argued that allows our employees of the cuts -- in the know a lot of times that through to the next big drops back where you can do that -- Just gives us another pastor work. Yeah. Does -- -- -- item change Ronald they're -- just comes image in the same things blocked shots. It's gonna take the charts and his body in the ways of dying. He prepares every such pro you know just good camera. That really you know. I think two minutes what's up Jeff it's obviously been through comfortable you know. -- -- and what's tough about the may have shot makers and -- and going these have been Gordon's on the floor -- I have a memory from Chicago Steelers. And I saw those shots -- And so you never comfortable when he's around. Now analysis I don't know what that is all of stuff. You know you felt them. Because the point so well you know really. To just about. Doing it you know with Iran Ronald. Minutes prove themselves back in Seattle its football straight this week that it really was it was it was also Packers lost me after this footnote. That you can do better than men as far as I'm concerns. That you guys that.

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