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Mike Westhoff says Tebow situation with Jets was a mess

Jan 11, 2013|

Mut and Merloni listen to retired special teams coach Mike Westhoff talk about the way the Jets mishandled the Tim Tebow situation.

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That was very disappointing. While that didn't come out to be honest. I don't think you want to ever -- -- their questions. Why didn't we do I don't actually don't know -- I know we didn't practice that we -- practice -- training camp we -- on ballot want to wait for the unveiling. And it didn't happen and it's very disappointing. But again if you just say it this as the quintessential. And that they'll drop back quarterback no he's not just not. But give you a lot of different assets in my opinion I think he's an outstanding if you do that. That is jets' special teams coach Mike west dull but Lou 93 point seven WE yeah I absolutely. -- the jets for their approach first of all asking why -- we do you know Mike you're asking what all the jet fans after work and use them. Why they held to bring a man it's pretty simple Woody Johnson feels like winning the back page in the New York papers. Is equivalent to winning a game in the NFL like that's his favorite thing gets up in the morning he puts his million dollar -- body counts as money. He walked out there's depicts the daily news in the post whatever. If this jets -- on the back page and Tebow is there. Fact guys happy forget that they lost this year -- they want forget that there are laughing stock forget that he had this terrible press conference. Where he really just backed Rex -- call them sophisticated herbal things. -- their way to the back page Woody Johnson seems happy and that's why assigned to Mike west -- not our football reasons pretty clear. You cited the when the back page which is the worst thing you can have a big football fan ownership cared about that not does that shock you yes you hear that term. Team practice it. Prior accident in in training camp they didn't practice the wildcat training we have to have Tivo -- waiting to unveil it we never did. That's a guy in west off food is special they've gone over here he watched the chiropractor threat like he would know. They spent any amount of time in training camp. Works -- -- break it down Tebow stats on ESPN. In that -- can't we kept hearing gateway yet again -- they would let there was a practice. We may bottom on the air back in August. Practice they sent the media away. Because they pulled the media. Work on the wildcat we don't want we don't -- the game and Al west office telling you Lou. Ever practice that it was evident to the deep gully what's up also -- later on Tuesday you know the will be expected to see him. -- they expect missing line up is has really it's rated truth a couple of different roles H back tight end. They're going to slide up as a quarterback. That's rows expect missing -- just in -- I know you really like the kid used a month's special -- by. Have you ever seen anything like that all your years of a -- under so many different head coaches. You know it was so much. There's a capsule will not -- ever else you want it was really much aren't very very disappointed. There are things that can table as an NFL quarterback it's -- part is very limited in some -- and it broke him right in the middle. -- drop back passing offense. Will look very very -- dispatched. -- if you incorporate him in different facets of your offense. I think he can be a factor that's what I felt we were born to do but never did he would permit for play it. I was expecting this -- lineup that's. -- really take a trip and a couple will object examples of some of the -- you play. An H back bright tight end there all the servers conjunction there's an age bracket and halfback fullback in any light at the quarterback. That's what I was expecting this week and we didn't do what marvel -- what was really only get beat like 1%. That's all I was thinking -- -- that I got when Derek Schmidt got her edgy shall we kind. I didn't have you want I'm stuck I lost two guys and actually that aren't you -- that too much about. In all the little people think form but. He's talking to Joseph rose there on QAM. I did they asked Jolie to note that they ask how to get to punt blocked this year with Tebow is the protector to that question come up today. I mean for all these people for all the patriot fans who got after me for making fun of Tebow and the jets all year. I'm sorry this validates everything I thought about this. That from top down they had no idea what to do with this guy they had no clue. Owner wants a coach hasn't practiced with them. Special teams coach telling you he didn't wanna see more Tim Tebow any sat there on the side by elected do this with the play sheet. And a hat on the highway Tim Tebow was sure was in the rain in training camp folks. That's a doping organization and I loved Peter king's quote they're not it's not the plan -- not be your seat GM its plan -- Because no one wants to gold there with the technology meant you're stuck with Rex for a year then decide it wants that happened in Jacksonville. Caldwell and Mike -- got a raw deal. One year blank aperture guy you're out C a but that's out work you -- GM Olympic coach not New York. What he's saying you wanna commit run this team Rex it's your guy. Rex -- and of coaching step and we blew everybody helps out defense coordinator offensive coordinator special teams coach on gone gone you cut and run our team. The owner -- -- -- Tim Tebow and by the way you're stuck -- solid victory coming circuits. -- with -- with creativity how to use this guy and I think that there's ways that you can use him. You know I love what substance was 1% of his role was with me turn out to be his only role -- at their -- protect. Yeah it's it blows your mind because it does go guests. A lot of things that at least it by -- okay you waiting to unveil it turns out to -- -- a walk or the Decourt ointment practicing it. Every when he went to the game was early as a quarterback. So then you rest yourself okay it's a Decourt but you put him in just the quarterback worldwide team put -- -- -- -- if he didn't have. It's into one of the defense to think that there's a chance they could run a while scatter or just it's just a running play the quarterback. Mean there was no creativity there was no nothing. You wonder what the future of Tim Tebow at Jack's book don't announce -- -- would outage today that. Quote from new GMMR Caldwell I can't imagine a scenario. In which will be -- Jacksonville jaguar. Even if he's released. That's the team you're supposed to go to right guys he's gonna Jacksonville he's got -- their quarterback they wanna sell tickets. I can't imagine scenario will be in a Jacksonville jaguar even if he's released. I hate to broach this now playoff game 48 hours away. But doesn't feel like Tebow is going to be patriot doesn't it feel like Tim Tebow is going to be any patriots uniform -- be the third quarterback -- will find so. No routes this guy gonna go and get released not gonna pick them up on waivers and bella check -- pick up the phone today. If you can commit to doing something else besides quarterback I'll bring yen. I just don't want it. But I just get that feeling all the Sunday night a year ago Bobby knows the value use -- and probably how he uses you guys but not here. He's got enough -- Hernandez types now Fernandez in particular the offensive coordinator here now. Russia who drafted. To Atlanta quarterback and recorded back. -- I'm not calling for stop L needles -- calls that much is called for Tebow he -- get a little bit of a gut feeling. Haven't felt this way along time but Hebert of the pats but all of a sudden now Jack totals of one -- get released. Away from Belichick that twists the knife at Drexel bit. -- Tebow wonder who put that got to carry burns line bill Belichick's over wondering football players able c'mon and find a role for. It'll end up helping them win and I did get a feel a little bit about you'll see that's opera today though but nice job jets. -- apartment Bailey's. Never got a lot of business that the jets will be there circus atmosphere as always. 61777979837. Your phone number text the show. On VH TT tech live 379837. We continue with your thoughts on the patriots and the Texans Joseph -- North Carolina all your phone calls. Don't go anywhere.

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