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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Jan 11, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics win their 5th-straight game, beating the Houston Rockets 103-91.

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Well before we started subject to a birthday. Yeah. They were in television they each. -- Just to plan coming. I thought we saw movement at all offensively. You know we use and they just gonna keep Carmen and I really thought. It's got very stagnant officers milking the clock and I'll always one person's hands whoever was what moving they are trapped in there they up their defense and they went small. As well except for the one big on the floor. And an effective. -- A -- to choose her -- And that's -- stretch today at stretch in the in and offers. And through most of the second quarter we let them out there. The display and so free together. They're defending you know one of the big differences there -- there. You know and so when they get -- they can run the ball pressure that can put on them. Know what happened you know cool -- points or more so it's been religion. -- Yep that's the only good thing is homer that that's -- the -- is so important because. When that run happens starters. Were all born somewhere you put its arms back more than they help -- they're ready. And there are fresh down the stretch and you know. When you look at the minutes. You know Kevin I think which is unusual for us let our starters in minutes and 33. Mean that it's -- and it's no one else. I mean difference. -- That does a lot of little. She we decided to and as a group full time and they committed to a leveraged returns themselves. The second unit now has second unit you know jets -- -- or Courtney. You know it's pretty solidified -- community is so you know now we practice groups always together. Sort there's a lot of little extra. It now manages student as -- reporter how he and he deserves it. Players always been a good player and he's the bass player for one day and that was addressed. You know other than that has always been a simpler. It. It. Now in the news and you know I don't know. We -- we look tired -- not all that but I just. You know you're losing you know to like energy and we play and thought it was slow and told her agenda on way to mistaken on the boards that -- buying into what we're or. And for whatever reason it's taken a while but now they cut aborted. Our defense has been pretty good again -- and other scorned him and anyone towards. You know. We played Phoenix high school earned her tried -- and new York and you know we're we're going to number. And because of the maximum we do that and we score. You know we show up it's 2%. And 29. -- Yeah this you know. Help that they -- have -- or through these tough characters so long but he's had. So. You know them but the inside game what really hopes more thorough. Tonight and then you know candidate to back circles as well so it's good especially. When you're trying to stop -- run it's always -- Mr. It was part of the day. It really was questioned me is that and they knew it -- lips start today and that's one thing we can have. She says. She. You are right start today so. You should that -- -- it. It's nice to get 15. Minister. And current. Us. -- yesterday. Yeah. Do listen he didn't do some good shots but I just thought the pressure of the war. Room. I was really important for us we talked about and run to give up today to. And currently and I thought both those guys in on the other side of half court. Extend their pit road exit there all ten. That's what we were thinking going into the game and played out there. It's nice -- -- at all do you would be. You know he's going to be fresh down the stretch -- Jeff has been playing so well and better -- plays the better poll went through because mortgage. -- I ain't -- time. Well -- so you know -- confident you know in the losing mentioned the other way and so. Winning gangs that helps. You know what I told our guys are thought that last imagine that will play Phoenix -- lot of slippage. And tonight. We got back to plant right. -- There's huge home. You know we've we tried and other -- -- -- you know and that doesn't work when you Friday. Potential guy but maybe not tied caricature and gamble but he has an outside you know. Using those guys don't work now. The guys with your term teacher used to work out because they're willing to listen and improve. They understand the limitations there and spend their roles and they fit in this with a veteran team I think buddies. Here. -- -- I think we're gonna make those comparisons I think -- completely different in the way -- play. You know so. But they did was great for us as rookie years first to use its own career so you know and we have known him come off the bench that's comparison. They don't playing you're. The same. I think -- -- similar at all to -- by the way that -- You know baby's feet were better as far as offensively -- guard pick and rolls so it was just a dynamic rebound. It's really cool thing for. Them that you're hearing that went back. -- But he's -- better and so coach have more confidence in him that's one. And it just you know I said earlier in the year he when he's on the -- does the right stuff -- and a lot of stuff. You don't see you all right you know just being able to throw in the ball. Army Merck -- we -- throwing the ball the top of the circle and he decides to he wants to go with ago. He just -- agree -- bottom. And he's the he's helps us. -- -- with the second unit because he's got always have a pass indeed in our offense and he just that extra bit passengers.

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