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Ray Lewis: Destined for greatness for annoyance?

Jan 13, 2013|

Pete and Kirk discuss Ray Lewis' empassioned comments he made immediately following Saturday's win against the Broncos and how he claimed that the Ravens were "destined" to win.

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The -- Nobody but just they're gonna play the games that we know there. -- We generally hear from the local we won't go to. Have time. I just grabbed everybody hated that we did that no weapon for the team on the did this a product of a -- -- -- controlled agog at the already. But the blessed and that's the man this is all. -- -- So what -- god didn't bless the Detroit a Detroit the Denver Broncos. What did you say a prayer against Peyton Manning yesterday and double overtime with that idea -- that he had here. So. Law laud its maiming it would say into the discussion -- That's only here no weapons from Ray Lewis way -- in any context it's -- little guys. This literally good god this. Obviously. Don't even need -- preface one of the great linebackers in history and you know play I thought played a really good game yesterday seventy to -- of our but it is tough to swallow his act and I and I and I think it's myself personally -- disagree I think it's 50% I just I -- don't you know. Knee in -- talked about inspirational is that maybe just -- an acidic bite me try again -- -- -- -- -- Again yeah right I mean so don't -- it pretty destined so. It's so if so god why spend it exit. Yeah another part of our religious by nature -- if by word I heard him say that the idea that god is sitting around today -- thinking boy you know. Okay Texans it and the Texans -- The men do to control guns already bad but that's the best -- -- that it is an insult. To anybody about any topic I mean. I think. How you Ray -- to come up with that. I am I -- way out I'll guarantee you any man of religion would refute that. It's great to have -- -- got I'm going to guess there is Scientology's. They're resilient there's somebody that Denver organization. Yep who has who cares about god is much is written such a ticket desks and say that's the case so for that person. -- I guess. You know Terry is that ball that -- -- by Flacco young sought god god made that goal over yeah Carter and -- that right and it is -- -- more you'll get it works is now work that. I hate that's I really that's fighting hysterical people say that the sports especially because as well there was a subject pre destined by it got up. I haven't sank again classic drama about ten Ray Lewis killed those guys -- sent panic about the need to I don't think he'd get. But -- weapon however. Since it is critical test that of those other guys in here. You literally hear nothing about that ever get a job ESP an -- we don't. The people FL network -- you know they they love urban gloves and everybody loves Ray Lewis it's like it never happened just dismissed because he's an athlete that's why. Not be interesting to see if some other football for bombs in sort of circumstances what. What the reaction would be is that I'm saying it because reload mean if it was say it helps if Tom Brady or admitted were involved something like that. Or Bill Belichick was emotionally that or. You know. -- pick any number any number of other players about oh not how it would be perceived now why Bill Belichick takes more heat from the media. Four videotaping another team's practices and Ray Lewis does for his role whatever role was in two people be agreed to people other priorities were -- right but I don't -- don't section the ticket that he did yeah I'm just saying it is it is it's it's strange -- -- -- stories about all -- adept -- there's a good story. In USA today Wednesday Thursday about the families of those two victims yeah deputies in my street on the Baltimore Sun it is it is -- -- zero yet I can find that it's worth reading it's a great players. We're not doing that he's going to be given us an item country debate about whether to people not Ibis I did I get upset when people and not upset at aggravate you when people bring laud. It took me into sports. And where especially when they talk about the clip about being predestined. I -- that pre -- I mean that is just foolish. Absolutely foolish rate rose to think that got that ball pointed his finger you guys today -- your Weight Watchers say -- to Ray Lewis then I don't know. If that's the case. Can never argued the wrath if he makes a bad call against you you can never get mad if you lose he can -- -- a reporter for asking questions you -- if it's -- -- -- -- nobody else's -- Dramatic taught -- if that's what you do -- all brought the good. He's reached for all the bad enough but it's a breath bloody pointed at sterling Moore is a right hand last year and knocked up all of you know out of it was a nice moment of great moment I taught us noble back ago. Joseph is a link it up next here on W I repeat Kirk -- Joseph. And get -- -- and you got to the point. I -- -- -- conservatives. But but the other thing I I think get regular might have only because I think. Got mustard with Ricardo here. -- first down now -- and the ball where you -- -- -- I could not believe what I was seeing that. It. Appears that -- -- -- -- black ever make first found that a lot on third down where a third down every time they have yet all. Yet have well yeah a lot of it was an out I was talking with Kirk about this too I thought initially talked about when a call socially in this game. Because member that with certain shortened -- -- -- for and -- the first. 33 -- 43 down conversions are open for their for which three of four. And the play calling was atrocious I thought no imagination at all obvious and then they started to Smart and upload a pretty with the job but I -- think there was going to be healthy dose. Of gray writes anybody off the field and for the most part -- work by agree with you. It doesn't -- on first down. Like police want to retreat had to do a play action. -- -- -- perimeter for scholar for two -- you're right that was -- I was watching the game they -- it the first and second down they -- doing to put themselves in third five thirds -- and got some brakes or got a couple penalties. Yeah a couple of plays worked out for the temperature right there are some spots where you're scratching at the same boy you know I understand getting -- getting Ray Rice the ball. But this was really -- story rice nine. Yet thirty touches they rushed for 131 yards but no catches on the back -- I would I would you guys I thought for sure. They do play action several times to throw the ball to rice in the -- or over the middle. And never happened I can understand. Immaculate in particular put on them and I think you know not as much. I'm trying to predict the numbers every day I agree it's -- that -- make tapes of everybody analysis of the game for an. Play it afterwards you know accurate -- I -- I would look into it. All the experts including boomers are usually is very good. -- didn't even come close to predicting. -- 11 Baltimore and yesterday had nothing to do to in the playoffs I still but Baltimore was gonna win that game when I saw the elements. I did that element to our common replied not that that was the be all end all. And -- and certainly had some brilliant moments yesterday there's no question about it. But I thought -- the entire country was completely dismissing Baltimore and pointing -- again but they always make the mistake on a broad authority for seventeen game. All weeklong that's all you heard about they had nothing to do. What what the playoff game is all about. Saint -- the patriots 42 to fourteen win has got nothing to do what's gonna happen today nothing. Eric that -- plotting to do this for all sports European team go back to the pre season NBA predictions how that you had the lakers. Not me about it I did -- -- it doesn't happen I think period it is bad no I mean how many people had him winning you know 55 games game how about. Jack Nicholson and Adam -- fraud. -- and expand -- -- both of them walking out and basically. And not given the -- Denver's Kennewick beau Jack this is kind disliked. Guys suck commodity here dynamic in play it is you reflect on what it is beautiful to watch the lakers lose I love it. There's turmoil and other big bag up it is fantastic right now the deceive them loose -- wrote -- -- -- five row what a mess and the lakers a six games under 500. Terrible terrible terrible basketball team they're bad -- how stance -- -- survived this year what -- contractors would probably warriors three. -- more I think in his a look at up but yeah but how to make it. The fight to coach is happy with the bad choice anyway and golden opportunity at bat -- -- bat the bat fit for him and -- team. They played no defense just like what before no different. I've gotten everything that -- about the wrong Jerry Buss you -- -- -- my -- a lesson to you about it supported you know. -- adopt -- -- not a healthy way to get back in. Is some truth that is before you're DeLia war years how the carmaker to this year is if things keep going waited there. It's a veto a bill bill do which is because of that in the open for the rest of the year but the -- remembered some -- to recollect what eleventh and in the Western Conference right now but the -- -- -- that it would make. Audit them for five games on the playoffs yeah that's out yet a couple of this -- on -- play outside open right now the economy I don't. Mostly -- what is good. I don't immediate -- is about to say it's really got its elected members easy bad or sorry for Caroline west rocks were up next here at W we I would pick and -- I Carol. Hey hey Carol. You know I think everybody can make -- income. Under me. To -- got Carrollton. And. It's reader down. I think that everybody in Asia it completely underestimating. -- and are accused them and ball. Both teams have a huge home to pick it -- it. Low light and are out for some. Work and I think that you and can get it. But I think. Carol but do you think obviously let me ask you this is like you hear these stories stop all the time -- story lines do you really think. That when the game starts with say Baltimore plays a page its next week in the middle of the second quarter when Joseph Flacco goes back to throw a pass he's gonna be thinking about revenge. And that's the -- possibly figure out. That the dirty -- in this year so I mean I mean this idea that well he he want and that he. Wanna with the game I think you're probably right up to one and -- -- -- I if the guy's whereabouts but that argument that argument doesn't work Carol because people think that all the time of the team you think's gonna win wins so I mean it happens. Yeah well like I think ball away and we think is gonna win. Yeah and got a win but only by. That and other T by the stupid to -- his score I don't think. -- -- -- -- And then I don't work. OK well -- I will secure. -- I disagree Cuba yeah it's a tough game and it's up to and I actually bought -- -- -- -- to be -- pulling him but absolutely does -- I mean very. Very few exceptions. Are there. Real big -- This weekend or in its initiative to did not happen on occasion -- I mean please don't start program I know what has happened but for the most part. The competitor. Even if you call again at a ethical and I'll look at -- -- got this that it -- gains in this grounded in the past in the law element of the bill's book the raiders. Yeah bears -- what the rams may be up I mean yeah about golf wade and it was a game of -- -- -- semi volatile -- I mean to pay any judge to block the vikings. Yes in Minnesota right. Got -- they'd they'd Boston ravens' ray -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Five minutes ago -- August that it it was a couple forced out of that game is over for anybody's going to be pissed off that's going to be the patriots they're the ones lost the ball with a it doesn't matter to the building of the -- All of dog you'll see that the pop up next week at the patriots went today the seagate -- sure guarantees but -- -- -- sickened by how many times they show that 3130 lost right but my point is from the both teams from actual players on the teams that play in the game tribal justice who Baltic all the story stuff disease. It's ridiculous -- Charlie day and Danny and riots you guys are light up we'll get -- 61777. I'd severed body 37 Texas 379837. Up to the parking lots to be opening any well I thought early yeah I got tweets -- mess for people say they're going to parking lots at 9 o'clock this once priority now must now fifty degrees by now I don't -- Patriots and Texans Seattle and Atlanta were also talking about what happened yesterday Greg came doubled to Baltimore Denver. And separatist going Green Bay your phone -- your thoughts your prayers your hopes and dreams of you know me you find the god every Lewis believes -- me maybe -- like -- -- destined here a Sports Radio WEEI. Web and.

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