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Paul Pierce Postgame Press Conference

Jan 11, 2013|

Paul Pierce spoke to the media after the Celtics win their 5th-straight game, beating the Houston Rockets 103-91.

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Enter into a bunker it real development. -- and Houston pulled within you what you guys. Well we so very you know. -- -- of the defense I thought we came out there and got stops excuse at all that's selflessly bendable groups. -- -- turn the ball lord knows when he returned the ball in Houston. The so fast transition you know Anadarko got a -- one -- -- brick and Jeremy. James Harden in the -- for his Florida. Put a lot of pressure doing and then in the fast break and so those who cut off -- turnovers took better shots resemblance to -- offense is mostly. It. A feel good off logo hello we're doing you know we're we're doing better and better. Season goes along. I don't want them at a time in the homestretch. Hopefully we can just keeping goal. I didn't use force in this when the street from me and they've been a not only able to -- sustainably they've been able to come in and push please. You know I come up the game and we're down three or four and in -- come back here or tan son asked a lot of pressure off me in the rest of starters and got advanced past. Plants -- confident playing great defense and move the ball well yeah. It. Yeah he's the other great aren't you on these arms then in the system. Seems like he's always in the right place at the right time. Assistance for the bomb really great he has great hands. And you know I think he's getting more more confidence as the season goes on as it continues to play well as he continues to give more minutes. And is that a lot of veteran out there yet. -- -- You know it's it's it's enabling meets him. Give them the rest especially in the second quarter last couple games they've been planned very well second quarter pushing -- and -- don't -- like three. Three or two minutes in the second quarter. Save my legs when a sudden happened case in the second half push. And you know they can continue to play this way then there's going to be great -- while the rest of the regular season. They're just we just heard there. We decided Condo you know good are poised on the longer -- things we. The ball wasn't moving into a good shots and that's the fabric platforms once we settled down. I'm got the ball in the post academy that extra pass Rondell coming -- pick and rolls secured -- and we're we're getting good shots mostly.

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