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Jared Sullinger Postgame Press Conference

Jan 11, 2013|

Jared Sullinger spoke to the media after the Celtics win their 5th-straight game, beating the Houston Rockets 103-91.

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Now a lot on -- out of those without them. And it's just salute Alan. That means. Calories and it's coming he's here he's. I mean obviously need. Hillary's. Done on the count so. It 36 those information and such -- in -- -- Some malicious. Mean much comfort zone. You know. Timing and other -- I know these guys on those timing. Whenever she went on issues. The plan. -- We know what we've worked and for the longest and we finally got to go. I mean I think Avery really put everybody back. Or we could be you know according -- -- -- a bit out Jason's come off to their staff and others here they're back to their roles that they -- -- It's. We started -- the great understaffed captain -- eleven points in the last quarter. Technology issues. Yeah obviously Kevin is a great so total that's -- given. You know we've kept. -- -- just we just plan on. Just play hard we -- improving right now five games. Obviously we're -- great group. Yes. Just playing hard it's a solid I've been playing hard on everything started going -- -- -- -- We expect update programs especially. Air quality. -- Always -- pass. And high school. It goes all the way back to high school in they face guard mine pulling garden tomorrow morning and Michigan chamber. Face to face garden so reminded it was as Michael put me at point guard may mean -- -- -- so. I respected Defense Department so. That's -- do. You think -- That's mine that's my MO -- Of course wildwood I'm happy I've been nobody -- affected -- --

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