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Brendon Ayanbadejo apologizes for Patriots remarks on twitter

Jan 14, 2013|

Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo backs off his aggressive comments towards the Patriots organization and Mut, Merloni and Troy Brown react.

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Get the umbrella Deion Branch is take. All what Brendan Ayanbadejo twittered out last night guess familiar with Brendon Ayanbadejo is work we changed name brand and I -- of the he's been -- -- like to shorten the and he -- it might have pitched out a little bit today with some backtracking but before we get to his backtracking last night before the game is over. He starts tweeting out he's a special teams player and that's really all he does from that the Baltimore Ravens. He tweets out before last night's game is over New England doesn't suspects stuff on offense can't really respected compare -- to a cheap shot before a fight. Are you watching the game pat vs Texans if you -- a hurry up snap offense -- before they set up it's a gimmick. -- offense is good not to be successful without that you know the same organization that did spy gate and -- got the day before the Super Bowl. Is the patriots next week eighteen and one -- -- next week. In a sport that is predicated on mono. -- -- -- That was Brendan Ayanbadejo last night number for your comments Troy I will say that less than ten minutes ago we set out the following thought about the backtrack. I made selfish comments on Twitter last night reflected poorly upon myself. My teammates and the organization for that -- I apologize all you you tractor trailer you back and believes time. Semis and had to go to work this morning this already Lewis and -- gather when he walked in the building though. -- -- and welcome to build and so. He's got a bag tag those things now but I thought that was just a little little crazy. For a player to be -- that week before the game is over and Sweden based abstinence you know is this. Is that enough for me and I know they talked some guys talk a lot of zone and try to break -- I don't know about this. Our company's yield and -- things that he's gonna is gonna look at history in the league -- for the dolphins for awhile. And come. But I don't believe it's a few years so. I don't put much into -- as a player and and out of that do this is makes it makes. The great conversation fourth minute. Spoke Erica mindedness and just talk about a team and then talk about the things they do gimmicky if they don't just trying to -- if the league. Isn't you know come and downloaded it is that is -- -- new books -- you'd -- you went -- hurry -- offense viewing area of defense. You know you put something -- -- you know you can integrate Tuesday -- to -- financed and you practice for it and you get confident. Not ready for not everything can do that Houston Texans were ready for -- that -- ever -- we talked about earlier. It just like you have an advantage. At quarterback you would be talent in Tom Brady. So the fact that he can prepare. And maybe call a couple plays in the huddle Troy -- or instantly. Make a play and have the control of your office that point where. You you can immediately see the next play you hurry up and you run it. That is an advantage knowing the patriots that's why you have a guy Tom Brady it's not just that no one focused Soledad per game is a different strain the -- no huddle Tom Brady's fast paced office. Don't paint -- no huddle it's been a -- seconds -- the defense and right they still sort of slow office. There's a 42 play clock when you look at that doesn't like a lot has done a lot you don't get the signals infamous I get in them in. And you get those signals calling and you get the plays in and due to a scheduling at least some of the united auto and not forty seconds is not a lot of time. So I don't really know what these guys talking about is like you could talk about. You know teams and let them -- Priscilla has gimmicky. So I mean you know again to the pay as Russia with Ford as a -- uses them. Schemes and different types of techniques to try to get to the present to the cancer -- and answer document couldn't -- in first to get -- I don't really understand what is stuck in the bounds of the Wenzel. I'm not making -- debut in -- reverse -- gimmicky. I'm not I don't wanna get judgment on the person or the player I'm just making a judgment on these comments and these comments are as dumb. As anything I've heard from an athlete heading into the championship game like this because you know Belichick and Brady are going to use it and the fact that Joseph Flacco and the Baltimore offense started the year. Wanting to do exactly what. Ayanbadejo was bitching about they went no models start the year they went with an offensive set up in -- -- they wanted to go up temple they want to go to all the wanna throw the ball more. With the patriots do so he's complaining about something his -- offense. Would love to do if Jim called look at those guys to do -- it -- on the same page they would do that every play if they could it's what every team in the and put all trying to do it's what organ. And the patriots what everyone's moving towards. And the call at some sort of gimmick or bitch ass and it's it's I'm not at the player -- the that the person. But some of the dumbest comments I've heard from somebody. Heading into game like this. It's -- I'm not surprised and the question is because we battle over this right will win the patriots played Seattle in preparing for that game Pete Carroll coming out. And saying what the patriots should do and is illegal. Okay because they're not given the defense the opportunity to sub guys in. Well the patriots know what to do it ahead of time so they're making it if anything a quick steps to -- And I and all that they're not -- and anybody -- that they most of time limit and they are they know ahead of time yeah already and it messed that thing about it at that would makes it it makes it legal because they're not something anybody. And even if you sudden somebody if it takes another that things like that gets a guy has. Come on to defeat and a walk and talking to the feeling the Texas where in. So then wasn't what you -- -- -- -- -- that's your fault because you and started to pages in the clinical estimate to assure well. You know -- that nothing to do with the patriots but there was substitution anything like that is definitely go to. Course as you possibly can on how this has lost that -- balls did the play -- -- clock starts.

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