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Larry Johnson's Love for the NHL and Tim Tebow

Jan 12, 2013|

Hockey is back! ...and Larry Johnson is happy! LJ tries to convince Craig that this season is going to be full of fun and action. He also expresses his frustration that there is a potential situation for next season where Tim Tebow will be without a team. He thinks Tebow has a lot to offer, just not at QB. Craig isn't buying in though and thinks he comes with too much baggage...precisely why Larry think the Pats would be a perfect fit!

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Mustard and Johnston. Sports Radio WEEI. Our number three Amir. Two hours away just a little bit less from jail and Kirk -- one who deal will be. Having -- another confrontation that shouldn't say dale Kirk is the guys and talk about. Ugly such a nice guy off the year so pleasant mild mannered unassuming modest. Virtual wall flower and -- turn on the microphone. Like flipping on the ugly switch wow what does he get this he get down -- mean and nasty by the way I share. And Dale's. -- About the hockey lockout ending. On January 19 to stop the season. And this will be a chance to test whether or not you're hypocrite and Craig because. You say your Toyota may yet -- general are not -- -- -- -- while I'm talking Pacific about this particular subject I know there are many. -- You go on and on about of their hockey playoffs that your favorite time in the air and I agree radio I think -- -- -- -- -- the playoff season stats their repair. Probably better than any other sport. With a passion intensity and and the level of play but the playoffs for the National Hockey League. I think would be. Season being reduced to the number of games that are played in every game is really don't matter now. I think you're gonna get a longer version of the playoffs are are mixed -- you know. I brought Miller of the goalie would buffalo really summed it up it was just stupid I mean for the footprint to give away from -- more than half the season. Vendors. -- people -- is suffering without ever -- pay a lot of sad music Matt -- -- what Larry yup panders to the crowd it's not pandering and it's a reality of life something that you are not aware of that there are people out there who took a financial hit. Because of a -- strike and I like these millionaire owners and players who can recover quickly these people -- but the point that I'm making is. I'm very excited about it I think that it it'll it'll be great viewing. And I'll be curious if you're gonna watch the games since this season is shortened in every game no matter. I don't know if every game no matter that matter a little bit more than they did when they're playing. Eighty games and there was nothing more irrelevant and meaningless. Then when icicle ball long and winding. NHL regular season about the NBA you can -- camping about Major League Baseball by the -- a little bit different although I don't like to see that's the problem I don't like the second wildcard because it does. Dilute the regular season product a little bit of your barrier -- Hartford and about -- -- right because Red Sox fans. Believe it or not people forget this as as awful as they were over the final. Couple months of the regular season it was still in the second wild card spot. In late July early August before they imploded. So anyway you want to point is that you want you I mean it's not just opening Andrew tore the place I am that you interrupting. Because they have a lot of question -- you're just -- his regular -- back without a fast would you like it under five words how long would you like the it's odd couple of sentences -- me if you can make sense I'm I mean different to return this is what -- -- -- -- you -- about a ball and -- -- IQ what is it like a law against that we. Yeah I get shorty got our sports. I don't hear about the regular season in the national I think I just explained it to you which not a regular season now it's going to be abbreviated. The up for the game should Matta mortgage should be more intense than it. They have millions of questions to ask about these feelings they didn't and now let's watch you start as. I'm gonna -- that -- just as -- an open question of -- expected jury incidentally what was I have another question he -- the congress is my wife and I -- the -- -- -- just so disappointed -- -- your chance to be likable when you fail every time by the way a -- in the 978 says Larry eight carries you cracked well obviously. The reverse would be virtually cargo -- to the other question when asked now I wanna throw -- out. I -- begay -- leading. For our radio audience to help me with this because I already know grazing and he's got the imagination of -- -- and orange so. But I am a product you anyway they were two players who possibly will be available for next season. Tebow. The end you know the -- With the patriots -- basketball Greg Oden yeah. We jewelry if you words any change. Or -- check. Would you be interest in these players in every sport sports. I think both -- in a position where does nothing to lose. I mean you you wouldn't be buying yourself up to any New -- deal English attacking me it's it's not I don't I have no imagination all that that and I'm not -- -- country -- because I am intrigued about TR. Yeah it'll tell you why. First of all I don't think Belichick would put up put a lot of this. Up publicity wouldn't be a press conference that they just signed Tebow. I think his his religious -- opinions in is how we lives his life that's private and I think Belichick would respect that but all of this other stuff the goals arm of the Tebow following an all out up. He just wouldn't have any of that he wouldn't have it. I don't think Tebow is a quarterback. I think I've but I think he's a football -- big ballot check -- find a place for him. To play I think he's he's he's big he's athletic. He can play but he's not a court he's not a full time. Quarterback and I it would ballot check in in O'Brien I guarantee they could find I'm just saying if you were available. Since Jacksonville is doing very well down -- and they said they don't need them. Dave Caldwell -- -- general manager has pretty much dismissed it out of hand which makes absolutely no sense to a struggling franchise that was what two wins last year -- when twelve. They have people. Very few people going through the turnstiles down there. In Jacksonville you think would be a perfect fit. You know are a great player in college nearby Gainesville that's the area. Overall Florida fans what you have to have a strong enough for administration. To -- enough of this and -- and Tebow mania stuff and Internet. Reject we're not strong economy -- -- -- in fact they perpetrated by having a press conference. When -- for a backup player who came -- so shame on them to play along I'm not I'm I'm really I'm not sure I don't know if you're not playing along because I'm I'm really not interested in this but I know you don't wanna completely -- preview for the next two -- -- we can do we don't know -- -- -- -- me just -- the -- -- let me -- into the -- -- -- question of whom -- right. Maybe it's fodder for conversation but ultimately. Our rights so he converts to another position -- a running back. He's gonna help the patriots. I think is 82 back I see him more as I think he can be a running back I think he can be a an option quarterback -- -- allowed to throw some plays an air. I don't I think this and this guy's big enough he's not some hundred and in and ninety pound football player he's a big guy. You can put him in in in a couple of different positions in I would leave that up to. Ballot -- and O'Brien and their imaginations to do things but I think just that it jettison a guy out of football some reason maybe don't play opened a Canadian League. I think that guy has the ability to play. In the National Football League but shame on the jets' front not. Utilizing him better and I tell you the truth the M my quest car for I respect greatly the jets' special teams coach. Said it was a shame what they did that this can Indian artists are covered me more than anything with the comments he said he was a very hide. Worker so it's not his fault he got caught up in this thing other stuff to people wanted to do the old thing to me is -- I'm glad you responded the way you did. It's not a laughable matter and the reason it's not laughable matter as the Miami Heat are very interested in him. If you got a guy like Kim -- -- before five knee surgeries and we are just in the history of the disappointment. But if you can get him if didn't get a guy like that a common and maybe give -- eight to ten minutes a game. You know you are very intrigued with these scrappy. Players either for personal off the field issues of war on the field injuries. I remember. I guy from DC who was caught by Mike Sheehan and a guy they had trouble no matter where he win. And a couple of -- on the road America a and you wanted to give this guy at blank slate clean slate regular rocks that you know what he has limited potential he. It's under the wing of Bill Belichick. This guy will overcome all obstacles of the past -- -- -- -- -- you know it well patriot uniform at the -- outdated now this is an area. If you're in a position. In your winning in terms of winning in the playoffs -- in and you got banged out attendance every night. I I don't mind taking a flyer some teams can't take a flyer on a team we can't afford your roster is then you can't afford to do it. If I'm Danny -- it and I to get Greg Oden to come and work out whether me and see what he's got laughed CV give B eight to ten minutes a game. I would find that fascinating. And it's the same thing we're Tebow -- -- not -- about an. They'll -- and play but there are some things that you're gonna have to work -- them are I just thought our grasping both players are named as a in this. What's okay right now the patriots. If they're not the odds on favorite to win the Super Bowl they're right behind Denver Broncos according to Los that is the team that. Dismantled your opponent tomorrow in the regular season which I'd much prefer to talk about I can't figure out why interest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have no idea I went and in my iPhone and other law doubt when you don't have to. The same thing when buying a house depressed we're trying to buy -- house is when you don't have to because then you can negotiate the price. You don't have to if you don't like to deal with being offered you -- -- at the populace at some other girl take a lot of people offering him he oh. Big time money left to -- -- that's the point I'm making not injured duck and about a guy I want can be jettisoned out of the apartment do you think timetables of a -- plant. A football yes. He plays football guy nobody you know and you know what I'm saying to me like older -- -- positioning no real things that do we think he's a quarterback absolutely no we -- said that. Review to determine -- Qaeda member it does -- more ability. I'm look at what they've given what had I mean you practice guy a jets cast off the guys to rest -- -- -- -- four former quarterback from the jets who converted two of the updates are saying to you is ballots yet. Around a place for him -- trump science that I -- I found a place for -- remains were found out that -- you know you are we -- that's -- you'd never you'd you'd just have -- imagining -- not -- -- -- lines and if you -- Columbus just sit back there it was into the greens aren't -- around and -- -- got a -- sure I would know the difference in the West Indies and India however 61777. I have organized -- the Indians in the history seven little genocide never heard --

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