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Dale and Kirk Share Their Thoughts on KG's Love for Cereal

Jan 12, 2013|

Dale Arnold and Kirk Minihane talk Kevin Garnett and his knack for trash talking. Dale thinks KG can be a bit harsh on the court, but he doesn't actually think Kevin made the comment to Carmelo that is being reported by some. Minihane thinks it may be possible even if Doc Rivers says he did not, but isn't sure if the comment would really set anyone off. They both agree that Carmelo's actions after the game were just ridiculous.

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As I always do why I watch Dennis and Callahan this week and watch it with interest. I have said this on -- -- indications in the past I'll say it again. Doc Rivers might be appointment radio for anybody and I thought Terry Francona approach to that you know he was that good at -- sorry they go on Michael I think Bill Belichick is horrible on the radio. I just don't think he wants to play the game in -- any generally doesn't play the game. Doc Rivers is great. Guy gets it and when doc was talking about KG and Carmelo and dock just set flat out didn't happen right. And as I listened to -- -- explanation. Makes sense to me that it didn't happen. -- Yeah I'm having something happened I think that's specific thing happened by. -- you defend his players and what he was saying wise KG didn't say write what Carmelo alleged -- Right doc wasn't playing in that game -- sent end and it was the perfect. So explanation right -- Carmelo gets in trouble get suspended. That was because he said this right. Sonic Garnett shoots and Carmela recognition our group and talk to a lot of Carmelo in that spot because. And this is what Garnett does sky its its secret I'll react like that is the shocking about doctor -- that's. On -- one night I know what's been reported did not happen and I know that -- -- fact really did not capital. Did -- have. No references to Syria. And -- guys are his words should a guy does something. Crazy like a relative and the way to get out of trouble and so will sit this means that it happens all the time. It goes back to the Villa -- thing too and doc talked about pace -- that didn't happen either right away it was reported. And and and doc said absolutely there is a line. That despite how graphic it can get out there no matter how blunt players can be out there there is a lot and you don't ball. Children or wives -- family and he -- -- and Kevin doesn't cross that line. Right now he is graphic he is grow OC is he is he's almost things. Well -- I'm an Islamic court Sidon. Guard Edison said some things that if power the order of the Celtics coach the Celtics I would bureau wrote about him and his certain words uses that you know we can't use. It is my actions Claudia. But normally necessarily want to write. Right correct but you know. This again this is big -- have exactly right this is about Carmelo Anthony. -- -- try to bait them a little bit in Anthony completely. And hold leads him on -- snapped and it was. Surprising I mean I'm not a big Carmelo Anthony got I was surprised -- back reactor at -- Shock well I'll say this Garnett has a reputation for only going after little guys at least he picked a -- more his size is at the start to this time -- this is not one of these guys so. You are from a Celtics perspective now when you look at this team you watch the game last night it's funny nothing's changed weaker Q. They win five here and -- -- -- Charlotte Monday it will be 60. I look at the Eastern Conference landscape and you think well. The knicks -- much sure about them Miami obviously is the favorite for the kind of coasting. I okay support the Celtics are one of these teams now they keep playing like this there is good as anybody else other than Miami in the east when you watch it. Do you find yourself asking as I've asked. Avery Bradley that big a factor for this -- -- -- looks at -- I'll tell you what when you watch him play and I thought this -- -- I think he's as good defensive guard as there is in the MBA today I really do you mean as good as anybody. And you could see it is true I mean the way he plays defense does have the very clear effect on the rest of this team defensively and I I really do think he's that valuable. Presence and his team I think he changes -- that much which shocks me signing -- to be the case. -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean that's what the biggest differences in the turnaround happened or was Avery Bradley came back it up and he's in. Using totally different team right now I mean do you watch him here for the last you know week ten days. Field goal percentage against prior to Bradley -- back and since Bradley showed up. Look at the difference -- like at 101215. Point difference in field goal percentage against -- look at the record with him without him last two years I mean it's a huge difference so yeah I think he's that serious factor. I think -- may be mine in the playoffs no. I think I feel better about their playoff prospects leading up -- that series and I -- week ago I'd probably do Caledonia a lot better. And they're playing better and I I I know that everybody wants to get this whole Kevin Garnett thing cranked up. He is not a guy you root for he's not on your team just not -- and despite the effort which he gives all the time all that stuff is is fine. He's not a guy you'd root for if he wasn't a Celtic you wouldn't like. Ryan that's I mean listen. Detroit -- championships and guys that nobody -- outside of that city knowing they minded too much about MB your eyes is Rodman and Sally in those guys. I mean people in other cities don't like Garnett it's okay if your boss thing that you want. Dot said there is a line. And Kevin knows -- -- that he doesn't cross lot -- -- at Texas says are you really putting it past Garnett to say something like that where it would Anthony get the Cheerios thing. Doc says flat out he mated up. Doc says. Absolutely unequivocally. He did not say that. That betting that doesn't mean that you mean you can be guys stick up for player obviously -- much dismissing it's not impossible that can tell you why I think it's hard for me to believe that he did snowmobiles hard. Anybody else BI. Do -- another New York Knicks I heard it yeah absolutely -- -- -- you've seen a single Knick player back up Carmelo story. All yet it also -- -- their face to face that close to each other in geyser. You know ten feet away five you're going to just talk and reach -- possible nobody heard about saying the Gator didn't say it's pretty unlikely but I'm not saying just because -- percent didn't say that as a means. Mean -- -- that's not the end of the story for me and Albert carried away but. I mean I don't think that that that eliminates the possibility with. Trust docs honesty I'll tell you the truth because in the past he has taken his. Players to task ball on DNC in front of the -- down at the garden and -- game he's not afraid if it does show you the different ways you can do things there's a Belichick quit which works for him. I mean doc will criticize these guys on the air pretty rough on Jeff Green here this year just in the example I mean -- pageant electric going on the air and and accept their effort is good enough they're -- trying hard he Belichick -- in the air saying those things about his players. That would never happen -- frank comments were people killed Francona about all the time at the end was criticized these guys please doc goes on -- does it but doesn't -- You have to look at the -- in the balance with Jessica the players never get into my mind -- eligible my guess is he doesn't. Ever say anything publicly that he hasn't said behind closed doors and effect I'm sure is much more direct behind closed doors -- with any Everest publicly thank and and that's probably the difference if if you were saying one thing to the player behind and I don't worry about it -- a year of being good effort got a good job good effort and you laden in front of the cameras and and and median say something totally different that's where the player. Would get upset and it just seems like a different world to with the Celtics it seems like it's the way it one way with the Red Sox on the rest -- these other teams in that you know somebody says something. On the radio and every sprints to the locker mass. Thirty questions he's got that -- -- and these -- but these other teams but the red but the Celtics the patriots even the Bruins -- just seems like little smaller in terms that stuff. Many of the techsters are saying you know how how would dock or anyone else know exactly what's that between two people face to face on the court that's silly. On another persons that I used to trust docs word another another person's -- docks full of crap look at his track record. Tell you I didn't maybe I'm just being naive here. I think -- track record's pretty good in terms of honesty and and you know I think he's a guy who is is about as honest as anybody doing that job that I effort. -- say this I don't know what he said or did -- for doctor -- in just say that supposed assailant talk about it yet she once said he didn't say that he could just avoided it. -- say that not much sick -- did say it is certainly possible but boxing pretty strong about it almost overly so you really need to be. And he was that it gets fairly -- Yes I think doc has a certain cachet with me. I think he's a guy who's a pretty truthful guy give an example and as I was driving in here today it was -- Brian -- though farewell press conferences via. GM of the Toronto maple right he is the classic don't ask the question you don't wanna hear the answer kind of guy. Pilot of the press conference for me Steve Simmons whose area a columnist in Toronto and kind of an acerbic columnist. He asked -- a question and -- at one point set. Well one of the highlights of this whole thing Steve is that I probably will never have to speak to you again prepare as one of the highlight answers honorable thing break out but he's -- If anything he gets criticized for being -- honest. I think there are guys who tell you the truth. Or any if they can't tell you the truth. They won't lie to. They'll say. I can't answer that or else say in the texture yes last extraction just stole exactly I was gonna say the is that possible regard to sentencing -- police did say it. I mean certainly possible idiot is absolutely possible but I just I don't believe that you could say something like that on a basketball court and have nobody else. Well I think it could not I don't I think it could be your running down the court together to nobody around it's something like that. Why do you say that I still but I mean he may say. Possible by think I am not on the curious guy but I'm not I'm not out of baloney guy either rate -- there are few minutes ago it opened it just it's it -- it was a strange. Wrote the strangest thing was seen in -- standing out front that boss I don't. I don't get it I mean if he's that angry about it Garnett is in front. During the whole game -- fourth quarter combat mad do something about his post -- -- in the locker -- I'm -- Abbas will -- upset. I'll I'll make an an equivalent case an analogy no way back when when my son was in elementary school right they spend a week away at the science skiing there in the school's all do this in this state happens yet and they ask parents to chaperone. And I spent one of my nights -- in one of the boys cabins and on another father and an etiquette delay well. Over the end and you know we -- we caught -- we bottom back -- on the on there and I and I set -- -- at where you don't. And he said the girls -- I appreciated dishonest and finally and I said -- ball which who have done if you got there. And it's like there like. I don't know and it's sort of how I felt about about Carmelo Anthony IKU -- wall you're gonna girls Gavin your bus. Do you care. Yeah I mean you know I don't get it you have conversation with regular -- -- and if you're gonna punch him he was two feet in front you have only opportunity in the world you really get suspended he did -- he -- in front -- the -- I was gonna change so I just didn't get. Is reaction to was really strange.

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