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Shane Vereen, Patriots RB, on his three touchdown performance

Jan 14, 2013|

Shane Vereen joins Mut, Merloni, and Troy Brown to discuss his breakout performance against the Texans last night, dealing with injuries to his fellow teammates, and the Ravens.

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Our Sunday -- 630 against the ravens joining us one of the stars yesterday's game your studio Shane -- for seven chance talked to you this year. Did you like did you Salave'a I'll happily be salivating you line up outside. It's a linebacker a couple times lineup against you and I got to believe you felt like OK I can run by this 75 year old linebacker on the outside. You know as a farewell match of his go practice though weak and we're it would to hit it in the game. How much did you did you practice does know what it's. Bill would head kind of playing your role all week -- he goes down to step into -- I -- I think this is kind of how kind of how it goes you know. They're expected to step in and execute and do your job well and they would do that and as a team we -- come out with a good team victory in the world famous. -- going you know -- -- you know aren't as an asset and right now we're all right you know what a fantastic game or take critically catching the football like that I can't you know I'm assuming. You you didn't have a whole lot of -- -- with a would have probably get most of the -- -- this situation as we know he was out at the the first play of the game you know tell me I'm -- you. And are running at a talk about taking advantage of the opportunities for a you know how must you be you put into it and -- must you. Yeah I think that's true now on the ticket to come into the game -- some some success of this yesterday. Writing is very -- -- you know and I think you you know discredit to -- and staff keeping me. Today -- everything in keeping me in the mix and so therefore when something does happen I'm able to step in and and we don't really you know there's no falloff I think as the -- -- group we take a lot of pride in. Whoever's in the game that the office is going to be successful. Very athletic game you just sort of go home lie in bed and think this is my. My first playoff game I turn on TV you're all over the place you know impact you edited sort of did hit home would only point. You know a little bit -- I was so happy to -- willbros in town. He has acute mental game all year my family was back in town now is as happy just to spend with them. And be -- for them to see you know again we had. We're gonna have gotten out of that people -- -- asking the question and I was kinda wanna at -- we haven't seen. More of singer -- and people kind of point to the fact where that is noticeably as protection -- -- whatever it may be just too many bodies you know look and give us some insight on why we haven't seen. Moral view enough sense. Who we we are towns eventually you know innovative aides are tobacco -- and I yeah I guess is -- saw the guys that there had been planned and I was able to get an opportunity and to humans and is that one of the big big adjustments to you in your role if any would that picking up blitz pass protection we know how important is with the -- in that role you play. Yes huge America I think it seems to be you gotta be able to do a lot of things well in this office. You can't just be one dimensional because I don't think the office has made for one dimensional bad. Or how much you have to learn as a running back when it is so much up tempo shame because we -- Logan about the few minutes ago you're trying to catch teams off guard. Sometimes you go to the line with -- Tom's got a couple options he may decide it looked like on the Brandon -- touchdown he decided at the line I called -- but he Brennan's open. How much you have to learn in terms speeding up and that the the -- that terminology that company's line. You know it's tough because if you gotta keep boat with Tom Brady loses that thirteen year -- -- you -- -- quarterback and you know it's it's tough sometimes to keep up Bloomberg. We go over so much throughout the week that in the game is kinda you know it -- -- like second nature. I think. You know I think with the explosives and in an August of -- into the game. Probably one of the worst parts of this football team has been in the kickoff return unit and I loved -- according asleep -- lukewarm ornament Conan -- Letterman safety. You know man. We be one you'll what's the deal we saw a -- -- illegal kick returns and stuff like this was the view here with cute and you know. Time to figure out how it's you'll feel a little bit more loaded on this show. -- we promote a particular but I suspect that. And China could soon feel a little more sleep and so some SP. You know I'm I'm I've coached in demise and our kickoff return. I'm right and I think it's down right in in and got to make some blogs and and that's my job and hopefully with a sprained nationally. Puncher running backs have all gotten carries your share including myself be talked about that group what. What's the relationship like with that running back group view. Yes Jackson gets a lot of guys all together all fight for carries is it healthy competition between that group. Us great competition -- thing is is so close sources who do group that. You know we warn each other do well you know we don't really care who's in the game as long as. His arms were executed as long as whoever's in the game is doing well I mean we're happy it in the team is happy because we -- W it was. What's the relationship like now without -- full. Talking -- yeah that was taken over the leadership. They're not you know though has gotten a room as woody and his loses fifty I think and so it's a it's a big job up because can ever think it was huge and he still comes around every now and then Pelosi you know. We depended on him so much last year being young come -- and me read. -- those can you know it's tough but we see -- -- now on -- but what is really stepped up. He has that the ravens next week and I don't think could be too Smart near park the year lined up in the out siding and ray Lewis and great they're with yeah I think -- -- -- abuse appeared outside Obama gets up to you put up against this team you know it's a big physical team. Grant. They're big they're physical is just like you said. And now it's imminent. You know it's his clock it's -- volume you can't you can't be intimidate you gotta go you got to play. And at the end it is what it is is just the appliance and you got to execute in the raiders are great team they deserve to be here and you know it's going to be again. Speaking of being insisted Brandon and days. There is. Some of the plays you made it's it's it's. Obama. Well I finished college I let her finish out. He did not -- you specifically is it the -- and it seem like keep out I understand this style of play OK that they had a high speed -- -- -- -- -- and -- not ended it. I like I'm not ended -- Isn't that you're technically doing them in that it would be. Yeah the can I do the Logan I -- One of them I'm. -- He just grabbed the style of play with some of the plate that you were involved you know there. And its seriousness you know and how it did. Best of them out as doesn't fit you guys mentally. As opposed to this keep -- When you go to -- point and it talks about you can keep you keep it in your mind -- week in and take care Sunday that there welcome please -- Yeah. Bill worked on that hopefully word. And. You guys run that fast office that your guy that you note that he had -- more snaps yesterday than you had all year long how difficult is it directly from -- it won't play in the year. Deputy helmet like I'm tired here in the -- and on and on you stay in the game how difficult was that you can and one. Did you do that first -- yes -- -- they should stay in yes. You know. You never really -- it knows of because that's what -- that's what some as a practice we still and his -- Tuesday's. The most racist operative bank -- and now see why. Wives have put justice in this stuff would. And give your word of advice is to go back and wants to Curtis Martin. Hall of fame induction tape and listen and talk about come none of the -- occurred you know and -- -- you -- -- -- insight on why you should never come out against her. You know put tire of being tired and do whatever you know she's she's like about -- Angolan president goods but doing that but his main reason was that Parcells told him shouldn't have a -- the game. Because you don't know who is going into game -- Right. You might not back. That we might get her and first there -- an accident -- unexpected job. And family it's now got a chance C yesterday have a huge game three touchdowns in a playoff game has not been done a lot around here Shane -- Patriots running back Jane appreciate the time is a little bitchy mean and. Please access you know the carpet and everything from the -- the -- my going to bring more smartly -- The Massachusetts asked that I got back. A bill like -- mobile life. -- and accurately thank you and that you she is joining us live here in studio off his big outing yesterday.

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