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Previewing NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend with ESPN's Chris Mortensen

Jan 11, 2013|

We go around the NFL and look at the hirings, firings, comings, goings and most importantly, we preview the four NFL matchups this Sunday with Mort.

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Back to the big show. Ford -- and -- big we get a football all the divisional playoffs. Got your NFL countdown tomorrow morning -- 10 AM is it to 10 AM on Sunday as well more. It and I am on -- hey it's going to be terrific Chris mortenson joining us alive right now on the AT&T hotline. One upset which one of these four games see you're picking as the upset special. Well I think they're two games. Well we don't know what we consider the Packers and upset soldiers. It's line. I actually have to regain that I believe he would can be. Characterizes upsets the Packers -- the 49ers. The ravens at the brothels and antioxidant falcons. And of grocery. I think I'm I'm only -- the Packers but I believe the other two games. Have a chance to be upset so to be the only game I don't feel will be will be the patriots. However you feel like the Texans. Will will come in and knock off the patriots. Well I haven't seen any any -- gravity anything different than what I've seen the for the past month even last week against the the Bengals. I mean illustrate that -- don't have to -- passes. You know it's a different -- we're not talking about this game. And you know they've had this and they've had real losses on the defense side also maintain that the the loss -- Brian -- maybe didn't manifest itself until later but it has. And then the other thing they didn't anticipate the -- job and not play at a higher level and he has not the and then maybe they underestimated the loss of Jacobi Jones to free agency. He noticed that another guy did that help Audrey Johnson out there and yes Syrian boxes very good the other thing that happened the Texans I think is. Well this has stated that last month it just hasn't been there I don't see it. I agree with how they score thirty points in this game and don't they have to score thirty. To beat Tom Brady. Yes -- when that Casey would you would need the the deepest we contribute. -- ten points. I think every Unita. An interception and sack fumble recovery or something that turned in to convert into a touchdown that -- the Texans need to stability that. -- I think we're at an upset. But other on the flip side I'm just the commitment thing about this team because I was really really high on them do up there LD won eleven out of the first twelve they were. Really running away from teams averaging. You know 1011 point victories on average. Was that was that an aberration. It was just just a slump I mean can they go back to be in that team they were in the first twelve games of the year. Well when they were winning most of those games -- there's always two or three games that you know they probably locked up until that -- That we got away with that one. And that we know what the Packers did -- Aaron Rodgers dice -- slice and dice them. It was one Chet Haney went in there and threw four touchdown passes on them and they they Indiana pulled out the demon with a double overtime or just over time like every. That did bad back to back weeks -- Jacksonville Detroit right. Yeah a little bit okay something's something's off here and then just watching messed -- play and and just not play it the level that I expect that play active I think that's good obviously good quarterback. So you know we say what happened maybe there were some games in there that the we -- in -- close enough. They're -- certainly gave it close -- this had a chance of happening now that being said they they have some pretty good players on the. I'm sorry -- but. Last year I think what we did is we get carried away watching them in the playoffs and saying well if they could do this with Yates and Matt imagine what they would do -- If they get a match out there may be hasn't taken it to that next level. Well I don't think he has and the other thing we also forget that free agency. Can have impact on the team and for the Texans. They were animated and some decisions because of the salary cap and it basically had to replace their right side there -- offensive line. And including Eric Winston who would know kind of a Pro Bowl caliber player he signed with the chiefs. And what that didn't make them a very left handed team or run Budweiser has teams adjusted to that. That it can take advantage with with jobs. And so created and then and they also lost to -- we don't because of free agency and even though he wasn't. This guy you know he was about Pro Bowl receiver but he still gave them explosive plays occasionally kickoff returner even in the passing game that it takes some of the attention away from moderate Johnson although lotteries -- posted great numbers -- -- a lot of touchdown numbers. Are your colleague and not commercial partner there Adams after had an interesting take today he was breaking down. The pursuit. A Peyton -- and often that. We go above and beyond media fans we just go crazy over free agency and and we look back and -- that was worth all the fuss but he. Pointed out all the teams that pursued Peyton Manning. And look at the -- look what happened in Arizona pursued him. Coaching staff in the general manager gets fired Kansas City couldn't get an audience with them. Coaching staff general manager fired Miami -- draft tanning on and on in the one team that came up with them obviously. Of the Broncos and look what happened to them do you see. If the ravens are able to beat the Broncos over the gonna do with it at a three interception Peyton Manning gained one of those things are. It is possible the ravens is so much healthier than they were -- week fifteen when they got beat by the the bronco that he go back and watch that game by the way Broncos had a lot of three and out Manning a lot of three and out and they -- there was rubble of the frustration. Now playing Manning and -- Bruschi was -- about this the other day. You know they can be frustrated you might think you've got him and he might go there might be a mistake or two early on. And he's he's frustrated but as the game goes on you know it's it's that chess match starts to turn in his favorite at the end -- the opposite checkmate. And so -- the ravens are healthier and healthier that the Israeli forces -- and India he's limited but he got thirteen tackles last week. Paul Kruger I mean who was nicked up in that first game he looked like a totally different guy and and and brought. Brought some heat off the as last week. Will be knowledge is much healthier than he was when they played in week fifteen Terrell Suggs is much healthier. And he was when he put them when they played in week fifteen Ed Reed. Is healthier than when they played -- -- -- scenes are bound to come out some significant names there. And then the other thing about the ravens is you know Ray Rice is coming -- game which he was embarrassed and he's certainly intend to make amends to that. But Joseph Flacco has won a playoff game and each of his five seasons quarterback despite his detractors. And he may have twelve throws that we to scratch your head that this coming tomorrow mean on Saturday. But his -- is so powerful he may make free throws that make this a very tight game. You are exciting patriot fans right now with the prospect of an AFC championship came in Foxboro poetic the rest of the country would rather see Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and. -- and that we that we -- and we had to do we anticipate I mean you know that's. That's our anticipation -- that we'll get that type -- game. That said this a few weeks back talking about Tim Tebow instead expect to be. In Jacksonville my -- I reported a virtual. Certainty that I I didn't Australia the wind but the OK don't that you throw another. And it makes all the sense that a whirlwind -- because. They'll obviously fill the stands. You know you -- do something with them down there and they don't have great quarterbacks to begin with so David Caldwell is -- as GM and says no -- Of Tebow he's surprised by that. I have to say no because I knew what what is just so nice little journalism lesson in net. At the time you're reporting something you are aware that there should changes to come in that organization. And so all it needed was another sensor another paragraph that said. That being said. You know. Did the -- where they're clearly change in their general manager we do know -- -- the -- two -- If that means there's still changes then you know until it to a 100% that's not a 100%. Now I'll say this. They Caldwell. Interviewed three times. And I bu I know a shot -- the owner of the yet where it's pretty much indicated this yesterday at the press conference is. People would always discussed and for Caldwell it was a deal breaker if he didn't. Get his way on not bringing in people to Jacksonville. And at that point judge Thomas so. Sold on Dave Caldwell is -- general manager. He appropriately as an owner said I want you I want you to take over this of football operations. And I would not interfere in US the final say -- this -- without yesterday depressed -- what's changed with Tebow and he said which means there's. I'd like you get ten people I think we -- we we we should get Tim Tebow. But the football operations people are saying no he's not in our plants and that's always going to be. So what's the market for a -- here's -- possibility that Belichick who apparently liked him first time around we know the Josh McDaniels block them. As a quarterback is a possibility of nobody wants them but Belichick would look at him as a special teams player weakened Iran a couple of a cute things for for him appear might not good football player. Well it is -- good football player be -- I agree with Bill Polian who says that -- should embrace. Of a full time moved to running back. And people there were running a -- what do you mean by the government for six. Mean it was vertical jump I think that -- I was 36 or 38 inches it is being brought -- was -- -- do so. An end and we know he's he's got he's powerful he's strong -- -- you look at his goal line running when he was in Denver. He has that is something that I know are a lot of offensive line coaches which other runners have which is he has patience and visit. The goal line and that's why it was effective scoring touchdowns the he did so Florida when he was a quarterback. And and I think -- -- he would embrace the change to running back now you might be able to do direct snap with the immortal while I mean we we've even seen Tom Brady -- a shotgun went. It's it is a direct -- to the running back Guatemala right. But you know the Obama and is that you know Tom Brady never come out of field. You know -- you know because you're in the red zone and Putin compared this so. You know you have to. Know everyone -- roster spot too valuable to do to the patriots that want to have learned over the years and and you know it would depend upon Tim's attitude and I don't think he's gonna have a lot of suitors -- is that just because -- the quarterback thing. It's it's the circus is coming to town I think that's one place where it could be controlled I think it's circuits could be controlled in New England but -- still get the circus. No more any team that gets him will be lucky to have me to -- football player -- -- record I -- -- got anyway let me ask you about this that because this is it was confusing to me as I was watching it last week. Here are the stories are Chip Kelly Chip Kelly to the browns and the Eagles really like Chip Kelly. He's got to make a lot of money he's the hot new coaching name in any -- backed organ bottom line how did he wind up in college football and not pro football. While he was very transparent with the with the browns. And with the Eagles. That day in and especially the browns the browns moved dom brown wanted -- Malone after basically meet the Chip Kelly. That is so but it you know Doug -- interest historically the indicative that the browns job to -- double the chargers -- And and for the Chip Kelly and only he was honest he was undecided he he he didn't try to hide debt. And so I think that's what made the browns got to move on and then reset their surge once more on went to buffalo. And with the Philadelphia Eagles that was Detroit -- -- -- Pretty much detail it was they turn to choose between needles in Oregon and I think he just so like you know what. Got a -- putting golden dory again the great situation I got a quarterback that can come out of the draft next year. By the way his quarterback and maybe I go at this again next year -- -- he's still whereas. Some intrigue about coaching in the NFL I don't believe would happen this year will. -- -- opportunities. We're draw a line and up in your opinion. And their job fired not just five minutes is up five minutes -- I don't know who wind up somewhere I mean deep deliberate defense coordinator -- -- and have somewhere he's. -- you can debate how fair that was to -- and had four key starters out and really good football players that. You know I would -- immediate job somewhere. A message as the jets' situation get with the down to how many choices now for general manager and the fact that -- -- office has talked I mean they're talking openly out there right -- never good thing. Now but it seems to go with the it's kind of like here it is DNA now -- dollars -- -- of the -- Natick greeted in. I think the biggest issue is what kind of stepped in Rex Ryan put together. Know what the idea that a lot of assistance -- they're gonna have different opportunities. The ones who -- available in December at the steal anybody from people's steps. And because it feels like Rex might have one more year even -- we got -- says he has two more years. It how -- gonna put together a staff with the with the with all that mess well don't people want jobs but it birds that are going to be to the guys he wants. You know. So I don't think he's carried Norv Turner as the offensive coordinator everybody a lot of people like to have the dark there are good people out there available iPad -- And other development according residing that's the tough part for the jets. Is it just feels like an unstable place and -- and -- put together a quality staff. Great we get a football NFL countdown 10 AM tomorrow 11 AM on Sunday you're gonna have to do like the Ray Lewis dance next year is everybody gonna have to go through that ritual before. Are you know I don't believe it's true that ray is coming to us sign it and I'm sure it's probably more Monday night but. It is it is there's one Sunday and there I'm sure that that the way we would move eleven do at least one. W. -- still be fascinating I -- they have enough microphones for everybody will be I don't as -- great -- -- -- -- -- So it up or I'm competent well our record Doug you enjoy the weekend cutesy Atlanta Chris mortenson SPN near the village.

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