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Patriots Pro Bowl Linebacker Jerod Mayo with the Big Show

Jan 11, 2013|

We check in with Arian Foster's good friend (and a good football player to boot) Jerod Mayo, who says Foster is not using it for motivation, he just found it funny and wanted people to see it. We also preview Texans @ Patriots.

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This he -- You know ma am -- enough to let every game is important you know when opposed explosiveness. President. If we don't matter but where we're gonna -- home ventilated then we'll know once -- So we'll do. I'd assume it's got to come out if you. Brandon Spikes getting away from tweeting trying to actually. Doing it if you talk with a median apparently Jerod Mayo. Not necessarily allowing that to happen getting Venezuela all of its time for our weekly get together which -- out it's presented by ESP alike. No nonsense life insurance company it's now offering new low rates for men and women. Call 88 get SP -- or visit SP allied dot count for your free quote. We have a Jerod Mayo on the line and Brandon Spikes is behind him so that he can needle him a little bit too -- -- -- -- -- -- Borger are here doing great and I'm telling you that that -- he's a champion Tweeter about you you that you you gotta keep up with the. Had not acknowledge it and got through our hero and the wardrobe back got my hands. That's right so two year old and a one year old kid tweet that we twit in five years at. You are definitely a couple of years but until then -- good and euros. Describe the moment I have now. -- let's get into the game because everybody is -- excited I'm sure you guys are thrilled to be back playing again in a big game at apple. The so that they're tight ends this time around we talk about a -- coming back -- items seemed to be healthy they like to run those multiple tight end sets. Is that a factor in this game with their running game. I didn't you know they have had answers are very balanced you know they can catch all of it also blocked so. Yet the -- in the end their streak it's identical Galactica -- Yes -- where they are inflammation. Keep separate departments. I'm sure you watch their first game. Let's talk about the mistakes that you saw either from yourself work collectively as a defense. That you made the first game anything to stand out to you that. That you feel like well we really need to clean this up we're going to be a problem in the playoff game. Often it's not -- every week after the start of communication rare couple players there where -- this one column that says that startled me you know. The plays come they come to me -- -- -- -- -- and actually it answers so that's on the -- -- that we have improved. -- their offensive line. How good is there offensively and worse there's strength -- that offensive line. Well obviously have a lot level it is global now I'm. You know that you know chocolate brownies very athletic it's 12 level very you see him out there blocking it out yet so I'm -- -- -- and defensive backs and linebackers. In he's very athletic and it's up to. Elect a lot of possible. And it doesn't go out. If I thank you thank you. This is a group where -- -- both -- at least you know and upbeat about that Larry knows this is it pretty solid across subordinate. September that game very well you know very athletic guys -- distressed about and respectful also unsettled is that is that a lot of action and it is also. -- -- -- It's still cut blocking routine right minutes that's pretty much it right. Well atomic samples sample okay you know -- -- -- that Sampras you know that old numbers game where. They try to get -- one runner and he -- downhill title. That's happened and that they say they also climb up they'll -- apply -- and what actually it would appear to be careful no doubt on the Atlantic also physical put. For the most part that is that is it is. Is it just our imagination or does it seem that they run behind brown more often than they run to his side. More than half the time. I'll bet that's not the magnets can let. That's true -- -- -- You know go to your best player and obviously when their best players. Don't tell something about Foster and you went to college with them in he he raves about you and helping him. Think the game through and be more of a student of the game tell us something about him. That we don't know they'll maybe not paying attention to in the theater by knows one's best running backs in the NFL but. What what do you think makes him good that a lot of people really don't talk about. I'm not sure you -- talk about as far as I'm in the run of bad back and say he's very patient back. And he's always been my I was a citizen Jose. He reminds me of the water electric and water and large extent at least afterward that -- -- that's how he lives you know bearish -- I'll mark it down here on ecological practices Bluetooth so. Looks a lot faster and play a -- such -- outlook so. You know -- running back has good hands on the back not appear less -- pretty much because the ball forty times in the current. He's -- very exact. There's a complete back wonder do you would you consider him. A powerful running back Tim everybody gives him credit for being patient and four. And for being able to be in a big guy who can run away from you is is he a guy who can punish you to. Are definitely you know that guy he's a guy you all these -- -- you know no matter if you're him a lot of skirmish. Now these basics you know it was thought that warrant a mark that he's an all or for those who you are squares or get kind of philosophy and in a group of bats. It is stronger. It to destroy what happens in a game like this where you've done all the film more you know everything you've seen everything that Houston has done. All -- launch suddenly their offense is showing you something. Very different early on in the game what does the prosecute talked about communication. How does that work -- you've got the green spot the backing your helmet there how does that work. Well -- and you're out there and plan prepared decreased by -- and pretty much in communication goes -- without liners -- important for a -- start so. In you see plays eagle word negro players and an effort you've -- that less seriously just try to make adjustments you know a lot of times this year. Know we've watched a lot of young man and his -- man who can't they were so something completely different. That we equity you know you expect that each -- every -- you know so that we get everyone's best. You know best punches early and and and and on that side it. If you felt like the bye week helped you guys how to to help you. Are certain as if you felt like the bye week helped you -- -- -- assume that you feel that it did but if you felt like it did help you out how did it. That was so what else -- you know because. A look at what -- option on a virtue not chairman of the place that. I have heard so these last few weeks and and hopefully temper it and you know we used that I'm very. Very lively and and not their customer. Well what did you what did you hear about and I didn't you know I got a two year old one year old man known as a handful put. Did you hear about -- Foster. On Twitter using an article from the Boston Globe as motivation an article called the Texans frauds. To hear about that. Scenario here about that allows north interviews yesterday -- -- that Florida would Jamaica and anything. No you know what could be absolutely you know area have voluntary and a chip on resources we -- we got Alice. Seriously doubt that he needed anymore motivation from article reflects certain other pieces of the play out and bookings that I'm here win and you know I don't that in -- permit you know we're ready to order again. Does any of that stuff overworked and then once the game starts this. And that some kind of -- how are where you're black too much and you know. And the -- as. At dinner they get across the white -- -- -- -- I -- he got there is no. Dropping in the current result run and oh boy you're thinking about something that someone -- apparently you. I gotta do some more here Shaughnessy wrote that piece that's got -- impress them. Turner press box looking -- the -- Our MO at all on drug go get him on Sunday in a short talk to you here next week. A recruiter and Jerod Mayo weekly interview presented -- just realized that no nonsense like insurance company. Now our free new lower rates for men and women call 88 get ESP alike were visit espionage dot count for your free quote. And by KM franks and sausages seeing him Adams Boston log -- Austin laser. And you -- break at the top Leo we're right back to the phone calls next.

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