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Vince Wilfork: We all respect Ray Lewis, but we want to make this his last game

Jan 14, 2013|

Vince Wilfork joined Michael and Glenn on a Patriots Monday to discuss the win over the Texans, and the upcoming rematch in the AFC Championship when Baltimore comes to town this Sunday.

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Let's show live today from Gillette Stadium or way holly. It's patriots money in time for our weekly get together with -- -- will -- sponsored by. AMD Miller -- powerhouse mortgage and Sears congratulations on any of couple of three different things I guess right Casilla got the the pro boy you got the all pro and. Got to win the first playoff -- congratulations to bush weakened field thank you very much there was put in the -- his best to work for us now. Who enjoy it you and we enjoyed it last night and mountains. -- is a -- -- -- -- -- C championship playing at home against the Baltimore arena football team that's really good football team and so. And he made the bears to win this week. Now the story can be told was very hard for you guys know you told us last week. That that first Texans game in December did not matter. Was it difficult at all review or for you to get the point across to somebody else. To -- that came out and prepare for the Texans because you know human nature says that we beat them and I feel pretty confident in the coming into your house again in the play. I mean -- we were very confident opponents in -- -- com. The -- to great terrible week of practice and is being able to focus on one task at hand is playing good football and we may more place I mean we we we stepped up and third down with the assumption that we've been -- -- all year internals. Com. Which is where and we ask who's doing what you know there wasn't perfect where -- at this point. The main things to win you know and we did what is going to collide go into the luck this week we want to go on a plea. How risky -- this we've done all year and then we Steelers are looking for a one game that we put everything together. I feel very good walk and our football games -- the -- that was our best game all year because we haven't had. Once again you guys were able to contain Erin Foster seemed to get a couple two or three long runs the -- of inflated the numbers running off that weak side. How different it is guilty he should run. In an area Foster -- a cut back guy. In ray -- this week how different or is that too and do you play them differently let's. Well. Both phone and great running back I mean both have different styles of running. Sorry re -- Ray Rice is more put down here -- he can -- you. Anywhere on the field this week also was one of a -- that you know if you make it Curtis used to want could. Always ups. -- -- we would have to be very very disciplined. Playing playing run defense in and Ray Rice. Well there's one thing you know they want to run ball and you never run a bit like. In the rice. You have to put the switch a ball in the this inability to play and he's won on the -- So the -- to come back down you know once again Eskew and you know in the game plan being very. Fundamentally sound hoped for playing playing good technique. One of doubles alone you don't reach blogs to scrape blocks and all the different blocks they show us yet to be very dismissal. -- Seems like you guys are a lot better right now against the run in sub packages. And earlier in the season that was something that seemed to burn you guys you know what we are -- and that's one thing we work here are you know because a lot of teams wanna give -- you know nickel package -- dime package and try to read our defense in the in the long run the ball you know total baldness is different look. So we know we kinda like on in the box at times. And -- is coming down to me you know being able to you know that one in the out because almost we 65 in the box. Against six -- blocker so there was there an extra guy. So that's where it comes out to us being you know being a man being very good and you tick me. -- bisphenol one another and I think we've -- resolved the issue especially later. Being able to defeat in the blocks some -- put this in certain situations up front. That day that we can create different different looks from what we've put on official. That's a positive force -- this is you do when you walk into a game signal of T one. Keep our nickel and called on the field we have to be able to stop him because you're and they can have options run in the past and -- -- -- on the -- we give. Dogs -- going to be a third time in the last four years to face the ravens in the playoffs that's not a coincidence is that you can gratitude. And to the same teams in the playoffs before it was before the ravens are used to be the Steelers coach to player or that colts. It is pretty much plays out that way when you have teams and organizations that are -- this out on the very -- You know on to win a lot of ball games from veteran group home they know our plea for Paul -- -- they hear coach installs -- -- you know they. They're always -- always physical you know mentally tough. So this is a team this you know no matter how bad things you are good these. This team is going to continue to do what they do in an issue is so last week and is there of army there was down in the camera. Cleared up and down game all game but you know when it's over time those guys just kept -- in the wage -- plugging away. And it just so you are mentally tough they are it's a good it was a really good football team now. So we want to play our tails off the walk or -- Adobe is not going to be easy person to now we know we Capel dornin. We just have them you know get back to the bases and execute our game plan will be. This is the reverse of the Houston comes because you play Houston earlier this year -- -- -- Ethnic in the matter. Baltimore and development and agent at best it'll you know in -- well let's just I don't like about last citizenship because -- -- -- Or if one thing I've learned over you know term plan for all this. You get to play ails this is -- tomorrow you know because you have so many disgusting and clear team early on in the year. And so many different things that happened to the rest of year where you might see. Different you know different things we shall we order might come that was some things that they do feel really good about so. In early owners this year are you know we feel as a team -- was one worst nuclear teams risk of these things so. We've we've grown from that we were that we -- gotten better from their but it says it won't matter -- we -- -- All the teams you play how would you rate this team from a physical standpoint. -- -- you know the other rates tomorrow. Top list but it -- -- no disrespect and you know he's completely replace a physical team and his team. -- formed -- testing investigate they built this way. Does that debut for Danks liked to be accountable. Mean on the ball during -- in terms -- they have often they don't care because when you have you know when -- back. And all commercial line. On the way they do it doesn't matter if you gain four yards in the -- on an analyst for us on camera and essential. Will be very physical it was going to be it won't change. Other certain teams that you know when they commended Gillette Stadium that this -- certain point the game we sit there and say god because they know they can't beat us. Baltimore seems like the team price because you played him so long. This is not intimidated coming in usually -- not only. -- being here and they want for. They. Thirteen points of data they have so much confidence that they were so much confidence so much swear. I mean this -- -- to terminate. A lot so. Just just because as a Rogen it doesn't mean you know some things given to us because of legacies are last week they want their. At the -- in the -- between breaks awful they went into Denver and and some of them personal. They don't -- being in general they want on the role so he won't be different this week. Novak and Dave let's talk trash and of the team's go to newspapers go to a TV station or radio and I just -- Are you aware. That Twitter -- what the initial Twitter remarks. From Baltimore and subsequent apology have your dollar and the stuff I mean now I am certain operational we will blizzards and there's Bianca responded just. -- but I you know it. All it doesn't matter because -- inundated. Game was played between the lines and artfully. Also Sunnis now they don't TV the army and the cold -- and -- they called they called plays well it. Is up to you this Eagles totals place so. It won't matter what it was -- to come from there they won't -- I believe you when you say that because they hear a lot of players. Talk about that say you know all that stuff is done you in the media you guys play it up the fans play -- up. We're sitting there working on what they have done well so that we can stop and during the week if that's the case though. Why isn't in the game is always over we found out that this bulletin board material and all the stuff we've been talking about all weeklong. What was used as some type of motivation. We know we ignore the noise that's one thing we do we try to put everything into this are focused on terrorists' hands went. There's simply no matter what's missing is not gonna see you say that we don't hear things come out. I haven't heard anything yet bumper issue is some news on British is going to be some throughout the course of the week but it is still won't affect us in -- you know. We have to prepare well let me ask you where you know when this was going to come down to where. Me personally resume paying no attention to -- scenario what how teams feel. You know what he shouldn't Torres says it is because. Went alone we re gonna -- a lot of ball games around here when guys treasonous when cartoons we -- so you don't matter and they it doesn't matter. It's kind of ask you Bob ball placement with what officials -- C do this a couple times he did yesterday and you're right because I was sitting right in that area where we're where it happened. They they -- ball in the wrong spot you guys had been a nice stop and replaced Ross what you're Senegal we just got screw that's basically it. They really don't know they picked the ball up and they just put it in an appeals body Zurich is -- tricked. To try to keep the ball in a certain spot or whatever hold them down until the official gets the ball. Giving them and it is not. You. I -- a -- for wanna play. You know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- call are asked her -- they thought and that's just me you know we cannot give mopping. Now -- you almost determined that the rose to a really good job -- explaining to you know players this week let's do this plenty would happen. Voices on the fumble in the last you know -- -- that was from worsening who have called the forward progress to called to do. -- -- stop -- -- I -- we stop bush senior was enough evidence to overturn what you know. It happens they have a Djokovic are -- the best you -- so you can't follow -- careful and returned to a John -- Stuff because you always have somebody complain about something. You put on you guys I don't know how you guys. Can interpret. If you see the exact same ploy he's -- forward progress what about Eli Manning in the first Super Bowl you bloody yesterday could afford progress there are OK so. If you're seeing something here. And it's called differently every single time I don't know as a player how you react. You have to be consistent with the calls -- mean. Much you know that's my -- mum now. You don't want -- of parties. Can Islam. Opponents. Knocking it would have me here it's music you hear news network. We're in danger is that playing football and industrials was border to do is just playing football. And everything just take years ago. That's -- we have coaches that don't protester to the fights with the rest. Let me ask you one no one -- before election go. If you guys have -- successful game here on Sunday it will be the last game that Ray Lewis. Plays in the National Football League. What you -- -- what do you think of his play right now where you think he's brought. Totally. You when you do for server two years. And our senate term after their tourism and asked about it when you when you mention full sponsorship decent first person paying for it. Neat thing about race I -- because of what he brings noxious. Peacefully. That motion he bring into the game to low that he brings to the game I mean it's. It is listen to more -- speaker every time you can't talk to a tee. I mean even in on a platform -- sometimes you hear how he talks in the -- speaks with team. You wonder why our team play the way deeply deeply Ford for Erica. And when you have a -- for -- -- You've -- an old record for summer. Means now he's the car for the football and there's that's just reality he's. He's one in the -- -- they've played their position he's going to gore won this -- their position no matter what you know outcome of this game on people. Aaron gold list and may -- be his last game as if that's reality but you know it's easier than done. Part terrific game -- a good luck on Sunday and I'm sure will be darkening here and actually thank you guys aren't there. That's what four sponsored by EMB -- or product house mortgage and seniors back to your phone calls that's next you're an -- of.

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