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Mustard and Johnson: Did KG Cross the Line with Carmelo?

Jan 12, 2013|

The guys get a call from Tom in Everett and discuss whether or not Kevin Garnett crossed the line with his trash talk with Carmelo Anthony the other night - if he did say what is being reported anyway.

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I think he he's been a big part just diseases he's a good player you know -- you today. Guy deposition at the corner position as a very go player and how -- defense out -- he's been able to pick things up thing. We've -- -- it -- a lot of me -- -- -- the stuff so I think when I'm playing well and then also enough -- play well as a rookie I think does -- not a lot. That is Deborah McCord me talking about the acquisition. Of Aqib Talib enabling mr. reported to head off to the safety position last year the move. Out of the year in my opinion course yet the big pick again it's Houston. In December keeps shutting down Andre Johnson arguably based on that game again you also notice no problems off the field nothing just. Wanna complain football that's the Belichick affect our right so what could -- -- shut down the circus that is. Tim yes absolutely that's that's one of the only I just think demise and that's one of the only reasons. I would entertain. Bringing somebody like Yemen because Belichick would not put up on all this -- Bullishness that people tend to generate demagogues tossed out on his ear nobody's around let's put this -- the guy -- a football player text during the 603 doesn't share your enthusiasm Larry Tebow talk WTF. I have no idea what that means you show me. Changing to other station hoping the cars for kid's song is not altering play any thing. But Tebow who taught not Tebow heart in the context in which people have been doing it. I'm talking about Tebow the football player and you're just looking ahead to which I guarantee -- don't think. Ballot check is looking ahead the already signed some back up quarterback but next year there are always. Looking ahead and planning to -- just when people out watching naturally swung open amicable 978 text your -- things about Tebow Larry you're right the Belichick won't tolerate a circus atmosphere right in the circus will lose interest in -- Talbot for the -- of interest that they'd only have to be convinced that he'd be willing to -- only accept and embrace the role. That doesn't include playing quarter absolutely. It just right if you're taken the last bust out of the leak. Because there are no options open to you and remember when he was here and Belichick element out they had dinner and everything. But if Belichick said you know what I believe you comply I just complete your complaint is positioned what church is what options the by the way I want reprieve appreciate the text in the 774 wanted to clarify -- W Tia Matt I had no idea what Matt shocking. 6177. With seven as the company's credit yes indeed it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And yeah. We're -- that a lot of it you're I'm -- field I'm sure by the judge yet no place and he's making calls on the football field the coaches usually directed at WTF -- Direction and then that is flipped out to let me and -- much like that. And you had to get back them as beautiful as big as it my sympathies and Notre Dame fans that cool as well you rob it is does its job amendment and I don't look at that. Top ten pick letter -- -- and -- a little collage he's still looking from solidly into Alabama back -- yeah I was just out. By the way I'm glad that kid did not win the Heisman Trophy that would have been a total embarrassment. Might president of course. Well maybe. It was -- on the I don't know Greg that. I know what it's really funny because talent really I just -- we don't talk a lot of college football but I did watch most of that game and going in I really hate both programs hate both. College football Mickey -- so to speak. It's amazing I subtly was rooting for the Alabama crimson to have in my life. Little one and as a little what about noted economists I -- and -- touched upon I was great -- kind of a sad comment though that the it in order to win you have to just told to give up every other aspect of your life like it to be a coach I guess. Well I -- and that's why I was glued throughout north sound funny -- -- -- Pakistan who went to the NFL I rooted for him because you're the guy -- said. You don't have to do that when asked him if his golf game was gonna put down because I've become professional coach and he said. You can do what you have to get down and seven laid out what you should be doing the right he's right about that it would work out but we've been well this level. I think if mr. Sabin our wants to continue having that great success he's having to stay at the college level is made his foray into the professionals. And and you know I just wasn't he just wasn't cut out to do that. And they couldn't quite frankly I mean not that I have been scheduled but why would you want to go into the -- when you're at that level. Ed in college I mean you've been on these specific college football is about the coaches NFL took -- about the players that I'm gonna come. About anything really he becomes like a cal Perry -- went to number one an -- I got to do is open the door that all of us play is coming back noted as you know what it is is in cal Perry the Kentucky program and the Alabama programmable essentially. Professional programs in the college ranks and why not stay there. But no doubt and -- they took so I don't wanna be cynical but did the amount of money that they -- paid up front. I'm curious about the amount of money that's getting paid in other directions -- less this gentleman right. That only in my last comment top it all right Tom Alaska and about college football we asked forward every year this is a perfect example they tried. To give us a championship game of some -- all the other games were relevant this was the worst game of the balls. -- -- And it's not doing what they do it really. Is on politically -- to -- men against boys but -- it's too. Got to come up with a better system they should add organic Kansas State is someone else play who Tom I don't want to see an act Craig has a tendency that aren't nice to appear few minutes and any cuts off before you can make your point so I don't know. -- -- -- -- I don't. To the Houston because. A lot of that you guys have talked about it -- debate the quarterback and obviously. You know. The defense equipment and it just seems like. I don't know what you learned. You know is he going to total opposite of what to do it I mean. Moments in that game with the blood pressure blood immediately. To do some things when -- but again -- just. The regular season game but I'm just check system used to -- and from that end but not to not to not to work with the patch and you never. Well you know double edge of the and that the back -- the globe and wanted to do and so it would. Know what used to alarm is not to -- blazes coming. -- got my inability to think about that -- -- You know -- It's a million an episode of touched upon in practice and he still looks like he's the -- and I'm -- which is. And that's. One of those things -- it on YouTube to implement mostly because we saw -- equipment that could -- -- -- -- and -- and hopefully. But I think. You know unemployment. You know I want to name Denver eliminated. But at the same time but she. The spectacle. You know for the -- to -- down to Denver next week to me it would just. Would be the -- Best lets him before Craig Kutcher are you one of the make a comment about got that serial. Just this Kevin is my opinion that might look like good -- -- Minnesota. And I have not -- to -- that blocked backed -- but I always backed up that. Supposedly the comments were -- anything about it. I comment was actually women will what do you think I don't think I've ever seen. -- about the -- and the people who -- I never saw him about that. There and the fact -- let you know. -- -- now is Kevin Durant to the other comment about Chris ash being a tough guy. And I'm living rooms that they get the impression that Kevin diamond a lot of that in him too and I'm. I'm disappointed and I. -- -- -- -- out -- do you think and it said that about I don't know why -- what do you think he wasn't like I can't tell you. Why must you must has said something evident diesels a funny looking sneakers he made a reference there Carmelo and follow -- -- this is that your wife tastes like. On certain brand of cereal. Well Honey Nut Cheerios it was yeah it was yeah. Was he a second he's more Avaya for more rice crispy I can't -- joke about that I I I I I think we all know about. I got that uses a pro usage of profanity. Out on the court often in a highly inappropriate comment yeah -- to -- -- -- And I think you know I don't know I'm like you these are just a report by the this substantiate and not about Dauman Duncan's mom passed away and -- is playing with a reason happy Mother's Day. I don't know. But I tea. I'm. If he. Does resort to that true to cross the line to get the players head to motivate himself as something. That's kind of a sad commentary if that's the only way you can elevate your game in in possibly get your opponent to play pork. I think talking about some of these mop on his front and our kids growing happening in this city. Are you read is they was yo mama. In a fight broke out beauty even after going to a -- -- green of the pat America's beauty -- -- -- -- if you said your mother. -- a fight part you just never talked about your mother was miss Alabama it doesn't well I don't back in the open up our wanted to -- it. Now by -- you don't really you don't talk about a mother of families or anything like debt. I don't know whether he did or not. If he did shame on him in -- usually makes these -- while he's back -- I I love him as a player Ira I think he's had an album motivate your leader. But I just I hope. He doesn't -- has to resort to that tactic anointed to to win and I think he's been doing it for his entire career where did I talk smack in May remember it's at at that brining down on the court one -- he's -- -- the coach of the other team. King you better get somebody out of your book in god. We know that trashed -- Jordan was great -- But is there really aren't by the way it was the in his error was a great trashed -- -- we don't I trash truck and a marketing I don't want -- to edit and you know -- politically correct all the time. But at the same time if a white players running down the court against Garnett and he says get out of my way you -- to be -- -- -- let me ask you this Larry is that okay are -- not I'm thinking about it and. I and I I can see both sides of the equation there there has to be a line drawn somewhere but we sit here -- in you and I mean more that more than you -- realized by bio inappropriate propane. Obscene completely offensive tax on a regular basis and we're supposed to sit there and take all that. Rather different and not all these anonymous you would be a lot more appropriate visit relatives -- and you.

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