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Michael Lombardi, NFL.com, says the Texans have their work cut out for them

Jan 11, 2013|

NFL.com's Michael Lombardi isn't competely ruling out Houston's chances against the Pats, but he does think the Texans need to be at their best. Unless the Houston defense can stop Tom Brady early, Lombardi says it will be a tough day for the Texans.

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And not just forgive and he's over very well I'm saying right now I gotta tell you our favorite guests every single week during the football season this is our wounded to determine. Is Mike Lombardi mean boomers -- and -- great. But crucial Marty makes us a little smarter he joins us on the AT&T LA and AT&T forgy LTE good morning Michael how are younger more. Oh good morning that's so if you so wish my mother was -- your best. That's not a good. Tape might give us a scenario by which Houston is always competitive. But hangs around and might even have a chance to win this game at the end Sunday afternoon. They start -- -- make big plays down the field -- throw the ball over the head of the patriots they control the tempo. They're able to run the football effectively. And be able to get the game into the fourth quarter with a lead. And then have to be able. To -- the pass. Turn the ball over. Well put some pressure on the patriots if you pick an excuse to crunch time I think that's the way it's gotta go I think. This game because of the last game which has no bearing on it all but style goes. And I think it's going to be imperative for the Texans to have their best. The best place the first fifteen their best defense of called the first fifteen because they know. Gary Kubiak knows in his mind that if he gets behind early in this game he'll lose his team and he has to do everything to avoid that. Of these two items which is more important to the Houston Texans being in a position to win this game Foster being very effective in the running game or the defense. Messed that up Brady somehow. Why they both Obama have to do but I think foster's got to control the -- going to be able to run the football. They must be able to be inferred short we know this tournament they play them the last time they -- about 13% on third ten or more they're not a drop back pass people. So Foster doesn't get going if officers were unable to make some plays that on one of the -- the outside the patriots don't set the edge correctly. That I think he controlled the pace of the game and that puts the -- a position to win the game. They have to disrupt Tom Brady -- that's going to be the challenge how they play Tom Brady will be fascinating because you're not sure. Probably gonna match up the Texans like that they don't wanna get the ball went down their throat. So they're gonna make sure they have their base on the field they also know that if -- -- com. Like they did it like they did you can pick them apart so it's a very difficult chess match it's gonna occur early in the first quarter move to the patriots had just been walked into the Texans. I don't think bella thinks to Brady's gonna have been disrupted and you want what you mentioned you know you -- Brady off his game bella study yep integrity not this. I know it's amazing still that this is really seriously the thought never -- until I do Boston radio which some believe it's. It's us hate what up in a match shall be used to be good didn't. Well I think you know matchups the quarterback that I have to play -- style I think the you know we we tend to lose that it's like a guy -- a great three point shooter. That loses games because -- you know that they take away the three point shot Matt Schaub needs to be. In a system where he's -- -- force and it will be the Texans offense right now. Other Andre Johnson there's a lack of an explosion I expect this week. We'll see more screens will see more perimeter passes quickly and so they can avoid that third law. But I think that's going to be the key and I think the key for the pacers is to put pressure on match up hit a -- make him know that he's gonna have -- -- -- no easy time in the pocket. And make it difficult for him but I think it's about style format more than anything it's about -- for the Texans team more than anything because of the way they've built this offensive line. They have to play a certain way people want to carried away with what they've sent our -- for the Pro Bowl whatever. This solvent who wanted to play action pass -- -- -- of -- drop back pass. Do you think you can run. And win in the NFL. But it's really a challenge I think there's parts of the game I think this is what the best way to sum up the playoff. So for me is you have to be able to run the ball when the opponent notion could run. You're going to run you have to be able to throw the ball when the opponent knows you have to throw and I think the teams that do that very effectively. Are the ones -- event to. -- said I think clearly. You know you're not gonna score a lot of point one of the ball we see you know last week against Baltimore the colts had some success throwing the ball but they -- Could make a play when he got down to the red area. So and the score you gonna have to make Chauncey yards to to get the ball in the end zone and running typically doesn't allow you to have country are. And does it really have to be seven not three for the Houston Texans offense when we get down there. It's going to be seven not three when they get down there and the red zone defense has to be three not seven when they get down there. Mean that's the challenge to me you can't allow. Aaron Hernandez to be able to run option around Bradie James and think you're gonna win that I mean that's the match -- problems -- left on the play -- -- -- in the game. So they they put they put their best safety coverage safety Danny Manning on Hernandez and they took their chances -- everyone else would head. Bet and all the other guys put that could really work out to all forms and now they've got to come back and reevaluate where they're going and what they're doing and I mean I'm sure Gary told if you look. If we get this. Feel the patriots haven't been really -- I mean actually with the Super Bowl but in the past. You know we can catch them off guard may be perhaps you know we can make him get the fourth quarter and see where their mental toughness this. Do you like -- off this means the Michael Marty is out in Cleveland the deal like coached shudder at the decision to go with coach -- support for the browns. I do like coached that I thought coach was I thought Joseph was a really good coach. I think his offensive minded creative I think what he's helmet cam didn't have to be you know reckon with I mean it was quietly gone. But the beginning of this season there was some you know that you weren't sure where they were trying to go and they keep losing Shockey affected fifteen probably more than most people will be given credit for. There are too tight end based team that's similar to the patriots in terms of showed. Ability to -- utilize the tight ends in the passing game. But I I think I think he brings the dynamic to meet the browns fan who grew up in Toledo. I think goes both are important things I think it's it's a good I know that the browns and Joe Banner and -- how -- -- -- they wanna hire somebody and they wanna build organization around a young coach. That they feel can grow on me better was within reach for fourteen years. And when you -- if your GM and you know it's. It's not hard to picture you as a GM would you look would you be more inclined to lose -- go with the coach Johnson number Rome. In the and buffalo on the retreads stoic like Whisenhunt and then we'll -- Lovie Smith and and Andy -- don't know. That there retread it's interesting I haven't done a study that in my view where you looked at coaches the second time around I think. There's a qualification and I think retreads that there were I think this NFL head coaching job this is a difficult job it's an on the job learning experience and I think. Often times after you pat from time to reflect I think the coaches. That goes somewhere else and have success. After the first head coaching -- like Bill Belichick went to New England. That went down to the jets and has continued this level of success. That you knew he was sharp enough to realize hey if I did this in this differently perhaps the result will be -- and I think that's -- you have to view guys who have lost their jobs. If they take a step back if they come in in the interview and say look I just think what I did and I did it was good I just didn't have the right this -- But I think it becomes problematic so I think each case is different but I don't think it's it's -- bad. It's a bad way to go because that job in the training for the job it's very difficult perhaps. I think most people expect both Denver and New England to win this weekend talking about the ravens into Denver are they Dead Man Walking is this is this -- the biggest beat downs going to be of the weekend Mike. You know look I think -- Baltimore Ravens team stuff that they've -- like street fights -- -- they got some really tough guys in the locker mentally you can convince Ed Reed if he can't win the game no I don't think you're gonna commit trade -- he can't win the game I mean I think I think Denver's walking in. I think Baltimore walking with a healthier team now than they ever had Daniel LB didn't play the first game. I think they have a sense that they can compete and they're not gonna go away he can they have mental toughness. -- -- -- -- Think he's going to be. Can Flacco make enough plays for their percentage of completion. Flacco had twelve completions last week for over 200 yards it's about big -- yards for Flacco people little girl Monica she's gonna be the mad bomber piece that will be in the gate. Can they keep up with the -- if they run another 74 plays like the last time they played them at altitude. That's going to be hard for him it's going to be difficult especially playing as many places they did last week right Indianapolis. But one thing we know about Baltimore defense with a very good red zone defense some -- -- Ray Lewis back I know where it doesn't have a lot of movement in terms of his speed. But when you get a minute red -- he's an effective player because he knows how to match patterns. He's seen every route and this Denver offensive. Has now become since the time the patriots played him in whatever look weak -- they are really the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning this offense by the -- for the receivers. By what's happening with that would they do with the formation of a back and where everything's lined up it is the colts offense to take. Hey Jimmie Johnson is reporting that market Pressman is the new bears coach you here in the same thing Mike. I have not heard that I know mark really well -- with mark -- it into Stanford together in Cleveland we're together in Oakland and marks an outstanding governor mark has proven that. What Bill Walsh always advise young coaches to do if you wanna be head coach could be -- head coach bill don't wait for your shining moment to come along remark went up to Canada. But the Montreal what seems able to wind up very wanted to see -- a breakup he's been competing for championships they're very good quarterback coach. -- very good offensive mind so it I hope he does get a for him many did exactly what you have to do to prove to people let's say you're not a coach he was that he was successful door open happens. Speaking of Canada do you think that's -- Tim Tebow is next stop. Well I think what that -- well I mean it was fairly quick projection will put an end to what does that make it you know. I I suspect you know I suspect Melamine look he's got a he's got a guarantee from the jets will see with the jets who -- there. General manager search I think what people are telling the jets to that interview is this what we've talked about on the station for a long time to get through a lot of trouble. I think the reality is come to come to Felicia by other people coming in the building at tellem that. So I don't really know where that's gonna go with in terms of key votes tough to get rid of them but I think Tebow has to be the unique situation. And I think he needs to cut back is clearly the jets really hurt him by putting all that weight loss will lose effectiveness. Mike I think no one that would -- I'm gonna go on all -- on three of the game but the fourth 11 I can't figure out in Seattle and Atlanta Seattle -- but they play last week they've gone coast to coast and back again. Atlanta's been waiting. Matt Ryan is -- but how do you look at that game. Well I think all of Atlantis all of Seattle -- -- -- the weaknesses let's take some -- they -- clearly. Atlanta really struggled to play defense on first down in terms -- run defense. Seattle wants to run the football first down this is their thirtieth illegal and his defense and panel in Iraq and Seattle couldn't get control of the game even an all out stadium crowd noise. Seattle will be able to run the ball with -- zone outside -- Atlanta's defense doesn't handle well the other area -- -- defense is really not very good given up big plays the last big games over the season. I think you're twentieth in the National Football League and give it a big place Seattle makes big plays their movement in the quarterback now. I think it's Seattle had Chris -- I really wouldn't doubt they would win the game because Clemens urban. And all their defense eventful put pressure on Matt Ryan proportional -- and disrupt the timing of passing game but without Clemens I think this opens up the door for Matt Ryan he's gonna need to play his best game of the season and handle pressure. They'll come out from these corners are physical we're tough. It's a tough matchup for when it's the kind of team you don't wanna play him because I think what's gonna happen to a planet is. And they're gonna find out about the mental toughness in the first quarter if it's not going their way quickly. They're gonna think -- -- deja Vu all over again is that we Yogi Berra said yeah you know is -- gonna come back to what I think that's going to be the challenge. And we'll see how they handle. Based on history and based on legacies are being made. Can -- not make the argument that that the most pressure on any quarterback this weekend is on Matt Ryan. Yes there's I think there's no question I make because you get to carry the team he can't handle and the ball off to. Two Michael Turner that's not what they do I mean they're not a good run blocking scheme and what they're not gonna block Red Bryant the entire day and we don't have anybody to block Brad Bryant on the Seattle Seahawks defensive front so it's going to be a challenge their Seattle's team speed on defense. Is really good especially when economic carpet down there and a bit in the stadium now. They need the advantage of the crowd was they need to be able to utilize the first quarter try to get the lead to build some momentum but I think if you watch Atlanta. I think Seattle feels like they can play with anybody and they have a swagger with human part of the playoffs -- get that swagger to you. -- -- -- Well these are -- Capra Gupta this Mike is he ready for this. You know it's going to be interesting to the other homer certainly poll helps them but you know green Bay's defense is no great shakes Camilo played him. These -- -- Christian Ponder put 31 points on mono are no matter if your condition meant for over twenty -- but he made some plays. I think this game and the reason Colin -- -- game is for this game means they know that if -- if the Packers are able to have. To throw the ball effectively like the pitchers in the second half of the game gets in the thirties. They have to have the ability to get to score in the thirty from the Catholic gives them that. Can't predict will be a challenge for the Green Bay defense in terms of telling its speed panel in his ability to throw the ball all over the field. And then handle and his ability to take a bad play and make it a good point I think it's gonna be a tough challenge for green there really do we. Always in our conversation with Mike given us his -- most fascinating. Game within the game that you really wanna look forward to seeing unfold. Well I think it's really green bay of Africa this garlic that's going to be the most fascinating one because. I don't know. Can -- Francisco slowdown in helping Green Bay offense now and I think this terrorist front and back really helped Green -- I think the chess match there's going to be fascinating. And then I think Green Bay what are they gonna do to stop. Cannot predict in this really creative offered to share for fiscal terms of their ability to run the ball and their ability to kind of lament that. Pistol formation I think this is the one game that I don't have a handle I think separate just go win -- But I think you can go either way Aaron Rodgers gets hot it's going to be a challenge and I think that's the game to me that the most fascinating. Best football weekend our best football weekend of the year Mike enjoy thanks -- the conversation always fun talk of the almighty god Barack Michael board with that doesn't -- wild AT&T hotline.

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