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Niners roll and Broncos fold: Pete and Kirk recap Saturday's games

Jan 13, 2013|

Pete Sheppard and Kirk Minihane open it up on Sunday morning by delving into the previous night's games before they get to Pats-Texans. They discuss how the Ravens took advantage of a Broncos team that fell apart while the San Francisco 49ers put up a fantastic performance against the Packers.

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-- -- -- Rows deep voice -- -- Joseph. Hello this morning and we know it's. Yeah black don't look -- and they're not there yeah yeah. -- actually got worse Jerry sandusky come up with something -- re not that Jerry sandusky that Jerry's and dozen. Was simpler more original in the view believer miracle while Michael's from the yield prerogative right -- morning everybody. -- -- and -- you wanna Sunday morning. All lives. Where we begin -- before we get to the patriots in Houston is real lot to talk about today it is going to be a lot of football today and the Bruins cat was out and all the stuff -- on a five game winning streak. The last -- by the way not to panic. After the video game was at a cabinet that your that others don't go off the team tried everybody everybody's socks got game analyst but. We have to begin with a playoff games yesterday absolutely some a couple of unbelievable games. Starting with the you know according to Jerry sandusky to play -- -- for the ravens beat the miracle. Somewhat of a miracle I predict Baltimore when yesterday by two points I -- 23 to how many point to be scored in that game it was it was phenomenal. Peyton Manning. With the whole awe shucks look that dialogue gave him so many you know so many years had that look at times yesterday of times he was brilliant. But there were times in that game which is horribly officiated by the -- both on -- on both sides disaster but. Two interceptions. And that and the fumble. It's. You know people say typical Peyton Manning 9/11 now in the playoffs 81 and done in the playoffs I still think you -- the greatest quarterbacks of all time. All for now when the temperature is under forty degrees and that might have been the coldest game he's ever played in the games back you're Foxboro with the snow. It was never ever zero a bill that would never zero is always in the late in the high twenties -- a wrap around this tablet in the coldest game played in. Gloves for the first time that we did that report. At times like a -- -- a brilliant touchdown throws yesterday but he also had an -- a couple of screw ups and to have when it counted most Brooke the point we were off the air. About about a coach fox and is -- the right guy for the job. Yet it was it was in first thought was an unbelievable game in the -- but this game was you know. Right up their terms of playoff madness with as you said -- also before the show Miami San Diego -- -- -- snowball out there it is them you know. Forty niners cowboys. There's a million of those games and it's one of these games you can pick and choose from like twenty things happen. But city before the game. But that would score two special teams touchdowns you would say -- the game is no way didn't win the game every. It was just you forget about those plays and you know what we'll get the Manning I guess we'll get that crazy touchdowns and but I really thought John Fox coach scare game I mean you saw the -- regulation. Two timeouts what is the twenty are like thirty on Saturday when he ran injured quarterback and -- taken me. You get your chances in overtime to win the game anyway as you can see it didn't matter boy at thought fox coached. He really scared game yes -- -- Manning was good at times I thought he was bad at times and -- -- Joseph Flacco now here in the last calendar year. -- ever -- -- played really well the women AFC championship game to -- really nice play from sterling Moore. You know opted to -- with a one acting very very likely very possibly. And yesterday went into Denver in -- he said terrible conditions it's called game he's ever played the guy with the Delaware. And was unbelievable eighteen of 343313. Touchdowns no picks clearly outplayed Manning. And that's a kind of game for Joseph (%expletive) finale comes and if the -- -- comes in next week. We can't do this dismissed Joseph Flacco thing when you look at the quarterbacks Brady better obviously we can't say well he's Joseph Flacco to -- -- a different guy he went to Denver on huge stage. And played great -- -- the pit in overtime. From the end zone great playoff I mean unbelievable for over Leonard -- -- will go back to play people may have forgotten about you go back the first quarter numbers on top seven nothing. -- ravens linebacker that what -- three -- four yard line -- or five dollars -- like that they get that pass interference call on the right side and right side it was a huge big play at that time because you just kind of -- of Denver gets the ball -- again -- they're going -- -- fourteen nothing and number -- I -- -- the game would have -- over in my event I -- -- -- way I felt the nicest -- we're -- go back and remember that -- the first call -- Baltimore -- early in that game I thought it was a huge. A huge momentum suite at the -- and Al be fair here I had no problem not with Denver running the ball. On the three time yup in the fourth quarter punt from a 37 -- 37 that -- Baltimore starts the 23 I thought maybe it's start. Locals say their goal line 23 in terrible field position amid a night in that spot that was the same thing would you. The Baltimore timeouts enemy and I mean how often obviously -- something happen. Now it doesn't but here's what and here's the the problem and people don't can't stress -- opposite to -- it with the patriots they do -- other teams as well all you work for the last month. What's how great this Denver defense is not telling you. Not to say there -- they're OK they're not great 85 bears was great 2000 ravens was great. This was OK you're not very if the numbers are skewed when the last nine games this season -- Cincinnati Carolina San Diego Kansas City Tampa Bay Oakland. All the -- director lowest point a couple of weeks ago few weeks ago Cleveland at Kansas City. Now at the patriots played all those quarterbacks to. It probably it would probably look like Denver's defense is well by the way to -- for his tenth of this year tied for ninth I should say. Big points allowed right tied for ninth in points allow up better -- last year at twenty point one. Points per game. That's why the overtime right yeah. The overtime it was bad by Manning got a bad throw to throw -- Tom Brady does not make that's very wanna rank these two guys were you when you do it that's appropriate to make. Demand is gonna battle what kind of bad losses on his resonant. -- it was not Peyton Manning on that secondary yesterday and after about Flacco McNabb is on for several throws by Flacco right problem talking about the dogs like -- starts to riches. That can not that that's simply you know did your -- is actually like one actually woke up and actually said something about -- In that situation in that spot there's no way in the world he let him get behind it's it's. With Britain and purpose and -- -- going to struggle like he could and tried every -- can get their retirement writer targeted by. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hero over rate -- but all over rated -- this point in his career yeah he's had a choice and are really good -- -- -- -- and yet but people don't talk of -- in -- -- you're not -- your -- not mean there are a million guys who look at this yesterday and and and give the ravens credit Ray Lewis seventeen tackles yeah. Yeah it by the play well against indeed at that level you know -- targets and he but a lot of -- when he -- -- -- nine yard runs and -- yesterday -- yet I was really impressed of Baltimore you know we'll see what happens -- -- to win here today but to pretend it. Baltimore's not a real threat here it's silly -- and is a great great win for that franchise depressed when I think other than mr. ball. There's no question about it and I was talking to my friends yesterday at least thirty times in this game which it did exactly thirty. Rust on him and yards and that monthly appointment -- 130 like that one yeah yeah 131. But I mean that was that was big kitty. Is getting him touches and Flacco. Staying you know within himself -- -- there really wasn't one throw that he threw yesterday went. Help going there wasn't one. And usually have like -- errors and we saw the last time the played Denver. Early on hurricanes -- -- products one momentum obviously Deborah wave few weeks ago by. That's why it you know you just can't the FL is just so crazy -- it's just one week to the next now I do think there's an interest -- today. Obviously I don't think it's going to be afforded to a fourteen game by any stretch of the imagination I think it's probably going to be a very tight game for awhile. And in the end pay to separate the win by ten on what 27 to seventy and opened its going to be nearly as high scoring. As a lot of people think however if one team if one of one you know if we can get out of hand will be the patriots. Blow tomorrow yeah that that's a that's a possibility I don't see a -- Way and now and I don't think the pages to implement I don't think I begin a new team to play really well and -- while again and you know Houston cannot -- worse here. Last time I think they play better I think it's close for -- while the 710. Point kinda when having just depict the Texans because. Respect the patriots assuming I think if you look at it -- they said yes your -- sort of soberly Colby just look at the two teams. You have to pick the patriots pick when this game should win this game doesn't mean it will we saw that yesterday. But they should yeah I think the patriots are gonna post the ravens in a rematch in the AFC champs to six. Are you by the way an excellent if the patriots there Wednesday and writer too far ahead of ourselves but I'd I'd I'd do you think -- in the one thing nationally. That has not been discussed this week at all a locally it has obviously by. You watch ESP and sometimes in the NFL network and wonder you wonder sometimes commentators. How first of all how they have jobs to how are they getting paid already Nellie hill states somewhere most asinine statements the other day. You can hear some of -- that the prejudices against certain teams that certain players or coaches. And she says something like -- pick in Houston. For you know reasons like I love this don't don't know analysis they're -- Or pot shop is due to some -- like that no talk all this week national about the patriots running game or their defense absolutely none. Embarrassing the patriots running game is better than yours is one of the best in the NFL. And in my opinion it's going to be -- deciding factors in today's game you've got three running backs -- gobbled up three. Running backs that are featured at all do different things we're talking about all year long. The Houston Texans. Do not to have massive matchup problems in this game not to mention the arsenal of weapons from the receiver standpoint but the running game with a patriots as well. It's a double if it's it's just too much in my opinion for the -- to -- now. Up up bad bounce here up up a bad in a bounce there are rights when the game golf course any time to look at me -- -- I don't know how Houston keeps up point. Why would patriots in this game right just don't see you again you prove previewed all day he spent two weeks that you mean you can't preview Manning fumbling like that you can't preview to special teams -- you sure can't preview that Jacoby Jones touch sensitive you have all -- able -- look at like I said. Pickets are better team but I'll say also conversely. You know sort of the Dan Shaughnessy act were you know Houston is it's -- terrible football teams joke when he went twelve games. Uplift him as a team that is capable of coming in the lucky girl when you look at you according amend -- everybody in check a check was on Houston radio says. What we series and not dozen women about football. I does not talking more years of rain to stop the talent and a lot about football. I even mentioned column because it's such as such trash. To begin with the very -- people we once I did about I don't like -- right you -- -- exactly what exactly why -- I don't -- -- was -- actually wrote that second call and refer to actually he's -- the on call licences incisive committee did that you know I knew I knew it was. -- -- Or you know used to me. -- and I want talk that's not I don't want even discuss it because it was as you know. But we wanted to die anyway on its -- about it but that's but you cannot at least -- that's what they want to not I don't. How I don't know I know I don't I don't understand this here take this partisan analysis that's very good I just can't believe all. All last week I have heard. Anybody naturally talk about the patriots running game and how good it is. And how much of a matchup problem is going to be for the Houston Texans this weekend I think it's as big a factor is Crocker -- going back together. There's just too many options for the patriots and you know. Not that JJ watt is gonna get held that probably was like -- last time we're only. Go to quarterback it's no sacks are two tackles they should say that I don't I don't expect them to totally shut him down again. -- -- there's only so much to Texans can do or any defense at this point in the NFL can do. The patriots are that much of an offensive juggernaut unless they really beat themselves up and beat themselves I just what's the other Texans keep up today. Yes I think in this and I think Foster pages have been good against -- not as good as good you know the second half says they were in the first -- I don't think Foster -- 1546. Today I think it will better than that. But look at. I guess I agree go down the checkpoints here -- -- to the matchups in the patriots have more on -- -- they -- personally better coach a better quarterback obviously it goes a long way. Defensively. I don't see big difference between these two teams how people get caught up in these names. That's a big national -- cop the story -- Saudia Jiaka talk about the pages from game we usually talk -- Brady could talk about gronkowski can talk about Hernandez and Welker and you forget about tapping your right. This running game particular way and I think lately the way he's played you throw him into the mix playing like this is woes of -- play for this team. -- a totally different. It is and we talked about this before about and and what that does. Look at the numbers against the better defensive -- that's where he really shines and obviously use to protect these wanna be better defensive teams I look toward a lot today. -- -- that would read and I mean Brantley for -- being able to run the ball effectively. And people forget that those guys lined up as and sometimes her up there and and wide right wide left sometimes are in the slot. The I I'm I'm I'm what do people really have a appreciation Josh McDaniels and the number of incredible. Play them that the play calling that he has and the waste all these guys some of them were interchangeable -- Hernandez can line up all over the place. -- -- what I mean it is difficult not to mention the first time while rock and admitted as a plane go the other play together in Miami game -- right out of his reasonably healthy out basket is still to make a case for Houston just to make a case. Do you think the job play better in the did Monday night. I'd for what what look what this way again Monday night gladly if he plays like he did against Cincinnati. Tickets went by fifty. I'm -- was a bag and he went like last week at all -- -- I played that well last week basically and yucky it was a different team lose last week yeah I think Foster plays better legal a game as a more factored -- JJ -- will play a little better. Play better. I had that your case for Houston by the -- Johnathan Joseph last underplayed remembers is coming up an injury also that I think that there are guys back that it ran back data read a great yeah now. But the patriots subs to flip around that propelled you back. I'm just try to make a case here Friesen but you know taxes coming in saying it but he's picking up. Elevate -- Baltimore last our brother Denver yesterday well I mean obviously listen music coming here and win but if you're picking the game. To be fair to get the pick the patriots at home six which removed by winning. By you know twenty points over to recommend his -- to keep. Close they have to do with the ravens did yesterday Ray -- he's got to get like thirty touches and rush for over a hundred yards that beat their undefeated. Or close to when he does Foster is over on her boss -- probably -- what -- -- something like that. That's value do you keep the patriot offense off the field you do short concise passes -- -- -- was dominant and Wilfork was compared to adopt another another guy. Again not locally but nationally nobody's bringing up that point from the last game well. Unbelievable well for one of the best games ever seen them play and so I mean obviously he does that again that obviously changes the the Foster -- -- -- just looked at -- but it's a great matches so much of his match -- -- don't think it's a great matchup for -- of justice in our group -- quick break we're -- across the recap the separate reputed to this so this is just it was just a phenomenal game it's just a phenomenal weekend. You feel bad for people want sports production. I really do you do that people would not sports brands you don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well yes you're right you're right you'll probably be optimist that I thought it would portraits of people Bubba -- the two days ago -- caught up right. My dudes Leo person mission. He's going -- I didn't know. I I have your name now might as safe no one's that do -- -- -- your. It -- -- For the first battle happening it's like oops. So we're very talented guys that was -- they won at Roland. Well wouldn't affect -- appointees -- Afghan.

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