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Friday, January 11th Whiner Line

Jan 11, 2013|

Fredo, you broke my heart!

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed the wind in my knees aren't buying ETT. Proceed with caution. This discretion advised. Suddenly Morris and now -- -- you're alive. -- or having lunch we see Chris Carter sit next restrain us -- this started Cris Carter has to. Try to get him on the show. Didn't work out so well that it stands now I really didn't work out so well thanks to show he was a nice enough guy but really -- in Norway have screwed up so WEEI. Who -- more near lying because it's a big name guest. He wanted to come on talk football what does he has a lot to say about Deion Branch in the patriots but. Be conscious holing in order weigh in handy in those guys play over and over again Deion Branch disappear cuts. -- it -- to dial 6177793535. Somebody told Chris Carter. And Carter answer when he was told WEEI. Was I'd love to come on dot dot dot. You guys in the afternoon still kill me whiner line totally relaxed. And having getting killed ever since they crushed. They crushed me thank you generally order labor and now he would have come on talk about it today. He's basically on the -- but Colleen normally ruin it because there incessant hammering of corporate WEEI. Whiner line. -- -- Did. You hear is voice -- at -- -- there -- Dot dot dot. The workers -- Dot dot com buy dot dot. I tell every decides AT&T wanted to -- right now to put the best you want to last week you may call for one don't question this. That's right we did do lastly I'm able to call. Him by yet texting your vote to. 37937. -- nominee she. -- -- Rich rich -- church because yeah. The other it. They -- it's been crash of pan -- to show you. Talking. He sells most of hitting back. I don't do no more screen -- with your. It didn't and -- But not that it wasn't on. After exams and while correct there. And -- nominee hey here's the second nominee this year. There has not -- I -- -- Edward. But I would bet it will Qaeda. Why -- about. Good to admit -- a group grew a bit. And I didn't yeah. I don't. And I. Thought I. And dormant in the one wears -- -- please take up about morals. So -- well. -- -- I device for a -- Have to actually letter -- to 37 37. To vote for a -- -- short it's all writers on just about Bob -- takes. The letter yeah. 237937. You have until the end of today's final line and detects your voted 3793. -- loaded up right now age or being. What is gonna receive 100 dollar American Express gift card also eligible for the wider the year grand prize and a lot that. One year of AT&T service is included one point is now powered by AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up ten times faster than three EG AT&T rethink possible I donated. Pretty but it can it that you -- whether the -- all of these kids -- -- -- right from wrong but that all important. They're always tried to -- view never pick up against the family again ever ever. Got a -- political with the -- -- and talk about those kind of historical amnesia. -- -- I'll never ever take sides against the badly again. Shippers for. -- Soros last night in the tailgate show -- got lost. Increase. -- -- some phenomenal analysis breaking down the Green Bay San Francisco game. But said that Green Bay will win because they have the best player in the national football but you know we -- stop -- -- Yes guys offering. The real -- offered. How does not know what the vote I think Anthony enters the event. Ever no no no no your father once you right now. -- he does it do you think he knows that he can do about I don't think you know he just announced there's no way to keep. He's clueless. Is counted to hail marys and our fathers to the -- -- think if you pay for -- don't do. That that was it that when he called Anthony back here. Is the question I have is Tom Brady know that Freddie is turned on that's Taiwan and I don't even. I think if you would like -- -- discussion about this a statistical Steve. On -- here -- you know positive does once again. What did you -- lately just don't know whether he knew I'll look at histories you can study it closely. Hello Michael always -- you'd get off. They talked about -- doubt Obama Internet awhile back I saw a video clip -- -- talking is a book I think. You're eating pop by again and you woke up and and overnight and quote bill or not that that Al -- I'd be -- good. Are in the extreme to -- Michael's. Yeah. I feel so com. And -- and it. It's okay. You can't you don't wait a minute war -- about -- And I wasn't at the White House credit because -- I was at the holly how does not know quite how big difference at the front lines -- -- Qualls. If you can prove that I. I -- very good. Just didn't I might have a good guys won't lose in the polar -- ball are you. Right shouldn't feel too bad about what happened. -- I am really -- might as well I'm -- marry. And that message for the. It. Word of the day it would be over before -- -- -- The consensus so far is that for you don't know. They're correct I think for sure about things prank became -- our guys perhaps that's. How do we go up -- fishing every day but does he go out there fishing and praying praying for French travel blended -- just something that point in -- career but even he knows what to get a runaway -- -- Conan. Huge compound that he's done. Think Chris Carter remember that old saying about beyond disappearing in big game. That's that kind of like what happened that you are doing all the -- voting process through it. And that and that he should be and. I'm telling you should be like a -- I grew again. -- picked up. They wanted to be a vital all want all of well it's thought the whole thing you know it's oh right you're -- That of that debt into Atlanta let nobody get away and -- -- -- of -- And I don't. And that message. He is -- guys. I was very glad -- make the main topic lately that group is simply got all of this is what I want to ask. What did not. And yeah. And I love what shipments to be a resident -- -- percent would you where would -- residue on his summer -- -- summer -- I actually -- there & Associates from. Sausage from what would you say that was so derogatory name -- Who -- this dark days right now. If I had -- I'd wanna -- it out of my -- the only people are talking about Tom Brady. Can't win the big game of the Pro Bowl in any area. Are the guys involved couldn't -- there are people -- talk about it. People across the nation understand that probably one of the greatest ever put it Limbaugh often it's always doing. Don't -- Just go to it's just an apt as the and just meant most -- get them alone Donald thank. But whether they're all back so bad that we get that if that but -- experience -- So they have a bit then went to the -- there have been saying. How the likelihood that we both want it all right a couple of but read that sector of our. Yeah I might -- a bet that I. And had a bad apple. Did you live in a -- I hope I hope it is on -- their job whatever job good effort that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. I don't I think. A lot of that. But hopefully. And -- At that but -- it didn't -- it. With a pump it. And that meant so originally a Francona is aggression tapes are like twenty years or however. And I can. -- The patriots fans don't worry about it in your victory this week to get the two -- the candidates. Interloper Everett the perspective it's tough for the patriots. And that -- get tough Italian accent got Bobble from -- Wada. Who's the biggest bully pull on the equity. They Bobble head to head out you know out. And an Oval Office can artist and start I'm following the Texans are you guys are great okay. Of course Frito trickle told Anthony that he prayed for -- before going right. I was praying for is likely to Africa about that he told Nancy. Anybody that's what I do just ironic that he killed. Kind of do the same thing you do not have to got to watch it watch it -- and guess what it's a good excuse. To -- excuse to watch it because you never guitar Watson got property. Or godfather to stop at that point they're awesome article -- the third -- -- and -- him -- -- the chronological -- attitude -- yes -- did -- get -- mr. Rowland as I've already seen it the other -- so when you do that it doesn't work. You know look like I wanna be like you when I grow up. During the day you're a big note sports talk radio guy. And it -- -- Lance Broadway play that wow. You -- you know. And that why you think -- is never -- with mustache on these years maybe. I should trademark -- synchronize -- -- and hey listen what you think -- rotten Clinton Broadway has to have to us that surprise you got you that Angelo from -- was to be important or does surprise I'm so corny I haven't used my vibrator and weeks doesn't everybody kind of -- viewpoints hold on Nate -- on. It's overs and the like even he wants to -- points. Get ready for that -- done today. Reported that the -- I heard collateral or -- apologize. For more fit for interrupting. Apologize. -- erupting. But why don't worry about everything went ahead. And that every once in awhile cute overstepped the boundaries but yeah after Michael you've been pals whenever that he has never apologized to me for I apologize for old times I enter a -- -- and energy auditors and the blanket apology well why not help because you've never done an actual apology that I am sorry to that indiscretions she's exactly veteran Rick. I was at a nightclub one and I felt worked well that entry but it made me very suspicious. Black performance enhancing drugs. And that all. Yeah let's zoom and called an -- doesn't lead the golden -- of all white dot major U does it. -- pride that I made to put this. -- -- -- So bought it yet they did go there but not yet site. Cryptic -- and Michael are bought and you know. And that soft -- he's he's -- A lot of things like yeah we do this why can't we have somebody just fall for whole weekend sauce remote camera and the whole works and put it -- got hit W had -- We W they can do that now an idea symbols. Somebody just paying attention for what we have a little regular vision is to hang with them he won't he won't be relaxed he won't do that not only wants only -- -- natural saucepan. -- -- today that we've got what like what is what they are. And -- -- I haven't been in their opinions admiral around the big wanna go back to deal. That looked over coordinate all of an attempt -- obligations dog. All. Of people got only aware of the cup at people that we know -- That biggest budget cuts in climate climate epic amount like three or 500. Walking around the disputed glad that it's like this that knowing and being -- property company I brought. Big back. Up on the because of the at bat cricket great. It just got that they've been -- have been my credit -- can. And yes men and happy new year jail. Like welcome to Disney World itself like Kevin Spacey in seven doesn't -- this side yeah. I think here. Weren't open and see what -- -- it. And you know -- -- -- or play at all. There have -- you can -- It's exciting and message. Briscoe and poke -- are pretty. You broke my heart and accurate. Pretty good putt. We attribute. It will be is that you know -- -- -- good. Out of Oregon is ultimately. -- -- pretty. And that's me equally as Aaron Rodgers is -- -- number 88 of the whole movie on the phone that you might have we ended weekend two hours when I. The -- just like Michael going forward. Hey -- 276. Just a little bit of insight Mark Wahlberg way in a movie. That -- with the Philadelphia. Is not purple -- what how do honoring him at at a game and -- went wrong with people. -- -- Yeah. Pretty -- and you still. -- who's -- -- -- Coburn was brought here. -- just texted me somebody who was at the polo horses said -- at last Night Shyamalan that's out right. I don't feel like the way you've been upset beauty. Peaceful writers are snobs. The vote 62%. At one. Congratulations on winning -- should've been 51 of forty now I agree one way to crack -- that backdrop crash have been waiting for Montana -- I don't want to receives a 100 dollar American Express gift -- AT&T. Eligible for the -- the year grab priced player price and the email to one that we -- WTI dot com visual and what brought you by AT&T. Forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster three GAT and T everything possible.

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