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Mike Petraglia on Pats-Texans and the key matchups of the game

Jan 13, 2013|

Trags talks with Pete and Kirk from a warm, foggy Gillette Stadium to breakdown the divisional round matchup and what the Texans can do against a favored Patriots team. They focus on J.J. Watt and Arian Foster and how much the Patriots will be focusing on those players.

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Not adapt. Bought four hours and 25 minute report kickoff threat to let it chip Parker ran and we deal until 1 o'clock -- -- Arnold takes no run FL Sunday it would match at hypocrites for pricing Kevin -- Know continue the breakdown of all the games. Tickets and another to see you guys lagged up a before we get. To those calls ahead to the AT&T. A hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times back to the three GAT and T rethink possible to check in with. WEI dot com's Mike trotted out to -- -- it's been Kirk. Beaten her -- you I just wish I could have peek out and toys and today. Welcome to Gillette Stadium just once I wish I had back. Welcome to Gillette Stadium coach writes a hooker and -- bombing is it down there today. Very bombing for January 13 I don't ever remember warmer day here. In New England it's 52 degrees already we expect about temperatures in the mid fifties. It is very very talky but I'm sure Brady and then match hobble us take that because it should be ideal passing conditions very little wind also. You look at like we've been obviously been. Talk about their first three hours pretty much about this game in the new focus of one guy it's easy to do against the Texans strikes it has to be shop -- I mean he's been bad the last month. Play bad I thought last week in Cincinnati beat players like this. Today they have no chance of winning this game. Nine and you know I've been on on the air with a couple of Houston people. Who's -- radio station and they are they were talking all about how ineffective they were in the red zone all week long and how the Texans and namely match -- have to be more productive inside the -- if they are not. More effective inside the reds on this would be another three touchdown when for the patriots that being said. I think you're gonna see even heavier dose of aryan Foster today I think they're gonna do different things of -- Foster especially. On the perimeter of the Patriots defense where they were very effective if you recall that first drive up. On December 10 they were moved the ball with him and they're doing different things. If they can -- be effective and creative. Everybody's talked about defensive coordinator Wade Phillips this week but I think the Texans needed good offensive game -- coming into today be creative against the patriots. Because the point -- there to be at. I think nationally not locally -- -- you know as well as most people that you were predominant to let the reporters. About the -- running game but I am amazed this week nationally. On ESPN and felt that worked at the running game is not even being discussed at all and I think it is going to be a very important part. That'll today hopefully but the rest serving on next week and into the Super Bowl. To have three running backs and become bald and at times even four but to have you know to -- reliever Reid and would that be able to different things. What the arsenal of weapons they already have Brady has a receiver -- I don't know how Houston or anybody else keeps up with that as well as are all reasonably healthy. Well -- Chris price and I on our podcast this week talked about exactly that point that if the patriots have an effective play matching game against the team like the Texans. Who like to -- who like to cheat up -- the line of scrimmage to get extra pressure. If they can have an effective play action early. They're going to be tons of opportunities down the field. The strike deep and that would make I think give Brady a lot of confidence because there's nothing better he likes to do them airing it out and getting man. Coverage deep in the secondary and I think -- they're going to be a lot of opportunities -- that if like you said. The patriots running game is effective early on I think Stephen Bradley can be very good in this game at the hangs onto the ball obviously I mean everybody forgets. That very first scoring drive the patriot exile movements are now. And Aaron Hernandez jumped -- gas tax and they yard line and forget who was it was a quarterback for the tax and had a chance to hop on it if he if the patriots turned the ball over there and if match up doesn't for the picked up an entirely different game. Well -- god that are determined that the pitchers are gonna win that game with -- -- Ray Lewis trailers are destined and blessed yesterday yacht that how. -- look at the health of this team here -- you know it seems like they're about how does it and watch your -- around all week and it's tough to get real gauge four point. What kind of Rob Gronkowski do you anticipate seeing out there. I I don't know Kirk I mean I I just we haven't seen him in practice we haven't seen him engaged. In blocking and Chris and I were talking about it earlier this week that the one thing that you know. Was. Noticeable on next season finale against the dolphins without tentative gronkowski was especially attack. And -- -- is that. One -- arguably their best. Blocker. And it's the blitz pickup guy that they have and can he engaged can he run block. The way they need him to when he's out on the field. We don't now five we assume. That because. He is off the or you know these can be probable and he is going to play obviously. That he has made a what a great deal of improvement -- play without white rap -- selloff form. We don't know that -- and we obviously need to keep an eye on as well but I'm curious to see how much he's involved early in the game plan. And how much he runs patterns on the same side with Aaron Hernandez like he did against the dolphins. From a defensive standpoint Michael we saw you know last time -- playback of December 10 again right Wilfork had just a monster game and -- not appoint national media is not bringing up this week at all. And -- was really pretty much contained only because the bigger game again this Sunday. I think JJ watt have a lot more approved and I think he is gonna have been much. Bigger impact on this game that he had in that he did on December 10 that much time I'm pretty confident and. Now why why you think nick is a good move around last game to -- just whatever he did the -- countered. Where -- than just what's this wasn't around him and it was enough a couple of minutes about -- notes that the only two tackles in the game so what will he do differently. Pete -- somewhat Logan Mankins said this week. He expects. JJ watt to really turn up a notch and he knows what Logan Mankins knows that the market is so freakish. Player that he has incredible skill and talent and JJ -- knows about was his worst game of the year he has a point to prove when you have a guy with back at a motor he's gonna find a way. To will himself to the quarterback and I think the patriots -- have to be prepared for that on the other side of the ball I think Vince Wilfork. -- is the key. To making sure that. -- Foster doesn't cut back up in the middle like he -- likes to do like he did very effectively against the Bengals last week and who have. A great -- sourcing the -- line that their run defense was pretty porous the patriots do not have that problem and it's because then we'll. Because events -- -- I miss something here and I understand we try to manufacture stuff. Over the course of the week -- sure Wade Phillips says something that was really wrong about Wes Welker I mean he said he's a really good player. He's not that big he's not real athletic he's a quick advocates open on option I mean to do what Imus. You missed the fact that the National League and the local media. About more than national media aren't desperate why -- lessons I understand this as we are now of course it was an overblown story line there's no question about that. But everybody down here roll their eyes and goes -- -- talkative than. We're not gonna feed into that -- market and make the mistake a couple of years ago you know the well hole Wes Welker with Rex Ryan and you know. Get off on the right with all that does silliness and activities that. And you know that Wade Phillips the -- that he is the governor that he is I was just being -- on it and then there's nothing wrong with that there was really nothing. In the area so they can mean nothing that really I think deep down got under the Patriot Act. We're trying to even harder than usual on with the shot see stuff with this stuff but it's just feels it it never feels organic anyways but now which is just squeezing it out the last of the -- pretty much -- -- -- -- -- -- at least -- was. Certainly. Something that I think was much more. That's a professional lets it professional com has being doing it I mean that's what does and again but he really thinks it's real but I. You -- do they did Shaughnessy believed. Two and I'm not I don't always believe that he feels that strongly about what he writes about I mean but it's. Look were all columnists we've all expressed our opinions before and sometimes. You know we write for. For a purpose to make a point. But I think there was a lot of truth -- in what he wrote -- -- he believed what he wrote I don't think there's any reason not to based on what happened on December 10 I mean he uses. Writing based on what it's that's like saying you know Peyton -- not a good he'll never win. Consistently in the playoff. Here's why pick -- -- about last night. But his -- little fraud in the -- as he went on the Houston radio station this week and -- back the horrible -- -- -- turtle that he do nothing about football which is actually drags which -- -- that's -- the due to -- John Fox showed more balls on the last thirty seconds regulation Dan -- should look at some stage but that -- at the and that look to get back in the game second and talk about -- -- -- talk about with the patriots have back you know reasonably healthy rethink and rock and to leave. And and -- and so on and so forth and and Ninkovich I. -- eviction of people not to have erupted yup that's the big story line yeah effective even though he was completely taken off. The injury report on Friday which is a great sign for the patriots we would think. How effective this -- I mean can he. He is in -- second or third best one of the very best pass structures it will he be that effective -- show any side effects of bad hip injury that's. The one injury I'm really that think -- keeping it close by our. But let's also talk about some of the guys that -- getting back as well a lot of friends may not know about him in the right tackle Derek Newton go out linebacker Brooks -- bring better much -- Graham back a tight -- -- burger at. And you know a healthier much healthier Johnathan Joseph a quarterback now than it was back on December 10 all these could come into play. Well I of all those names that you mentioned Mercury is the one that really sticks out to me because he's an outside linebacker who can again generate pass rush and he can. Certainly balance. What JJ watt and -- bar when do I mean if JJ watt someone's side you can put. Certainly Brooks -- on the other side in the and you saw very effective pass rush last week against the Bengals. That is you know I wrote on Friday in the -- -- about. What my number one concern ones coming into today's game. I think it's the offensive line and for whatever reason they have a slump against a very dangerous. Front -- defensive front for the tax and that's my number one concern. And there with Brooks -- back in and healthy for the Texans that's something they have to content -- You've seen this team play a lot of Houston and and -- -- -- -- the bank was a lot to deal with Christine the Afghan territory and carry -- Gary -- Gary Kubiak is not going to be Bill Belichick and the playoff game and certainly not to -- in big spots. Well he's certainly not going to be -- Kirk. -- fourth and one when running back that's running for a 140 yards a game like he had last week and he converts either one of those fourth and one opportunities against the Bengals. Game over right there have been more aggressive you're right and why do you think though Belichick was keeping in the military team this week that hole you don't win a war by. Building a fox hole that whole mentality attack -- exactly against what. We saw last week from Kubiak he has very conservative even the guys in Houston that I was talking to. They were like you know the thing we're concerned about -- Kubiak takes no chances. And you can't win a playoff game especially against a team like the patriots to live on take. Jacket -- this game 1713 tracks playing close -- the -- you know you're not because you're not going to be -- personally -- all the patriot right now exactly. Bill Belichick sitting like some kind of a psychological message by putting a ticking off everybody basically on the these two important and what's left for probable -- that's something he has not done. In the past or very often that I can remember. I go back and forth -- whether or not he is sending a message to his team about -- everybody's ready to go these for the playoffs this is different you know -- not have twenty people questionable. If you have a legitimate injury fine. I go back beat back and forth between back. And he's playing games of attacks that. And I'd lean towards peace more sending a message to his own team because that's what he's more concerned about. Then he is toying with Gary Kubiak although I think there's below element of that. In there. I quickly grew breaking news doctor is gonna join the browns and conference quarter that's great and I sure do well I'll solve their -- -- -- I mean how stubborn and Ohio. You can always count on is the -- pick in the wrong guy. 22 quick things one because people on though and I know you obviously your Villanova -- -- one yesterday by the way going to be seriously Africa at week we -- and that. Tight hung in there close Pete in the first -- receive this broadcast and I want to say this for the part just now but people understand what -- heart corsets that I'll read a -- for an -- bar but I grant me yes there's nothing -- their -- I'd miss the days I just those days we sat next -- -- just have you freak out Tasmanian devils style every time they lost. Ten years ten years a Marvin Lewis tracks no playoff points as as as common as you are now yeah when you're talking on the air there is nothing better in life to see Mike the prodigal Tasmanian devil on your -- is it unbelievable. That is funny as -- -- what was the funniest people on the planet. And I have -- professional credibility. But it. Not that that makes me. 34 -- out of the first game -- report about that Seattle and in Atlanta. I I jokingly wrote Friday that Matt Bryant misses an extra point it's going to be. The Seattle Seahawks beating -- falcons 2720. They ego might. That boy are -- two great stuff was always enjoy the game to get some suntan lotion I mean 52 degrees in January 13 it's unbelievable and it get me ready for Fort Myers and whatever shot up like. -- like attracts like SE certificate electric drive W. -- he is one of the funniest people he's Armenian it is.

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