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Logan Mankins, Patriots Guard, on playing against JJ Watt

Jan 14, 2013|

Logan Mankins joins Mut and Merloni to talk about protecting Tom Brady, the fast paced offense, and the upcoming game against the Ravens.

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Reacting all day here -- month low Troy Brown -- a 37 WEEI patriots win AFC title game at 630 Gillette Stadium on Sunday ravens. For a rematch at Gillette Stadium and joining us on the AT&T hotline. Offensive lineman Logan Mankins -- we talked -- last Monday and you wouldn't you said it Wade Phillips you know he's gonna do. Blitz blitz blitz he did so in my guess is not not too surprised by the ravens defense of approach yesterday. -- -- You know it's thank you -- helping me -- yeah we knew. They've done what they they did this same thing all season long and the their great success with this so well over the past then. You know we we did a good joke picked -- the pressures at times and has some good plays from it other times we should it done better to the most are doing pretty well. I sense any frustration on their part and neither team that's accustomed to getting pressure on for a couple games now you. That's pretty much tell them -- Yeah you you know they're they're frustrated frustrated and deservedly so they. They do agree doublespeak and and the two time to play us they give up over forty points so both of them I'd be pretty frustrated. And and it gets in these guys and you got to do a great job in the gulf oil and give the ball down on him didn't and to yeah. They're very office and didn't think it contains off guard you know we called it tesnus. Yes because these days it is in new word to describe the Patriots offense against but. You know you got to do a great job would definitely think about some of those comments that become an out and our first vote describe how was that -- what you see in Texas that make you guys go so fast and a you get the ball in the field. Well we've done it -- Pretty much the whole season you know you get down there and you make a good way to get down there and the line in the guys on the field all of a sudden we just hear Tom Gilbert plays so this time ago we just get lined up and go and a lot of times they're not certain ready so we get to the jump on -- that it just comes down to guys. Trying to figure out of the block because they're moving around everywhere you don't know who is too. Luckily we've been been able to get guys on the right guys and there's and -- treat their for the Texans were very well. Yeah and that maybe you can help us out with through a memo has been awhile since upgrade but. What was so bored or -- about going so fast because. You earlier in the year Pete Carroll complained about it. And nine year. I -- divisional complain about it with Hillary doesn't mean played him yet so what is so -- I mean I don't know what exactly the rule is. Only need to start a player substitutions you know what that rulers -- The only rule I -- is the official at the -- of the way. And he has to say you're able to go and the offense thought has to be said their position and I I think we do a good -- very join us for another book and getting down and get ready. And that the officials are saying it's illegal I don't think it's human. You know because but if I'm correct the play clock starts. Most -- is that when the ball as did. Then again I start to -- even before he puts the ball down right -- an insult to the deficit did ball and you stand over the ball move out of the way in the clock starts. Yes and we've had times where we're lined up we're trying to go. The officials told us know and where were you on it and stop. Yes that happened yesterday helping -- out on the on the it. On ethnic on the brand the lower test and it happened right when -- the Houston over the ball. Yes he did an interview he's given the defense time. The gates said I don't know what the reasoning for sometimes when he give them time he's used to hit the let's they'll start in the best to say that it is that it -- -- Is so you already have a raving complaining about it for the game it did it to the Texans -- all yesterday bogeys you caught them off guard. A couple of times some huge plays and they complain at all to officials try to slow down your pace do teams do that's try to slow things down. You know. Is part again no we're not the only team that quick -- people. We so video from last week when. The Houston. Bill was trying to get our defense ready and there was times where they would walk straight after the ball on NAFTA and they're they wouldn't have guys sit on their own offense and officials are gonna call list so just like thirteen you play yet to be prepared for the -- losses that they do and it's gonna complain about it that's fine if you wanna try to prepare and get ready to stop it. Well exactly my point. You spend more time our about the problem and doing the solution and that's what's ago has -- -- -- -- ask -- -- to complain about -- -- this. You know and I was like just like my talking about. There it was early in the year this is what they were trying to -- -- -- you know it's just not as good as it has to. But you know says it doesn't work as well for them and it's a problem because the patriots have some success and they can't live without. -- people. Did well you know our tempo is up and down -- so we don't photo we we mixer don't we go back and forth on what we feel. Is necessary during that and I think Josh and Tom do a good job of you'll notice we -- that need to go -- we need to fluid now. Look I'm guessing that this this game next week is one personally kind of look forward to casino it's gonna be nasty you know what's gonna be tough you know -- not going to be intimidated it's. -- benefits rent your malvo bit. -- you know. This is the game we wanted to get to. Didn't decide to move on and you know the ravens are always -- -- -- They're proven mentally. And they're physically. And so is a hard fought games and their defense they get a good defense -- line big physical strong guys and you know big physical linebackers so it's it was a tough tough matchup for the offensive line. Logan appreciate the time is always good luck against the ravens on Sunday night will talk -- next week speculative so good. Well Logan Mankins -- to -- joining us on the eighteenth the hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. Up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible.

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