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Mustard and Johnson Open with Reaction to Wildcard Weekend

Jan 12, 2013|

Craig and Larry are back at it on a Divsional Playoff Sports Saturday and kick things off looking back at pretty uneventful Wildcard Weekend last week. They get into the awful Joe Webb performance, Houston squeaking by, and the battle between the Seahawks and Redskins. The guys debate whether or not RG III should have been in the game with the injury he suffered.

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And welcome to the mustard and Johnson edition of sports Saturday. Unfortunately for our football fans who've been waiting a long time in these parts CBS has decided. That the new England and Houston showdown is a bigger match up then the Denver Baltimore showdown. So CBS has put that game on Sunday which means Larry Johnson. We have to wait another 24 plus hours. Add on another fourteen day he's before the patriots. Actually play another football game how about you but. Exactly pouring over all the previews statistics. I heard enough -- that brought. Judge is like Super Bowl week is just that the do week two weeks leading up to it I -- -- watch anything I don't read I can't stand it it's just they go over the same thing. Over and over again. Which I can understand obviously that's their job they have to do that but arm to appoint even with the Houston patriots came to -- break it down the at the last meeting the of the beat down on December tennis. But I do think is much as we -- football junkies. I thought last weekend proved once and for all that you can love football. As long as there are decent quarterbacks playing can I make out the last right. That was the worst four games of playoff football I can remember seeing in the long very long time -- -- me a -- -- last week I came on I said. Of all the 52. Weekends. -- the of the year at the first weekend of 2013. Would be the best. Well I was -- and. Slightly off the map prediction I'm gonna change that would revise my statement what I meant to say Larry Johnson. Was the second weekend of 2013. Is the best weekend because like last weekend. You have four games four games in one weekend -- -- Larry. But the difference of course and teams I got seduced. Into believing simply because it was the post season of their four. Superior football would be played that wasn't the case -- point is we -- kind of arguing off the year idea hinted to you. That the game of leased interest to me was the prime time game and MBC Green Bay hosting Minnesota you get all angry and how come you have to watch that game. Believe me everybody checked out of that game when they saw Joseph Webb was taking over the vikings offense. I think Jack Webb. Through at some better passes Joseph Everyman to me like a third baseman throwing a ball across the diamond to -- to -- ball bounces in front of the first I've never seen. Quarterback -- -- series of passes that -- Bounced in front of the receiver that was -- and was way -- debt but you know what don't I Andy Dalton was even worse he was fourteen for thirty. 127 yards in the reason I say he was worst he's a starting quarterback OK you got to prepare for the game you know -- playing against. Not he was woeful it was just awful I'm surprised Marvin -- Justin get a pink -- is working off the field. That game was was brutal and and I think they're quarterbacking. Now. Would bode well for the patriots is used and only got nineteen points. I mean that they did I Schaub was 29 for 38 for 262 gods but it's not like used him blew them out out of the bill. Say that's -- gore was not nearly. As jobless -- -- -- this week. Revise that statement this score wasn't. Indicative now what when I wanna say here in the game. Was not nearly there we -- third time lucky. The game was not nearly as close. As the score indicated he's remember. Seven of those Cincinnati points came on a pick six. If you remember the defense squares. Off you know I don't it was not a well -- -- way you want to put it right then you go to the vikings game and how long did the Leslie Frazier and no. That. Ponder was not going to be able to play he had no more than a couple of hours before the game they practice all week. And he puts web and a back up quarterback coach you kind of have a ninety year. Whether or not you pack it back up quarterback can throw -- pass tonight I don't think there's an -- part of the job description I haven't seen. A worse back or quarterback since Curtis Peter took over the Indianapolis call us up a popular with the Catholic. -- -- -- -- But that. Again but people keep forgetting about the job description of quarterback. -- -- Is you have to be able to throw the ball it's like a kicker who can't kick. You have to be a cultural and all that's part of the job. Nobody it really had to laugh even when I was watching it but then certainly when the game on -- you realize how ridiculous it was here we have. Two very insightful football minds and NBC Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison. And did you hear there did you hear their pregame analysis or this is gonna throw a monkey wrench into the into the plans of the Green Bay defense they know what to expect I. I support all -- I actually three beat you know he's going to be -- direct debit and they keep forgetting IG controllable. Right but just don't -- your threat is that when you can throw -- -- against both ankles all I don't apologize Larry I hope you'll understand times that vice seventeen to three when the Packers. Scored again right before halftime I said I am bail out of this situation it was time to go watch a movie. You know it in the and -- -- the at the colts ravens game is from interest thing. Of course ray lewis' last game on home field. But it to what was fascinating to me and -- if you agree with this. Andrew Luck is one of the best looking quarterbacks I've seen them along tiger pardon law I mean is performing well who lost. He was right 28 for 54 to 88 guides by -- tough. He stays in the pocket he runs his it is he was doing every year you could see. You could see even with in Matt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The reason I picked. -- over IG three after a guilty about it that I love ID three game was for that very we use reason. Bit that -- two stays in the pocket more he's our luck has also built like a linebacker at ease a big big guided the -- wondered why -- three on the got him plays Micah Micah Micah -- three -- he's built like he's clean. Long and and the problem is he's got to learn how to go down I mean he's this flying through the year about how he for a -- we're not he was flying through the air and not a Ramos government who. And after that but the point being I should've called you validated. We're gonna pick up the phone it would have been different people -- about what way embassy supposed to be taken -- and you gotta keep in the game. I think Strasburg Washington Nationals did the best thing which Strasburg even though people were upset about it 'cause they thought they had a chance to there to proceed in the playoffs. You gotta protect your future and they should have taken them out and they would want everybody's talking about that play when he ran over to the sidelines and it was limping. There was a play before that when he had a chance to get a first down. There was like three does something -- -- do -- he stood there were many tried to pass the -- for an incomplete pass when I saw that I set myself he's got to come how. The worst thing for our RG three. And the Redskins in in particular for that game anyway it was. They're going up fourteen -- -- because -- they figured okay weekend nurse and protect this -- we know that RG three is tremendously compromised here. We can hold on to this lead now the big story all week long. So much year but certainly nationally was. I did Mike Shanahan. Undermine RG three's career. By allowing him to stay in the game a and then -- after the game talk about a lame explanation. Well I asked him and said he was good enough ago what guy's gonna stay in the area they know I'm coming out and by the way Hydro -- dark interest in in on the sidelines. -- of course I standing over him as he's -- the other side as we've heard his name for years and years and years he does elbows and knees and everything else. You got Shanahan is a Super Bowl winning coach. And you got a 23 year old rookie in the rookies making the decision the what is going article back in that that are the other problem and I think the NFL need to step in my Patton and I heard on the big show talking about it. That field was atrocious that was awful if you have edged dagger and everybody does at this what you could see that that was in a field that was just a quagmire like it in in fact the plate it really aside from a low snap from side that that pretty much -- but before that. IG threes -- -- on him again it wasn't from a hit. His clique at Stockton in the truck in it and you could see yank the knee again so I would. I wonder if you -- -- a thing I did put myself at more risk by being out there. Com and every time you step on the football field in between those lines are put in your life your career. You know every single human in your body in jeopardy so you know thus assists that approach I'd take towards it. No habeas may have -- right iRobot that -- that is not true right because you is devastate a price fight keeping hands up on time to protect yourself. In football yacht you can be injured your one hit away from being injured but the same -- Time you have certain things within your physical ability like running. Just somewhat protect yourself when you can't run. Then you can't protect yourself yet here's the problem in DC and I know that obviously patriot fans could care less about the -- but I talk about football in general talk about the patriots obviously they're coming up but but ignore last week to -- it's not as if Shanahan. Didn't have an alternative. I guide it's proven himself as a starting quarterback could easily could have filled in particular the fourteen to nothing lead. Shanahan made. Egregious error in my mind. Hopefully RG three will recover in high -- to play next year. Maybe he's gonna have to modify his game maybe the read option isn't in the cards if RG three wants to have a productive and healthy. NF talk river its interest to you go back to. Every week we respond to the -- verses RG three debate depending on how well each dies each did very well. In the second half I think what calls -- lost for one game the patriots before the play off. Exit skins won seven road again in. But it really depends on what happens the next week now is the third guy. Who still playing Russell Wilson and a lot of people think the Russell Wilson's gonna go into Atlanta. And continue the the playoff woes of Bob Matty Ryan in those falcons don't want any surprise. What's interesting about him again he's he's about five elevenths I used to shorts -- people to monitor after. But he's kind of a combination of both quarterbacks. He can run he's not as -- -- -- G three but he can't run. And he's also he he's built like if he's built like a running back -- just sit down the field throw to downfield block give me -- He's he's kick he's -- Any make -- read any seems to be fearless and he's very much in control. And so I think. The story of the NFL this year is the emergent. Of these rookie quarterbacks all three of them have an exciting future of RG three certainly heels are right but they all have an exciting. Future in apparel for par three and you should be excited about that. One other point you mention in the field bomb out the was FedEx Field is that the name of the stadium they play and in the DC area. I think the NFL at this point you know they're so concerned with players' safety and they talk about rock caution and all the other injuries. Just to go back to knee injuries ACLs and MCLs that do things that. RG three suffered last week I think it's time maybe to go to new uniform field turf for all feels patriots made such a Smart decision. Years ago the technology so much better it's not that carpet a plastic carpet that. The old -- then. Patriot Foxboro Stadium had before they rip -- up to put grass and in the last couple years of that stadium I think everybody should go to the field turf I don't. And investing in the if you you know Snyder and you make an office money in you have your prize bowl out -- -- -- You that your your marketing Tom everybody it led the -- and selling jerseys this past year. Why would you jeopardize him beat him particularly after you realize that you know the injuries that have -- with him. Why would you buy would you allow that to happen but Channing and -- it's not second guessing. I know a lot of would be evident tweeting I just in -- getting up and doing it but I couldn't join the rest of the of people screaming. It's the time it happened as the one thing at the brooding about tweeting you can do is Stewart immediately so you sound normal car you. In hindsight I think people were screaming you gotta get him out of. -- six that's what you gotta do you make decisions based on everything. Everything went to investors and best interest of him. Market you have a chance to win. Annually over 20 yeah you're on his offer to -- I mean they didn't give the skins the best chance to win and certainly was not in the best interest of the players say here's doctor James Sanders on the sideline. Out on the field when RG three had to be taken off the field at the end of the game. I know it's not -- it adults make these decisions not the kid and it's an -- -- was more elusive on the sidelines anywhere from -- into the anywhere in the game unbelievable.

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