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Another one-and-done playoff exit for Peyton. Manning haters, unite!

Jan 14, 2013|

13-3, #1 seed in the conference... first round exit. Where have we seen this act before?

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Pretty damn good -- and a little bit different -- wild card weekend. Get yourself some pretty good football with the divisional games. You try -- some better football coming up next week safe descent. I think that's safe to say better football conference championship games. Great games this weekend. All of them in the San Francisco Green Bay game which became a runaway I don't think anybody saw a runaway coming. I didn't -- where you're in the San Francisco Green Bay game which I thought would be the best game. Of the weekend. Was the largest margin of victory even larger than the patriots in their 41 points. Against the Texans down Houston scored late put. You're right that was the game as the we all that would be the best but clearly -- the very sort of best game was best game with a classic in Denver -- Baltimore and in the bronco and -- go to Milwaukee Atlanta or in the game's pretty great result but you know go to double overtime and you see how the Broncos. Basically had the game line. And you see -- safety fall asleep like that mean you don't see that in and pro football on that situation that was. It's like to agents about the play of the game -- you -- -- they lose her balance and let their awkward and coordinated you see that -- expects that -- situation in the match. You think somebody mentioned the Rahim Moore before him the only way to compete this. Is it Jacoby Jones gets behind you so you don't want to stay in a rear end here. Because if anything's underneath were okay it's okay it's okay right doesn't doesn't Ernst and admitted that's just doesn't artist -- despite a record that's okay just don't let him get by you that's all we need right here. Unbelievable. The -- and I couldn't believe in and it turned out. That you sorry it happened. In reality yesterday and one of that John Fox looks at. You know here's little staff who at the end of regulation and says oh my god look at look what happened with the planet with 31 seconds -- Johnny -- to where they had to timeout yeah. And they moved we definitely gonna feel all. I don't understand if you have Mark Sanchez. You don't have them take one day. Yeah I haven't taken -- just in case they missed a first won't look at you don't want him -- talk channel born that situation usually get to the overtime. If your Peyton Manning and we've seen. Some coaches. Pop up this guy. I was a little fearful of him to appointed Fortin to deepen his own territory decided that he didn't want to give the ball back to Peyton Manning. That's what was 85 yards a YE so how is it. That when you're eighty yards away -- of thirty some odd seconds left it's actually overtime but it's even better. It's sudden death overtime because if you win the flip the -- Michael. And you get in overtime to your first first possession Peyton Manning moves Jim Everett down it gets in a position for a field -- the field goal doesn't necessarily women. Andre did did you start right there it's Peyton Manning. This is why do you think this is why. You know you lost all all of your identity. Last offseason trying to get Peyton Manning to come to Denver you probably said things that you really didn't wanna say he did things that you never thought you would do with the coach. You probably called on yes that is why flowers. I told him that he can have a you know -- he could be. You know the assistant head coach but don't tell anybody. Everything we could get Peyton Manning and you since you weren't pursued this guy along with everybody else the national football and when you get into a situation. Where oh aren't you glad you got Peyton Manning on your side. Don't take me it's even worse -- it even worse wouldn't think he can get worse than that but. You're at home. And Denver. -- kicker. Can make 5560. Charters you've seen it before you're absolutely. Yeah you're doing I -- -- a timeout I noticed that got the great quarterback one of the greats of all time. You're in the rare air of Denver. Unless. And -- John Fox. Said to himself you know one. Afraid that that the worst moment here this quarterback that we brought in -- it's a phenomenal job. He's gonna churn in the -- fought. To keep you wanna know something. He eventually did turn to Brett Favre as he tried to go lower costs but when he took its -- as well most. If it is that it's completely -- what is seen more than you see Harbaugh well. I was wondering. So you're telling the Denver Broncos have. Glad to be wrong and that's OK I'm so glad that. So you draw on and talk until I'm going to circle a Latin people I'm glad. I've hit the Broncos to win that game where it would destroy able to grow they didn't. But I'm so happy because -- won a playoff in Denver Broncos went out and it was according to John Elway to. Into the right to know what to. Mean well they compete in sports team that's -- that in -- room table and protect. David bow. I do I have to do to me. Now with continued on sick of Tim Tebow because. If you have you cheat you of your choice -- many who didn't. Stop stop I don't know what's going out W -- it over over let -- -- after well after what -- all of -- after what I thought Saturday or the national office. It is an account today. I and I've got. -- -- a couple of I have to do to all of the few people out there. Who spent the week you people you people you people are calling. A texting. Are tweeting. Put me and harassing stalking. Cost me the show various people. With theories of how Peyton Manning can't win in temperatures below forty degrees. That man you can't win the first playoff game of the playoffs for a season. That he didn't play. Or didn't win against any real good teams all year long. Our own troubles which a Baltimore that it's just down destiny that Ray Lewis. Is going to win that game because that was their Super Bowl. And has no possible way the Peyton Manning in Denver can win that game I apologize from the bottom of my heart. For taking your point slightly I apologize for. Even making some disparaging remarks against some -- -- to that guy that I. Tweeted back the following which I apologize I don't know I don't think it used to always have it. This altitude did that but anyway I might because I think I dismissed -- I know it just. Stressed at all like there's been -- at it I dismissed at all I really do it. And I apologized and you were right. You nailed it 100%. You nailed -- you know when I -- you know like Miriam McKay right now. When I started thinking about all the calls all week or in the in the tax them to eat you wanna -- worried about it. Would he Manny came out with one. Michael Johnson to do that yet he came outlook two clubs any at all. In the first quarter getting them to fit ready kept it worked in the grip of the -- -- huge amount just to wean them. And they don't seem to fit right in your hands just seemed different it was almost as if Manning. Decided at the last minute tried to gloves when you tried to gloves that doesn't fit. The Coles getting -- New -- -- it's getting -- in his field. Goal at the old school and war. Why all of a little peek of that as well as he had any moment. There I don't -- that came -- GM cure all and isn't there so we have warmer going to swat are not yet. There's no evidence. And -- years. In this mood. I was wrong like that these people right and they were irrational. I dismissed them with something we never -- from. So I'm so yeah. Known that very often not really talking about you and I admit that -- -- at quarterback and national. And knows about Spoelstra I. I've hit -- eight passing apologized. Many Teddy Eddie not backing up what you've done it any differently a year apart. America one day I just don't apparently this article and -- yet cover his -- he really covering my son did these people were -- doing it all week. The only one dismissing. Around the room of people worked out there that we are wrong or right. You know what it does before you go to four. Is the reason the Broncos lost the game because it was under forty degrees that reason. It might have been part of it yeah. It's just sad SAT fell asleep right is because it was under forty or because Africans safety -- ligament. I thought I understand that eco chronicle eligible for the sick he does what he's supposed to do they would gain or lose again to -- to paint wit him there and get. It was -- you can't stop there because if you going to chronological order I agree if for Rahim Moore. Doesn't screw up. I -- they win we know we don't we don't know actors does that not apply after that my we don't know what happens is what we don't know. When one of his players did screw up it's the quarterback's job. Now to come out finish up again so you get into overtime he threw the interception. I -- many you don't look Bateman and I think we do this we all do this and maybe I'd even do it. Truly much why try to put the ball -- and equaled I always show that one is flip a coin when you want to argue whose better Brady all or Peyton Manning. You don't want and much is taking -- on this one game and take an entire body of work post season does not compare person. It even the -- that's a separate issue because you don't is that -- -- post doesn't tell you why separate tables not one -- those -- you can pick. The quarterback I think they're both great. But if you -- comes down to which one you would rather have you can make a decision on that before. Before this if you would you rather have Tom Brady and Peyton Manning yes this is wicked and I think that's where we get it over thinking too much. Because of all all of the information that's available. Because of this that statistics that are out here. We're looking at all of these stats look at this what -- does in the fourth quarter that this is what he does when it's under forty degrees degrees home broad. Don't outdoor grass. Artificial surface. Come down to eventually. Eventually. You'll have to look at the record. You've got to ask what that was sports that's what it's about to Obama winning so if you get down to the record. Then terrorist no compares. You've got to pick one. If I have to pick one action to -- is there even if there's one okay -- you an additional. You're under the same thing last week when people were saying he's 47. In the first playoff game we kind of pooh poohed it while he's now four -- eight. And by the way five of those were home games two times she was the number one seed. To turn she was a number two -- at one time he was a number three seed in those five home games that he lost. This is something there. Something happens to him when he gets into the postseason now I don't think it was the cleanest Tom Brady game yesterday I think early on he would destroy a couple of guys. But meant it as he figures it all out. You can just see. The mind at work and and and how he's gained just progress is seventeen and six in playoff price in this guy's in this -- nine and eleven so I apologize a thousand times that fellow wanna say apologize. Thousand times these people were right. They threw it out -- I'm not saying any one of these theories were correct. But a little bit of all of them could have been correct under forty degrees could have been an issue with him yesterday. Part of Saturday. Could have been an issue I don't know. He fiddled with those gloves did you think sometime when you look at some of the -- -- -- wasn't sure -- totals why would you be -- -- Shall -- a similar one before never seen more to like that. So it doesn't get to you and whatnot because the take their shirts off. Or don't have anything underneath -- just to let you know the sleepless stuff c'mon in twenty degree weather but she -- that's -- and but you don't overdo what to the point where you you start thinking about it too much. And it gets in the way if you just going out there and playing on instinct if -- great player I think games nobody got to play against intelligent. -- -- still under way in Gulfport. I -- at a loss to -- if you love golf even after that even after that bone headed play. That that allowed Baltimore's tie the game right shocking you still got time -- -- but he's got Peyton -- lineup but he isn't worse here in Denver today in the the day later. You sort of blended attacks actually think it virtually the same situation. They have 31 seconds left we have two timeouts. They adjust the metric it was even -- you're holding our 2827. Now suddenly you'll meet the field goal or your season is -- or even get to -- -- over to right. So they have to do it now we don't know maybe you know my -- would have done that situation I don't know. But the aggressive role with with that right he might have been fearful of or target but he went forward. And it worked now they they are Matt Ryan had to do his thing they -- trust him and I think yesterday in that at that Atlanta game. That's a case of knowing your personnel what you can do now I've seen Matt Bryant make these kicks before. And there was a game against the gives a gives New Orleans Thursday night football game he won the game with like you know 5354. Yarder. Made it two possession game and I it was a huge field goal for them at that point in it was at home. Nine yarder with thirteen seconds to play. You could run you could have run the risk of one more play. Sidelined. 6756. Yards 49 yard -- not a gimme. But they were so confident thirteen seconds left to bring out the kicker. For 49 yards and it was noticed a show notes of don't ask don't -- -- -- Or understand about -- is you can't go sideline go outside shoulder chances of picking that offer very very little. You work it down there you worked the clock hit -- easily got himself three maybe four plays in and certainly got a decent field goal off. But he season has -- it's over -- stunned when the game was over didn't. Are we had to default calls coming up next here's the -- more old ritual for -- join us later on in this hour. Bill Belichick will join us in the 5 o'clock hour the -- is our third minute for the last couple of hours. And you're the next minute it's 6177797937. And ninety seconds.

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