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Patriots beat Texans to advance and host the AFC Championship - The Real Postgame Show

Jan 13, 2013|

Butch Stearns and Steve Deossie break down the win over the Texans and take your phone calls.

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Thinks he's so we. He feels a bit don't you guys talk radio network but we'll post game show. -- -- -- -- steps up. Turn over his -- NFL all pro nose tackle -- murderous and Super Bowl champion Steve DeOssie great. Trips home run ball ratings. -- The -- post game show. On the WEEI Sports Radio that. And -- real post game show is on the everybody on board and the real post game show here on W -- just under two minutes to go in this divisional. Round playoff game at Gillette Stadium patriots on their way to win over the Houston Texans will put them. In the UFC championship game for the ninth time in franchise history and laws or have them hosting and once again. And back to back years 61777979370. Join us. On the real post game -- the year 2:11 o'clock. At 617779. That in. Nine B three stepping which -- he'd -- off the on site here -- Toby -- I love this bar and grill. Principles will be joining -- later on the right moment. To a good during the game the do we expect. This kind of offensive output -- through the patriots is keep long roll of the they don't care who they face what they've faced they've run their offense and then it's up to introduce some apartment. Houston who was a true testament. Yeah methodical team aren't they especially when you consider the way this game went. For probably won't -- the first quarter but in the second quarter. It certainly didn't have the intensity get the other three playoff games this weekend for. At the start did that you don't use -- particle with that almost sounds like it doesn't do it justice yes they're methodical they've got their plan of action. But it's not that methodical. Boom boom boom it's it's being viewed this that throw the ball rolled the ball with. It's -- -- -- a high speed but Kanye lightweight Republican to me sounds like you don't imagine -- -- whatever it is putting records and its exact word but. It's methodical in terms of the anything at any time is on the table for these this week it's off like chose that word meaning this bit so so consider how the game started. Consider how the game started in it and do you agree with me that there was a lack of intensity compared to the other three playoff game this weekend or what. A lack of performance at least mean all the other games were bang bang bang -- this one they both teams kind of lumbered through before three of what's here but I think also. Group that. Houston was kind of waiting for something to happen. The patriots. Though they were waving big stupid people with that kickoff return to certain game. You could do anything with the that's that's never -- get an idea for your parent and kid to a thing with the so that situation you look at things. Haven't scored seven there is -- different told doesn't force the -- to do so multiply through a different way. -- dollar because they don't they're really cared they've been down some importance to sort of game anyway but. -- out of always maybe because we're used to seeing this offense. We don't get that excited about we get excited to have Simpsons or Seattle or somebody you're live scored thirty points with the patriots like okay. You're up thirty points we see that we've been there. So 61777979837. To join us on the real post game show. -- we appointed time to talk about it patriots with a ten point lead just over a minute to go. Here against the Houston Texans. This one did not seem like it was going to be a 38 point effort from the patriots at the start as you mentioned Steve on the opening kickoff. 94 yards and ended up going to the twelfth that Stallone bothers me because in 94 yard kickoff return and 88 yard. Even offered throughout and that's the way -- keep it right now what do you with but how about them according not given up on the ladies of safety that situation. Tracking down being a living and not giving up no matter what. That was that was a big place you -- -- seven also not that that changes the outcome of the game but it might give Houston a little bit more swagger what it doesn't reality. Is the Houston -- says that while we had all we have -- -- to go we couldn't. We could put platoon for the for touchdown. I think that set the tone. Or helped set the tone has much quarter run that got them. Us talk about the bad news out this one and we were here probably seven weeks ago. Or so when they put up 59 points to beat the Indianapolis Colts. We're faced the same situation. Methodical. Offensive performance again -- -- scored 59 points yet we were left talking about Rob Gronkowski breaking. -- arm on a special teams. Play at the end of the game and now. According to Mike Florio pro football talk. Rob Gronkowski is gonna need surgery and he's done for the season and will not be part of -- the patriots playoff run. Takes them next week or beyond again this is according to pro football talk. And Mike Florio of NBC sports from a source according to a source that he has. Rob Gronkowski needs surgery. Will be out for the year was the second series of the game speed up with the past that he caught but it was out of bounds he felt on that arm. Who say awkwardly I mean he's such a big lumbering guy putt fell on that arm. It right away. You -- it they showed it on the on the board at the game they showed on the highlight. What TV he was in a lot of pain very shortly after he left for the locker room we took entries in the never to return to the sideline. Thank you do you're right -- right right with the sort of on the sidelines. And if you become a pain he was it. You know markings. Impervious to minor things you have to build a few without. And hold -- like he was good to see the disappointment on the space you can see. Besides the paid you could see that he was pissed off and disappointed. That's a tough loss that the very tough loss we saw. Even those offense can score points without gronkowski you'd much rather have a -- makes you that much better off of so. You combine that with would -- could come back to game either. With a thumb injury. Now all of a sudden you've got to one phenomenal offensive weapon that one very good changeup. A weapon out of your repertoire how the -- to react to that. So speaking to react let me ask you right away let's talk about. No Broncos -- from the Baltimore Ravens obviously good news for me but hot you're going to be and you were in these meetings like this that you are now preparing for the patriots without. Gronkowski when I look at Houston in reacting Steve. They didn't react the patriots did. The patriots ran for five point one yards to carry a couple -- six until we got the fourth quarter trying to kill the clock Steven Ridley Shane -- All doing a great job we'll get to -- and a minute. Wes Welker ended up with -- big catches for a 131. Yards so the patriots did react offensively without -- -- that now the week the game plan. If you're the Baltimore Ravens this is a different patriots -- said so many times without front -- clearly a little bit motivated for Baltimore errors and it. It is what we've also seen the pictures put up -- of the points without group tells you so if -- if -- Baltimore coach the first thing I'm showing them his. I know the growth because he's out I -- who's the best I've been legal one of the best relatively. It doesn't matter these guys -- score points if you think you're gonna have a Sunday afternoon off because well because he's not there you're sadly mistaken so. That's the first -- you tell them that you say okay here's how we can take advantage of here's what we can do. Double what Cuomo Cuomo report maybe we can take that we can bring you more guys opened the box you'll have to worry about that the threat down a little. What you definitely impress upon your defense the fact that this team could score with or without propelled him but then turn it -- okay how we take advantage of. It is the final now 4128. The patriots. With -- another playoff victory a lot of statistic to goal we have a lot of time to talk about those. Give you wanna move right now Tom Brady with a seventeen playoff win now becomes the winningest quarterback in the history. Of the playoffs seventeen wins -- Joseph Montana. -- Tom Brady with his seventeenth when he also joined with -- news. Fortieth and 41 or thirty ninth fortieth and 41. Touchdown passes Brady joins an exclusive club only two of the quarterbacks have thrown forty more post season touchdowns. Brett Favre. And and -- has yet. The conservative what we want to remove any job want to thank you very much -- ten with 45 and Favre with 44. So they go the patriots 4128. Also another instead Steve your football historian the patriots ravens. Will be the first. Rematch of the AFC championship game since 1986. And 1987. When my good friend Paul baron. As a member of the Cleveland Browns fell short to John Elway Denver Broncos two years in a -- when the browns in the Broncos faced each other. 86 was the drive in Cleveland 87 was the -- finer fumble. They'll -- in Denver so the browns and Broncos. Had a rematch but the old game one was in Cleveland and the other was in Denver got these back to back will be the first time since the here's the pulpit fox part. Did you -- and if you look at all the teams in the playoff and I and I was those -- last night -- those the Baltimore. Denver game and everybody seemed so happy that Deborah Lawson didn't wanna go to -- into -- -- -- What is is there any team in the NFL. That should be -- More competent -- the reverse ravens coming into Gillette Stadium. Two years ago they came here when the playoff game last year we lost would that great play by sterling -- mr. rotunda. This year they come into Gillette Stadium and won the game and lives in Baltimore but you got Julia brutally money game -- -- beat beat them this year. And there's there's no team -- who might -- to play the patriots in the playoff. They have the Baltimore Ravens. Be careful what you wish for to good point which -- we also update yesterday it's -- -- so we don't give Brady Manning but not -- The AFC champion but the Baltimore Ravens a battle tested and I'll give you one other thing we got a good break. Joseph Flacco. Has played eleven. Playoff games now think about that. He's seven in Florida quarterback. And I would argue that he took the -- -- off yesterday you to Bill Parcells -- a little bit with that that end of the game touched on all this and that. It's a great points the time Russ take a break you're listening to the real post game show on WEEI. Get on the phone it's 617779. 7937. Your new car you had normal blood to hear from you. It's -- about the patriots in another. Run to the Super Bowl your thoughts about gronkowski thoughts about this game. All of its on the table we -- 11 o'clock. 61777979837. Real post game show is brought -- you. By -- -- natural casing franks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots look for that -- blue box in your favorite grocer. Can't celebrates -- -- -- -- -- You feel on the WTI Sports Radio network but we'll post game show. -- -- -- -- -- -- Turn over his -- NFL all pro nose tackle -- murderous and Super Bowl champion Steve DeOssie. Trips home run ball ratings. -- The -- post game show. On the WEEI Sports Radio that. Welcome back to the real post game show brought to you I can't natural Casey and franks they are. The official frank and sausage of your New England Patriots. Look for that -- blue box to your favorite grocer can't celebrate something we're back -- the real post game show which started with Steve DeOssie. We are live at Toby Keith I loved that bar and grill. The latest news for you two things. Number one patriots are in the AFC championship game they hosted at home next week in the early lines being. He points. Over removed over Baltimore right now I think that's gonna go down without -- if you lived up somewhere around 65. Six maybe. So what that you're -- that you get three points on that would be able. -- and Rob Gronkowski is the other latest news according to Mike Florio pro football talk NBC sports. He will need surgery on his arm and he's out for the rest of the season so. Sort of like the patriots did last year they can't do without gronkowski is never going to gronkowski last year. But they don't have -- now according to Mike Florio of pro football talk 4128. They beat. The Houston Texans in the AFC. Divisional playoff game now host the AFC championship game trying to go to the phones -- -- what we -- -- whole good reference pilots go to the phones and let's start. But our good buddy Jimmy it's August what he got fours they'd give me. Hoops hang on 12. -- my bad. Let's go to Dennis. I don't know what's -- Yeah very easy computer's going. -- tackle picks it up in the number 617779. 7937. Now let's go to Jimmy its August -- giving. Well apparently they hit a campground down you know the last game that was -- of play was a big mistake like. You would have you would have been more help it would be less likely to be injured again okay. But but it would definitely it was a good game. Hopefully this time we will wrap this time to have it wrapped that game we will know we will win that game next game and go on to -- Well let's let's comment on his comment about gronkowski you know -- with a with a broken home. Not a hamstring not attend in the not -- my -- I don't I find that I mean all it's all speculation well until we do experience anyway. At this point but I mean. You -- it was seven weeks to get hurt in November 18 that was David beat the colts are remembering the -- and seven or eight weeks now. We were told by all accounts it was going to be 67 weeks to heal right to do that -- we come back to eight week. When he running back it wasn't too early right. I don't think was to -- it all and really played above quote for the please. Last last obviously the view of the season. You looked -- percent healthier and since he came down. In whatever way you were fast and came down just to hold off on that. You documents that a vote today you know you workers of up to that you -- -- He was healthy enough to go to give her last week so you wanna get a little. Been -- time and do the right way you look for the good of the snaps last week they handled that the right way it's as these things happen in the NFL. Let's go to Dennis in Braintree on the real post game show hi Dennis. Right guys who say those. Our problem I wanted to talk about like Greg Cote is not merit a -- -- the -- he Gregory liked it could be bought a new quarterback. Accurately in the I don't know on the cure all but beat Gregory awful what do you think about him. Right I think you've taken the wrong day to pick on Steve Gregory don't know that you really terrible today every -- like you like and they'll repeat that the backs and see all year with the patriots. We've had their ups and downs they it was a bit. He got beat a couple times he also made a couple of very good place so. It was removed when you're talking about this team -- secondary it's not a great secondary. Leads the helpful for passwords and these two. To be as aggressive as possible I think they're the best. Shape what they can have forty points if you had to leave the -- at the the course. I think Dennis is picking the wrong day to pick on Steve -- to levels I'll tell you why. Leading tackler for the patriots Aqib Talib -- and Steve Gregory -- ten although that doesn't -- tell all be all they'd like to -- that the backs from the these movies -- the battlefield gunship like keep my positive and negative comment during the game yep here's what I have three times -- Gregory deflection. -- -- Boyd Steve Gregory one on one. Defense tackle and and knocked down after those two plays that I had pointed out as he plays in the game email I just think whatever Gregory is get the pretty began to. Oftentimes -- we we had this course if you're going when we look at the the bad things remember them. More so than some of the good things for us who have thought of marquis group like Tom Brady could throw to a reception -- -- go five touchdowns we don't care. Good defensive back it's people's -- we see that because he's not involved in every single. -- upon having junior on the real post game show all. Good evening gentlemen outbreak. Is really not too many negative -- mob would rather than you know special teams that look great on those couple of return. I'm calling me above gronkowski and regardless to what they keep -- up here on out I am I'm setting the goal now -- -- he's been taught. And I ain't street like how he -- -- -- -- -- that the best cited in the game when he's healthy are -- that perfectly healthy. You have -- it's still loaded you've got a question the Welker for next year and I'm definitely got to cut the plant -- -- -- hero but I tell you right now. But you feel a little holes that are let me ask you quite solid lid on the latest scheme would be protected. Young what you get in return. -- mom comes I'm sorry to top the top about the NFL we don't build -- majority create all about the defeat the draft. It's not like -- radio so you'll see a shot heard fought there you're gonna take a shot at 45 chances to get another house. But it it hit got Hernandez. Who don't want to get it it receivers in tight and you know that he's filling open and I think that the only guys they all thought he took the couple 47 the law and -- -- name whatever it. But that being said I'm just on the right now they need it in an opposite line and they need to let. -- like that whoever it is you can't tell all. Are -- -- let me -- into this -- Blogs that they -- -- to let just let me let me -- into perspective why is -- you want your record tells you yeah. You can take what you the terms of straight. Now once again he has probably wouldn't work that way though about why would you -- like organism that's why you -- Have to bring in other civilians -- don't correct. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I get when he -- remote -- OK good good so we've reached that point. Now what you wanna do is bringing some guys who have no idea how good they're going to be in the -- what you already have the best -- in the NFL. It -- might not get thrown an example it would make it -- squad. It brought you could go up in bringing up its role in the and -- -- can't compare the two sorry I got I got electric -- at all. Picket -- like. -- -- were excited they're going to be she can't be in the final or view okay you there in the -- the final what what's it for the ninth time in playoff history. Dick Gregory had a bad game off and let's training ground out that I was Murkowski won best -- and -- -- -- the best young players in the entire NFL. There's absolutely makes no sense wasn't even a first round it makes no sense whatsoever to go why why -- north. Principles give -- let's get Russell. A chance Harrington said he didn't know those guys you know. Russell didn't. We've -- two months. I'm gonna talk about what a great game could quit eight. And it hit. The basic. Oh -- -- -- caught up. -- weren't on speaker phone web from your yup. Thank you. Little bit about having -- -- he's healthy words what one of the biggest. We -- beat the guy who football absolutely. Absolutely. Am just wondering why it's doing surgery now why they didn't carpet wiped out when he -- it deeper. I -- I think they did I think it puts in schools with plates in the former member I thought they did some sort of follow up to look that up on a number. Often look to take -- next break and we'll -- -- was re injured one way or the other beat these are all things that happened in the NFL loser loses. You know pardon upon but they're tough breaks it happens to you can't really. Coach with a -- Playing for the big just kinda happened gronkowski was opened completely and here's like everybody to play. So get the latest news folks to be just tuning into the real post game show you call us at 6177797. 937. Is that Mike Florio pro football talk NBC sports reporting. According to a source of news. That Rob Gronkowski is now for the year he will need surgery he's gonna miss the rest of the policies and others. Plenty more to talk about in this team and going for the patriots -- eight point favorites purely line has been established -- Baltimore Ravens. It's the first rematch of the AFC championship game and when did six years. Believe I did my math right 8067. Between the Broncos in the rounds. An -- weight back on the first time that it's happened. Back to back in the same stadium yup. Of course was last year. And that's you know play more talk about Shane Vereen is a subject you wanna talk about it Libby is calling -- from Michigan. Let's talk about -- running back -- bureau. Like I think taken my comment you'd pat him greatly from Massachusetts. I'm a question about the beginning of the game we started with what head and I was quite surprised. Then we went to green who had a great game but. It was about halfway through the first quarter that we are literally I was a little surprised by that I didn't know what you being punished her -- -- -- a lot of practice you know because of any insight and I. Take on that Steve what do this a lot this debate because they look at matchups that they want to than they. Decided early on that the -- of the one who was using -- certainly use and -- certain way. I don't we hadn't heard anything about. Well really having troubles this through past two weeks and in. Practice. I just think they they look at that took some front side. Where they get the best this back. That -- it's a great point and him we often talk about and I watch up in the press box with the guys up there. We often talk about what you know where's Ridley this happen but here's what I'll point to. At the end of the game they rushed for over five yards a carry which is deceptive because it was over six and up until they started running it to run out the clock at the end. Here's the other thing here's the child at 24 carries a distributed at the end of the game. Fifteen for Ridley seven for Marine One for what he added one for Tom Brady so. She appoint Libby -- what most people are wondering where is really reasonable about it more than 1000 -- -- by the time the game's over he's still leads them. -- number of carry right at the end of the game so to Steve's point. I think we overreact. You know we look at one series of the start of the game and is that say wise not a guy in there. They have a plan clearly and by the end of the games it's hard to question. What they do when they're effective data do you agree with that. Definitely but the next question is. How can anyone had -- we know what his status. No he I do know this came out in the second half thanks for the call Libby he came out in the second half he was on the sidelines he yet thumb injury. According to when I was here and up in the press box I did not play again I didn't see him. You're talking alone a lot of the hotel was broadcasting either so put them for -- not come back into the game. You know running back slash receiver type guys. You don't. Could you be so you can keep -- next week maybe so maybe suspected can have a running back with a bad -- trying to carry the -- can have a receiver. Oh with a bit of tourniquet so. So we don't know if it's broken we'll go for spring we have no idea of what we do gold to back here. I'm trying to remember I don't know if you do -- gone back the box score in week three when they lost the ravens' 3130 what would it I gotta get the stats up now. What would it did -- that game if it. Really matters that might not but what did -- while -- had led -- and carries an active fifteen carries for only 34 yards he also had. One catch for nine yards so he was more active in that game and probably any game of the year for whatever that's. Were the -- spread the offense they're two would would have been part of that so. Yeah you. He was effective against to a ball -- he's into the very good player and we had a great year has any visual apps we've been so -- -- brought the way what do but this. He's going into this game. I was also about the fact that the patriots seemed as healthy as we've been all year that was good to be used to see all these -- all these weapons together. Firing on all the soldiers I was so excited about that now you've got troops became slightly but. We've seen the play looker tells -- -- -- some good points or about to answer. It's Steve DeOssie it's put Stearns. We are alive -- Toby Keith I loved that bar and grill. We look at the phone lines he met. You're in your card to lead of the game at 61777979837. We look around at Toby Keith and to our boss. Come join its populous cities filled stadium come on over to. Toby Keith's deep part of the real post game show. It brought -- you -- -- natural casing franks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots. Look for that -- blue box at your favorite grocer can't celebrate some. Tom Brady. Win this win it becomes the all time winningest quarterback in playoff history his seventeenth win it in the post season passing. His childhood idol Joseph Montana for the top spot. I -- in Westwood One on the call Tom Brady becomes the all time winningest postseason quarterback. With the seventeenth post season win it hopefully gets to nineteen Steve DeOssie. Two more wind -- patriots will win another Super Bowl this is the real post game show brought to you by KM natural casing pranks they are the official frank. And sausage have been like the patriots look that -- blue box at your favorite grocer. KM celebrate something we -- a lot of Toby Keith I -- that bar and grill which Stearns and Steve. The -- -- hatred for the 4128. Win. Over Houston Texans to get the AFC championship game early lines that are out there someplace that the patriotism eight point favorite. For next Sunday's game that starts at 630 some of management at ten point favorite here's what you do need to know appearing loyal WB EI. Listener on the WV -- network to stick with us next weekend couldn't get you covered. All over the board the NFC championship game starts at 3 o'clock it'll be on 850. AM San Francisco with the three point favorite on the road Atlanta talk about that in a second that's funny if he. So we've got you covered for the AFC championship game NFL Sunday. We feel the boys will start in the afternoon the AFC championship game from Foxboro the kicks off at 630 will be right here on 93 point seven WB yeah I. Celtics game which is scheduled for that night will move over age fifty. Do you listen to the aid to Egypt Yemen and Steve -- and I won't be here. With the AFC championship version of the real post game show live from. Toby -- Surprise that Sampras is the three point favorite or not. Not all have to -- the -- -- dismay at Green Bay in the second half. The fact that it's Atlanta it's even with a -- record. I don't think anybody around the country as bought into them as much they bought it to San Francisco and if you look it would. Seattle almost pulled off. That's that's a similar offense to what -- before we accept that coverage of the quarterback -- Wilson. A better runner up that are armed. The offensive system of -- -- -- from what Theo put them through and I like Wilson like windows but temperament of the -- Here's some food for thought -- for all the talk about. Tom Brady -- Peyton Manning the NFL and football fields are not gonna get that match up. Patriots fans aren't too upset about that for a lot of reasons mostly because post in the NFC champ game right now at the phones but think about this -- here the four quarterbacks left standing. Tom Brady -- Joseph Flacco Colin can I predict vs Matty Ryan. Going home after this weekend now a Peyton Manning Aaron Rodgers Russell Wilson. And match up a lot of talk about all those quarterbacks quarterbacks of course get most of the focus much to the chagrin of guys like -- speed but. You and Freddie but but kind of surprising if I told you for the -- that paid meaning Aaron Rodgers in Russell Wilson world going home. We kind of surprising -- Well -- these Matt Ryan's. Put Russell Wilson had a book about Ryan and not yet -- mice who would you put about Ryan's done morsel for his career and Russell -- so. -- like who is that guy that. Assumes these flashes. We've seen this from -- for five years ago. We've seen him you would put teams together like he did with a little assist from that stupid Denver defense. The other day. We've seen him do that we've also huge comeback. Of the next week -- week after that -- believe that so not terribly surprised by the that I thought by thought that was the win that game. I was surprised that some of the play calling from with the in collecting thousands presently in that student onside -- -- -- -- you've been there too so. Normal but wasn't smooth. Overly surprised with the this is that the black who. Whose best possible game yes. Go to in -- -- on the real post game show. -- -- -- -- got to add your comment what about the game next week when about Rockford that the game next week technical but it. -- touched on it -- that is out before people that freaking out about injuries there. Playing it he might -- -- at a number of the bad simply made a couple of years I really do hope that everybody realized how lucky we are and he cared for the he -- in -- at the title game you know me. Mechanized stop you for a second I agree would you point so and so when I can match here. Please understand what I just said I'd be redeployed but most patriots fans but really never wanna have that. Lauer had that discussion flower in the middle of it nobody wants to say. -- let's count our blessings while -- they wanna talk about the Welker dropped for the Super Bowl they wanna rip us on they Samuel they wanna know why we evident parade since 2000 and five. For veteran and a football football's three little words this team has been so good. That as soon as they -- experience it's easy for us to get spoiled because these of that food it's in good. I agree with you guys -- -- made and that when the eventual -- come through and -- went on diamond belt Don we will then look back on that runway wow I hope that we appreciated mark let me get epic rock real quick. I'm you know I -- back I can't earlier -- -- we could -- I would think you I think it's ridiculous. I wanna say that for all of the -- needs to do nothing wrong and how -- a and how we could barrels people over this what happened you know they don't make up stuff about how players like Ron and running back and short shelf life in the NFL. Players get hurt in -- today it happened to come down on its war on. In the worst way possible and now he's out in what the patriots do -- they like being made -- and we're gonna do again I'm confident that we can do it. -- thanks for the call -- it's a good one. Go back to a point about count your blessings but if you really wanna take that attitude just look on the other side of the field today that match job as the quarterback of Houston this is the teams he. Com and -- that up Monday night game that was eleven and one of the talk of football yet they still have a lot to brew. But again match -- is in the top half. Of the quarterbacks in football in 2012. Up to date optimism to the top ten season and that's not good enough. To get you to the AFC championship in -- -- -- is actually writing it's call. Well there's also home to move the ball there -- installed with complete difference. Do the way the patriots ran their offense the way. Houston ran their offense. Like you said they are they were methodical in this role book bought a school. Not very exciting fashion the pictures of methodical with terms of they're gonna throw everything they have to add -- to whatever. They need to do whether it's five wide -- we tell them whether it's it doesn't matter with these two with a fast pace and they do with the efficiency. So what would you saw Houston team that if they couldn't walk their way down field they weren't getting downfield. The numbers in the quarterback battle today Tom Brady 2540. 344. Yards. Three touchdowns no picks. 150 -- match job 3451343. Pretty identical shot actually completed more. Passes to him two touchdowns and one pick that in ninety point ratings so. Don't Brady it is what Brady does today let's go to -- in Connecticut again. What -- made -- you'll -- -- Tonight was better than any Super Bowl win ever really why. Yes -- explain why. Two Monday night that's who tensions between -- that. He collapsed when the cardiac arrest and they. And he got out of there. It -- they've learned -- the manager what she you know what. After four weeks of being in the an amendment before -- and agreement immigrant beyond him trip up as the number one. When you gotta do it and -- Adam Vinatieri to come home and you're living room. And reenact it for 2001 because the simple to -- of the exact same date February 3 -- that it was in 2002. In the -- are -- play him because you're -- -- good accumulated. It's great to hear about the art. The acreage right out and kudos to all the paramedic in the event happens to -- stadium. You guys seem a conflict in often listen up. If you recall things -- at this point that out -- and good luck to you dad let's go to Cologne in Dorchester next posting up outlook on. They called. Oh. They go with when it. All you're on the air. So you know let's go to Sarah in Foxborough. Post -- And I -- and incomplete and I'll you. My net income -- and how many eight remaining -- -- upon. I mean I mean he has -- and I'm not happy disagree with him on confidence -- percent. -- in the past I eight will not go work on Mac I hands on. And he'd been out of the teens and while you can vary wildly I have. Even and I believe he scored forty points there on the court and I eat fish that aren't aren't what America that -- I feel confident saying that. We're and I -- make -- an -- and hopefully the few people angry and I do loudly about you know hopefully he'll about the next season. We'll sell it to also -- sometimes people call to review shows just who's viewed themselves off. And they think that if you've reopened the moral sore point in the last caller or -- the other caller for that matter that you who do you on the year for quite -- while. It's hoops or to even bring up that subject -- not even sure why why we need him. You were the guys that told. All of them let's talk about the here in the announced the Euro linebacker you're in Baltimore this week you're watching film and you're seeing the patriots without. Rob Gronkowski out of things changed you in your game plan your opinion when you're trying to defence is soft. More for the defense -- backs because most linebackers were trying to cover her because you want -- anyway it's more for safeties -- the blues double the other receivers if you. If you can believe -- is Baltimore. Probably doesn't you can get pressure on Tom Brady. But what you could do was commit one guy to stay over the top guy like -- and other guys federal more than -- the perfect way. The quick hits that they would love to get through. -- with. Maybe you'll switch set up in due to an end -- the few times. I think a big part of the bridge who's going to be if boy who's going to be effective like he turned out to be in a few games and Burton brought absence he turned out to be. Pretty big factor. -- if he doesn't step up. That makes it that much easier for the Baltimore defense they will permit people to put to good Brady's face and they will take chances like double down on book or. But I would imagine coaches need to remind you here in those meetings that hey guess what. Daniel fells was inactive last week probably enacted the guys are respectable. Tied it in the NFL he's got Tom Brady at quarterback -- -- -- right there McCain can make one catch for 47 yards if you're not at least. Paid attention over the middle on formations read your keys. It do we have to do -- look at again at the stats here with a peacekeeping game one against Baltimore west what is it -- gronkowski in the game that gronkowski is only targeted three times. He had two catches for 21 now. Let's assume they pay a lot of attention to run -- in which they did Welker had eight catches for a 142. Lloyd had nine catches for 108. Lloyd was targeted -- team -- twelve times. Again folks is in the first Baltimore game we did the patriots lost we re -- for yep yep but that was -- gronkowski in the game -- so it's interesting to think about the loss of him. And how the Patriots offense to your point that you don't really worry it's just different strategy now. But Baltimore has I mean they got to be excited about this not you wish injury on anybody -- sort of the deal would rob -- council. Portions of beats doing time he's not going to be afraid can't be effective game that allows you and especially for gambling defense. Like Baltimore and even more so now than ever. There and all that Baltimore defense of that war in that game on the we'll we'll we'll we'll -- -- Number of other. Great defense of players back in 2000 they're not that's legal defense to more. Wouldn't she would do if they smoke more of those warm in the good old -- -- be -- be very difficult but it. This this offense is very well suited to score points. Local coast maybe Dan Tom and Steve you guys are on the real post game show here on the phone to get you right after the break. The real post game show brought to you by -- natural casing francs. They are the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots look for that -- blue box at your favorite grocer can't celebrate something. It's good to. Scan revealed them to plan is a championship and next week no problem players -- -- work on here. There's been enforced and in the titans are for pets in the and belts and in the football players -- You know fortunately we got a bunch gusts of up today and and they -- those who need to make. You know wasn't perfect and certainly a lot of things we can do better book. To do went. At it for players and there really. And it really good week of practice. But it really. Did you prepare for this game. Justices in place away and so. Noble more stuff we agree came up and down there earlier in season. Ended a week but -- law. Hillary. Bill Belichick after the patriots 4128 win over the Houston Texans -- to there. Ninety FC championship game in franchise history we're live at Toby -- I love that bar and grill which -- Steve the -- principles will be joining us a little bit. Will be here at 11 o'clock this is the real post game show -- I can't natural casing franks the official -- In sausages and having patriots look that came we'll box -- your favorite grocer can't celebrate something Steve in shooting at night she. Those of you. They got to be really in Shanghai. According. 9:40 in the morning without coats. But did that you can execute on the computer on you might have at least during the game. These street game that needs see online so nice so you watched the game from like. 4 in the morning until like 7 in the morning. Yeah -- haven't been keeping it in life yet here you DJ -- he watched the game was -- here. -- -- -- -- The good work go to work it is now but that I have with the pat game and it -- here so that's not gonna change just because them. -- thirteen hour time difference. So they would undermines even by the -- -- -- Japanese returns. It won't abate so I come up and that the company wide -- -- -- It pay out about Clinton that prepared for this fight by like picking up men and felt. And what happened that appeared to be offered. The transformation. Went from -- its -- for a team that battled off and yes we have. The number ones wind rushing offense you know it felt he had the ball. First down you know so what is -- you can keep the defense off balance when you have written that there are believed. You know not a transparent -- last year. The other -- don't we have a point when you hit him. Only second let let's -- -- comment on that I I commend you Steve by the way in Shanghai for looking for the silver lining. Is it a silver lining -- just think differently without proper -- that was put this way. Do you want program field yes of course can the patriots operate without a yes they've shown that. And effectively address book but is it a perfect world -- wrong and Hernandez and broker and everybody to view full speed. What who's this offense Tom Brady particular. Jobs for being who Belichick all the offered the coaches are so well suited. To get things done with or without certain guys we. We gather it's replaced with Tom Brady right now so. -- we've seen it before we've seen them score like you said student it's quoted the score a lot of points without court house. So yes I agree with you that I don't. It doesn't worry me terribly -- -- -- world and that's when -- -- because. And Steve I think you bring up a good point if they're gonna focus their attention. If if you don't basketball terms someone gonna take those shots someone's gonna get those other touches and -- more both -- the running backs. Well -- better rep did the seventh best running team -- football here right I don't think people look at that they're the top seven. Running offense is bars touchdown it's first downs as far as -- a position running the clock did the seven best running team in football this year so. That is the silver lining -- the points you. You've got a point and we you know we can all agree that Tom Brady is better now at quarterback. And he wasn't about the problem. Absolutely -- question you doing things now who could possibly dominant in 2000 more than part of the evolution. Of his game was also coincide with the evolution or. With the NFL wants that that there was some changes over the past five or six years designed strictly to open up the passing game to put more points on the board. And these huge room will. The new NFL emphasis on scoring points he's the poster child. What that what the NFL has -- -- in 2001. He was a game manager. In 2012. Music game breaker it's -- Hands down. One of the best quarterbacks of all time and part of that is put it to how hard studies. How well he's been -- how hard he works and the fact that that he. Sits incredibly active himself when everyone around. His game breaker one word to him tweeting that quoting you Rhode Island the island of an adjustment that I have right now ahead. They feel ready yet known the give and outlook where our problem government critic whose release that are rugs. Storm zone for which we -- quick break back with all of -- -- -- -- -- -- Kevin and giving -- the real post game show live at Toby -- I love this bar and grill 6177797937. New post game show brought you by came natural casing francs. Official Franken sausage of the New England Patriots look for that came -- box -- your favorite grocer can't celebrate something. -- just turned in NC chairmanship I don't care where it -- it means he was really playing our. -- bonus. You know what. You won't -- on Sunday or whenever we play momentum you know we we work being a good football team and abuse are you. This year at their house. Two in his route of force British really going to be great to go. Quick break the losing that -- where it comes -- trials or. Combed these -- itself is. Vince Wilfork after the game talking about face in the Baltimore Ravens next Sunday will be the third time in twelve months. But these two teams have faced off against each other and meaningful gains. The second time with a chance to go to the Super Bowl you're listening to the real post game show we're live at Toby Keith I loved that bar and grill. Real -- to a rocky became natural casing franks the official Franken sausages and doing the patriots. Look for that cable box that your favorite grocer can't celebrate something those of you. Follow me on Twitter at which turns the quote they just weeded out quote in 2001 Tom Brady with the team manager. 2013 easy game breakers attributed to. Steve DeOssie which I did not know was awkward -- -- -- -- wouldn't be here. Who -- gluten I didn't put bread on there because it is wrapped up a program there are ridiculous but go to them -- who's been hanging on anything bring it on your of the real post game show. -- -- -- -- -- Great. A critical point that you mentioned earlier for a Pete Manning that negate quarterback in the heat and banana plants. To them to be too. I'm stuck well I didn't like that but I mean that he's not as good and well. But over quarterbacks. Nine Atlanta is a record nine Atlanta. It is it is. Right so I was thinking that Flacco is sort of the opposite of that he's been Dodd last couple people -- With -- 99 and block those -- -- you have gotten more companies. And who knows him if you look at bats the last couple games. So -- thought we think that. The wrong way down at winning that. The reasons we could even make the stinky for Mark Sanchez. -- we're much like your monthly -- with the -- you put numbers up with those -- mean let me ask -- questions. It's over does it doesn't it matter. When your ranking pecking order whether it's history doesn't body of work. Or winning a championship where do you rank those two things audio would work in winning a championship. When he located Peyton Manning is a better quarterback. Joseph Flacco. No I'm not comparing them on this thing. Flacco I think should he was to consider him being. A quarterback and being able to win this -- up competed in all. -- I think -- I think you're right about that that there's no doubt especially after the displeased belonged. Yes it is no doubt you can put up numbers we've seen him do against the patriots do that -- we've got the question. The question is can do -- on a consistent basis. And we himself with -- are so far has been it would do it would get. To a Super Bowl but by no means can sit there would say that that Flacco from -- factor in this game absolute experts to give the secondary that gives up yards. I throw this quote not a lot for people who listen in the radio and the back to a press conference that Bill Parcells had the week leading up to Super Bowl 31. When Drew Bledsoe was about to take on Brett -- And we asked him to -- Bledsoe where he was at this point that -- won an AFC championship game -- -- to our quote was. Quarterbacks alike trappers. You judge him on their belts. We shall how do you judge Bledsoe and he said he's got a firm now he doesn't have one of the big ones yet got a couple of birds like that's what he said. Right and then. You you can say that both Flacco right now black who has. Had opportunities. Sued to get to the Super Bowl or at least one up to get through Super Bowl and for whatever reason to I believe you lost another best regular. Flown -- for whatever reason -- W. Once he does it. That would give the mobile to help with the hope would have been different category yes -- very similar. Mike Ryan our Matt Ryan down in that Atlanta. He won his first playoff game -- vote to re going to this game. He won this game that's a huge. Monkey off his back and now we move on really gets into Super Bowl that's another step -- until unless you were. A -- -- election got two Super Bowl would have we'll put up. Monster numbers -- group that guy. You're not to be considered a great quarterback cost only the Charles Barkley have yet -- just -- -- right -- wrong. You have to do something like -- you do trade sending all the numbers. But to be considered one of the all time greats of that you -- putting -- your two caliber performance and nobody can look at the way. Just want to throw the ball. And the -- feel real -- ball. But the way this week we're back and say that. Just to install them the tool will play football without knowing what the records were you Steve Marino with a much better quarterback to have -- -- Wood -- -- that made him. It looked very good numbers that made him a better quarterback. I'd I'd taken the break we got two more hours to go the real post game show the phone lines are lit we see there who gets -- as soon as we come back. This is the real post game show we have more from the locker room after the patriots big win against Texas -- -- the latest on -- -- he. It's rubbed you the real post game show by -- natural casing -- the official frank in sausage of your New England Patriots. Look for that Campbell box at your favorite growth we're celebrating. Another trip to the AFC championship camp says celebrates something.

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