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Deion Branch, Patriots WR, on the Patriots win

Jan 14, 2013|

Deion Branch joins Mut, Merloni, and Troy Brown to recap the Patriots win against the Texans and to help preview the upcoming Ravens game.

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Regular patriots Monday as our conversation with Deion Branch our conversation with -- is brought to you by Verizon official wireless and telecommunication provider. All the New England Patriots. Beyond joining us up on the phone here this morning. Back to the AFC title DM against the team you faced last year -- to feel familiar with the ravens on the horizon here. Did get there. It in there's some good figures or -- Unsustainable they're -- it was so. He pilgrims -- air force and got beat correctly. -- we're just talk about the comics. Brendon Ayanbadejo talking about. Was a bitch vastness and as the -- image -- business is the word gimmick offense that you guys run it would. You know he watched Peyton Manning run at the no huddle he's on the line of scrimmage twenty seconds -- read the defense you guys just. -- running quick plays. That. A look at other credit David if you don't like it stop and be ready to Texas -- reading numerous times yesterday. -- our problems -- or some. You know it is so -- issue you know you notice though are often very. Controversial. In an airplane that we do you know obviously network regret -- So. If you look at it when I DG -- Okay where. Equal but I guess what you know direct response to overlook -- news Iraq. You know if we decided to -- we're gonna do. Alcohol being and as a nude beaches I'm -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When the ball when when the guy asked to slow the ball to -- -- stars what you put it down the political scars me forty seconds is going to bring us the ball as did. The play clock starts not even when they spotted you know that. Yeah what -- -- automatically moved back here in the Bengals. This army out I don't know understand that but my question -- you. That business does he scare you being scared them. -- Yeah that you are -- about you -- -- reverend. -- it and it you know it enormity of this you know it is they're great -- great political change. So he put her of this group -- -- How how how do you think bill use this when this week and can give us. An example. To what bill my -- might use this one. This tournament. -- here you you know with -- in the first or will we heard something like this -- used it. But this figure though it may or yeah and any motivational speech to -- -- -- -- yeah -- -- you know. This thing that we currently wit who urban B. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh. From what we need to be -- -- certainly what is it. Yeah I can do a mosquito net how myself and I can't do it on the radio again on the radio audience you know. -- let's talk about the office because you guys use this that bitch ass in his office yesterday. A caught he caught the Texans are a couple times of the running game. And the -- game in the preparation for this week the -- was that something that you saw as an offense of the Texans took awhile to get set that you did. Go ultra temple a couple times catch them in the spots. -- bargain where I mean you know throughout couple games that we why are we note that you multiple. Personnel. And I think that they get what we call him and partner that we want at want to keep them -- -- field with. That court pick it up so ordered and haven't haven't answered -- the split in you know -- -- personnel. So look sport failures we've got a great circle to do great novels. I don't know little small things and we exporter. The which is which was by the way is perfectly legal right if you don't substitute you can you can really go as fast as you wanna go. You had that in which Drew Carter what he's had to look. We don't want ass over here Smart. All week long bill was sort of military centric with some of his quotes talking about Navy SEALs and unpredictable -- -- that something immediate that he talked to you but it was a navy -- and talk to you guys during the week or something. Now you -- -- new movie came out. When that -- -- else. Zero dark thirty yeah did you guys watch herself didn't use probably. What they do dog you know pretty sure. But not that you know goes. A cuckoo birds because border and that. Every race with the navy everything out there or not but it's not -- as we. It was is that it was a military gutsy yes it was it was funny because it actually played out right talking about adapting to any when it goes on the first play rubber goes out early in the first quarter and other guys step up like -- -- Shane Vereen you know we'll just unbelievable game that's been up right there. Well we know it's a web you know you never know what happened in the right now what -- guarantee. You know he -- talk about -- spoke that there will be a lot of -- players who make a lot of plays in this game. Hopefully the next game and -- -- -- -- -- that whoever they are called upon and make -- And in which they can't look last night you know saying they have those tremendous getting you know. No electric he couldn't ability it's been have stopped -- do it -- as much delinquencies you double what color my immediate. It is speaking as saying you know on those plays. And you know Howard is on and everybody gets all the reps -- would it was getting most of the -- the same get any reps at all. That's what I'm doing that because -- he -- like he was the main guy that was he's been attracted to a -- Way to -- way to game look at me like they're okay I would say it -- it was. You know. But no overall I'm pleased. You know traded have a complaint mapping to prepare -- city leaders and make sure everybody get -- to learn those same whereas Spitzer case -- -- So would ever know where I am in now aren't they I mean the prices and say where the report -- an -- to. You know really out there. To do the same thing so you'd have thought about that -- guy who calls like he should go in in Tuesday. And at that that's the great thing about this football team everybody's always prepared and and speaking of that have you seen him just a football like there in front as a tough kiss for when I received mr. yeah. -- As some of the great kid whose great played great ball I think excuse another power play it was pretty much what's been going on -- practice. You know we've been -- network player prices are all week. And it was bizarre about the terror in Wendell and just caught it in an excuse and the gators back to go to court. At least. You look at Tom he didn't really hesitate in Minnesota Mets I think he knew where he was gauntlet when India and no when he took the net. Our our back and he knew right away probably from all wooded -- and sort of monetary. Here's -- it is. -- and watching Tom yesterday were talking a Deion Branch and patriots Monday they blitzed a lot yet to wade phillips' defense do we talked about with -- week ago. As is his teammate do you look at that I wonder why teams blitz him so much based on how much success. -- Tom has and your passing offense pass when teams send a -- at jets and that heavy I don't agree -- I mean you did he -- about what its opponents in the market had you know an election barrels. You know -- determine their players they feel like it would it would -- -- so bad. It may be are we should try it was right -- you know trucks you know the budgetary entity got to look what we felt like -- shouldn't. You know. And then get out what are they probably thought it -- -- it took what they did -- bit -- it -- -- don't do very fortunate. That this Bartlett is doing a great double black as the summit protect. If that pharmacy records that delivered a popular guy. Go to the next week it's it's the ravens come in town and often we talk about some teams -- we so with Houston. In -- that there walk on the field that you let -- you wonder is this team intimidated you've got to find out Baltimore. Is -- team you know -- -- Gingrich could have gone either way they won't be intimidated Somalia October challenges it because it's it's been a struggle with this team. Right later this solid and so you know ensure that we we give them space program that they Cuba. You know it's a bit -- it's. There as well coasting to a player. You know -- -- in the Koreans and in the -- for many years so this is -- so we have been friends as well so. It's a bit bigger a bigger and abuse propaganda this ship is younger so physical barriers and you know the -- seem -- -- there aren't. Williams -- some of the guys standout woodland areas where about that secondary how do you view. Those guys there once standout in that group -- as you prepare for the ravens on Sunday. Probably had -- say they have gas earlier this great you know we -- -- went -- last -- system. You know like this period overall. They have about two very clear the -- -- and you know stood -- gasoline down. And they replaced so this rivalry when their early years are still writers. In and they kept the right move and that's what they do whatever sport in the corrupt Serbs appeared. In terms of before yesterday's game were you aware of JJ -- spitting on the pats -- part of that -- What are aware. JJ watt part is pregame routine is going in the middle the field and and spitting and a lot of people caught him. Spitting on the patriots logo and he was asked about it in the post -- the debts of some. Something ideal I was curious if if you guys have been alerted that an opposing player gone middle field prior to kick often and still logo. For the game. How little there and there are those who do it. Well -- -- this truly is instead on the field and that has beaten me why didn't exist and it's an every game thing is no disrespect and. What kind of ritual areas where she's so there. I don't know I'm assumed he'd just seemed to limit. It to that. Everything and -- And similar. And it would quick -- on the sidelines and you're watching the Houston Texans on first up routinely run at Vince Wilfork -- it and it just thinking down. -- So try what I would say you know good. I -- that. Outfit to -- -- Great keep going -- A quarter ago. You said before -- the playoffs -- started last week -- this is a better team now this year -- and it was last year what. What gives you that opinion what's different now about this team heading into the AFC chipped Uganda last year. I think that this thing is Lou it -- spoke a year mature. You know to Garrett repairs to a lot of praise and -- -- of record as saying at all and go out there are -- separated so neutral anymore we've been there before. You know -- that's -- around with this. Not this freight train was somewhat -- -- -- table but younger guys. Who has been here before election. And now I think maturity level that we have or McCain desperately because there's you know I think under. You know lucrative to quell clashes appear to pick and gas not in the guys in a lot happening here. That's a -- -- did you notice how all these programs seek god. We have like -- opposite. A credit. You know that there are no abnormal in here -- able what was everybody shows up. You know pretty much -- everybody here are -- program in this lol are we training camps in at least that's what we don't know. But that that's a great point and the gold to the gronkowski situation and we look at him last year in a game against a -- -- it goes down on the big catch he made you know was able to play an important game. And may have been part of the -- violent game in the those locals. Solely because Uga -- -- the peace proposal for a low this week you start this game without him. Against the ravens what big of a difference to you think having -- koskie from the game. This is when it would have any impact goes -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I think overall. Which we had him though partners that we didn't have a but I think we've learned how to play without. In the end. For this guy's beautiful people wouldn't think we can do it but a lot of great against the way it was played the -- Move the ball on offense the -- you know put up towards the yard effort. Without it is so the -- a larger part in it so the lab with our closes its doors. -- -- prepared to play against Africa. Unless you're just wondered you know Super Bowl week with next mr. Bewkes begins reservations down right now. Down in New Orleans who we just wanna know what night you might be a free available whatever might be. Whatever I thought. It. And just in case you missed it this week Ray Lewis retiring at the end of the year case you missed that leading up to the game on Sunday. You don't know. So. -- you did say they haven't talked about a month right they would talked about re retiring much and. Or whatever as -- sit there have been that -- -- apparently took three weeks -- You know 88. To -- you re one of the guys they ever let lookup sort of feels. Off Brazil. Aircraft have spared more operational. Motivational guy you know you it is these -- vehicles positive from it talk and is this -- -- partners over and this bedeviled this well it would -- Look forty response to I -- a deja on Twitter Deion Branch thanks the -- I got -- -- the French joining us here Deion Branch -- interview with the on every week is brought to you by Verizon.

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