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NFL Divisional playoffs: Mut and Merloni predicitions

Jan 11, 2013|

Mut and Merloni look across the NFL and predict the other three games that will be played this weekend in the NFL.

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I have not jumped to do it myself but I've heard of the phenomenon. He's no all of it that is fifty shades of gray Miller with fifty shades Greg yes there. Someone who's read it -- Fred not known. You know you don't and it's your it's a ball that's. Lot of sexual adventure for women and grab their Regina winning get excited by -- -- women get together and groups and that's only want all of that the guy was the guy which you. Yeah -- -- more like got the read about yet all isn't this weekend fifty shades -- great for men this is what I want to. I just can't wait until 430 tomorrow I want all I think about is Manning first. Packers Sampras Cisco -- And Matt Ryan wins Sunday early patriots Texans like I is this how women feel about fifty -- -- the way I feel about football this week. Now I'd like to know that it was. Let sick last week was the best week of football known everything and at this moment Al championship week what we have. Two games. And you know the two winners -- super wedding next weekend is better than this weekend it's it's not actually volume being the -- by a whisker not a chance because you know they can and and usually those games up to the hype. And those games live up to everything this weekend at home teams back in the days to dominate a little bit different recently X six and eight. Our number one seed the last seven years. But I do think. Next weekend is the best this one by a hairy -- yeah -- is really really close I love that -- beat this when you you you. Can't. And you know. Look at the AFC. Yeah this discussion is will they cover right I mean the month. An airline I love collect all the motivation aryan Foster Sean he's article that and use it bulletin board like I said then. Just open up your computer. Go to your iPad -- nfl.com NFL network -- -- hadn't. Nobody's given them a chance they donated to him article there may think it's a specific. Eighteen people nfl.com. Eighteen people think into the page to go and and it's just the way it is the biggest question is will they cover -- at the same thing can be said about Denver. Yet the same things being said about Denver they're 7018. Of eighteen. Nfl.com. Like the Denver Broncos eight of nine CBS sports like the Denver Broncos. ESPN across the board recommended her Broncos. But this weekend itself. It's starts tomorrow with that first game and and the Broncos the simply of all look the four games already your picks on these games and your take it's it's -- it's. The second best football weekend of the year. The Broncos game is gonna feel most utmost confident about. I that the Denver Broncos have been arguably the best offensive football this year. I think they have home field advantage I know they have home field advantage on Saturday I hate the ravens defense is a little bit older. And they have the toughest -- -- -- of any team this weekend because they played 87. Defensive snaps against Cincinnati want thinks that -- did. Should be Indianapolis did pretty well early was on the football keep that defense on the field burst -- upper -- -- -- down. They played 87 place Sunday -- to get travel Saturday. Go play at mile high. And I think that about all the games this weekend I am most confident now the Broncos win they win significantly. Easily cover that number. And Manning and the Broncos have a home game the AFC title game this week next week. Well I think that they win again the question is do they come from in that that is. It it's difficult right because the way -- look at it is should they went yeah I think Baltimore's defense isn't. What it would it once was ethical up you want to convince himself that there's still that defense. Ray Lewis. Would nobody at thirteen fourteen tackles and led the team to attack a lot of those were piled jumps in and entirely -- on the same page just not the same player. Joseph Flacco gore on the road you Adam did you have a eighth Japanese Joseph Flacco. Others our backs remaining barely in -- job yes you guys to get given little more respect than that but I just. I don't that didn't go in Denver when that football game you know do what can they cover -- might be able to cover it all week fifteen. We fifty it's 313 to be in the fourth quarter Denver that's in Baltimore what happened that week. That we specifically in -- won pretty big. Yeah -- offensive coordinator imperialist fire. I'll kiss that that was the excuse they -- 13. And he is an excuse or is it reality that -- -- -- Flacco threw 8098 yard interception the other way before halftime you could say that there was a little bit off all on there that week trying to figure out. A new offensive coordinator maybe turning it down the system may want to make it's he changes. Have enough time to do it. I'll give you -- some their dog Joseph Flacco. Is number 32 and football. QB are on the road this year he is one of the worst he is arguably the worst road quarterback in the league Peyton Manning number one in QBR home. Yeah one against 32 when it comes the QB our home vs road. Denver can run the football and you'll dominate attic they win recovery easily if -- bet one game this week against the Broncos. The Saturday night game by the exact stark contrast. I stared after like 45 minutes last night without wild Turkey in one hand and just a million different laptop screens in the other. I keep going back and forth because I picked the Packers get the Super Bowl but cap critics like guy. And our goal was separate Cisco. But I don't feel confident and go on with them because I just don't all -- bacon on the football with San Fran is lost games this year. They average giving a 143 yards on the ground their losses. I told yes -- like the want Harris is he running back for Green Day. I don't think he's that good and it Justin Smith is healthy. Separate Cisco wins by field goal issue but I I can't touch -- game financial with a ten football I've flip flopped. Worse -- -- on his best day. On -- spring Green Day. I think after this scheme you'll sit there and say that separate Cisco is exec who we think there under the best team in FC. The most well rounded team in the NFC balanced. I know what happened in Seattle before they had. He basically had four quarters of football they gave up. Close to fifty over fifty points right knowing that second half Seattle on the first death. But I still think. That they are the best team in football and I think the week off Justin Smith get healthier. I don't think the biggest that the biggest key of that game is gonna be that front seven vs green Bay's offensive line and I'm not so sure they can hold back. And I and I think sipped a school wins I think they covered well as -- said it would Green Day. And I know I give a -- respect right there Rogers is a great quarterback he's unbelievable I just. I just sort of keep waiting for them you know all yearlong you know when -- pizza S Houston 42 to 24 right when he used -- OK -- ago. This is what this offense is gonna click. And well this was left left waiting just wanting more from them or -- does that kind of injuries in the wide receiver yeah Utley joining us an epidemic Ronald might not be able to. Gold will see it sure is gonna give -- ago Jennings is back healthier. Okay James Jones had a great year help whoever the best what receiving -- -- the one apparently healthy carrying on Harris. -- got a -- that picked up in October. Actually for a week you selling cars done in Jacksonville. For one week and signed him -- -- practice or. And he goes oh last week as a good game for them last week I just think it catches up to an extent -- better balanced team and win that football -- I agree at least not as confident as you -- went back and forth I feel naughty -- it's clear that up as the quarterback. Culpepper -- Alex -- it how dare you say -- will be some great numbers from the read option. The Sunday 1 o'clock game. The schedule makers screw the Seattle Seahawks year they play late Sunday in Washington eastern time zone fly back to Seattle. I have to fly back to Atlanta now for 8:10 AM Pacific time game. Against the Atlanta Hawks and I I heard would -- at that about Matt Ryan but to me there's no quarterback. Under more pressure this week and no player. Under more pressure in the four games the -- -- you Mike Smith is good as they've been have wanted -- playoff game yet. This guy I was better on the road that he wasn't home this year as he QB. And I I just kick it off the Seahawks bandwagon I had the falcons the FC title going to be in the year. But I think that they make enough plays on first down boarding it's great points they have on the football first down the once again the Atlanta Falcons lose at home. Lose in the second round. And they're questioning Matt Ryan and Mike Smith the entire offseason in Atlanta. His same argument last week you vote job in Kubiak. -- the most pressure was on through and I agree available -- bottle homes -- are well I just don't think that in this I think the idea. If RG three's -- was held together. In the -- second half and hobble around when that football game. They beat Seattle. You know I don't think Washington's defense is great I believe in Marshawn Lynch believe Russell Wilson. You know I just don't think that they can come in. You know fly out to Washington played that game what do lost that game if RG three can just move around a little bit. Fly back to Seattle flight back to Atlanta and win the football game I just think Atlanta is. Don't underestimate them a little bit and I know talk about that early years of the non undefeated team and at that group that still pretty good guillotine. Me look at Matt Ryan another year with those guys and Julio Jones. And Roddy White it and you know Gonzales is that Seattle strength their quarterbacks in Broward Sherman again -- -- -- -- -- Jones all day. And make now crying underneath and find Tony Gonzales Von -- was Rogers and many parents say hander Michael Turner but he's -- himself from -- please and Seattle's hands. And Russell Wilson run around making plays in the pocket and my team and narrowed their elders on their third different team on the road. And it didn't get tipped the last week. -- would caught up to last week. But it didn't -- catches up to in this week at the Atlanta wins that game. -- it all the favorites wearing this weekend. Including the patriot include a pitcher out where your thoughts on every game this weekend look at forty your pick in your take best game of the week and Gabriel and 42 artist -- 617. 7797937. Your phone number 617. 7797937. To detect the show any time and you already are. On the -- -- one of 37937. We get all York takes on the games as -- -- -- in ninety seconds as we always do operate its Friday. Three keys to the patriots that's next.

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