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Bill Belichick: Ravens offense is explosive, a tough challenge

Jan 14, 2013|

We sit down with Bill Belichick on a Patriots Monday and review the big win over the Texans in the divisional round and look ahead to another AFC Championship appearance this Sunday.

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-- it's Monday is the playoffs continually gets you ready for the AFC championship game here at Gillette Stadium on Sunday night. -- wife holly DeOssie and it's time for our no nonsense conversation the coach bill -- -- brought you by -- -- by the no nonsense life insurance company. It's now offering new low rates for men and women call 888 get this be alive or visit SBL -- dot com. For your free quote congratulations coach -- once. Thanks. Most -- we -- to the the be here this week talking about the isu championship and so. The official did a good job yesterday and had a good week of practice and -- not made enough plays went so imperfect but. In a place when and it's going to be moving on. -- happens in a situation where you lose a couple key players early in the game you've obviously got the game plan and some of it I'm -- war. Is dealing with those players do you make a lot of changes in the game player or. Does it just worked on the deputy counsel we say for guys not here we just moved to. I'll -- it depends on the guy you know some guys. You know I chain could do a lot of things that would it and -- that really listen. A big problem -- got a unique skills it's additional money from south years ago. When he left the game we we had to make some adjustments and some of the things we did with them vote. Change that it ought to step in and there and and really and he practiced a lot of things that Annie lived on the and stepped in London and grew up. -- made a point the same before the game that is very difficult to. -- run away from the team twice in the season of football team like Houston we have 41 points on them in December and you want to give him 41 points on them yesterday. Would you say that they were the same kind of games. War. Would you look at and say you know I just -- you were able to take advantage of a play here play there was a discontinuation. Of what you did in December. Unknowns because a different game. No we we go off to a slow start button in a game three point threat for the overlook it wasn't worse than that we seemed kind of gain control again. And we know it's a seventeen and three and then. Given a long kickoff return into the police Iran isn't there any end zone on seventeen tendon. And we go three and out get right back to on the -- -- little. You know as good kick by Shanker and there at the end of the -- 1713 and you know that right back in the game and we kind of regain control again in the third quarter and then. And on the middle run in the fourth then. You know rob an interception in front of the onside kick. Those big plays and and unfortunately a foreign you know -- -- for a fourth down we stop them. Turner and appoints them and at that game got away from little bit there at the end of the third quarter vote. It was pretty competitive persona. I do -- -- -- -- at one point C -- the FC BS cameras aren't Q after the Vereen touchdown. -- And you were talking to defense that Americans went back to talk to defense and if it was I'm sure you're happy to have the touchdown but it wasn't an overreaction either way. And I wonder if part of what percentage of coaching. In your opinion is. Maintaining your composure when things go great. Sort of you know jumping up on the sideline. It's great. Or if things you know go poorly is getting so down what what percentage would you say. Maintaining. Just that even keel is that part of what you do. You know I think for for you know everybody has their own personality coaching style on -- that's it for me it's pretty part of it you know god America. Who are responsible for a whole lot of decisions out their for the football Tammany and make me minute need to make good ones and I think that comes once again. On composed been able think being able to understand the information from a the coaches that you're gonna from the hints -- on the headset and an engine situation. Also. And I just don't think the journal that's the fans of their four and that's great. You know we really don't all have a job to do on the field and I think it's important that we. Focus on the television and do well in lending -- -- chairman on the sidelines of Clinton's stance. Even -- you know 41 points it will click your offense could have played a little bit better -- -- -- -- -- -- -- due to a better. Well Sharia we news again we go to a slow start their -- in the first -- -- cut -- -- loose in the backfield. We had a double negative runs couple penalties hurt us -- only a first down and conduct on a penalty we have another. Penalty of partisan second and 25 or whatever was so. You know we we'd miss some guys in the running game. We dropped call balls and had a couple penalties. And we -- and you know again nothing anyway from the Texans but those are plays the -- we we did a lot to hurt ourselves on those and no penalties an awful. Missed -- -- -- not this off just wanna not -- the guy in the middle of the field you can make your it's almost countless. We -- we have some things out there. -- the running game is a bigger part of your offense this year than we've seen in the last couple years how much of that is the way teams are playing you. Because you've spread everybody out your offense and important nickel -- -- -- their extra DB's. Or is it a matter of -- few more comfortable with the running personnel -- right now. -- I mean I think we're comfortable with our our personnel we have. You know -- -- -- -- -- think those guys work really goes next Q pretty well that's been away for awhile. On our backs have been productive but sometimes it just comes down -- execution sometimes opportunity. And we try to get good players out there and sometimes so we feel like we have of their matchup -- than that we do run at depend on how the team's plan so. In Munich games where the big running into the passing games with the cancer were balanced soon. The most important thing for me is to score points and that's that's offense needs it is good out there and score points so. Were run and at a for thrown four balance that then hopefully for -- score points and we're gonna be a -- and we're happy in a foreign. Then even if we are moving the ball without the points it's not. Really where you need to be some. When you wouldn't -- quick. Offensive plays that you have in Europe for a post cold like Brady on the field or is that. Something that's scheduled before it does go officers. Could either from an attribute on the sometimes we don't understand both mrs. We wanna play at this pace and we're gonna try you know these -- the six or seven players were Enron and you know when Michael for a home or three of on the Kennedys of the once the dealer for and that sometimes we get a new drive to get in the situation where. We we call one of those in the -- triggers everybody. I get the -- quickly and run from pleasant was called and part of the play call is to go fast and so what we have certain. Certain things that can trigger that. So. But we don't do all the time and I don't think hopefully defense isn't sure when we are we are gonna do so they kind of be ready for a vote. -- prepare for sometimes we do with some constant. There are some great finishes and games this weekend your game was not one of those great finishes but there's a lot two. Argue over in debate over in terms of strategy -- like get your take on. The end of the Atlanta. Seattle game going in a -- -- Oh well just in this in terms this and that and specifically this game -- -- -- this situation 2827. Atlantis trailing thirteen seconds that. Every now Matt Bryant 449 are you going emails. So -- you still have you know eight seconds left in the game how do you feel about. The kick off in a situation you feel like a Squibb to prevent. A return or do you just go with the chances and kick it deep thing now. Want to get done in on it but I think there's a place for both ends with the way. You know if you remember back to the 03 Super Bowl. We had that situation against Carolina and Adam picked up made Qichen and we kicked off and we anticipated Carolina coming in with there. You know there after all their skill players of it was clear to lateral the ball and you know. Keep it alive and just you know do. -- play you know so we kicked it deep and kicked it down the goal line in the and that took all those guys kinda out of the play. Because we were down there we got past them and there were really in their block those two receivers and backs and stuff and so. We got that it down government play I think if you know the regular kickoff return team isn't there and -- them. And there you know good returns in than you might want to think about like we did in the game yesterday and -- -- kind of blew open down there in the corner and keep it out of another Turner's hands because they read they have the return people setup and there's so I think there's so comfortable differently should look at that. And summit depends on where you feel like your and they feel like your kicker to touch back at then. There are some visa for just -- and you know if you really feel that strongly confident -- I don't think there's a place for all the strategies depend on. Your team than what you into -- and -- and so for I don't really see the game -- or lose it before we played so. Well. I'm not sure exactly. Did that happen and a fumble forward progress first of all were you satisfied with the answer you got there in the field and should peer review blah -- While launching the record know what well it. What once once the officials say for progress the plays over and done not what happens after that the place it's done so that's what they ruled that ruled. For progress which means. Plays over and it can't be challenged. There's nothing to challenge it's it's over at that point so. That was. You know again at that point I didn't know exactly what the call was when they explain that that this will work on then. And it was current challenges. And it and ultimately lose. That's pretty marginal call but the bigger it doesn't matter it once they call for progress that's. And the same with Brandon Lloyd tossing the ball towards Europe and developing news didn't. Challenge -- that you you know unfortunately. Although it. To look. Like there was much intent on and on. You know embarrassing anymore it's just -- look like Jesus. -- to vote for a rough receive it. Right. There will. Special teams we have kickoff coverage obviously had trouble went to place. I'm pretty good too of course of the season is that something Jacoby Jones this week. That's something you probably spend a little bit more time because there were some breakdowns. Well -- we spent a lot of time on -- anyway phenomenon. Especially Jacoby Garrett Jones vote -- you know we didn't have good days really three -- turns. And you know went midfield before that we had the we have no horse collar tackle on top let's over the middle in. Sixty yard. Field position. So. Yeah absolutely -- you know wasn't ones on the did very well and and I'm sure that tumble world Clinton. When they have that return in a non. We gotta be headed defendant I can imagine they wouldn't. Would think about putting it in anyway so. Desperate basic returns in return so. To be easy enough for any do we just went into mortgage and and definitely improved. One of the ravens players came out earlier and -- and what your favorite forms Twitter and the pin there was talking about the patriots on and on. And I wanna ask you about that wanna ask you in general. Your players. Haven't done that before games and we let that start winning when did you. Win and why did you decide it. Look at this is that what we're gonna do is it something that you were taught as -- young coach where you're an athlete in -- coach told you that -- -- that become a philosophy. That has carried on to the patriots today. Well I just think that the game is about Clinton make your stay in and out there when you when you put. So. Talk about it they want I don't mean thing you know it's. Treading -- our players and our team to a focus on the task at hand on the game and got their performance and that's all that matters so. They still haven't signed up for Twitter yeah. Now I'm not alone with my Twitter my phase. -- you don't vote. If it. How physical -- this team is fishing Sunday night you've seen him you know home very very well always seems when these games are over. There -- a lot of guys certain. Oh well the other answer their physical football team -- difficult and big offensive line that back home. And defensively good front visible from the big guys in the secondary and all of Islam -- -- You know injuries really think he's been -- disclosures. Is at any point is where you know crossing patterns and instruments it's like so. Physical on the kicking game that's physical football team and and we are two events and some great matchups with the unpleasant games and come right down the last possession last play and and that's the and that's and we go treasury for this week in -- -- accounting and earlier this season he got beat victimized by some big plays seem to really clean that up. During the course of the season this is a team that kind of relies on those big plays don't they were -- this weekend. Sure absolutely be Denver weather down there been a very good time in -- downfield. To get some big receivers and of course on quarterbacks -- and tight ends are are good players too but those those receivers and can hit those home run balls of course ray -- Wednesday Anderson anybody when he gets in some open space so. Other very explosive team offensively. And the kicking game after the jump on the continent every place camp. No play 45 good plays against them and then and then as one prettier touched and so it religious going to be on point on every on every play. The ravens and didn't finish the season on particularly strong -- received a turnaround playoffs. What are they doing different services to the playoffs so far. Was and it's you know -- makeup changes are on our offensive line you know from the Kennedy left circle -- or -- -- And movement known. Australian side of the guard so. Along attendant course perks from the sun or so they've you know that they juggle things around a little bit vote. That's it's you know one change otherwise not my whole -- and minutes and has banged up and that they had to replace long awaited vote. And don't Lewis obvious it's -- -- But they're gonna remain fundamentally there there are similar to what what we saw on first and. Like like all teams -- of all the little bit over the course of the season but they're still. Pretty much the ravens that's a major changes. I only know the coach's hours brought to you by Mercedes-Benz. And time now for the coach's question of the week. Brought you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers and there winner event going on right now at your local Mercedes -- dealers. On the web at MB USA dot com and had a different question of the week from and now this person will forgive me I feel like I have to give it. To a little kid from Connecticut bill named Billy who -- and hung up on some believe. A little program for kids little 211 I hit puppies to who has a curious the fare cards and a guide keeps you taser shot and I hung up on them -- Billy and Billy here ego. Studios of the rules my -- Bill Belichick answered your question and it's. Who's the most improved player this year the patriots. -- -- boy that's tough on. Think I think we all have improved. Hard to single out one guy strong. Partisan vote on. Yeah I mean I just I couldn't do it you know when you have the kind of year that we've had you know won thirteen games and well a lot of guys guys like Shane -- it and then play along last year Steven Ridley you are Jermaine Cunningham because -- -- that -- a lot of playing time and stuffed and given us a lot of you know important plays. But you know they have all the guys who deploy -- last year of life. That resonates holders and because like that has done even better and and invest some rookies come in and certainly they've improved on over the course of the year -- -- hightower and Justin France's. You know guys like native -- kicking game so. That's tough. I gave them greatly. I'd like my answer I didn't say -- of instability in this so many guys that value judgment on him and -- -- and allowed him. -- -- percent agree great seasons and when they had a lot of injuries during the course of the season he really plugged an awful lot of holes what was the improvement here. Well that there you know there is best sources has a really meant solid first of -- -- -- so -- back now so. But you know currencies longs is -- equivalent of quickness off the -- and plays hard. The reason he's a tough player that really you know Financial Times so. And he has some guys out works alignment and you know it's actually because -- this effort and hustle a kind of things. But but he's a good length of pastor of technique. His usual form. Which I don't but this was -- earlier there's some teams you can just feel it building come in here. In this offense pounds and for awhile and you can almost see them raking sometime in the third or early fourth quarter. Baltimore does not seem to be the type the team or committee here. And at all get intimidated much of that these conspiracy talk and some of the younger players you have. The -- but different detested -- here before this had success here before and they don't seem to be afraid of the patriots. No -- I mean I think that there are that there are physically. Physically tough and mentally tough football team. In his start with their coach and then them they're veteran players and just the overall program -- that that's the way there and you know we went down there in new -- same same situation and we made a big fourth down stop in the fourth quarter machines. You know it was a battle when he came down to a character in real close connect. You know we had the a lot of pass interference calls a lot of penalties in the game in the game didn't have a you know a great flow to it me with a -- would have been good or not the yen in the forget about all you know in terms of when in the isn't just the overall game. It was very competitive but the errors you know another element of the that was a little bit. Little different so. But others answers a question about the mental physical toughness -- the north -- Denver and kept you know give -- two long returns for touchdowns and get behind with whatever bonus thirty seconds four seconds ago on the game of time announcement of play. Make plays and over time and how many times dam removal over -- the three possessions you know whatever was so. And -- think there's any question about that -- You know they've been big games and won a lot of big games so -- Passionate proponent you've put him in the foxhole they're fighting back no question for there's. They're they're gone downswing and and you know we will too and I think both teams from out there and then just slowing. And team in the next accused invest them in I don't know there's. A big issue on where the other -- it's just comes down to you know who performs best on Sunday you know last year on matter last week doesn't matter some game in September. That really matter I don't think it matters as the competition between the two teams -- this week on Sunday afternoon. Your -- comes out. Should be good one Bill Belichick brought you by SP ally the no nonsense life insurance company -- -- free new lower rates for men and women. Call 888 get SP -- SB ally or visit SP allied dot com. For your free quote one down game -- coming up Sunday we'll see you back here on Monday coach art -- excellent article thank you -- Bill Belichick right here on -- bookshelf.

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