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Mustard and Johnson Discuss the Divisional Playoff Games This Weekend

Jan 12, 2013|

Yes, they are aware the Patriots have a pretty big game this weekend, but first the guys want to discuss the OTHER games over the next couple days. They look at all three games, preview them and offer opinions on who they think will advance to the conference championships.

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You know I believe that we do play with a chip on shoulder just because. You know -- that we have this little energy -- to come out and just prove you know every week week to week that and we can play with anybody anytime any place and and that's our mentality. Russell will say and the Seattle Seahawks in Atlanta a lot of pressure on the falcons Matty Ryan has come up emptying. -- his play off attempts since leaving BC certainly. One of the better quarterbacks in the National Football League put him in the top ten may be even break that top five maybe he'll be the quote unquote -- -- Quarterback of this 2013. Playoff season but first he's gonna have to beat a very difficult. Seattle's defense they are flying and all over the place. The other thing is Atlanta's got the 21 ranked run defense and last week Marshawn Lynch ran for 132 yards against the Redskins. So we knew that a running back. Or can it can run and set up the play action for you in this kid can -- can move Wilson. -- not going to be easy for Atlanta even earlier home and I think they're from more pressure on them well I look at this way Atlantis had. A lot of setbacks in the post season in recent history they have yet to prove a thing I don't think they beat anybody necessarily except for the -- it's everybody was doing at the end of the year. They're really -- their only real impressive victory was that giants game near the end of the regular season I think it was the second to last week. And even sit around for a couple of weeks and hearing about how they can't get the job done in the post season now Matty Ryan in spite of all his talent. In all his regular season success hasn't done it. In the post season he got Seattle this just this up and coming team this this team so. All of a lot vim and vigor. And they're they're -- they're just one of those -- army and defense Sherman couldn't big. Secondary quick fast fast ask Jerry maybe the best secondary in the play -- tenacity the entire league period. They are very difficult to pass against and going back to what you're saying about Russell Wilson -- combination. Perhaps a block in RG three's a combination of a lot of different players Collins worth was talking about -- school was comparing him to. Brand argument couple three weeks government a blowout win against the 49ers. On Sunday night on the I'd -- was if it wasn't the last game of the regular season it was one of the last couple games. And the guy just as. An extra sense he's very intelligent. Keeps his game under wraps. Doesn't do anything foolish. And that's team is very interesting team efficient on offense are Russell Wilson good game manager. Can throw the touchdown pass when he asked do as patriot fans found out very early in the season. And you got that great running back in Marshawn Lynch interesting game there. The biggest thing about them will be in people are indicating is such that the Wear and tear of travel on them traveling back and forth from DC back to Seattle and from Seattle down or Atlanta -- How much a patrol of take on them which also at I've ever killed kills -- with these owners and stuff Allen but the if they don't they got a billions of dollars. Like wouldn't you fly the team down. Like off. Thursday or Friday so they can kind of get acclimated. And get their the bodies right now at times. Winds up right now mines in would you do that you -- a playoff game. -- know how different is that from what they did in DC last week. How how many days did when they fly in to DC was it two days before -- -- in on Saturday. They do and I didn't I don't know check out their itinerary. I don't does any one way to do it. Tom I would look I think the if any road team has a shot at winning. -- once again is the Seattle Seahawks a lot of people. But they would emerge. With a win over the the skins in DC last week they did I think they have another shot. I think the best game again if you're throwing out the that's an interesting question what is the best quality it it has to be this time this time the Saturday night game -- Green Bay is the best game how good. The Packers and forty niners. Two best teams in the NFC. Playing on a Saturday night in San Francisco. -- Packers already beaten the 49ers once that was I believe that was in Lambeau however was at Lambeau map of 49 a game. The agreement wanna limbo -- he's only worried about the giants what they're doing the it's completely out. But for him this season's over I started -- -- got to go back to last year not that as they've been to do it this year -- -- from Rezko was on their way -- and I a couple of -- special team. Gary is -- about game you're being kind to Kyle Williams dropped the ball up not once but twice -- enabling up very fortunate giant team to squeak. Into the Super Bowl which they obviously took advantage of that opportunity. But that game is I mean that's a Saturday last week you were chastising means scolding me you're -- -- because I wasn't as intrigued with the Green -- are -- -- that the movie night for you when your -- so you were afraid of the game was in a separate I watched the -- -- profits I watched the first -- or are you did you really think that Joseph -- was an engineer miraculous coming -- tax problem. Drag that is hard for a dragnet over the but that's perfect combination Joseph Friday in Jack Webb got Joseph Webb. There was a -- one they played San Fran at Lambeau and -- -- needed twenty -- 49 I don't make this prediction Al Green Bay lost rebate. You bet I do make this prediction -- absolutely. These games will be act a lot better last week because. Again the importance of the position of quarterback -- as the quarterback grows. But the most pot so goes the game well that's going to be interesting and again we're gonna get. The patriots you've -- a lot of patriot discussion going on this radio station all over the tube and in the papers and on the web and everything else but. For tonight's game. Obviously Jim Harbaugh. Is going to be under pressure as well as he made this decision. You know you just alluded to NFC championship game last year 49ers. Probably should go on the super bowl of award for the two fumbles. Alex Smith was that quarterback Alex Smith had a breakout year under the tutelage of Jim Harbaugh what works so good. -- so well I should say with quarterbacks. He made the decision to go with cap for nick. You wonder in -- -- first post season game. He may be fine. He have to match the firepower. Of that Green Bay offense and you look at he's got all -- all those receivers helping now his running game itself the -- He's got dead to one harasses the accused is mean running back in you'd do all of these of the teams. Have like running backs who can just take over gain even the patriots have that with -- they have running backs who can easily put up 130 yards rushing in the game. 21 Harris I don't know if he can do that. -- only matters what it is it Packers or do you got to hit there all bets are right here you gotta watch your Packers offensive line because the key. Of that to this game has got to be if Rodgers has the time right to do what he does in any do the discount double check out that we don't. Practice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Still don't look at how -- although all of the new commercials doesn't bother me as much when he goes into the classroom. Well -- from a to Z -- yeah that was OK but it's those adults -- living Green Day that somehow or another don't know where Rodgers is. All but enough of that but I think I think the I think all the games of fascinating I think to Baltimore Denver game. Is very interesting from a standpoint you're seeing a new Joseph Flacco and it's interesting because it can do Joseph Flacco guy you're out yeah yeah a 140 quarterback -- -- -- -- -- this hilarious these patriot pins now are suddenly praising Joseph Flacco wonder why. Exactly and again because you yeah right pick your boys die because of them -- -- -- -- I travel weeks ago they replaced the opposite Cameron conference coordinator of the report Carl Allen -- opera the coordinator now in these guys seem to be on the same page -- and Larry not -- not. You are not craven -- -- -- today at 4 o'clock right it's all purple yeah I can't stand people do this to me to -- a short way it is like if something happens -- the change takes place. Then you don't have a right to reassess in opinion on something which is which is ridiculous debate a lot of talent and you now. No problem telling viewers what you bring onto our offensive and you want directory is set up. Dry in April to a we're not doing that yeah. But talking about it of the games -- -- out last week. Me and that made up for what they had what do you think last week I question that was a Willie Mays catch and I asked what are you president I'll answer you and I thank you west of -- that again would you please. What do you think made him a better play Lee Evans or mumbled he shut out from Mindanao into a terrific about it crumpled and it was fun and I'll think about this he made one of the great end zone catches of all time. I have never seen you can talk about Tyree you can talk about Manning and those which as you know almost Wilkie. As the giants moved their way to another. Class last one on here. Just keep you'll learn that all signs of that -- it's just you know he's an -- but it disease he's he's he's walking around like zombies. Can't figure out he's almost did because the picture. Here's the giants were eliminated from post season considerations we're just trying to keep you on the word over there. But you know it I think -- periods of this new found is they've suddenly discovered something about the the Baltimore Ravens and what is certain. It could be that perhaps if the ravens win this afternoon in Denver. At the patriots might be hosting an AFC championship all. -- ten down and a barge broke a lot of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Carl -- -- all you've done. Greg you got all. We're -- is -- -- so he's a great -- I -- -- -- a great playwright just said he seems that it could be a little more on the same page with his offensive coordinator. Eighty threw for 280. Yards and two touchdowns last week apps aren't you -- at least say while general. Maybe starting to get it starting to get that he may because that he was able to beat the patriots pretty soundly three or four years ago that was rice doing -- That was -- by the way -- Joseph Flacco. If he I -- Wins. Today. And they are nine and apple and underdogs but the weather obviously in their favors and -- never won. A playoff game when the temperatures under forty degrees we saw -- that as well. Off Flacco has won four games on the road in the playoffs that's pretty impressive given a lot of grants -- he would join you are Manning. As one of the -- to quarterbacks who won five. Road playoff games what do you think the chances of Flacco emboldened doing what they did well last week against the colts say -- just stating the obvious if if you're saying Arnold one year and the game is won and lost by quarterbacks I mean you really got to have a great quarterbacks to get to the Super Bowl for the most part I know there are exceptions. But yet the same time I am the only way to counter that is you have to have pass rushers and I think that's something that. The most of these teams at a participating have that are they at least have a good line to get after the quarterback. So I think that's something that you have you can't I I take right now and I know you'll -- you'll agree on this. You cannot allow Peyton Manning to stand back here in just -- a pot because of that EU will do -- will definitely pick your prize. Well I know that and you and you saw a Baltimore game and I think the colts had some opportunities. But eventually -- had a great second half Flacco went vertical a couple times made some big plays and Bolden. They were able to win the game. Couple stats speaking out Manning. Never winning a playoff game under forty degrees all those games were on the road in his early days to -- New England won -- On New York against the jets. He's never lost the Baltimore in his career. Nine you know according to play off wins this one is at home I know what's gonna be chilly about eighteen. I'm nineteen degrees with a wind chill down to too -- going to be wearing a glove. The one thing I would perhaps if you're patriot -- looking for that home game against Baltimore next week. Tends to have any did this a lot with the Indianapolis. A lot of early first round horse division round exits after they got the -- They are more dangerous as they go along so it is necessary just because they're playing at home. And just because they're playing against a team that Manning is never lost their. There is a possibility Baltimore's healthy particularly on defense Flacco did show something last week. So I think that game is as much as certainly is a lot of the experts. The only mistake they would we're making -- renewed talk to Denver its remaining Manning Manning and I understand all that particular understand something also they've got a very good secondary they're they're the only team in the league. And not allowing opposing quarterback to throw for over 300 yards. That the entire season so we have up preview it and discuss the three other game cheers went up again and this one other game we're gonna quote unquote home in on. As we continue want to mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI.

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