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Tom Brady expects a tough test against Baltimore despite all the extra football they've played

Jan 14, 2013|

Tom Brady joins the guys to break down the big win over the Houston Texans and give praise to Shane Vereen and Wes Welker. The Pats QB didn't get to see much of Baltimore's win in Denver, but does expect the Ravens will be fresh despite all the overtime they've played.

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Our conversation with Tom Brady has brought you by northeast electrical distributors gallery BMW and buy staples good morning Tom how -- Good morning what impressed you more according catching Manning from behind or -- -- Foster from behind. Yeah they're both great plays you don't we get some very good team. Speed on defense and that's -- safeties are for the that there the safeties you bet that name for reasons. -- can -- those guys down. You know that's why he's not that kick off keep talking human. He's usually last 5% say it's there's not many guys bastard never. Yet without question your team is physically tough and mentally tough but I think we can add another tough to that and that would be intellectually tough. By that I mean would heading bronco while the first two series you and Josh in the coaching staff made the adjustments intellectually to get that thing going is that fair to say it's that intellectually tough team. Well you have I think part of you don't we knew -- going into the game to -- adjustments that are made on both sides of the ball and no not really expected with the injuries like that so quickly. We really didn't get even a chance to get into our game plan. You know that's what Josh -- better than anybody else. You know that that I've ever been around his ability. You know it just like he's done all season. That's just the way it's gone so you know I think we've played a bunch of games now we. Never really been fully healthy and and obviously now won't be but you know what we've still got a very good team and when there's different guys that stepped up and make those big time plays. Whether it's western branded or do you and our Shane the word rear it would be -- -- and and that's another big game so. You know they got to stop all of us and I think that's so we have to continue to do this week. Tom can you give us some insight into how that adjustment works when those two guys go down. Yet and replace script I'm sure for drunk and Danny do you continue to run those same place as scripted but just different personnel ordered some of those plays go out the window. A little of both a little -- so you know sometimes you just you know with the personnel group you change personnel grouping in. Read very similar play -- and other times you -- -- out of certain plays and you know I think that was that indicate. You know yesterday and and that's football and that's what every team adjusts to every week it. It's rare to make it through the game with every single player healthy. You know offer up to just happened on the first series which you know it happens midway through the fourth quarter you know recognized -- as much what happened. You know and the first report plays it's a different story. Eight Tom do you know Brendan I am and they show is. -- you do you know what he said he thinks you guys cheat because you you know you run the hurry up and you don't keep the other team a chance to get ready to calls that a gimmick. Yeah like a cheap shot before a fight he says. I mean I I think we've we've had a lot of people comment about our team and our players this year. You know I think the best thing that we do is you know we. Ignore the noise and we go -- try to prepare and nothing really that anybody says or does it can affect what's gonna happen next Sunday so. I think it's best practice the folks on what we can do and that's prepared worked and do what we've done all season you know people wanna say things the right things it's. They have the liberty to do that but you know it doesn't really have any bearing on you know what we do. So you won't make sure you give them time to get ready this week that the -- that. The ravens. You know we -- we're gonna play this that we played earlier so I don't know what we're gonna do -- I just woke up this more. The funny because in my other hand are gonna story all the Texans talk about how hard it must keep up in Brady -- says nobody was set that's what the patriots do. We were prepared prepared is just that they set the ball down and ran it I don't even think the refs were ready. Which to me is brilliant I don't understand why Denver didn't do to Baltimore. In the thin air I mean you guys just run the hurry up so effectively. It seems to me that the play half the times almost irrelevant it's the pace that that messes up the other team. I think they're both important I think the pace of play and the execution certainly it. I get that before it does no good to go fast did not do your job so it starts with the -- well being able to do our job. Effectively and I think is wrong as we can stay on the field and make. A few first down then we're really you know we got to rip we got a great temple of momentum to the drive and it's hard to stop -- at that point so. We just got to get into the drive to what we're into the draw that we feel like we're gonna put points on the board. Are you calling the play in not -- called two or three plays in the huddle or UConn and at the line because it because that line. That's pretty quick -- for every one looked at the play and then X acute. Yeah it will mean we to a lot of different things and other a lot of plays are called -- -- multiple plays are called the huddle -- -- answers you know check the -- I think they're. You know a lot of things that we do that you know we try to game plan we figure out what can be challenger for the other team and that's what we try to do so it's about the same every week it's. Maybe there's some carry over maybe there's but like that and ultimately you know it comes down to our execution it's sprawling catch and run blocking and playing penalty free not turn the ball over Mexico's most proud of the fact it was. And very clean game in terms of penalties and turnovers and that was a -- we needed it the most that was you know you can't afford to give up those possessions. You know work put yourself behind me you know and these long yardage situations against good teams because they take advantage. Obvious that exclusion is the key in a hurry up in the quick snapped thing. When you use a one word call whether it was cougar a couple of weeks ago or Alabama yesterday is that particular play or does that mean something more than a particular play. It could mean a lot of things. You know sometimes it plays sometimes it you know it. It's dummy calls sometimes that you know I think a lot of things so. You know I could say twenty different word than you know one needs something one means another one need -- and so you know its its target string them together we -- but a lot. You know I think it's it's part of you know and I don't think the defense had its price great for the fans that we hear those things -- it. You know -- players we just. You know we know what -- -- and here and we hear it we've all got to be on the same page so. You'll Peyton Manning does a great job of that too -- a lot of communication at the last scrimmage and you know you change protection you change Ryan can change routes you change. A lot of things I think. You you just have to do -- -- to try to keep the defense off balance. It seems to me that that kind of intellectual. Well work load you have dispels the idea of a dumb football players like what you're saying is. It's not unlike a third base coach and baseball. You know touching his hand was forehead going across his chest tapping is right right and left and knee when the case may be only one thing but he's doing means anything to anybody. Of course you know on the question of course. You know you have to be able you know our guys have to concentrate and not in the old you know what they're looking for what they hear you know when. You know when it means nothing it means that that what it means something that means something that we all going to be on the same page so. I guess that it it's important not to confuse ourselves that we had to be able to play with anticipation so. You can't really you know over think yourself the time you have to be able communicate what you need to communicate and not over do it. But you know it on the -- Get the defense to be on their heels a little right. The more the defense can play defensively you know that the more of an advantage it is for our offense with. You talked about the rhythm of the offensive when it gets going you start making plays with the lack of rhythm by the -- the first several possessions a result of those different personnel groups because of the injuries. Look kind of adjusted and you know we we've we've we've had a few very well so we missed some opportunities -- third down that. You know we could've done a better job and you know the first one I think I. That group lived there on the right side I was late thrown it he made a bad place so. You know that's that's just execution that that's not really anything other than you know throwing actionable. Were you surprised to see a linebacker. On marine and even in the fourth quarter. Well they have to adjust somehow so. You know you got air it out there you got to two receivers. So. And you got and you got might. Who's you know and other you know receiving. You know got another receiving threat for us that we -- the -- -- -- big situations so. You gotta cover everybody at some point you're gonna try to find you know good matchup and chain was a good matchup and he made great -- read a great route. Just try to put it a place where he could catch itself. You know he really played a huge role for -- -- totally you know came off the bench and expected would restart the game and nobody injured there on the first play and and it was Shane and Stephen direct -- so. And that's what we needed -- that where we've moved on because guys really took advantage of the opportunity until the end. You know really contributed says the success of the team so it was a great temperature up. I'd tell us what you did Saturday I know you're prepared for this game but. Did you watch the Denver Baltimore game like like we did and what you. It'd blow your mind like it did us coming it was a pretty wild game and you had a lot riding on it. What was it like watching. But the matter of fact we were we have key meetings on Saturday night so. Army started at 730 which was kind of right the lead in the fourth quarter there. So you know we didn't hear match you know we heard some screams from the other room and then. You know we we just kept trying to go through these and then afterward. You know somewhat similar to -- of the game winning field goal and you know we have that TV on at that point watched it and just continue to be so. It was obviously great about it seems really you know much of it you know after the first half so. Do it. You know I heard that -- the highlight. Yesterday. Yes this morning it but it -- -- -- grateful faulting the plane. When it matters the most then. He's you know -- I think what you see. Yes -- they -- there with the Atlantic -- worked at Denver game. Mean it's never over it's never over you Euro got a chance and and when guys. Take advantage of opportunity here. Knew that he helped you make a big play of the game that's what they do and that's that's why Baltimore -- that's -- -- Atlanta advanced. Maybe this is a better question for somebody who's playing defense but -- 77 minutes of double overtime football take. A full on a team. You know at this time of the year I think you you put absolutely everything you can't into you know the weeks so. You know they got an extra day's rest -- and I think. Both what we're gonna regret this review very well prepared you're gonna get our best athletic that's what it comes out here I don't think there's going to be have any lingering effects of this last week your. Too much mental toughness of both sides involved both teams from both coaches. From both staffs from the players. To let anything from last week get in the way of what our goal is this week. I know you haven't seen the film -- and -- just you know go back in your memory bank of the -- deep left sideline throws the 33 yarder to Vereen. And the 47 yarder to Welker. Would you agree that the one of marine was the better throw but the one to Welker was the better catch. Well they're both great catches. There's no question them and west. -- -- unbelievable job you know you can handle apple in the play that what and that hour and it's not like -- you know xxx so and so -- like. Elicited the biggest guy in the world we got the biggest part so that makes up for a lot of you know the size difference is his mental toughness and physical toughness. Yeah there's there's just nobody like to -- so. Yeah I -- I -- who I have practiced that you know what three times all year and the ball down field -- like Batman. You know when it mattered most -- comes up with -- so US has positive opportunities and you know it takes advantage in change. Obviously did the same thing with the great. With a great catch you know what -- covered in his paper wrote he's right on the sideline and it was just stating you know will we needed that at times I was -- I was really happy for those guys. Do you feel sorry for Peyton Manning at all. Alike know the feeling and it's if they. You know it's it's a pretty crappy field so. You know the part of the competition is is one team wins the one team loses it when you're on the win again disagrees on the world that we on the losing end. They're absolutely not to work so it's sitting. You know I feel bad for all the guys that lose that same time you know the guys that -- they deserved to win and it's a team it's a team game with a team effort and you know Baltimore with a thirteen months and others. Saved saved you a trip a long trip to I guess -- that. The right team went for it for you guys. And now you got Baltimore -- you lost to him and we just went over a week. Tom we talk about how irrelevant the last game against the Texans was. That was only a month ago the ravens game was three months ago we tree. Does that have any effect -- do you look at the tape you learn from that he would. How how deeply do you get into that first game against Baltimore. Sure you have to you know we've we've learned from the last game but you know it's an electorate that last week it's it's just more of a few accepts and so forth and you know I think you get fuel further. You know just some covered -- public -- we played them enough where you know we know the players we know they're trying to. You know what this. Work hard this see what they've done since our game which and other a lot of hate to be watched. But they're like our best football right now and the way they're offense played. I did see if you look at Torrey Smith catches and those -- incredible what he's. You know he he had a great game against and you know great game you know on on Saturdays so. They got a very good offense very good defense to get Pro Bowl special teams guys they got you know great teams are very well coached that's why it. They're in the same position that they were last year. And you know I feel the same way about us -- yet. I feel the best coaching we got a lot of mentally tough players physically tough players that are going to be faced the toughest -- to hear it you know and I -- will be ready for it when. Went you know -- kick off next week. Tom clearly you hate to lose that talent and a weapon like gronkowski but I'm wondering are you more equipped to deal with his absence because you've already done it for seven games as it's as if as opposed to -- played sixteen and got hurt yesterday and then getting ready for Baltimore. Sure and I think there's definitely we we put much more. I mean this year you know that we -- you know for example like last year when you know we played the Super Bowl was our first game without -- -- in two years or so. You know not that you know that's any excuse -- there is no excuses but you know you just there's uncertainty. You know how guys are just playing to step in what we know how it's gonna go now we know. The types of packages will use them what we'll do in different ways we'll try to find. You know it's done. -- weaknesses in the defense based on our groupings and so forth so it was just a matter of you know I've spent the week -- time to prepare and it's a normal week for a have a normal week -- practice and you know I think that's what guys prefer you know we don't fix that extra week's extra day is you know sometimes you just try to get back on the field and no we we. And we feel good we feel you know ready to go in the we're gonna need it this week -- where they'd have a great weekend. I collect social -- by the competition starts today just doesn't start -- it's 630. You know it starts this as early is that this morning. I know the standard patriot answer is we just play whoever they put in front of us that this is a small part of Utah on the regrets not getting another shot at Seattle's Dick Sherman. Well. And that I think what I -- -- -- do yes it was pretty remarkable plays to move the ball with 31 seconds left. Down the field and ought to pass plays was incredible again. In one of the best secondary in the lead so. You know I he's a very good player in the end you know -- policy I mean what great player he is he can -- -- a lot they have read. You know a lot of the work according to what they do so they had a great -- You know I wish we would have beat of this year we didn't. You know hopefully some -- -- look at -- -- -- place Seattle again but you know this -- it's all about Baltimore. Hey I know you probably launch since could -- to the circuit immune to this but you pass Joseph Montana for a a post season winds. Does that sinker isn't sinking in is that still blow your mind as a kid from from out there and if you went -- like parents' house or their attic would you still would respond Montana posters -- Montana jerseys. I think you probably wouldn't. There was a lot of -- -- -- a lot of the you know those were my two favorite. I mean it took to -- the kid in the Bay Area with the 49ers went all those gains brought a lot like the kids doing grown up now and I think that's really where my love for football started my parents. Love football and let take immediate gains and there was nothing more fun than need it then. Don't productive more fun for me that -- you know go to Candlestick Park in. You know our seats were up on the ten yard line but he grows from the top of the stadium so. There's just so much excitement every week 51. In. You know those two quarterbacks you know released. Acceptable are referred to know how the positions to be played in. You know I've always admired both those guys and -- Have a good relationship with. You know those guys -- and I just feel very blessed to be a part of such a great organization to play for mr. Kraft and Jonathon. And and then the craft heavily in the play for coach Belichick activity. I just I've been very fortunate my life in Eckert said last I never take it for granted I'm I'm just very grateful I think that know how to really feel. The only downside of that candlestick experience as your dad never bought to the foam finger in major prior right. Yet that never happened but that was okay just to be -- the game -- you know we. Throw the football around the parking lot tailgate and there was there was nothing better on Sunday and I -- and I would ever with little off but I'm sure a lot of you know the kid doing here now so. It's saying. Not a great -- to be a patriot fan and I hope we continue to have collected that much reason to -- this weekend. Is there any chance you got a text message from Joseph Montana about your accomplishment yet. No I didn't I didn't hear anything. You know right -- he's a you know I've been fortunate lucky that to be around in my few occasions and I have. It has so much respect for him and his leadership abilities and you know he was such a great part mechanically get me what you they would do use. Such a great athlete for the position he wasn't as big as some of the guys -- output. You know his. With the way he moved in the pockets of the week and escape are on the run. You'd create mechanic that was. And that he you know was probably much more along the lines of the guys that are playing now we're so athletic and had you know both dimensions can run grow and his efficiency of the past -- his ability -- You know play the game and make big group according to get the -- with you know both those guys always itself. I loved I loved -- And Montana played with a chip on a show like you because he he he slipped to the third round right. You were third rounder and a that was a palace and that was an insult unmistakable part of a lot of teams. He went where did you. Yeah nation that you either love better player that I was I. -- You know like -- that there's been so much development for me based on my coaching him. With my experience than you know the other quarterbacks that are powerful and drew Damon Huard to unfreeze and some of the guys when I was -- and released. Taught me how to play the position. You know through such a great examples from media. And that's over the other -- they -- -- that I take things for you know guys that they would know right about who's you know great young player. You know I think there's so much to gain by watching you watch Russell Wilson watched Matt Ryan you watched Joseph Flacco neglect hate you much air pocket to bring it up. There's always something be learned and I think that's part of why I enjoy the game so much between -- would feel like there's room for improvement -- You know I'm just gonna try to keep going to try to he'd be in the leader and a great teammate and hopefully can just win this game this weekend there's not -- victim -- -- that. Tom I know you probably won't wade into this WA big fan of the all star officiating it's seems to be to make a football analogy it would be like you quarterbacking a Pro Bowl team in Honolulu with -- -- -- have played with all year long. Or yeah I -- at all I would certainly don't make any of the rules and you know how they do that they do it goes both ways you know I would feel like you know the call evened out over the course of the game but some partly. They get it right sometimes they get off but you know we're used to that we've always done that Lee. You know that's that's how it's been since we were you know started playing this game and and -- were somewhat but he -- refs miss calls that's just part of it but. It's the best -- usually kept up when it. You know the rest I think to a great job in the playoffs and you know you see they let -- play a little bit more which I think the players enjoyed -- not to tick tack call and I think they let it play and that's. That's how the players -- typically like it -- you do you have to kind of argued he played physical the physical game. But if you don't read about him after a four quarter football. A final question last that you mentioned a couple of times at the podium you retired wanted to go home does one good night's sleep reenergize your batteries noticing more than that after after a hard week -- work. Well we'll get -- rest today and tomorrow we'll be ready to go -- so there's there's there's -- that today but. Certainly don't let the rest and part of it is credit through and there's a lot of support to be done. There's a lot to zero point eight there obviously playing great to have a great job Baltimore has been playing their best right now so. If there's a lot to prepare for and they got great coaches in great coordinator so yeah it's going to be gay. Not going to be very challenging game. They have nothing else just the concept of one win away from the war and should be enough to motivate energized pretty much everybody in that locker room I would suggest. Yes that's what that's going motivation we need so that's saying. That you ultimate motivation worse. When you think we started back in training camp and in late July to get to this point there's only fourteen have done it. There were 32 teams that it hopes to -- some level one of its fourteen that are substandard. You know the outcome of the season could be determined what we do and and and I'm glad it's an -- can't sell -- -- well and play great in this week. Have a good week double talk to down the road. Already with Dennis and Callahan on AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT ER conversation with Tom. Is brought to you by northeast electrical distributors gallery BMW and by staples.

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