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Peter King, SI, on the NFL Playoffs

Jan 11, 2013|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni to preview the four upcoming playoff games this weekend and who he thinks will win.

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Hot day like today can get this music. Really all day but will not -- three point seven WEEI guess is that we're divisional football. Doubleheader Saturday double header Sunday. Always a part of our patriots Friday's Peter King our conversations. With Peter King sponsored by town fair tire bike about a tractor corporation. And by drama hill for Peter much -- happy divisional weekend. Yeah this is the weekend and above all that I love the course of the year there's always. And they're not always greatest match ups first say. But this is the weekend where you're guaranteed to have some really good quarterbacks playing against some good -- fences and sort of rubber meets the road so it's a lot of fun. Peter innocent talking about this game here patriots Houston new you'd like for it to be closer but he still you don't see it going that way. Yeah I mean the only way I see it being close fluid it's. She didn't really limits the number of possessions. By the patriots. Which. I think it's going to be hard anyway. And even if they do that. Part of me thinks that well Brady -- eight possessions. It's still going to be able to put up enough points on the court but it have to be tricky and if -- you've been. I'm playing the four corners offense that eats it used to play North Carolina. You know -- eight. 21 years ago. An and I what I would also make its point that I -- one of the things during the course of the years that. It's really become noticeable that Americans on the field for New England. Where is amber and Carol you Wear eat don't weathering and it's healthier now. You know at eight AA it's. They're still running fast and running a lot of plays. I mean I was amazed when I look it's obviously. -- New England Patriots. Are running thirteen more slaves became our -- thirteen more plays to gain in 2012. Then in 2010. They were 205. More plays. This year and they did just two years ago so like saint. It's yet another instance of Bill Belichick learning. As key you know get older to coach and you know if you've ever finished learning. In this business because what you think you are. Some new Chip Kelly or or you know some new defensive guy a billionaire and makes your job a lot more difficult so you know hats off the patriots for basically -- the ball down -- really schematic that. And that being said you know to me Wade Phillips that he advance year Peter he has blitzed Brady out of his mind that's what. Wade phillips' defense is due there was no quarterback in football better this year against five -- more Russians the Brady at twenty touchdowns and zero interceptions will wade. You think send those blitzes like he always does that calling card early setback -- the ravens and jets did. And back to back playoff Beers and try to get pressure with just that front three or four. Well. I think -- changeup from the first game they play. And I think one of the things that. One of the things I think they'll emphasize I think. A change in this game right that you're going to be healthy Mercury considering many years. And -- are win. You know coming. Eighty you know as well as JJ watt and occasionally -- Purcell. -- I think I think that one of the things you have to look at it -- east exit. Is you've got to make sure that your linebackers. You know aren't aren't going to be cognizant of the intermediate stop and they get -- clock that he'll meet when you play Tom Brady. Ike -- couldn't agree more I mean I think blitzes that same effort was -- you have to do everything. But I think you've got caught in the middle of the field against it because you love doing so many things. With a guy like Murkowski who you are not sure that it's let I -- -- bar on the radio saying yesterday it. He's never played her out he be for. And so they're that they're immune to exist there's going to be dealing out early. That I think he's going to be an interesting thing you know it makes no sense to watch. Don't ask you about this Broncos and ravens game you know Peyton Manning. There for years you talk about don't quarterback now is -- the Broncos then it's going to be cold weather down there is a guy that eleven years in the post seasons one and done seven times you playing kind of roll with that at all or do you see them just rolled through the ravens. Well actually good question Lola I think that. That. This team I mean it's gonna be very cold for his game going to be nineteen degrees. 30% chance -- now. So I mean this is gonna be a different game for Peyton Manning there and once he's played in the playoffs before if you look at history. He also cover out small. It you know at all. You know in the adult. In the game in India oh years ago playoff game where you know is the the colts lost the you know it. He he has not always play great in or outside. So I'm really not I I would be really surprised. If that late -- factor in this game on Saturday. Does the age of the ravens' defense Peter. Play any sort of factor they played 87 offensive snaps I believe on Sunday they have to -- to mile high for Saturday I just I feel like that could be. The biggest factor -- the up tempo Denver's offense catches them off guard and tired. You know it's interesting John. In a game like this would come and then you know be here you know on Friday to -- the players' -- not not early Friday but. I remember. Seeing our -- at the hotel and expert BP. Up playoff game against the Steelers. I don't know I think three years ago two years ago in the and you know -- talk -- him at like 430 in the afternoon they're they're adding insult to get here until later -- Like after dark and so I think our ball wanted to have his normal week. As possible. In Baltimore. Preparing as they absolutely normally would keep the players off the year off your -- a lot insult. I think he's been cognizant. All of -- skipper called a week this was not only on Sunday but in a short week preparing to go play a team that's -- And you know one other thing I would say about it is that. I don't think -- this time a year really matters all that much especially. With a guy like Ray Lewis to not only every time he takes appeal might be his last game but. I mean that guy was playing a hundred miles an hour last week. Late in the fourth quarter same that he was played early so I can't see the biggest problem I see is that other than Paul Kruger. I don't know all the they have right now who can really get to the quarterback reliably. And that is something that in my opinion. That is the popular so going forward -- this is a team that. Just doesn't. Have the pressure the guy to put the pressure on the quarterback the way to use -- so I kinda look at this and think well. They need to find either so it needs to come alive in this game ill or they just need to fight somebody else. -- -- -- -- -- You know a couple of the NFC games you talk a -- Matt Ryan and Smith pressured -- when the playoff game but how much pressure right now you think is on. Jim Harbaugh based on the play of call -- cap predict who we've talked about this call controversial move earlier near and now it's time premiere in the playoffs and here goes up and as a play wells -- Much pressure on our bonds is anemic. I'll I don't really think a lot Lou I mean I think that if they lose game. You know Terkel had like equal well I I will I mean I've done my second guessing on that thing. But I think a lot of people's certainly second guess him. -- from making that move at the -- aided by. I also think that that you know. I'm not sure that you could convince me pork and in any real football person. Really. Give Alex Smith. Would give them a better chance to beat the Green Bay Packers are nine. And you know and that's because I think that that Alex Smith. -- that Colin -- predict. Is going to be able to run around better. And it ate Clay Matthews. And occasional blitzing from secondary which you're gonna yet from Don capers. It he'll be able to avoid debt and to make plays. And so I don't I won't be one of the ones who would second guess our our. But I'm sure a lot of people well. It's not a second guess then but in terms of pressure. You put Matt Ryan at the top of that list in terms of yes very much desperate need -- win this weekend Peter. Yeah I mean Matt Ryan and Mike Schmidt in a two guys do it looks. You know entered it this weekend is trying to Armenian bill in their shoulder -- certainly for Ryan Kelly it's. It obviously something that he not only. Have today. Not played well I mean they hit they hit in Iraq to play our games have been terrible had been embarrassing. And so right now I think it's incumbent on them. To come out and at the very least with Seattle have a right to the finish -- -- Seattle lightly in the game. But they've got to show up and play really well I think. -- -- the most interesting team left in the playoffs. Because. Russell -- I was in Seattle for a couple of days this week and Russell Wilson. It's amazing to me. Howell rookie Ian we've seen with Andrew Luck we've seen Robert Griffin the third we've seen it. -- Russell Wilson I can't tell you by Cleveland or Miami can -- haven't been in Iraq over in the other. But the veterans on the team -- extent twenty minutes yesterday with Sidney Rice. You know who like seeing a lot of guys on that team look up to. And Sidney Rice was talking. About. You know about Russell Wilson like he was -- tenure better. And it's it's amazing how we've taken hold of that -- that perhaps so. That this is this is not gonna be an easy. First round common awful divisional game coming off of bite game. Four at the top seed in the inner city. When you mentioned Harbaugh and Baltimore committed to and relate dragon in normal week a difficult is that for Pete Carroll. Go to Washington back to Seattle back go to Atlanta. And how does that that the youth of the team service. Well Lou I talked to a bunch of people there are in fact -- -- Arctic Carol. Alt Powell. If he refuses. To mention it -- his team at all the fact that they've got basically. Three. Six to seven hour plane trips in. Eighty amnesty in a seven day or standard eight days I mean they took what laps Friday they took on Sunday. And now they're taken another one this Friday. And so and and any simpler than you know if you're in Seattle. You know that almost every trip you mate is going to be a long trip it's just part of the deal with you that. Any and and native they've had experts on fatigue type racing and everything it. Terribly strongly. That it in a lot of ways like all over height breeding. And in making sure that. They give guys its chances to get what you're at in almost in force them to get -- During a week like this. And you know I think I think there's there's nothing that they can do about it so what they've got it you try to survive and I think. The players that audience at Monterey and I don't think you're gonna hear them. Complaining about the travel even if they lose 44. Peter I know this is something close to your heart the football hall of fame they announced the 15 finalists this morning. And I can't go through almost last -- about Parcells it was surprise last year. Coming home from the Super Bowl -- -- out that he didn't get in that Saturday is this in the Bill Parcells get in this year in your mind. -- I mean you know at I have I have stopped reading that room I mean I'm in the room and I have no idea -- comes out a lot of times. I mean obviously. I hope I backed ourselves right. Spoken out for a written about it I think it's -- -- it loose. Short sided -- and and not Smart on our part that. We don't have a guy gets fourteen in the play out ski team to Super Bowl and -- Super Bowl. That we don't put him in all the same but again. -- one -- now 46 they've added to voter here judicial voters I'm one of 46. And you know all like in two other people feel strongly about other guys so. All I can do to state my case in just trying to remind people that. You know. As as as much as everybody wants to say. I'd -- victory it's not put whoever. -- The one thing very think you have to remember it's very import is that there's fifteen -- on that list I looked at it out on. And I literally I support twelve of those people on that -- for the they came out if they were in the finals. If they were in the final fight any out of twelve I spoke more. At least that's what I think going into this meeting right now I'm gonna listen to the argument I listen to what everybody says. And -- and make the vote then but they're they're more qualified candidates. Been weakened podium period. So. We can only vote for five every year in -- can only -- five modern your candidate every year at the so they're going to be quite a few every single year. -- -- -- That's just the way community works. You can rail against its fight against it but unless the bylaws ever get change I'm not sure that anything ever gonna be done about that. VO when asked in my quest -- as a local radio show down in Florida the special teams coach of the jets talking about Tebow. What that I took out of it was talking politics Tim Tebow in the in the wild cases. He's an -- don't know the its connectors and a -- in practicing -- practicing training camp. -- on Palin I'm still waiting for the unveiling and it didn't happen did they not. Practiced empty -- walk in -- that in camp even. You know according to -- -- you know it sounds like. That they didn't. There was something wrong right from the start -- -- vote. And now that step it's splintering and you're gonna a year that's purely criticism of the way. West. -- -- but I think there are there are things that happened during the course this year that you could -- well. That this staff was not together. And they are at peace agreement right from the start a lot of things but none more. None bigger and then people. And I think that is what when you look at the Gypsies. And out crash and -- -- perfect illustration why they trade for Tebow and then they don't follow through with the planes from September ha. And so I think let's stop provided. A little window into the -- soul. It just -- sort of functional family they were in 2012. And but sure makes -- repatriate -- the Leary actually happy that they're bringing Rex Ryan in a Eddie fractured. Coaching -- back. Because I mean I don't know how going forward -- from now -- you don't like your eight choice for general data center. I mean you know there there aren't there era they -- -- -- at the PC list they're on the -- And so. In the chips are totally -- Peter as always appreciate the insight on the games that around the NFL enjoyed before this week Campbell -- apart -- championship weekend next week. We he asked Peter King Sports Illustrated NBC sports joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible as you just said. Mike west off former special teams coach. Pride of hard knocks for couple years he retires. -- lit up the jets today -- lit them up on Miami radio. For the way they treated Tebow thing you'll hear from like west golf in ninety seconds.

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