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Mustard and Johnson on Pats/Texans -- Is it as Simple as Brady vs Schaub?

Jan 12, 2013|

The boys start to break down Pats/Texans and whether or not the first game in the regular season will have any bearing on this playoff game at all. LJ really thinks it will come down to QB play and that Schaub just isn't going to cut it.

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He's a great teacher. -- -- that the way to he teaches the game. It's almost like. Like I'm not being coached him actually being taught. And and that's that's been. The part of this experience that stuck out the most to me. As brain related. Bill Belichick not just a coach. He's teacher. But I guarantees getting paid like a coach and not a teacher. 6177797. 937. -- -- touchdown catch that Houston. Victory 42 to fourteen yes Larry I was there. You could see it right from the very beginning the patriots are were gonna dominate. The Texans I'm not looking at that in retrospect I turned to my thirteen year old sons of this is going to be an easy night. For the patriots and I think the turning point in that game. If you recall that game in early December. Was like seven nothing's still I think the patriots were only up by ones war. When sharp move the ball down the field any through into the end zone in it appeared. Much it was Andre Johnson one of the wide receivers appeared open them recording came out of nowhere made a great. Our web app that was that what happened was he had aryan Foster open wide open flat right -- and instead he chose to go deep just quickly I -- we got a lot of calls lined up so -- can take as much time that we will break the game down as we go along. I think to meet the key is the patriots right now aside from Brady this season was betrayed that Belichick made when he stepped up -- gave up a fourth round pick. To bring to leave and to solidify the secondary -- -- according to move back to a far more comfortable position. As a safety I think Dan marriage. Who was passed over by many person because off field problems. I am very good our quarterback I think he's -- a very good job in that area they've got depth they got Wilson they've got -- And I think that but I think I'll leave the solidified. The secondary -- -- but the biggest problem they had. -- -- you can find somebody. Who can move Vince Wilfork out from the middle or wherever they put him they put two guys on them and they cannot. Control TM is a hot news Uga vents on one side and Brady on the about. You -- gronkowski back. I I don't -- must be a defensive coordinator is. Bum Phillips I don't know what the guys talking about without trying to you know talk about Welker. This is a nightmare for any defensive coordinator -- you cover -- tight -- cover Welker. Don't be surprised -- Floyd doesn't have a big game why because you can't cover. Everybody to keep this game as is why is usual he's quite the player he not why he he's quite bought the player. I'd met their current temperature plays opposite. Yeah. He knocked Brady down three times but no sack. Against him -- key to me also is the -- -- -- -- and can seem to be a little bit healthier as we both agreed believe we do not underestimate the bye week. So these guys Kidman and in in obviously resting get themselves together I'd like to see channel Jones come -- with a strong effort. Hopefully Ninkovich is is hip is okay. I don't you and I debate about last week I am never any point of giving a guarantee. The patriots are going to win -- I think they're gonna win yes do I think it went comfortably. Yes how's that I am not jam because things can happen these are still professional football players in an Arab and a fumble Ridley fumbled twice. You -- fumbled you can never turn over why is capable of wreaking Havoc in there cable I. You know what you mentioned that he knocked Brady down a couple times or three times of the game was over by the time that JJ watt was able to wreak any -- -- -- In that game he was nowhere when the patriots were building a 21 nothing lead the end of the first quarter okay he he did not. Impose his will at all this guy supposed to be the best defensive lineman in the game it was at least the best edge rusher in the game which when he point five sacks. I did not see that in all of that game -- he was neutralized meanwhile. On the on the other side of the football Wilfork was out there Wilfork we just me and handling that. Offensive line for the Texans as he did against -- and handles everybody nobody you know you think about the greatest game that Wilfork ever played was the the Baltimore AFC championship game last -- I mean he just he just made -- turn style. All of that Baltimore center. And you know he did the same thing against the Texans. I just can't see and I understand of people brought up the jets we understand what happen of the jets a couple of years ago blown out. On. Ridiculous aspects. -- -- -- that guy back then that Dan. The victory was that -- was ST today. That's Stephen A Smith. Steve and I can't tell the difference -- everybody screaming -- -- -- -- on everybody's creating all the way I gotta be accurately the granite and I don't like submitting gates in this afternoon at 1 o'clock am proud I am proud admit they went model our men are now trapped -- and this -- this this big tough former. -- working from the Yale. He -- down to what we on Hannity putting up there's just not acceptable to each his mind it's he reaches does that to meet your eminent pirate aren't -- only -- -- -- was. -- finest moment other than Doleac a teacher because he proved to be very honest and Colorado oh yeah he did this wife and up what is the one time hang up was actually correct you accused him. Of deceiving the public into thinking it's their current hearings was -- -- -- now as -- rebel position Clements was -- without warning that that was -- battle elated at -- talked about -- -- anything to talk about it right now it's patriots in Houston and I take a phone call now I think if I'm as ready for -- -- did you -- Redding Connecticut your next that's what you MW. Hey guys you guys -- -- great job. Enjoy some cheap unfortunately you know -- -- trucks and we're gonna win this week and just read you 124. Dogs are very far out the -- and actually -- -- score. -- -- -- It's going to be 31 point four I think there's a lot of plates that the attacks and artwork. -- moved the ball did they struggled inside the thirty in this -- third down completion. I -- gonna get some water touchdowns in the -- The patriots have been able to work a lot more with the lead but I think it's finally time that they're gonna get burned a little bit it's when they do what's a little bit and they're not gonna make that last you know. Tackle year old hooking up a denied in the last this is he bringing them down I think you might see some blogger actually answer it that -- let -- know. The only the only problem but that is when you blitz like you never blitz that you can blitz me -- anybody you you better know what you're doing. Because if you got a quarterback who can make that agreed he will burn you every time. So the biggest weak finish your your your banking your whole plan on match shop coming up for 31 point spread this is again it's thrown a grand total of one touchdown passes last five games. How is he suddenly gonna come up with 31 points is it gonna be all. Aryan Foster on the ground like he says he likes to come -- You might see and defensive fumble return over Cuba until it's under the -- this -- the ice going here and it's going to be sort of war -- twenty or you're gonna see that Texans pulled off what -- -- -- -- a lot of things what the patriots late in the -- did they got off to a bad start I think. I mean you have a -- ball better. -- thirteen miners. Who I mean Wilfork absolutely -- handle backing it and I know I mean he's gonna play well you're not gonna have that kind of game and that kind of -- That fumble -- you do bring -- you do bring a great point -- -- fumble yeah bet that Ridley fumble that wasn't Hernandez recovered that that was a lucky break but Fred promised me one thing. Please don't bet the house on. Got the iPod wanna -- -- -- primary electorate are wasn't so hot and got -- outs on this that was some Yahoo! taxing calling in from years and -- sound like in New England he really believes may -- -- -- scared that. Patriots can't post two wins in one season against the -- I think going back to shop should have been playing last week. With a collection of quarterbacks X as would not Rodgers but everybody else at the quarterback quality of play it was so poor. I just think that I don't know how match job we can can can raise his game to the point of the other quarterback to be playing dent in Brady. Is just about that I think to be when one -- two more. Playoff games don't tie or past Montana he is just a -- believable. Football player this just on -- Brady. You're here first Larry Johnson -- at which takes him -- -- -- -- to get a flu shot are obnoxious -- yesterday. And Martin. Yeah situations river a month ago. And ethical and down. We know it takes to win this -- -- on the Internet last it's a good week. Preparation move off this beats it to go. -- match job and company obviously. Messing up the bed. And -- terrible performance 4214. Last month I'm just looking at some. Interesting numbers here and according to the Elias Sports Bureau where. This is extensive research I've been doing throughout the week preparing for this show. Teams that lost by 28 points or more in the regular season to a team that face to get the post season. Eleven and eleven. In the rematch so it's a 5050 proposition if you attractive for the Houston Texans it's it's not it's not completely open. Bottom line is you can prepare you to all the worked during the week but suck when you come out of hoddle. And you're going up to the line of scrimmage shotgun or otherwise. And you're looking over to the defense. And all of a sudden you're saying things. In the year ago. Were -- for doing out here. Which teacher doing over a year it's. Ballot check will will -- show you the same thing. That you broke late when you played the last time just -- and he's just a master coach edit and again because the aggravate the heck out of me -- Little -- but when I see the college. This has gone on this past week and a half after our coach is coming and going and some hiring ice still don't understand and I believe me I'm more than content to realize we have. The best 01 of the best coaches in the early part while. In the Texas and somehow or another pull off the miracle and I think erratic -- egg. Craig -- you analyze it and if you have to. -- like -- got a stupid coach now. -- but it depend how it depends how they lose a game if a guy drops a -- is -- Belichick's fault that -- didn't catch the ball -- -- of -- let me -- you know that you've got to be able to break -- -- now if you left the Clark ran out of -- -- for a first down. By the way the picture -- number one in the NFL this past season with third down conversions. So I mean I'm just saying that they you know but yeah European allies again you look at. The Redskins game last week do you have the same. Amount of respect for Shanahan that you had before the game. I don't think he's a very good coach but I have my opinion is dropped out of that -- of his ability to make an assessment at the right time. I I just don't think bill has a radio little -- Belichick won't be -- in any kind of position where one decision is going to make or break the way it did Texas have to play. Virtually perfect football. They cannot turn the ball or shop cannot throw a pick six like he did against an inferior Cincinnati team at home. Keep in the -- angles somewhat in that game they have to do everything that they didn't do. Right in the December game -- have to do right this time now the jets were able to do that but I -- hearing all week. That the -- will there are different team they had more swagger -- -- more confidence this same team there right now is getting allowed -- Against him -- thing about the -- it's an inning in if you don't include this in your commentary -- argument about them and you don't really not paying attention. They had a arguably the best defensive player and football all of this past year. Regis was -- of credit for the best cornerback one of the best cornerbacks I've ever seen in terms of that you can put him out there against anybody. In shot down that half of the field right so that pot you have to give away the -- what's really gently when it was he on the field in the regular season game that your I believe he was. OK so why how -- the jets. Able to turn around and people are saying that that jet team. It's all in retrospect obviously 20/20 hindsight they had confidence going into the game a lot -- they have more confidence going in. Up to that patriot game two years ago in the Texans -- I don't know I think people are saying it's a completely different scenario. I agree with that but I'm just trying to come up with some. I think everybody because we'd like a stellar rushing out to ask myself as it was about a quarterback shop borrow those images from the thing though seriously. Saw there's a better quarterback but again. Sharaud has played a grand total this is the difference. I'd rather if you had asked me at this. Given moment. Who I'd rather have an -- starting eighteen to mark my choices were Mark Sanchez vs match up. Howard takes job but here's the difference in jet fans will be quick to point this out. Mark Sanchez won four games. Is post season career he's four and two in the playoffs. -- how many games match up 11 he's played one playoff game he's won one and all I also do not very restricted use say a quite a -- Wednesday game in some cases yes Brady had four touchdown passes the last time they played together. But of course there are other instances where when the 49ers lose the game does that mean Alex -- Is to blame because the special teams -- drug fumbled the -- now that was exceptional number I'm just saying so that you have to when you only do these things I think you have to analyze -- -- -- -- and the timing of what things happen I think the more relevant game believe it or not is the Baltimore game in the playoffs the year before the -- -- because I think Flacco. In spite of you are now sending him directly to the hall of fame and can't. After your comments in the first and a killer -- list from feature. I think show all the Flacco are very similar quarterbacks I know Flacco is one had more opportunities he's won five. He's one of five straight post seasons which is an amazing accomplishment for. All the flak that he gets is the quarterback. But I I think Flacco he remembered that game the or who the 09 season was January of ten when they played. Baltimore and we're down what 21 point four nothing after one quarter. Go through I think a grand total of ten passes a game remember so they won without the quarterback and that's why I think the Texas the only way. They can win is if -- for us. I was Aurora and I don't know how Foster -- Can run against the patriots front. Ray Rice could do it but Foster can't. That was an off tackle play. You know it was a play that broke everybody can anybody can break a bright guy but that -- -- -- Here's that here's the thing that it's so similar to the Houston game. When you have back -- back -- is like a boxer like you might hit but hit the guy whether topic -- come over with a right cross on top of that obviously what finishes off. We -- a 12 punch when you have right to break that play for a touchdown. Patriots get the -- back Brady gets strip and fumbled and then Baltimore recovers not a touchdown. The same thing with what is what is used in game you can have back to back mistakes like that and the next thing you know by halftime down. 21 to nothing now you've -- run our roster as much as you want to you have to pass in his match up guy you want back yeah. Bringing over Mark Sanchez. I don't know why aren't out at Romo. Like Democrat and I'm being facetious obviously I mean to arrest them when you compare it that's why I'm saying these games for the miles -- Optional games this weekend they'll -- -- they should be nothing like the games that we what's left. We as ours -- claiming last weekend last -- excited I was pulling a -- Johnson getting way too emotional about. Four Rawlings shall we speak -- obviously divisional round with four games. More quality teams the by teams are playing this week it should be much better football here to talk about that and other stuff is Walter in Bedford I want to. And I don't -- don't know you well -- at a club called public anger mounting a bullet like stalk -- and -- understand -- -- we want to RT. Well there's I keep hearing and hope it as an aggregate score in the world about quarterback -- I don't know work on the last couple moles that one thing. President -- -- in a minute restaurant I got. I'm now but does anybody give any credit atlas and now what Mitt -- Levy. You know I got to the super ball and didn't win five times that whenever people keep broke about a bottom but can he get any credit for getting -- What are you -- get credit and give our our Iran I'm here. You are hitting doubly so that they just bought a -- game and the -- quarterback about a cultural automatic gun away and that doesn't always happen. -- I know that's Craig talking I never -- automatic but I think okay beat number last year's Super Bowl. When Welker dropped the ball Tommy how that you can blame ballot check for the. While you're outlook and second they wanted to clear it helped to beat a good team. Two time and won't see her now I -- a lot of major Brandon we all argued -- always beat the jets why we all want to beat Miami like police posting. It is the worst division football question about it I mean actually -- apparent attack at a Miami. Both born yet. Expects -- team there's a bigger scene and to stop the beat a team twice look at sort are what the packer. Did outlawed they had Jack -- about the Iraq. Tied -- Points well -- really appreciate the call here's -- here's the difference in this I -- -- in my finger went -- but will be too quickly -- appreciate the -- -- where you liberals like that yellow -- in our -- I don't know her live along the way it is we're not really interested in hearing the -- opinion is exactly like other Vietnamese -- we -- -- the out of Washington now we just don't like diversity which -- Nigeria on -- -- -- Harry -- -- -- but support the bill -- What was I gonna say here's -- completely sidetracked -- as always oh yeah he was comparing. How difficult it was from Minnesota to be rebate wisely played six days before the difference was Minnesota won the first game. In the metrodome and had to go onto Lambeau Field or did they are why are gunning pondered means that help any. Probably look at a guy can at least heroic -- out out that two guys that have been elevated in Larry's mines as as far as the great pain at the out of quarterbacks Joseph Webb I don't a brewing QB Carson and I really like -- column now -- -- phenomenally -- the worst out of that game was that any game -- that 36 PM remember his run of the game. That was ugly tennis nice ride home well he's from Texas and actually might -- ice whose stock I don't know where he was brought up right outside of Texas you know who Katy Texas most prominent citizen and I wonder what he's doing these days when -- McNamee is up they're paying is -- for a visit.

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