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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com, gives the latest news on the Patriots

Jan 11, 2013|

Mike Reiss joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the way Belichick handles the playoffs and gives the status of current injured Patriots players.

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Who goes -- again although what they'll do how things a map so what adjustments you'll -- And how again mournful you know on the will be different breaks or situations and again that'll. Making each game meaning that's -- it makes it exciting so there's no way to predict how that's gonna happen is taken as it comes but. Sure you'd never know how it's gonna go -- you know you always. Certain elements that you know just. Guessing game -- plant percentages -- -- call -- in this is what we're gonna do this or think over and again this is how we think it's gonna work out. You know never quite goes that way now. But you -- as a coach you want sort of put your team in the best position they canceled they can be competitive and as players it's the same thing you know you. It's like. -- -- When you talk to the Navy SEALs and then those 'cause on they go on a mission how they talk about. Aren't so we get there in their sick you know we're we practiced going over the six football in the walls thirty feet well. That's council is an NFL you know you practice for. Everything here are some across you know -- -- currently can analytics stayed on here -- soon will mean. Got to get across that well you get an NFL game and think you're gonna get this and get that. It's -- smell insults here. That is getting second quarter able Bill Belichick of the week. That the second time we can call and quotable navy steel tire likes holes what a week military theme week for Bill Belichick Mike Reese ESPN boston.com is on the patriots Beatty joins us every week. And about the style on the eighteenth the hot I look at an appellate check this week by Greece. Lou good afternoon and went and read my biggest take -- guys. From listening to him today is everything coaching and at least 38 years he's been in 44. A playoff games will be forty side and it's still. Get his actions though and he's leading his team you know in Q really what the question. You know the quest for the championship that is what -- -- -- wired differently this is basically. What you live for our club I really shined through today that some phenomena write about it a little bit later in the day. Like this get the injury report out of the way third day in a -- I think full participation no concerns that anybody. I think they're concerned -- in terms of Blake got you know what percentage players will be I'd be surprised if any of the key guys are. -- -- the field so that need to keep the -- at all on the dinner. I would think they'll be there at cornerback all indications are they'll be ready to -- I think that's important. Couldn't -- -- according likely accuracy he Yanukovich should be there at defensive end what potential yet I don't know. But they have stepped there I think that's an important one and gronkowski. And I think there's more of a comfort level right now for him would bet that you know for previously broken left forearm I think -- feel better bronco and didn't even now. -- back disease sees a valid for 12 I got the oppression the -- didn't want a whole lot of blocking in that you want to run his patterns was kind of wary of that -- did you get. That feeling Mike and how do you think they'll use him on Sunday. But not absolutely got this feeling it and sort of the best product habit than a half wrong it's still a good ground but it -- -- India dominating player practically need a full ground. Obviously you know on the play out -- You know I wanna ask -- I didn't get a chance when he watched the tape of that game that he felt like he looked like insult because I didn't think -- look like consult at all but. Definitely watching him you know in the locker room the last couple weeks I actually there's. A comfort level there may be that wasn't there I'm -- out in the field and achievements and. I think underestimate the impact really that he had an effect he was nominated to promote. The best tight end in football and the mismatch is seeking create Josh and -- for. First time a long time -- he and Aaron Hernandez on the field together here coming on Sunday. -- I -- just fourteen -- of the sixteen regular season games ahead both those guys. Out on the field and we -- -- short sample size. But the patriots. -- -- personnel wise and options that you put your. Here I don't -- and players -- and that you let him more than -- Welker. You don't cut it Aaron Hernandez edit -- -- -- -- a little -- human -- When -- -- that grouping that you couldn't do what you are. Compounded with a group and if you -- I don't know. I don't know and that would that would have been. He you do you have the structure of the south and the flexibility that the tight end Greg -- you've heard and it provides when they're both healthy. Look at some of that the health on the Houston's side of it. What what has more impact on this Texans team and got a Brooks reed back Derek Graham back -- healthier Johnathan Joseph the maybe the last time we saw them. I think I would get Brooks reed just that ties into what we were just talking about who and and -- -- -- December -- house -- If you're the -- I think that's an area. Is a matchup advantage for the patriots and Brooks reed a former teammate. I'm gronkowski could be part of that plan in terms how they besides the strength and try and get to -- that -- and other. Search option as well as quick -- and. I'm sort of in the top of the list and then starting right tackle -- intention -- open I think Garrett -- couldn't. Can someone more flexibility in terms of the group in particular -- And indeed it can duplicate a little bit about the sport and I had in the game against the patriots you have a lot of attention. We're talking in my crease of ESPN boston.com. In terms of the the offensive attack the Texans Simon thought -- Foster. Really got out of -- -- right down 21 nothing takes him out of the game 71 half carries in that game do you expect. What do you think the Texans should come out try to establish the run or should they try to spread that patriot defense out try to throw the football early in the -- this game on Sunday. -- I think they have to get the run game going I don't know how anyone could have watched -- shop over. The last few weeks this. Specifically and not play a game against the Bengals don't have any really high level of confidence that. You could come in here spread it out in the thinking minutes and you know look like. Quarterback who was tentative and he had an almost relieved. When that game was over and got its first playoff wins I think it's it's fairly ample -- in Austria had nineteen. Functions. In that game against the -- on the -- and I think he had forty. Last week against the dangle the Texans have to know going in that the number needs to be in the -- -- -- -- -- did a month. It sets up their play action passing game that well I can -- up where it starts for the Texans it's also where search for the patriots desperately keen sense of focus needs to be how do you limit -- sponsored health. And getting out that early lead like you mentioned. -- December 10 game. You know not a big fan of of offensive defensive coordinators you know leaving teams and Miller play us Rick Dennison thinks am interviewing with the the bears today could be Texas Tech kicked it in his way to -- NFL's got a hold off on the disabled -- the seasons or -- they can say it's not a distraction but. All -- today's on an airplane. Lou and that's such a tough one because you don't want a sort of limiting guy's career -- I guess the way it sort of look at that warrants. -- -- free agency you know hey we're gonna start free agency on the state. But I think we're not -- that -- it teams are laying the ground where you know -- they're going to be going to have. Or I'm you'll win free agency starts even though there are probably borderline camper and try and get hard what he needs a coach you're gonna help in the wake. After the Super Bowl and it's almost like we're confident -- but the second season in the whole coaching GMs are about what more. Interest in a lot of people on the actual playoff games but I think it would be almost impossible at some -- Wait till after the play out you don't make their decision. In terms of the the coaching side of you know you have and many people ESPN stats and rankings cameras and it terms a Wade Phillips and is sort of changing his approach. Brady -- huge success against Wade Phillips what is that matchup like to use that defense against very. But that has been getting from to teach its players as a -- expecting a major change. You know from the Texans and sort of the idea that came that you would lead to an end. Yet there's going to be some wrinkles but we're not. I didn't know anything totally out of the ordinary I don't know much I go back to some games I'm probably earlier in Brady's career where. We -- as he can -- Arctic with the charger in -- you're pretty well against. The way -- look at it is that since it's not Shirley. Pretty briskly sorts as much as the offensive line I still has you know the image that's Super Bowl 42. In my mind that you know you can have the best -- but it your son doesn't hold up -- sort of paralyzes. Your whole offense and and I sort of look at it that way it's more Wade Phillips and whatever he decides in terms of approach. And how the putrid offensive line will hold up and and and you'll be out against that -- -- -- neat but sort of the key to immediate and overlooked in this game can't have. Your worst day as an offense a lot of -- did and that's Super Bowl on the suspected he sent -- line. They can potentially do that -- -- Tom Brady were -- before last five playoff games -- -- interceptions and you see it different Tom Brady now order with the expectations so high that we just expect to see is superhuman -- we do at times during -- regular season. Well -- I. The top form for the answer I -- said the child I had this just that the critical mistake that you it's usually so good at avoiding these scenes. Crop up you know at at times and until they come to mind. You mentioned eight interceptions I was thinking that much about like intentional grounding penalty you know in the end zone in the Super Bowl. That led to the safe each and so. Unlike him or even interception. Against the -- that in 2010. In the playoffs I think. -- -- -- So mistake free over the course of the regular sheet and that it sort of shutting the huge mistake like that in the playoffs from Helsinki to different quarterback. But think that highlight you know a key. With both turnovers and how you you you know -- -- -- -- an error unexpected safety. It can sort of change everything that you thought going into the game. I go back to what you said about Bill Belichick and his focus in the way that the energy sort of had for this week did you get any feeling either way that the patriots. Were acting differently -- that we went out locker room. You could tell us report it's been there all year OK these guys are locked in they it'd. It's it's playoff time they're acting that way. Not not really not up they -- story from yesterday you know we went into the locker room and there were some techno music blaring. You know in the room and and I was -- and some of the Catholic I know it's not a locker room where loud music you hear a lot you know you're in there at the media member. What sort of took me a little bit by surprise since it was a little bit of a loose guests among the players -- explain that it was. No sir you know and then linebacker -- couldn't be this you know DJ equipment out -- and. Why didn't I don't -- like it -- get anything out of the ordinary like K this is -- a new fees and then and everyone on edge. That might come as we get closer to care costs but he has been more sort of you know all of this atmosphere players sort of a group we're here this is what we work -- we believe in ourselves reaper pretty healthy right now let's go let it rip. -- Eagles experience and elastic on the playoffs you're talking about this team and you know last. Before last year two playoff games and was on the team lost the last couple and now after that Super Bowl run this year be still a few guys in some veterans and to lead. And Lloyd and a guy that's gonna carry the ball in Ridley really in his first post season action defensive side of the ball Chandler -- -- standard. Which he put experienced how -- gonna watch the that this week. Matt I well I I think the -- would have had good experience -- group have been executing. Particularly with the critical position quarterback I guess that's like combat Q after all the analysis. And there are certainly a lot of areas we can focus on you know you have a quarterback Brady who's been in these big games -- most critical position and then on the other side. The quarterback and -- who really looked like he was tight. In the first playoff game last week for a start there and they have been patriots. And -- think you have some young guys you know ancient key role said it hadn't been. This situation and like you mentioned some older guys like -- to -- but I think they have enough guys in the locker room that sort of spread that message down. Let players know what to expect. Prepare them as much as possible that no you know it's a personal experience but I don't think lack of experience is going to be something that will be a big issue for the patriots in the state. Are you saw -- the Broncos -- the ravens they'll play the early game tomorrow to kick things off over on CBS I get the feeling that that the raven defense is just too old. To stick -- Denver's offense the entire game Mike how do you see that as the first of four moral. Yes -- that same claim that I think the way we think it's gonna unfold it is the way it will unfold I think it'll be. You know patriots and and the Broncos advancing here in this round and not -- that it should be. I think the little. -- -- against that defense -- that sort of similar. Here are all the games you play against the patriots because Dean Pees former patriots defensive coordinators over there. With the ravens. I'm with you though -- -- not just that the older defense being able. Limit patent and also on other side of the ball and sort of ravens offense companies' actions there. They need a new approach something I think they're gonna have trouble keeping up with the Broncos and. My gosh tears narrative MVP voting and -- rookie of the year what where woods where did you vote where would you vote in the ball those categories. So I I don't have a vote Lou. I would I would MPT acting illegally each computer came right down the -- It's heat and let her hands and really wasn't expecting much from that team are sort of welcome into the optional OnStar here in terms of our work in -- Not to prop one. I would go -- Russell Wilson. Little like. I'm actually -- and Adrian Peterson had been CNET team coming in and I remember even going out there in October I would have patriots broke their economic well. I wouldn't surprise that the Seahawks ordered up a met with the patriots here because I remember when I played well against them and went out -- don't know you don't understand. We're committed to this -- this so special about this guy. I think you saw that over the of course that's sixteen game regular season but I think both of my church since. Mike we appreciate the time enjoy the football this weekend and now we'll talk you next week no matter what happens with the bats. Create a lot of really tremendous coverage -- not checked out the patriots blog ESPN boston.com. Do so there's Thomas stuff including -- naked Mike wrote back and feel the -- I'll do a great job. Of covering the patriots every sort of angle -- PM boston.com. 6177797923. Civil come -- talk to rein in the car Jonathan in Houston. Was talk about this game and all your phone calls on pats and Texans until.

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