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Patriots beat Texans: Troy Brown, Mut and Lou react

Jan 14, 2013|

Troy Brown, Mut, and Merloni kick off the show giving their initial thoughts on the Patriots win against the Texans and making their second consecutive AFC Championship.

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About Kubiak about Wade Phillips about match -- specifically and it turns out boys. They are who we thought they wore to steal that that agreements quote. And the Texans. Are who we thought they were the patriots advance to AFC title game a lot of what we thought. Came to on the field yesterday Gillette Stadium -- the patriots in the Houston Texans the toilet we are here because. All we gonna talk about a couple things right. Will wait Phillips is just the blitz 46% of the time. Will this office just. Five of every foster's first five carries all came on first down no second third down runs all the teeth of the defense and Vince Wilfork. -- didn't go anywhere but -- three yards and great walking in a prepared win this game. The very first drive it down that while James Casey is easy touchdown. Match up all those -- wide open Andre Johnson. All of our interest -- there. Let me correct you meant -- -- the opening kick -- down that it will OK yesterday. I'm glad I'm -- Dale Manning did it Daniel Manning had a man and may god be gracious can demo -- while a comment until he was close and into conclusions. But remaining -- they've detained four points big play of the game I thought. An anchor that could have been neck and gave them the momentum of justice exploded rest of the game but it didn't and you're right of them the Houston Texas. They've figured out a couple of things early in the game -- got -- -- the field the real -- defensively whatever offensively. There's no excuse for. An elite quarterback becoming -- a millionaire one touchdown pass club so bears receiver -- main target at the receiver position is wide open. In -- middle of the end zone. You overthrow him about ten feet. There have been about -- -- right that these Texans have to get on the board early right they hit trail play a little boy was elite asked aren't you come out. But he normally take the lead three nothing to -- the press OK worried that his game we've got the lead here we go were ready to play deflating. For that team and does it make you got a twelve yard line and I don't doing to put in -- scored first. Walked out of it with 700. To what the patriots -- the -- -- yup that's defense. As wide open -- -- -- dropped the -- that's why it's even more deflating here guys because look at the way they did Foster on first down wrong what Kubiak always does. Casey drop initially looked like Stephen Gregory got his hand and he didn't -- as they cleared drop on the hands of job James Casey. Third down. Shot that very low pressure he had a perfect site -- Andre Johnson & Johnson was -- wide open those were self inflicted wounds it wasn't like. The Texans could say well Wilfork many big play or recording made a big play the plays were there -- it was the Texans who eight. Six weeks earlier had set our biggest game average this game came out and really the biggest game ever. And -- themselves on the first drive of the game nothing related to the patriots. All self employed I mean you used an -- by the coaching when your team comes out new coaches -- -- the make the comments that this is the biggest game in my Franzen has history. And obviously -- have the same in this game because. If that was the biggest gaming and friends as history now that this was too. And inaugurated a -- I mean obviously the kick off return team came -- the plea for the Texans yesterday. And that defense made a stop but Tom Brady threw him out to start to -- Other -- that they didn't do a whole lot else that thought that was very impressive. To me well besides the fact did its job and that office had a ton of success on first down pass in the football and never some golly reason. They decided once and allowed to run right at -- will it at that and -- themselves and they put themselves a second until a second eleven whatever was that I built the play that waiting in the would have originated there and 32 in. And they can't pick him up off the field. And for the first couple thousand his game because they decided to run that problem the best defensive player whether best defense a player Vince -- well -- -- And -- not go ahead about what for several president of first quarter I think that -- -- yours. Five carries three yards all on first down -- all right at Vince Wilfork handled it very -- we know nothing. Drug -- by the very the second drive. -- you of the Houston Texans sit okay. They sort of figured this thing out right now right you got to pass to Owen Daniels first down pass to Andre Johnson first down don't pass the -- Foster which he did go to back feel more in this game for a first down. Three plays 31 down your midfield. And it's again Barry Foster right up the -- you know from minus one but it is an ideal position in public completion to putt. Any like okay -- it -- coming -- aggressively attacked his team if we're gonna be fair. Let's be equal opportunity on the coaching staff because it wasn't just Kubiak and running the football it was his Lucent. Wade Phillips blitzer in the first game they played. Wade Phillips splits 55% of the time I'm goal by the ESPN stats and info five or more rushing he sent five or more they consider -- out of bullets yes first time they played in week 1455%. Of the time Troy. Brady was thirteen of 19140. Yards three TDs and OPEC's. Yesterday. 46% of the time so barely. Barely held back their blitzing but sent a -- guys that Brady. He was about it was as good as he wasn't the first time around. 1219 against the five or more 2082. Touchdowns no picks ends the year right now one of the AFC title game. He has 22 touchdowns no picks against five or more we ask the question all week. What Wade Phillips learned its lesson when you look at what the ravens did a couple years ago -- did a couple of years ago. And instead of -- Back up and drop coverage and changeup and the fact remains Wade Phillips is who we thought he was he's gonna -- be damned if Tom Brady there's a thyroid. He's got the -- but come into the game that the twenty's vs zero interceptions will be the the change in -- for him. And obviously it wasn't I -- at some point you do have to play the numbers I mean he's distinguished pretty terrific. Against those Gaza situations are ready for -- they look Ford and you know labor -- and they have really turned the ball over that situation -- on the why he kept doing it and then to come out and make the statement that. Wes Welker wasn't an athletic receiver he wasn't he wasn't that was the -- out there guys don't know and the come out publicly and say that. Gives you some kind of idea where this guy has -- And then you come in the game you actually do this each other guard has got 101. And it -- -- situation yesterday when he was outside and -- the coming wasn't random -- government check of the -- down -- My what does he need to do. To prove to people that he can play this game regardless of that looks acts on me if it looks like AJ green often looks like Calvin Johnson. You know it doesn't matter he makes the place and away from us to come in man and to leave dead. Third court -- it is 101 with -- us work for most of their game and not give him any help. Was just ridiculous and just being stubborn as a football coach and sometimes -- definitely -- -- -- in the best of him and -- -- -- -- a -- left the game. So I don't know where there was an in their coverage to what they were trying to -- peninsula I think we have to go economic in this state you know on the coaches. The other thing you look at is match up may he is who we thought he was there a throws the match Chavez won -- -- that is going to be a play. At 2414. When the patriots disguise their blitz Greg Bedard is a great breakdown today in the Boston Globe. Of that defensive play Rob Ninkovich lines up as a defensive end. Mail calls the audible. -- goes inside like he's not offensive tackle. And then another guys blitz he drops into coverage. That's the hot -- Casey over the middle shot really at an in my opinion never sees Ninkovich and a down ten points chance to make it a 821 score game and the fourth quarter which had to be the goal the entire time. Match up throws a match up pick an event essentially. Ends the game when they're down 102414. Patriots score the other way and the rout was on the fourth quarter. That was it I mean that was the game you know he -- near halftime it was seventeen. Thirteen at half -- surprise when that happened you know me and the Texans right ten points that was a good week make it a game I would GE. At a I mean you know they -- -- in it and a half with the patriots do what they do they come out they put -- seven. And the pressure is constantly on right you march right down the field. And you look at met jobs and it's an OK here we go now we got to get -- shoot out here you know and and exit I don't think he Sunday to which he could say what you want is great design. A (%expletive) right Bedard did break this thing down at practice and all weeklong he slips back you don't see it is no way he -- get the ball over. And it it's just there's just no way he saw him on that play in that changed -- in that thing was all over right there you come down score a touchdown game. This is anticipation by the quarterback he he thought that note that that I was gonna be opened based on what he saw we set you can't play quarterback that win anymore there's teams that are. Creative and good -- the patriot that come with different ways to do things like that but it doesn't -- and you know the combat roles and users can play the game that -- based on what you see pre snap anymore. Teams this move around when it too much and you bring anything you wanna bring in the patriots. They went up right -- get the craziest look you can never see crazies -- Bruce is a conspiracy and they'll be ready -- to already be reform. And he keeps his -- down a feeling watching those guys move around as if -- around and as -- -- was always on the same page with them and you when that was the only too many of those types of mistakes -- -- was -- Like it Phillips who we thought he was Kubiak we thought he was shot we thought it was and a wrap this up Tom Brady who I think overall we think. He was who we think -- he was spectacular. He was hall of Famer -- Lit up the Texans yesterday and it wasn't just the overall 344 and three touchdowns. Some of the throws that I saw yesterday -- was good as Tom -- from the football club -- of throated -- silent on the total Welker sideline. The the read on Hernandez when his defender fell down. And he read that all the data for you to play the -- in his ran over him up that that worked out there at a I thought Brady was is on point and it's prepared for that game as any game be prepared for and I and I shouldn't be at this point but was it all at at one point that game how easily Tom Brady picked apart the Houston Texans defense. I mean I really with a surprise that thank bid bid defense. Houston Texas defense was pretty pitiful in the bank definite defense anyway. So that that wasn't going to be a problem I thought he threw the ball. But I needed. Premise all Youkilis is all his whole career basically go some of those deep as -- -- mean that test that was what was it was a great kids when handling the but that was put in a place where only he could catch it -- the I don't care how good -- coverage was. He couldn't made a play on the ball only -- -- put them well. And in the want to marina but was ousted in -- because it was again placed in a place where only during could catch it and make a play on -- -- -- -- to -- testing -- his bat. Two of the most unlikely people abused us in the field the way they did and he put the ball wide on the morning form. Mason great girls over the middle just you know put in August sesame consuming them into situations. I think don't want to whistle on third down when it was slated sticks. And he stuck it right in the west know he's going to hit it to offend us and gap -- that was a heck overthrow an excellent job whereas hang onto them for bonus situation. And pick of the big first company to. But not just throwing the football managing the game -- real other clinical family nobody -- but we go back to the Texans. You lost the scene as the limited of Oracle's -- watch that when they take an annual -- amendment rights view. They don't put them. Tom what is the best it. The touchdown with marine he went in untouched there running around defensively that what's going on even a touchdown. I think Brandon Lloyd is still running around pre snap. The big running point Lou the big run by by Stephen -- that got the ball -- 12 yard run their defense is standing around it if they didn't it forgot that this team has passed it to operate recognizes that. It puts his team in good position for big gains if they watch so much tape. On the patriots and they were ready from -- elect and played they knew when they get the ball inside the fact real and I only went around on -- just to -- just to get a -- of real quick to make sure. Mean did it take humans abuse they know if you saw that it. If you don't want to dig up everything I don't but they -- walking on the field walking all the feel welcome back down on the field because it it was a slow soon. And the pages to one of the top of ticket taken advantage of situations because teams are really -- So I think a lot of these things you look at from the week build up you can say yeah we we saw that common -- Kubiak whether it was Phillips for the was Brady match job. I can tell you right now nobody I know could've said that Shane Vereen. What's gonna happen again and yet yesterday we'll talk about his impact we get to your phone calls ninety seconds.

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