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Mustard and Johnson talk Brent Musburger: Complimenting Katherine Webb or offensive?

Jan 12, 2013|

Craig and LJ talk political correctness, sexism, gender roles and offensive rhetoric - yes this is sports radio but these guys can get down like that. Of course this is all in regards to Brent Musburger's infamous comments about beauty queen Katherine Webb during the National Championship game. Mustard was legitimately offended by his fawning over Ms. Webb, but Larry thinks it was harmless, and in fact a very nice compliment.

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Mustard and job status Sports Radio WEEI Tom from ever bringing up the KG. Incident Carmelo obviously suspended. By David Stern for his reaction to UKG's quote unquote enterprise on the don't -- ask you talk to join -- camera what the ramifications that -- Come about from a -- people who defended Carmelo and it seemed as if you were at least supportive of Carmelo being up isn't he higher if KG set what he says again because of political correctness of people running around like crazy to a point where it's it's it's. Look at this salad all this. -- -- Girl I was gonna take gonna debate which you ought to be a quarterback to see his yeah full and as you know if I ever -- way to do that Al. Our power but since you have such a sense of timing. I apps that did not bother me at all hours that would -- it what are you supposed to say why they can't get they don't want them commenting on it. What are you keep showing courage to stand for Brett as a theory as I just ask your question you never answer anything. I've just answering dot. My responders just want you want me to answer the way you want -- and I do I want him I don't Larry and I want an answer from the -- and why are supposed to say shut up from -- -- -- you thank you giants who would I ever thought laughed about the cross examination actually say I was no no I'm just waiting -- -- wonder all over the place just give me an answer. Why they keep showing her that it -- -- -- and I responded asks for a -- or 73. Year old man not to be. Basically. Drooling. And salivating -- noticed can't all of reverend a three bank and -- -- a lot to me it was just sacked. And and another -- vacation all or woman -- why would you why with a huge -- not just -- second when they keep showing and I answer the question you're having yet don't attempt again. The production people wanted to play -- the fact that she's all -- students all Auburn and Alabama if you if you've ever spent any time in the deep south Larry no I haven't I didn't wanna hang around you're not gonna happen. That is a major rivalry -- state Auburn vs Alabama so. That was the reproduction plan to show this Alabama who's also an -- just -- she look like Wellesley and budget that they would have gone or about five times. I I thought it was in April. He's going to be inappropriate. And in it and -- just kept on going in because they kept showing America. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- can't really say anything apparently according to Doc Rivers that you admire tremendous I don't. He claims the Garnett told him he said nothing inappropriate. About out of a dark coaster was a player under the bus either so I don't who -- But I I don't understand not just this great thing about Muster all the networks yet. 73 years old thank god that I can still notice. So you're kidding me say that was an appropriate area it is the stating what -- -- -- you can't say some of the beautiful woman -- Heidi watney is a beautiful attractive women have to women out there in it if you look at him and they look good and they looked nice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- United you're not making some inappropriate sleazy comment I mean I hope you're not. You just sit out tonight's game one and like my honest reaction -- yeah I'm not getting I don't wanna get into debate with you about it by my personal response. I was creeped -- I felt uncomfortable. -- kept going with it creeped out because they kept showing her and finally the producers had to step in and say -- -- move on from that but why -- -- why he keeps our event because the point was it was supposed to be -- -- -- and I -- -- and I -- -- -- and -- -- offended -- -- -- Well I don't I don't want to analysts alike cannot tell like he just about what a beautiful what a Mormon it. You joke kids go out practiced on the four par probably out -- -- will be a star cornerback. And maybe you'll get a girl from like that is wrong with that I think you speak for yourself what I'm not mistaken for a lot of healthy clean living people Lafayette who happen to admire somebody who's very attractive. In you can handle such a way that -- -- consultant 61777979. B 37 -- things rent must murderers are dirty old man I should shoot it down after -- clients. -- literature implying is that every three and he shouldn't say anything and I don't I think there is the way did you wish some women out there -- Colin. I think Theres a way that you can talk to women to make them feel every special and not feel uncomfortable. I mean that we need to do that -- Not what I would try with somebody thinks he's nice so you have point is that like you friction there. What is -- what that her gender equality Larry da -- ports weren't a compliment I know you never have went asleep watching argue should try if -- got one OK so if you walk in to Rome. Then do you find it incumbent to complement the either the dress with hairstyle. Or the looks of a woman. Over the appearance of a man. My work two million I might take -- -- -- I was in my shoes that denies it. Libya very friendly. Person I like people and in that I strike up conversations and everybody in it. In again acting to more secure and comfortable with who you are. I'm not saying you go over the years AG's Kennedy your phone number I'm not saying that I don't think he did that but don't you -- this but these producers do like. They keep that they they put the women on on the screen everybody's looking out there that -- keep going to wait. And then and then if everybody's in favor of what you're saying wow how great shot great idea. If it goes south. Then all of a sudden you -- large part I don't know what you want the guys say and I don't know what he said that was that an appropriate said nothing about how she was built to Brady had a nor care premium would want absolutely ridiculous of quietly Larry has compliment. Some of the -- -- I don't I I I know we live in in in an age now where nobody's supposed to say hi you speak to anybody -- looking guy. I still do and I mean match and I feel very sick. You're uncomfortable about it it's all a stand selling. Etc. That quote and quote showdown zone anyway you know him he's only commenting on something I don't show -- don't don't go to the television shot. I think that you know Brett has understand that television is all about the visuals. The images they never -- that it was a one time -- now. Actually to be so outage they put your your teacher and a bunch and I -- I ask -- All right let's get back to a -- at 617779. 7937. Just quote one person. From the New York Times article. On Tuesday morning following the inappropriate remarks at least from my perspective. This is a professor of journalism. At Michigan State. Her name is so Carter she says it's extraordinarily. Appropriate to focus in on an individual's walks in this instance the appearance of the quarterback's girlfriend had no bearing on the outcome of the game. It's a major personal violation it's so retrograde that it's embarrassing and it did anybody ask her how she felt about it. -- she was not particularly upset by right not just somebody's giving you a compliment I can but she's being complimented for her appearance on Larry why and were elevate what he wanted to be complement to -- what -- -- -- -- Perhaps maybe she's a bright woman may be your major. Are we getting -- we didn't have a chance to hear her speak you simply had a visual on the I did you just said that as one beautiful looking woman I remember you joked it's canals and get a get a date like out of your starting quarterback -- think it's -- of treatment is not hectic it's funny it's fighting people like you ain't gonna happen -- apply it. You think after what do you stop -- Why Craig. You're so blatantly -- I checked your man I'm a woman and non Bob. I'm not saying -- you. Know I don't know if you are wondering if you're a man it if you are warm and okay out then there are certain things that you can share in common -- she complement you or you can compliment her about the way it is not affected you get offended by god is great to me. Lambs series that that's crazy to me I don't understand what you're offended by that. Let's go to Jerry in the cars next on sports regenerate. But what you are happy new year usually you. And I'm gonna go out there amounts are right that's the way it works against the quality crap we're. -- all how all the other and tiger -- as we wouldn't do you mean right. -- well. During the hold highlighted by the big tall. I need to. And a quarter too much and you know I remember -- -- -- Wouldn't. I'm totally that they could go out and not a guy who behaved. These the people on your side and -- and and I sex happens at a it's happens opened up to Edmonton seven and I 83 so that would be offensive.

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