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Mustard and Johnson Get Inside the Matchup -- Patriots/Texans

Jan 12, 2013|

The boys continue their analysis of the huge game between the Patriots and Texans this Sunday. They discuss how important the play of Arian Foster and JJ Watt will be for Houston. LJ is hyped for the return of Gronk. They believe the key will be can the Texans somehow get ahead early so they can utilize their running game?

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Just about thirty hours and counting patriots finally back on a football field playing a regulation game. In almost fourteen days since the pats last played a real game that was against Miami if you wanna count that. As a real game to finish up. The regular season taxes looking to avenge. Humiliating nationally televised Monday night game in early December 4214. We have broken that gamble or not there are. Bunch of people on the text line who do believe the Texans. Not only will make it more competitive how can you not make him more competitive. Well actually win on Sunday night Sunday afternoon. Larry Johnson you're -- is nothing's guaranteed that you work while our government could -- what authority Yasser -- -- getting at it. I -- but I I think which interest and reduces the do you have some studs. In their line -- of certain positions who can certainly take over game are you mention why an album Foster had eight catches last week against Cincinnati. So he's capable of much of running for about a hundred and -- odds -- -- for the game and I think Johnson. -- totally pretty much shut him out now I mean and a Bosnian nine catches but they -- kind of quiet you -- he looked like a lot of play easy to -- like he just quit on the play you know and I'll tell you emotions out he looked completely lost in that game he looked out of it from the get go. At Cincinnati game of the past that shop room. On the goal line and he dropped that after the -- got this one of the best was surprised me a single market trying to pick up our quality and hook. But not a case you're very sure guys they're great mechanics -- oh yeah by the way what are sharpton's Totenberg greatest market in the world levels people over there. Now and you know it's interesting. Speaking about that taxing game Monday night. And I I've told you ad nauseam that I was there the reason another reason wire I remember that game was. The fact it was so bombing. It was about fifth the 859 degrees just up the doppler reporter what that is the doppler report in retrospect OK here's adopt reports predict the future I'm telling you about the past. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You really well right mind wants to see the patriots go to Denver on a rope when you can be right here on out they Baltimore's let's put it this way what I'd -- is no place like home their way like that there are. There are 44 states outside the New England states who -- -- wanna see. Brady vs Manning in the AFC championship game at CBS and -- whitewash that as well. But you know this this reminds me of course of 96. And it's the same scenario. You predicted I'll give Jacksonville yup Jacksonville win -- Denver on a Saturday afternoon patriots are scheduled to play on Sunday against Pittsburgh. In a course so Mark Brunell and company pulled off the upset of the upsets. And that and then then patriots took care business you know what's OK where were all out of favor as our as far as I'm concerned when indeed be used in that was the only favorite your needs. Yeah that was ridiculous it would be nice to see Deborah Lewis did you know like I have a confession to make -- -- come right back to the phones. I don't like Peyton Manning and I don't know why and I tried to tell you how that's around it worked out I don't and it's not anything personal obviously going to know the guy but laundry is like but -- -- I don't like injured. I don't like him and I don't want them to if -- nothing about them that I want to. Right that's why I was all right I ever -- that you were trying to be Q last week he received an impossibility you returned well that's true. That is a physical impossibility. Along these other things but. So. You were trying to dance around the fact that you just don't wanna see Peyton Manning have any success whatsoever. I don't I don't like -- I really don't like I personally I don't I don't way to guy carries himself like -- commercial marshals and consumers right but. Nothing to do with -- I just don't like Denver I don't like them. And we've suffered through -- and you start about that is not some of the things that have taken -- out there well Elway has never lost to the patriots and never Wilson's or retired over ten years ago. Manning is never lost the Baltimore. So that's an interest I just think the patriots are such a machine right now -- test of this are part of what you're worried about I am worried. What about what aren't any given Sunday Alpa chino who it any -- things can happen so I'm market it come out here in just a you can. Guarantee he would bet if if you have that positive about Roger Cohen slipped. Slam a fit eat out someplace to import a -- someplace. That's -- -- and yes I think they're gonna when I've given you every reason why they should win. But you still have to allowing for me as Obama -- -- -- -- what I would do it very confident I love what ballot -- Brady. There dip their right at the right time to meet right now they're playing the best football. It did you can imagine better than Denver. Won eleven straight at you know what Daria I I I can't count of that. Because what again but people keep doing is they keep focusing on meaning. And I'm talented Denver has a very good defense very good defense so. Well both of these teams are well balanced I lose tonight I kind of playing Denver for we -- -- art so you would prefer that meaning lose because a you don't like him and he would give the patriots are much better chance I fear him. You do fear yes I -- it's -- -- for me -- not fear him because the patriots have certainly proven. That he is eminently beatable particularly in the policies now that was a long time ago. But Manning on the road. Was all for three games under forty degrees in a New York he's -- on the road he's not on the road. He is wearing a glove that was the big story this week in Denver. Animal mark. Yeah the glove on they are calling him actually that I think all. Compares with the Michael Jackson actually Billie Jean or thorough. At the end there. But. I think let's put this what is the question I would ask. Why would be. The bigger upset. The Texans beating the patriots -- for the ravens. The Broncos Texans be -- or Arafat -- not just because you're in the event he had. And number two job is just nothing compared to acquire -- I think Baltimore is with Ray Lewis back in in I just think there were better team right now than they were you are I've ever seen you on the on the ravens bandwagon like I don't want. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not I'm not a along drew William and are falling us understand I can take a step back is I think the best narrative because I'm an English teacher like narrative the best -- -- like stories you can rip off they went Diana was -- -- story line. I used to say oh what time I -- -- the story all right so the best storyline is Joseph Flacco coming back to avenge that loss and it's absolutely. Ads. George in Coventry Rhode Island you're charged torturing. A guy that you couldn't give me that opening its. We were trying to censor -- your your big. It's been that come in the hope I'm glad I am thinking ball the law is going to be dead and that this is all the laws so global that afternoon this is it. And I think if they can get at Gillette. -- thing and dropped the ball -- -- and down Condit thing and admit that he'll roll reject. See I would wore him out to out anybody left block the -- wants it law. Okay George Damascus -- now. Let's go to every talk about how Baltimore has got to be -- but before you talk about them coming to -- it. If it gets a global basis all the while we gotta give everything we got today that. -- -- -- -- -- stacked against that group they know they can go to get -- win that they've got to get by Denver that's what they care of business this is our team to win. While they have they -- Manning com era very ravens have never beat Peyton Manning no matter what uniform he has on. Including this year. Yep and that's like eight Baltimore bullet holes and a lot that can not. Now -- limit on the road when they lost the ball on the issue. I just think Baltimore wants that more than anybody else and then go to played basically at Super Bowl this afternoon. Here's the here's the big question. Here's the big question I know they're healthier but that's an old defense. They may be living in the past they may be. I pretty much counting on laurels that were earned a long time ago. The thing is are okay the other thing is playing now we talked about the -- so much -- -- not being effective below forty degrees. The mile high I think you know when you have an older defense like you know Ed Reed in and Ray -- those guys have been great in the past -- in the mile high. That altitude it's gonna be difficult. Look out there what are you know I didn't want to know what part of what they can -- and I don't determine whether rice in this kid years. Has emerged. As more than capable of running backs are you got to start running backs -- chicken that you can run at Denver the idea is to keep Peyton Manning are to feel we all know that. I look at action. Absolutely and all -- and do what they aptitude I I really believe that and I think that they'll look forward to go on July but they'll look like gamba. I think. At that even as an organization that they can get by his game -- in making go to Gillette I think they'll have a lot of confidence that tax them heavily. We are because they score and say we've done it before and do it again and just run Robert Ray Rice off tackle and let Iran and and the next time patriots are Brady gets strip sacked. But it the other thing is it you are comes down to giveaways takeaways see that that's right to me Brady still stands Byron above. Most of these cornerbacks out there because to throw up 34 touchdowns and only eight interceptions. And I'm in Manning is right up there with him -- most teams who win the giveaways takeaways war of 172%. Of the time. So it's it's you got to take care of the football you can have that many turnovers. Out for obvious reasons and nine times attitude and you will. Win and if you remember some of Manning's travails against the patriots back in in the old days at Gillette Stadium all three you know four. Turn the ball over a lot I don't know Baltimore has that ability. Out at mile high I still -- but I do agree review if if any team can pull the upset often these two AFC games. I would have to be the -- we -- talking about this last weekend before we knew the Texans were gonna move on -- people bought. Bengals have a shop particularly with the Texans speeding down the end of the regular season. We thought that the worst match up for the patriots would be in this division around the ravens the ravens. You know they've proven to be a high -- competitive team. Like it against the patriot both in the regular season and in the post are tough. Team right now I don't know how much have an effect Carl probably will will have a Flacco but I did see a difference and -- you -- allows got to realize that they flip -- Michael or they put him back on the right side attack a week he seemed to be far more comfortable he was smiling and laughing a lot of trouble. At the left side as you got to remember any got nobody talks about I don't know why would Denver but Denver was right up -- Obama I think -- let the legal right up there with the number of sacks. That they've had they know how to get after the quarterback.

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