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Tom E Curran: Stupid Columnists Make My Job Harder

Jan 11, 2013|

We check in with Tom E Curran to preview Patriots and Texans and also go inside Tom's anger at Dan Shaughnessy and his silly piece that taunted the Texans this week.

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You just can't review balls hanging out there. Just don't want. Who wants to do. Specially. -- whether. Or depend on where you are dependent situation situational football. Sometimes you want him. In New England may not mean in -- -- sure there are a lot of places you wanna do that. We'll find out as we bring it she aren't that big -- brought -- you -- -- what's Walker's -- doctor doctor Robert political 1800 get your trauma or. -- Oh that's a Big Brother. Are you -- it. Who let a moment and sales and you still I still believe it was shot this year Willis Jones didn't -- Not -- -- -- Okay so what was that about. Going out of you run out of pretty harshly to elect the line he's lost after the flip of the coin. You covered. Team on T who covered beat Michael and really look to expand to recover the Celtics. Now. Would become part of beat you -- protective immune you know what you have to deal with court. I don't mind. Somebody else writing -- problem. That it informed him. Part of the story. As it becomes part of my problem. But that's -- the is doing is you're mad the D'Angelo as it on the same crap recently hit -- set up truck. But -- added there's not a bad debt charter college extra work because you problems in your bad and -- right. Well I think what the couple levels to -- you know I I think journalistically. Michael -- people understand that poor indicator carnival -- -- On television and yeah. And radio with the people can't -- orchestrated entertainment. Barrier the level of you you want -- field you're given it that solid are. Insightful for. And I'm not sure that we're going to get that on the NFL. When it -- and the paper. People that that the -- town -- On. Tom I agree with everything you said except for. People get all stoked up about a football player and that. Is avatar. Out. Report back on our. Site and they'll become -- you wasting your time that you grow hair curly hair so I don't care what color red easy to -- Like him. Trying to change the world. But you know this they buy some of the best talents and they are balanced. Today's call that was much more -- -- and insightful. So I think it's Smart small minor victory -- you know we move on I don't think immediately -- part of it -- Let's it was sort of talk this is what happens now with with everything I don't know if it's because of the intra net it. Stop what you're like shoulder whispering to me about how it I know -- -- I will raid against machines. -- But I -- -- Wade Phillips is gone and people for some reason thought he was -- down Wes walker and that's certainly became a story. Go -- like a -- on Twitter. The only area that was debt. You know early in the week was what used to recruit -- people just. To your spirit and nerves mayor and then within minutes sort of Wade Phillips saying that. What he says that what Wes Welker is not in essence you are saying is -- same type of athlete. Is AJ green. If you look at pro football -- -- I wasn't -- biggest hit it myself writing but I know that -- -- Boston Globe Boston Herald poll immediately ran looked. The other dog killer to countenance the idea. You're right almost people with whom I work it's -- or -- And it didn't work hard -- beaten and beat them sometimes less is not a local level discourses. Check out what might get -- follow -- this week. He won't be USA today now. You're the cheaper than the other day -- -- the Bryant thing the other day. Nationally. Immediately met -- -- sent your yacht is an attempt to stop as soon as possible and don't get arrested and that's all it would carry it looked at this. It will welcome the carnival barker journalism what we don't what is clicks that's what you think you want -- sleds all -- different that I don't lounge around. That's an Emmy award winning. -- that the anything but entertainment -- When I -- school that's and they go to Mike Green spot out front -- that done for the last ten years too late bill. And it compelling him to pretend it looked forward I expect the. -- -- From my plot to blow. -- -- board of -- -- that maker and has been going on. And poor record. While it's it's it's a different it's a different world but let's face you've got caught up in the carnival barker. Stuff yourself it's been giving you. Play like I don't know I guess what -- Tommy. Let's get this game let's get to -- are cold clear -- thoughtful analysis of the game. Before we taught you about the Texans in patriots you didn't like Texans at all. A Texas patriots part two parties is singling out. I don't think they have. The ball. Tour. The confidence to say what they. They need to change which is basically everything about the way they expect the patriots the reason the patriots to a close a deal that's because -- -- -- situation I don't think Gary Kubiak. Has the stomach that say look we can't just line up run out of power. And try and run against the wolf what they're too big and too fast for us the defensive line that includes not just will work. That includes -- Dedrick and the way he's fully. In Taiwan. They have to change it up went and I just don't think they have literally and almost positive. That we sort doesn't have been an end to stop sending extra rush is -- about what people want states to try to make Tom Brady processed things. And here's the ironic thing. Yesterday were so upset that no player has ever had a better defense this season. -- -- -- -- Shouldn't he be able to -- heat with -- JJ watt is part of that fourth. And drop people of the coverage sort of they have. The intestinal fortitude self confidence to change. Ridiculous they would know we're gonna widows without -- So what do they do they used to tight end has to try to help him out. In their running game and try to keep it is a low scoring game control the clock and keep the ball away from. Brady. Yeah I mean I think -- Eric Foster will do a good job getting them into. You know second and five enough times and certain to enough times. Where they can be multi dimensional that's gonna -- shot. I just think that. The patriots -- gonna clear the way they do. And the red zone woes of the Houston Texans have been very well Black America not just last week they kicked four field goals. But throughout the last. Market so the regular season. But that shook -- -- of -- thirty amendments have fun which is what happened. Pre cut against the patriots actually. It's -- 38 at 230 great. It got to see patriots 21 and failed each time to get any points at all. So you just let him do what they want on from the other twenty. To the patriots thirty the most screwed you got. What does it got exposed of this team I mean even before the patriots game that Jacksonville game and again until I prop up. A -- of -- overtime game high scoring game Detroit same thing what Apatow team that was him and want -- at one point. She didn't mean on this improvement. -- -- came get out of the -- so quickly. Please it's such a high level early that you don't really realize what things he -- get go to the patriots have been put side of that. It many times during their run out of being an excellent -- report really -- flip side of that 2007 here at the same thing because I was grinding to a halt. By the time the playoffs came ought and I think we see that the colts and number kinds including 2005 when it was one in their MP. And awards here colts who have actually it's going undefeated. I don't think -- Houston Texans were built to improve I think -- really happy and satisfied with what it was doing and that to me. Who is back for the point to make about this game. Dual double check will come in on Monday and still looking up at Sox after it went to united point or over Indianapolis. I don't think. Gary Kubiak we've also built that we we saw what we're -- with a great coach without a tablet. Members can really regretting not that produce the close. It's not you have to continue to put it. Guys' impression that's when. That's a good that's a good Wade Phillips impression on thanks Wal-Mart well I mean that's hard and good player. At the -- says look creepy though at the end and you've gone but that's gonna. Ask you. Rob Gronkowski played the final game of the regular season play with one arm. Do you what what percentage do you expect this -- to be at four. For Sunday's game making you really count on them as the grunt that. That tiebreak has relied on. 60% until you see him go out there and hopefully somebody in the past. Five base. Has gone out and hit hard with and so that he goes onto the field state. That that left arm with a wrapped up would make it can take. Some impact because he could not -- exposed it any impact at all. In the final regular season and it so I don't know that game was more boat getting wind. Getting reps getting him back immersed with -- the it's in the offense would be much about him having contact. But he has to be a whole lot better and more willing to have contacts. That you want all that -- And as nicely as Michael who might not one that we exploit. I still think is an upgrade over those guys you -- you obviously are are going to be very happy to have more on the field they've increased seven point. We're -- he slowed down and says that you can't -- you can read Tommy stuff. That's a yes and in need god cal enjoy the game town tucked in next week. So that settlement that allowed us. -- This Sunday's AFC divisional game between the Texans to the patriots is presented by Pepsi. Patriot fans can download the Pepsi patriots in them it's Pepsi -- them -- dot com we're back with more. Of your phone calls 520 Michael and I'll give away -- ticket to see the game Sunday down their July.

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